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The main plot is anomalous catacombs, Madina tells about them. The victims get there and become different ...
The story about the girl Selena, who is writing a book about another reality ... Selena has a friend - a little girl Sonya and their friend Sashka ... Selena has strange dreams about Vitaly Vitalievich - how he found himself in the catacombs, and a peculiar power seized him ... Selena was getting worse, and they all together decided to come to that place - Verkhny Karbush, which Selena described in her books ... Selena, Sonya, and Sasha - entered those very catacombs .... And someone attacked Selena ...

The house where Madina lives - This is a place for strange people who have visited the abandoned catacombs, and the catacombs are an anomalous zone, into which if a person enters, he will not return the same. Madina wants to help them so that they return to a healthy life, but there are more problems than it seemed initially, since Madina, with her not quite adequate boyfriend Daniel, drowned one of their charges ...




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