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The Naked Brothers Band is a comedy series broadcast on Nickeolodeon and geared at a child and teen audience. This musical series was created by Polly Draper, who is the real life mother of the show’s main characters: 11-year old Nat and 8-year old Alex Wolff, two brothers living the dream of being young rock stars. Though the show depicts the Naked Brothers Band as a fictional rock band based out of New York City, the brothers do in fact write most of the lyrics to songs performed on the show themselves. The siblings also sing their own songs on the show and play instruments.

Together with a cast of friends and fellow band members, Nat and Alex Wolff are shown in their daily lives as regular kids trying to lead regular lives while simultaneously navigating the world of international stardom. On the show, the Naked Brothers Band can be seen performing in concert, in the recording studio, and on the go as fans amass around them. While engaging in daily activities, a fictional camera is often seen following the brothers and their friends and filming the world-renowned child rock stars as they come face to face with challenges related to love, friendships, and fame. The same camera also focuses on the brothers’ music career in the show and records them rehearsing for concerts and rocking out on stage.

Nat, the older of the two brothers, has a female admirer named Rosalina who plays bass on the band and is one of his real-life friends. Nat is the band’s lead singer and songwriter, his little brother, Alex plays the drums, and friends David Levi and Qassim Middleton play the keyboard and guitar. A number of other relatives also play roles in this series, including the boys’ father, Michael Wolff, who is their dad on the show and cousin Jesse Draper, who plays the band’s babysitter Jesse Cook. The fictional Nat and Alex, however, have no mother on the show. The series received its name after mother and head writer Polly Draper revived an old childhood incident when the boys danced in their bath tub and proclaimed themselves the Naked Brothers Band.

While the Naked Brothers Band series turned the lives of Nat and Alex Wolff into a mockumentary, a fictional and exaggerated portrayal of their actual lives, it still allows the brother duo to stay true to their nature of kids growing up in the music business and dealing with unprecedented fame.

The Naked Brothers Band is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on February 3, 2007.

Where do I stream The Naked Brothers Band online? The Naked Brothers Band is available for streaming on Nickelodeon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Naked Brothers Band on demand at iTunes online.