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About series

What do you think? If you read the title, what does it say?

Is the Universe like our Universe with the planet Earth? or something else, something so fantastic? ...

Our project is about our attitude to life, why we were created, and ... in general, a web series about interpretation, about WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE !!!




Let us now get even closer, introduce you to the project!


1) The web series Universe is AMATEUR, so there is no multi-million dollar budget for filming, there are no celebrities, there are no special effects either ... but there is a soul, and there are emotions, there is an excellent musical accompaniment and, first of all, there is a STORY, which, as the audience said from the test shows, is a story which is interesting to spy on and wait for what will happen next.


2) The Universe web series is not such a project as all films and TV series. It has character, and it understands that the meaning of life lies in the state of our soul. We are surrounded by a lot of banality and * everyday life *, and it's time to forget about it, put it off for a long time box and immerse yourself in a story ... which at first glance may even load you, shock you ... but then an absolute trance will happen, and you will start thinking about it ... and not only think, but maybe even revisit it to understand all this from the other side ... and most importantly, you will wait for the end ... because only there, you will see the whole truth ...


3) The web series Universe is not a story for one season ... at least * 3 seasons * - * 3 stories about another reality * - * 3 seasons - to understand WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE *


Therefore, we are grateful to you that you came to us, read up to these lines, and let us finally tell you what kind of web series it is !!!


The Universe is a web series about heroes who discover what another reality is ... Anomalous and mysterious places are the central theme of the plot.
There are many similar places in the world, but the village "Verkhniy Karbush" differs only is because everything is not so in it ... People, events, secrets, legends.
The plot describes the events that took place in a small village.

Most of the heroes faced incredible strength, which later changed them.





The abandoned catacombs were called anomalous ...

When any person enters there, they will not return the same. This place affects everyone in different ways ... someone goes mad, someone becomes a maniac, and someone even acquires a supernatural gift.





We wish you a pleasant viewing!
The site has a schedule for the release of the series; follow our social networks; operational information is released every day.
Spoilers, chats, interviews, photos from the set, and much more will be released in the coming days!





About episode season 1 - HERE



Cast season 1

Yana Chapaeva


Vitaly Over

Vitaly Vitalyevich, Boss, Satan

Sophia Mogil


Vlad Blinov


Valentin Morskoy


Julia Star


Sergey Bubnov

Sergey, Taxi Driver, Banker

Maria Bash-Pyzhikova

Vega, Lilit