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The Moto: Inside the Outdoors

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Motocross reaches mainstream America with the half hour installments of Fuel’s The Moto: Inside the Outdoors. As the title suggests, the show takes viewers inside the world of outdoor professional motocross. Each week, viewers are afforded a raw look into the ups and downs of professional motocross racers’ lives and the dedication of families and teams behind racers’ successes and failures. Personal relationships are often strained by the weight carried on the shoulders by everyone involved.

The show educates viewers about exactly what it takes to reach the top level in such a competitive sport. Training regiments are explored in-depth. With a wide range of racer biographies explored on the show, fans are not only served up a sample of what life is like for the top guys in the sport.

Not all racers pull up to professional outdoor motocross races with top bike manufacturers backing them. Privateers use their own funds to travel across the country in attempt to qualify for the week’s professional motocross race.

Comprehensive, candid interviews with family members and track crews portray the difficulty and sacrifices made to get a racer to the top ranks in the sport. Often, families have made financial sacrifices only to have their racer sidelined due to injury.

The inherent risk of motocross is serious injury. The Moto: Inside the Outdoors explores all aspects of devastating injuries including rehabilitation, financial woes and the reality of some racers’ inability to remain competitive post-injury.

The Moto: Inside the Outdoors is a premier look into the dynamic, often misunderstood, sport of professional outdoor motocross racing. It serves as a glance into the sport for casual viewers as well as a guidebook for thousands of amateur racers across the country.

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