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About Amateur web-series UNIVERSE

My name is Paul Latushkin. I am CEO of the film company KARBUSH LLC for the production and distribution of the web series "Universe". My activities - are the production of independent cinema, films, and TV series. My specialty - a low budget and amateur web-series movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York


Hello my dear friend!

If suddenly viewing the web series on this site is not available or purchase is not available, or subscription to the web series Universe is not available, then please go to the official site!


We thought for a long time, chose the name ... our path began back in 2011, when * director * Paul Latushkin * self-taught * decided to make the film "Underworld."

When Paul watched his favorite film Hellraiser, there were many * people * in the final credits ... Pavel became interested in who makes the film and how films are made ... from that moment, THIS STORY began))) look in our city New York

The film, of course, never came out because the plot could not be shown in 1.5 hours, they did not fit in time, so the idea came to make a series. The first name "Another Reality" appeared, then "Risen," then "Bastards" looked, but in the end, it decided to name it - the web series "Universe." Prime video look in our city New York


Watch the web series Universe now! Here is my profile on Gumroad - - At the moment we have prepared for the release - Season 1 - Season 2 - Season 3 and right now you can follow the filming of Season 4!!!

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What do you think? If you read the title, what does it say?

Is the Universe like our Universe with the planet Earth? or something else, something so fantastic? ...

Our project is about our attitude to life, why we were created, and ... in general, a web series about interpretation, about WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE !!!



Let us now get even closer, introduce you to the project!


1) The web series Universe is AMATEUR, so there is no multi-million dollar budget for filming, there are no celebrities, there are no special effects either ... but there is a soul, and there are emotions, there is an excellent musical accompaniment and, first of all, there is a STORY, which, as the audience said from the test shows, is a story which is interesting to spy on and wait for what will happen next.


2) The Universe web series is not such a project as all films and TV series. It has character, and it understands that the meaning of life lies in the state of our soul. We are surrounded by a lot of banality and * everyday life *, and it's time to forget about it, put it off for a long time box and immerse yourself in a story ... which at first glance may even load you, shock you ... but then an absolute trance will happen, and you will start thinking about it ... and not only think, but maybe even revisit it to understand all this from the other side ... and most importantly, you will wait for the end ... because only there, you will see the whole truth ...


3) The web series Universe is not a story for one season ... at least * 3 seasons * - * 3 stories about another reality * - * 3 seasons - to understand WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE *


Therefore, we are grateful to you that you came to us, read up to these lines, and let us finally tell you what kind of web series it is Prime video look in our city New York !!!


The Universe is a web series about heroes who discover what another reality is ... Anomalous and mysterious places are the central theme of the plot.
There are many similar places in the world, but the village "Verkhniy Karbush" differs only is because everything is not so in it ... People, events, secrets, legends.
The plot describes the events that took place in a small village.

Most of the heroes faced incredible strength, which later changed them.




The abandoned catacombs were called anomalous ...

When any person enters there, they will not return the same. This place affects everyone in different ways ... someone goes mad, someone becomes a maniac, and someone even acquires a supernatural gift Prime video look in our city New York.




We wish you a pleasant viewing Prime video look in our city New York!
The site has a schedule for the release of the series; follow our social networks; operational information is released every day look in our city New York.
Spoilers, chats, interviews, photos from the set, and much more will be released in the coming days Prime video look in our city New York!


Let's discuss my web series with you and I will tell you about my success in marketing because I tested the project on my own for 5 years while creating it. Believe me, I have something to show and tell you! The offer is unique for your market, there has never been such a web series, neither on television, nor in cinemas and, of course, not on digital platforms on the Internet movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York 



Distribution Amateur low-budget TV series for multiple platforms - TV, VOD, DVD, mobile applications, online websites, online sales, cable, satellite TV channels, and local stations. movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York 



How is it interesting in your opinion? what will attract viewers? When we planned to return the film and reshoot it, it took only 2 days to prepare and one meeting with the main character Maria Pyzhikova. In one evening, we decided the entire fate of the film. It was immediately clear that Damned was a Horror movie. When filming began, the status changed, the genre was changed to - Psychological Drama. And when the film was filmed and sent for editing, the genre changed again - now Damn it - from a part of comedy, drama, psychological drama, thriller and action. Therefore, at the moment, our assessment is a film for a wide audience. And whoever said what, as a director, I showed the film to several critics and non-people who do not like to watch such things ... The review was as follows ... - A pretty actress, an understandable "American" plot, but at the same time not predictable, the music was excellent, the plot is very interesting, the makeup was done well, but there are some small questions about the middle of the film and the final scene ... for some reason it reminded me that you are not watching a movie, but a certain series ... where there will be a continuation ... And then our team immediately got an answer ... - Let there be a continuation !!! Yes, the story of the Damned is based on the Trilogy. And when watching - yes, the feeling is as if you are watching a series ... but this is a film, with its own plot, with a beginning, with a tie, with a climax and a denouement. And the film "Damned" is the second film from the film series about the Universe of Another Reality! movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York 






Cast season 1

Alexandra Afanasyeva


Yana Chapaeva


Vitaly Over

Vitaly Vitalyevich, Boss, Satan

Alexandr Gudkov


Sophia Mogil


Anton Shevchenko


Paul Latushkin


Vlad Blinov


Valentin Morskoy


Maria Khrabrostina


Maxim Gavrilov


Radion Eldrakhanov


Julia Star


Sergey Bubnov

Sergey, Taxi Driver, Banker

Maria Bash-Pyzhikova

Vega, Lilit

Artyom Krivonosov


Daria Ermakova


Vitaly Marks


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