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Where and when will the premiere take place? will the film be released widely? Now the premiere closed online show is paid (all over the world). These are cable operators, online paid platforms and sites, SmartTV and IPTV set-top boxes, where the film is released and began to be sold with success. To date, there are 300 companies that have started showing the film, they are located in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and China. It is still unknown when the film will be released to the public in Russia. Since Damned is a film - an experiment and our task is to look at the maximum fees) For this I turned to Western distributors who specialize and sell Amateur cinema to viewers. According to conservative estimates of marketing, our film was evaluated and a sales forecast was given ... The film "Damned" can bring $ 10,000 - $ 50,000 to the film company 's treasury. Such a sum will suit us even more, with this money you can buy professional equipment, rent a room to make decorations and pavilions for filming. Therefore, our team has a task and a goal - where to move next look in our city


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A stranger comes to Vlada at night and seduces her ... And another heroine, Madina, complains to the viewer that the people around her always perish ... she wants to keep her love for Danilo. Vlada has no man, and her client and friend Vita hints that it's time to find a "man" and start "creating horrors" ... but the situation starts to get out of control ... a stranger comes more and more often and frightens Vlada at night, and Vita tries to help her to figure out what is happening ... Madina came to the "ex" journalists for an interview, but they need information about some other reality ... Vlada begins to catch a connection with someone in her apartment, and Madina is trying to save her charges from "ex" journalists and from another reality, because one of the journalists, Nadia, entered the catacombs of another reality and suffered from an anomalous force ...

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How was the filming funded? First of all, my family and I financed the film, for which I am grateful to my family. I did not expect such support. Another important role in financing is assigned to my partner Sergei Bubnov, who also helped with money, personal time, took part in the filming of the film, played a secondary role and was also a driver (who brought and took away actors to the shooting) Sometimes you have to contact financial organizations, as it is difficult even nowadays to find large sums for filming. Therefore, I had to minimize costs and play against the rules. And I still receive STRONG moral support from Omsk businessman Oleg Ananyev, he is also the owner and founder of the KARBUSH Film Company look in our city 



How is it interesting in your opinion? what will attract viewers? When we planned to return the film and reshoot it, it took only 2 days to prepare and one meeting with the main character Maria Pyzhikova. In one evening, we decided the entire fate of the film. It was immediately clear that Damned was a Horror movie. When filming began, the status changed, the genre was changed to - Psychological Drama. And when the film was filmed and sent for editing, the genre changed again - now Damn it - from a part of comedy, drama, psychological drama, thriller and action. Therefore, at the moment, our assessment is a film for a wide audience. And whoever said what, as a director, I showed the film to several critics and non-people who do not like to watch such things ... The review was as follows ... - A pretty actress, an understandable "American" plot, but at the same time not predictable, the music was excellent, the plot is very interesting, the makeup was done well, but there are some small questions about the middle of the film and the final scene ... for some reason it reminded me that you are not watching a movie, but a certain series ... where there will be a continuation ... And then our team immediately got an answer ... - Let there be a continuation !!! Yes, the story of the Damned is based on the Trilogy. And when watching - yes, the feeling is as if you are watching a series ... but this is a film, with its own plot, with a beginning, with a tie, with a climax and a denouement. And the film "Damned" is the second film from the film series about the Universe of Another Reality look in our city 



How long did it take to shoot, where did it take place? The shooting lasted 5 years, and took place in the village of Verkhniy Karbush, where a specially abandoned house was prepared for filming, so that the viewer was completely immersed in the atmosphere of the plot and the events taking place. Who starred in the picture? They starred in the film, Maria Pyzhikova (playing the role of Vega Kazinskaya) is the commercial director of operational service systems, a beautiful girl (kind, responsive, purposeful) with her it is always fun, very interesting, pleasant and strong personality. Sophia Mogil (played by Sonya), a schoolgirl, is the director's niece. By the way, more projects with Sonya are planned, since she simply has an indescribable creative potential. Alexander Gudkov (playing Sasha, himself) is a sales representative. Sergey Bubnov (plays Taxi Driver) is a computer repair entrepreneur, so he is simply an irreplaceable employee in the repair of equipment, for us this is a great find) And Vitaly Orover (plays Vitaly Vitalievich) is a fitness trainer in life, always in good physical shape look in our city 



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