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My name is Paul Latushkin. I am CEO of the film company KARBUSH LLC for the production and distribution of the web series "Universe". My activities - are the production of independent cinema, films, and TV series. My specialty - a low budget and amateur web-series movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York


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How is it interesting in your opinion? what will attract viewers? When we planned to return the film and reshoot it, it took only 2 days to prepare and one meeting with the main character Maria Pyzhikova. In one evening, we decided the entire fate of the film. It was immediately clear that Damned was a Horror movie. When filming began, the status changed, the genre was changed to - Psychological Drama. And when the film was filmed and sent for editing, the genre changed again - now Damn it - from a part of comedy, drama, psychological drama, thriller and action. Therefore, at the moment, our assessment is a film for a wide audience. And whoever said what, as a director, I showed the film to several critics and non-people who do not like to watch such things ... The review was as follows ... - A pretty actress, an understandable "American" plot, but at the same time not predictable, the music was excellent, the plot is very interesting, the makeup was done well, but there are some small questions about the middle of the film and the final scene ... for some reason it reminded me that you are not watching a movie, but a certain series ... where there will be a continuation ... And then our team immediately got an answer ... - Let there be a continuation !!! Yes, the story of the Damned is based on the Trilogy. And when watching - yes, the feeling is as if you are watching a series ... but this is a film, with its own plot, with a beginning, with a tie, with a climax and a denouement. And the film "Damned" is the second film from the film series about the Universe of Another Reality! movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York 



- Говорят, ты девушка новенького… какая ты жалкая… They say you are the girlfriend of that are pathetic... - Одержимый! Obsessed! - Смотрите-ка, ты знаешь кто я. Look, do you know who I am? - Ну что драться будем. Well, we fight... - Ты ничего не боишься. You're not afraid of anything. - Ты очень плохо меня знаешь. You don't know me well. - Да нет, как раз хорошо… No, just good. - Так может ближе познакомимся. Then we better get to know each other. - Не сейчас, сначала ответь, зачем тебя выбрал наш босс. No, not now. First tell me, why our Boss has chosen you? - Знаешь, это наша коммерческая тайна. You know, this is our trade secret. - Ваши тайны у нас уже поперёк горло стоят, из-за вас мы не можем попасть в другую реальность. These secrets of yours are getting too much for us. Because of you we can not get into another reality. - Слушай, а ты никогда не задавался вопросом, зачем она вам. Hey, you never wondered why we need her? - Тот же вопрос я задал тебе, зачем ты нужна боссу. The same question I asked myself. Why you need a boss? - Пожалуй, на этот вопрос тебе ответит мой парень. Perhaps my boyfriend will answer the question. - Я хочу, чтобы он прямо сейчас это сделал. I want him to do it right now. - Хочу тебя огорчить, он не придёт. I don't want to disappoint you. He will not come. - Значит, придётся тебе умереть. So you have to die - Убъёшь меня, будешь иметь дело с Босом. If you kill me,you will have to deal with the Boss. - Мне как то чихать на нашего босса! I don't care about your Boss! - Уходи отсюда пока я тебя не убила. Get out of here before I kill you. - Ну, вот на одного одержимого в городе стало меньше! Well, that's for one possessed in the city that has become less. ЕВГЕНИЙ – Я спал стоя? I sleep standing up? БОСС – Ты не спал, это было превращение! You did not sleep, it was a transformation! ЕВГЕНИЙ – Какое-то странное превращение, …A strange transformation БОСС - После того как ты станешь настоящим демоном, многое из прошлой жизни ты забудешь! Once you become a demon, you forget much about your past life. ЕВГЕНИЙ – А если я не хочу забывать! And as if I do not want to forget! БОСС – Тогда это твое решение, ибо, прошлое тебя замучает, и ты сойдешь с ума! Then it is your decision, for the past will torment you and you will go mad! ЕВГЕНИЙ – Ты как-то странно заговорил? You are in a strange conspiracy? БОСС – Я изменился….как и ты…I'm changed you ЕВГЕНИЙ – Когда же ты успел измениться? When did you change? БОСС – За последнее время нас стало меньше, и сейчас ты в наших рядах, значит новая кровь, … новая сила, и эта сила влияет на меня! Мы все связаны друг с другом. In recent years we have become less and now you are in our midst, so new blood, a new force...and this power affects me! We are all connected to each other. ЕВГЕНИЙ – Что дальше? What's next? БОСС – Теперь на пути к высшей силе, тебе нужно выпить человеческой крови! Now, on the way to a higher power, you need to drink human blood! ЕВГЕНИЙ – Вот об этом меня не предупредили…....I have not been warned about that. БОСС – Зачем говорить об этом, если твой организм сам этого захочет, действуй своим инстинктам. Why talk about it, if your body wants it itself, act to your instincts. ЕВГЕНИЙ – Я, наверное, пропустил очень многое,…. я слышал о многих вещах, но…… что это за высшая сила? I probably missed a lot...I heard about many things, but what kind of higher power? БОСС – Начни свой путь прямо сейчас, и тогда ты получишь ответы на все свои вопросы. Start your journey right now and then you get answers to all your questions. ЕВГЕНИЙ – Так короче…хватит …вот этой …богословия…So in this....theology БОСС – Богословие??? Theology? ЕВГЕНИЙ – А разве нет? Что-то за манеры общения? Is it not? What a way to communicate? БОСС – Это наш долг так говорить! It's our duty to say so! ЕВГЕНИЙ – Мы не можем говорить на языке бога! We cannot speak the language of God! БОСС – Почему? Why is that? ЕВГЕНИЙ – Потому что мы не ангелы, мы демоны! Because we are not angels, we are demons! БОСС – Задай себе вопрос, от кого мы все произошли? Ask yourself the question, from whom did we all descended? БОСС – А теперь задай себе другой вопрос, кто такой дьявол, и кем он является Богу? Now ask yourself another question, who is the devil and who is he to God? - Я никогда не говорила ничего подобного, сейчас похоже скажу. I never said anything like this, but now I will. - Боже что здесь происходит. Oh my God, what is happening here? - Да, ты прав. Yes, you are right. - Всё бы было нормально ели бы ты не решила воспользоваться амулетом. Everything would have been fine, if you did not have taken the amulet. - Так это и я ещё виновата. So this means I am still guilty. - Нет никто тебя не обвиняет, ты же не знала чем это всё кончится. No one is accusing you, you do not know what it is all about. - И что нам теперь делать, постоянно от них так бегать. And what do we do now, keep running away from them? - Легко говорить, мне ещё детей рожать. Easy to say. I still have to give birth to children. - Тут мне надо расмеяться. Here I have to laugh - Очень смешно. Very funny - Давай поговорим о серьёзном, он собрал всех кого хотел, теперь очередь за тобой, ты либо с одержимыми или с чистокровными, ты просто одарённая… Let's talk about this seriously, he gathered all whom he would now it's your turn, you are either obsessed or a thoroughbred, you are gifted. - И что теперь. What now - У банды чистокровных во главе с босом есть высшая сила, есть энергия с помощью которого можно открыть врата, для этого нужно поместить эту энергию в невинного человека. The thoroughbred gang led by leader has supreme powers. It is the energy with which you can open the gate. It needs to put that energy into an innocent man. - Значит, я была всего лишь экспериментом. So, I was just an experiment. - Бонус, всю энергию ты потратила на высшую силу, теперь у тебя нет никаких сверхспособностей. Bonus, all the energy you spent on a higher power and now you do not have superpowers. - Это значит что Лёха, Антон, Мадина тоже были одарёнными. This means that Alex, Anton and Madina also were gifted. - Да это так и если кто не справился с заданием, он либо погибал, либо присоединялся к остальным и потом все вместе искали нового одарённого. Yes it is, and if someone has not coped with the task, he either died or joined the rest and then all together looking for the new gifted. - Ну уж нет, я им не дамся. Oh no, they are not going to get me! - Тем же самым занимаюсь и я… I do the same... - Значит вот это драка была заранее спланированна. So that means the fight was premeditated. - Я думаю это был побочный эффект, они думали что ты присоединишься к ним. I think it was a side effect. They thought that you would join them. - Есть ещё что-то чего я не знаю… There is something that I do not know. - Есть, Амулет не является проводником в другую реальность. There is, the amulet is not a guide to another reality. - Что. What - Это миф. This is a myth. - Хорошо, а что тогда проводник. Well, what about the conductor. - Это человек, который сможет обрести энергию, стать избранным и открыть врата. This is a man who will be able to find the energy to become elected and to open the gates. - Ясно. Clear - Пора принять решение. It's time to make a decision - Да пошёл ты. Go away... - Уже ходил, теперь твоя очередь. I am already gone. Now it is your turn. - Ты всё так же остроумен и всё так же изысканно пуст. You are just as smart and still so exquisitely empty inside. - Тара, пойдём с нами. Tara, come with us. - Что. What - Тара, это твоё настоящее имя, вы с Мадиной пришли в этот мир чтобы спасти свой, но вы не думали что вам придётся сражаться, и уж тем более не думали что вам сотрут память и запраграммируют на миссию. Tara, this is your real name, you and Madina came to this world to save ours, we did not think that we had to go fighting and certainly did not think that you will erase memory and program us for the mission. - Ты должна принять решение, идёшь с нами или тебя ждёт смерть! You have to make a decision, you go with us, or you are waiting for death! - Нам надо вернуться. We need to go back. - Ты о чём. What are you talking about? - Я вспомнила кто я, нам надо вернуться в Асгард I remembered who I was, we need to go back to Asgard - Что такое Асград. What's Asgard? - Асгард это и есть другая реальность. Asgard is another reality. - Нам Тара некуда больше возвращаться, наш Асгард уничтожили бесы. We have nowhere else to go. Our Asgrad killed the demons. - Иди к чёрту! Go to hell! - Опять начинается! It starts again! - Девочки помогите мне пожалуйста, девочки…… Girls help me please girls.... ТАРА – Мадина, что, … что здесь происходит? Madina...what, what's going on here? МАДИНА – Это бесы Тара, это все бесы… Those demons Tara, these are all the demons ТАРА – Развяжи меня! Untie me! МАДИНА – Зачем, моя цель, чтобы ты меня выслушала, … а то снова воспользуешься амулетом, и никогда не узнаешь правды! goal is to make you listen to me, otherwise you will use the amulet again...and you will never know what Is the truth. ТАРА – Какой правды? What is the truth? МАДИНА – О нас всю правду! The truth about us! ТАРА – Мадина, мы же с тобой вспомнили, кто мы такие, ……зачем ты это делаешь, зачем ты помогаешь босу? Madina, we have remembered who we are,why we are doing this. Why are you helping the Boss? МАДИНА – Ты тоже ему помогала, особенно, как эффектно вы уничтожили высшую силу, нам было все видно!!! You too, helped him, especially as you are effectively destroying a higher power. We could see everything!!!! ТАРА – Это не считается… That does not count.... МАДИНА – Не считается, ты ее размножила, и теперь одержимость ждет каждого человека, это Хаус дорогая моя! That doesn't count, you multiplied them and now obsession awaits every person, it is a disaster, my dear! ТАРА – Не надо так иронизировать, не с таким еще справлялись…. Don't be so ironic, we have seen worse! МАДИНА – Есть ли разница? – То ли мы раньше избавлялись от призраков, а теперь нам устроили войну все одержимые. Is there a difference? Before we got rid of the ghosts and now the obsessed have declared us war. ТАРА – Мы чистокровные, нам одержимые не ровень! Are we purebred? Possessed are less worth. МАДИНА – Тебя просили уничтожить силу, а что сделала ты? You were asked to destroy the force and is that what you have done? ТАРА – Я не знала, что все так выйдет… I did not know that all this will happen.... МАДИНА – А извините, я немножко не под рассчитала силы, или ты специально это все задумала? I am sorry, I am a little bit beyond the calculated force, or did you do that on purpose? ТАРА – С тобой спорить бесполезно, ты упёрлась как баран и стоишь на своём. Useless to argue with you. You are like a stubborn mule. МАДИНА – Я же Мадина, шаманка, и будущая королева всей преисподнии. I am Madina, shaman and future queen of the underworld. ТАРА – Как ты высоко лезешь, не споткнись… How high you climb, don't stumble... МАДИНА – Очень смешно… Very funny! ТАРА – Мне, сейчас смешнее всех!….чего тебе нужно? For me , this is most funny...what do you want? МАДИНА – Отдай амулет, и тебя оставят в покое. Give me the amulet and you will be left alone. ТАРА – Тебе то, зачем амулет, если он избавляется от таких как ты? Why you need the amulet when he kills of people like you ? МАДИНА – Скажу прямо, амулет мне не нужен….я всего лишь должна выполнить условие. Frankly, I do not need the amulet. I just need to fulfill the condition. ТАРА – О боже и здесь без контрактов не обошлось. Oh God, even that is in the contract. МАДИНА – Я заключила сделку с босом, я ему нахожу амулет, он возвращает мне моего сына. I made a deal with the Boss, I find him an amulet, he returns my son to me. ТАРА – Наивная дура!!! Naive fool!!!! МАДИНА – Что смешного? What's so funny? ТАРА – А то что, нет у тебя сына! You have no son! МАДИНА – Что ты сказала? What did you say? ТАРА – О я смотрю, ты наше прошлое вспомнила отрывками. Oh, I see you have remembered fragments of our past... МАДИНА – Не понимаю? I do not understand? ТАРА – Ты шаманка, мы из Асгарда, я живой тому пример. You are a shaman, we are out of Asgrad, I'm a living example. ТАРА – тебя как и меня запраграммировали на миссию, только я должна была открыть врата в Асгард. We both are programmed for this mission, only I had to open the gates of Asgrad. МАДИНА – Я его убью!.... I'll kill him! ТАРА – Меня развежи… Untie me....Let me go... БОСС – Ну и чем меня обрадуешь? Well, do you have good news for me? ЖЕНЯ – Они хорошо спрятались… They are well hidden БОСС – Я так и знал, что этой шарлатанке доверять нельзя. I knew that this charlatan can not be trusted. ЖЕНЯ – Босс, не расстраивайся ты так. Boss, don't worry like that. БОСС – Если я расстроюсь, то всем места мало будет…… If I am upset, the whole place will be too small. ЖЕНЯ – И тогда как их найти? And then how to find them? БОСС – Мне, что учить тебя надо? You need to learn that from me. ЖЕНЯ – Да нет уж справлюсь… No, really, I'll manage. БОСС – Меня не волнует, как ты это сделаешь, главное чтобы сегодня был амулет. I do not care how you do it. The main thing today was to get the amulet. ЖЕНЯ – Сегодня что совершение обряда? Today that the ritual? БОСС – Я надеюсь, ты меня понял? I hope you understood me? ЖЕНЯ – Да, сэр! Yes sir! БОСС – Тогда вперед! Then go ahead! ТАРА – Не понимаю мотива… I do not know the motive.... МАДИНА – Какого мотива? What is the motive? ТАРА – Для чего босс использует одержимых? The Boss uses obsessed? МАДИНА – Его цель это уничтожить их, но пошло все не так, и одержимых в городе стало в десятки а то и в сотни раз больше…..His aim is to destroy them, but everything went wrong and they multiplied. ТАРА – И у него якобы есть план уничтожить их? And he has a plan to destroy them? МАДИНА – Да, он нашел способ, как изгнать одержимых из города, при этом не навредить чистокровным. Yes, he found a way to exorcise the possessed from the city and not harm the thoroughbred. ТАРА – Ну что начинаем действовать? Well, we begin to act? МАДИНА – Да, и отныне я с тобой и за тебя! Yes, and now I am there with you and for you ! ТАРА – Спасибо. Thank you. ТАРА – Стоп! Stop! МАДИНА – Что такое? What? ТАРА – Тебя же убили? You have been murdered? МАДИНА – Да мне свернули шею… Yes, they broke my neck. ТАРА – Значит, в тебя бес всё таки вселился? So you are possessed by the devil? МАДИНА – Не волнуйся зла я не причиню, я контролирую себя, ведь добра во мне больше чем зла…. Do not worry, it will not cause harm. I can control myself, because the good in me is more than the evil. ТАНЯ – Единственное не понимаю…. The only thing I do not understand. ЖЕНЯ – Привет красавицы! Hello beautiful! ЖЕНЯ – А вам ли не все равно, для меня сейчас главное это амулет, …. верни его мне…. What does it matter to you? The most important for me is the amulet..;give it back to me! ТАНЯ – Фиг Вам, слышал такое? No way! ЖЕНЯ – Отдай амулет! Give me the amulet! ТАРА – Какая встреча…. Who do we have here? .... БОСС – Как здорово что все мы здесь сегодня собрались. It's great that we are all gathered here today. БОСС – Да Мадина, не ожидал от тебя такого подвоха! Yes, Madina did not expect such a dirty trick from you ! МАДИНА – Это я не ожидала, что ты воспользуешься мной… I did not expect this that you would use me. БОСС – Вы все шаманки твари, верите во всё!!! You shaman creatures believe in everything!!! МАДИНА – Вот смысл тебя убивать, ты итак одной ногой в аду! It has no sens to kill you, you are with one foot in hell anyway.... БОСС – Поэтому я наслаждаюсь жизнью здесь…. So I enjoy life here. ТАРА – Недолго тебе осталось. Not for long. БОСС – Кто бы говорил, не ты ли сейчас в западне? Who would have said, are you trapped now? БОСС – Тара, отдай амулет по-хорошему…. Tara, give me the amulet. ТАРА – У меня на него другие планы… I have other plans for him. БОСС – Я знаю, но мои планы важнее, вы же хотите, чтобы мы все избавились от одержимых…. I know, but my plan is more important, you also want to get rid of everything we possessed. ТАРА – И что? So what? БОСС – И у меня есть способ, как это сделать! And I have a way to do it. МАДИНА – Трон пожалуйста! Tell please БОСС – Сука, ещё раз съязвишь, вместе со мной в ад отправишься. You bitch, one more joke and I'll take you with me to hell. . МАДИНА – Только после тебя! Only after you! ТАРА – Я отдам тебе амулет, но только после того как ты расскажешь всю правду! I will give you an amulet, but only after you tell me the truth. - И теперь сударыни, чтобы нам провести обряд, на изгнание, нам понадобится твой амулет, пока он твой, ведьма и бог. And now ladies, we have to hold the ceremony to exile we need your amulet as he is your witch and God. - Или приближённый к богу. Or approximated to God - Ангел. Angel - Возможно и ангел. Perhaps an angel. - Но так как вы являетесь обе богинями, я думаю что обряд будет ещё эффективнее. But since you are both goddesses, I think that the ceremony would be more effective. - Хорошо, а где гарантии, что мы выживем после этого. Well, what is the guarantee that we will survive then thereafter? - Тара не путай обряд с апокалипсисом. Tara do not confuse ritual with the apocalypse. - Странно, я думала, что конец света вот-вот уже настигнет нас. Strange I thought the end of the world is about to overtake us already. - Так вы согласны и кстати Тара, я сказал правду, отдай мне амулет. So you agree and Tara, by the way, I told you the truth, so give me an amulet. - Я что на дуру похожа, я конечно отдам тебе амулет, но тогда когда начнётся обряд. I am not a fool like that, of course I will give you an amulet, but when the rites begin. - Ладно, хорошо… Ok, well.... - Как самочувствие, привыкаешь к новой жизни. How do you feel? You get used to a new life? - Думаю я справлюсь. I think I can handle it. - Я же говорил что тебе новая кровь поможет. I told you that the new blood will help. - Да, она дала мне почувствовать вкус к жизни. Yes, she gave me a taste for life. - Когда мы уничтожим всех бесов, ты почувствуешь настоящую свободу. When we destroy all the demons, you will feel real freedom. - А чем мне сейчас заниматься. And what to do now? - Я приглашаю тебя на обряд, заодно поможешь объединить наши силы. I invite you to the ceremony and at the same time help to unite our strength. - Спасибо босс, кстати а почему тебя называют Боссом. Thank you Boss, by the way, why are you called the Boss? - Это долгая история, когда я превращался в демона у меня был свой бизнес. It's a long story, before I turned into a demon, I had my own business... - Бизнес, у демонов есть бизнес. Business, demons have a business. - Это предлог, когда то я руководил центром паранормальных явлений, три года назад я искал одарённого, для высшей силы, но подростки пациенты были неопытные, поэтому все эксперименты мне пришлось прекратить. It's an excuse, when I led the center of the paranormal, three years ago I was looking for gifted, to a higher power, but the patients were inexperienced teenagers, so I had to stop all experiments. - И всё. That's it? - Ну почему всё…. Я начал создавать армию и действовать!After all that...I started to create an army and act. - Привет! Hey! - Здравствуй! Hello! - Ты готова. Are you ready? - Ну…. Да. Well.... Yes - Пожалуйста только не говорила что передумала, ты же понимаешь это едиснтвенный шанс, вернусь всё как было раньше, обратно.Please just do not say you changed your mind, you know it's our only chance, everything will be back as it was before. - Мадина, ведь мы пришли сюда чтобы повернуть время вспять, чтобы Асгард спасти, а не заниматься тут… Madina, because we came here to turn back the clock to save Asgrad and not to all that here. - Давай сейчас закончим начатое, а после займёмся Асгардом. Come on now, finish the job and after that we save Asgrad. - А будет ли у нас это после. And if we will have it later... - Мы же с тобой и не через такое проходили, мы и с этим справимся. In the past we also had difficult times together en we are going to finish that too. - Посмотри какая красота вокруг, осень началась, листочки посыпались, дай мне в последний раз насладиться этим. Look around how beautiful, autumn began and the leaves fell, give me one last time to enjoy it. - Какой последний раз, ты о чём, … Тара мы выживем, всё будет в порядке, нам нужно просто очистить город от этих тварей, всё будет нормально…Wat were you talking about last time....Tara we will survive, everything will be fine, we just need to purge the city from these creatures, then everything will be fine... - Я тут вот о чём подумала....I was thinking... - Прошу тебя не начинай. Please do not start. - А вдруг это очередная ловушка Босса. Maybe it's another trap from the Boss. - Давай сейчас несмотря ни на что сделаем то, что требуется, а потом мы точно найдём способ, избавится от этого бесмертного Босса, мы найдём способ! Come on now, I will do what is required, no matter what, then we will definitely find a way to get rid of this Boss, we will find a way! - Ну что, теперь пойдём. Well, now let's go... - Мадина у нас ещё целый час есть. Madina, we still have got an hour. - Даже не говори, это точно. Do not even tell me that's for sure.... - Ну… какая пунктуальность, мы три года были где попало, а теперь целый час. Well, what punctuality, we are here three years , been everywhere and now the whole hour ???. - Даже не говори, это точно. Do not even tell me that's for sure. - Тем более в мире магии я твоя ученица, ты моя наставница, нам есть что обсудить. Especially in the world of magic I am your pupil, you are my mentor, we have something to discuss. - Ты знаешь, … когда ты уничтожила эту высшую силу, у тебя сейчас другой статус, звание… You know...when you destroy this higher power, you've got a different status , rank.... - И какое же… What kind? - Теперь ты мастер Тара. Now you are the master, Tara. - Шикарно, сейчас обряд закончим и напьёмся! Great, now finish the ritual, and after that we get drunk - Да, знаешь, за те годы, которые мы здесь находимся, мы так изменились. Yes, you know over the years that we are here, we have changed. - Даже манера речи поменялась. Even the manner of speech has changed. - Да, вот как влияет на людей окружающая среда. Yes, that's how people affect the environment. - Стойте, стойте, я, я пришла не драться… я пришла извиниться и я не знала что вы Боги. Wait , wait, I did not come here to fight...I came here to apologize and I did not know that you are gods. - Зачем ты пришла, тебе что сейчас надо. Why did you come, what do you need now? - Ты же знаешь, у нас с демонами разговор короткий. You know, we have a short conversation with the demons. - Я не демон. - Да! А может это не ты на меня напасть пыталась пару часов назад. I'm not a demon. Yes and maybe it's not you that tried to attack me a few hours ago. - Простите меня. Excuse me - Одних извинений будет мало, где доказательства, что ты теперь на стороне добра. An apology is not enough, where is the proof that you are now on the right side? - Я итак на вашей стороне! I am on your side! - Одних слов и желаний будет мало. Words alone will not be enough - Ладно… Okay - Мадина! Madina! - Пусть покажет, что может контролировать это зло. Всё хватит разговаривать, пора идти к Боссу, нужно начинать обряд. Let him show that it can control the evil. Enough talking, it is time to go to the Boss and start the ritual. - Это Ирий. It's Iriy - Теперь это Иртыш. Now it's Irtysh. - Хорошо, почему здесь, почему на берегу Иртыша. Well, why here? Why on the bank of the Irtysh river. - Вода это проводник, … амулет. Water is a conductor...amulet - Сперва скажи мне что здесь эти делают. First tell me what they are doing there. - Я ещё раз объясняю, чтобы обряд прошёл хорошо, нам нужно объединить силы добра и зла. Once again, I explain the rite went well. We need to unite the forces of good and evil. - Кстати Мадина а что эта рыжая с вами делает. Madina, by the way what is that red head doing here? - Она сама выбрала свой путь. She chose her own way. - Я понял, приступаем, Тара амулет, я сказал амулет. I see, we have to proceed. Tara, give me the amulet. - Да, давайте покончим с этими бесами раз и навсегда. Yes, let's get these demons for once and for all. - Мадина, Мадина что с тобой, Мадина… Madina, Madina, what's wrong with you Madina... ТАРА – Я не верю, что все это происходит... I do not believe that all this is happening. САША – Жизнь идет дальше и нельзя останавливаться. Life goes on and you can not stop. ТАРА – Банальные слова, но как не крути, они помогают. Common words, but they help. САША – Готова к борьбе? Ready to fight? ТАРА – С кем, только не говори…. With whom do not tell. САША – Нет, ничего особенного, я считаю, что босс причастен к смерти Мадины. No, nothing special. I think that the boss is involved in the death of Madina. ТАРА – Это исключено, мы все сделали правильно, только не учли, что Мадина была одержима. It is impossible, we have done everything right, but we did not take into account that Madina was possessed. САША – Но почему они тогда сейчас не с нами? But why are they now not with us? ТАРА – Мы объединили свои силы, для того чтобы уничтожить бесов, которые разрушили Асгард, значит, миссия выполнена. We joined forces to destroy the demons that destroyed Asgrad, then mission accomplished. САША – Ты уверенна, что миссия выполнена до конца? Are you sure the mission is accomplished ? ТАРА – О чем ты? What do you mean? САША – Ваша цель, это вернуть время назад, до того как был разрушен Асгард? Your goal is to turn back time, to before Asgrad was destroyed? ТАРА – Я теперь полагаю, что это сделать нереально… Now I believe it is impossible to do that. САША – Все можно сделать, если только этого захотеть. You can do all, if you really want... ТАРА – Значит, есть человек, который может вернуть нас в прошлое? So , there is someone that can bring us back to the past? САША – Зачем человек, мы сами это можем сделать! Why someone, we can do it as well! ТАРА – У меня нет сил, я больше не одаренная. I have no strength, I am not gifted anymore. САША – Высшая сила уничтожена вместе с ее последствиями, но энергия… The supreme power is destroyed, along with it's consequences, but the energy.... ТАРА – Стоп! Энергия, энергия у босса!!! Stop , energy, energy of the Boss!!!! САША – Наконец-то ты прозрела! At last you have seen the light! ТАРА – Как же я сразу не догадалась. How could I have missed that before. САША – Ты просто была поддавлена. You just were down... ТАРА – Нет, не сходиться…. No, it's not right... САША – Что именно? What exactly? ТАРА – Значит, босс не причастен к смерти Мадины, ему не зачем это делать! So the Boss is not involved in the death of Madina, why he does not do it? САША – Ты снова стоишь на своем. You want again to have it your way. ТАРА - Нет, моя упертость здесь не причем, все равно без Мадины, даже если найдется одаренный, врата невозможно открыть!!! No, that has nothing to do with it, still without Madina. Even if there is one gifted, the gate can not be opened. САША – А теперь я задам вопрос, почему? And now I ask the question why? ТАРА – Когда мы собрались переместиться в этот мир, я использовала Мадину как проводник! We came to move into this world. We used Madina as a conductor. САША – Нам нужна шаманка! We need a shaman! ТАРА – Она есть! She is her! САША – Ты меня пугаешь…. You are scaring me.... ТАРА – Когда Мадина умирала, я почувствовала что начала меняться… When Madina was dying, I felt that I was starting to change. САША – Не бери в голову это гормоны, все пошли. Never mind, it's the hormones, let's go . ТАРА – Куда? Where to ? САША – Пора вернуть все на свои места! It's time to get everything back into place! ТАРА – Я даже не хочу спрашивать, зачем ты притащил меня на набережную, у меня видишь ли плохие воспоминания… I do not even want to ask why you brought me to the promenade, I see bad memories. САША – Амулет у тебя с собой? The amulet is with you? ТАРА – Да, вот он. Yes, here it is. САША – Ну что приступим. Well, let's do it. ТАРА – И что делать? What to do? САША – Думай о том времени, когда все начиналось… Think of the time when it all began. ТАРА – Будет трудно… It will be difficult. САША – Закрываем глаза, и погружаемся в прошлое. Close your eyes and drive into the past. МАДИНА – Ты точно в этом уверенна? You are really sure of this? САША – Что-то не так? Is there something wrong? САША – Тара? Tara? ТАРА – Да нет, все нормально, просто показалось. No, everything is fine. САША – Тара, что с тобой? Tara what's wrong? ТАРА – Мадина! Madina! МАДИНА – Здравствуй Тара! Hello Tara! ТАРА – Мадина, ….. Мадина, я сплю? Madina,..... Madina, do I sleep? МАДИНА – Нет это временная петля! No,it's a time loop! ТАРА – Петля? Loop? МАДИНА – Это пространство между двумя мирами! The space between the two worlds! ТАРА – Мадина, скажи есть способ вернуть тебя? Madina, tell me, there is a way to get you back? МАДИНА – Не пытайся делать невозможное. Do not try to do the impossible. ТАРА – Мадина, хватит, я так не могу, помоги нам… Madina, enough, I can't do it. Help us. МАДИНА – Не надо все идет, как должно быть… No need, everything is going as it should be. ТАРА – Я все равно верну тебя. I'll bring you back. МАДИНА – Значит, сделаешь еще хуже. It means you will make it worse. ТАРА – Почему я попала к тебе? Why I came to you ? МАДИНА – Ты же хотела меня видеть, вот посмотри и иди дальше. You wanted to see me? Have a look and go further. ТАРА – Если ты сейчас между двумя мирами, значит, есть способ вернуть тебя.If you are between two worlds, there is a way to get you back. МАДИНА – Ты права, либо назад в ваш мир или на небеса, но лучше всего звучит Ад. You are right, or back to your world or in heaven, but hell sounds best. ТАРА - Нет, не говори так. No, do not say that. МАДИНА – Тара меня все равно ждет ад! Я служила злу. Tara, I 'm still waiting for the hell. I serve evil. ТАРА – Но ты с ним боролась. But you fought against him. МАДИНА – Все равно уже поздно. Anyway, it's too late. ТАРА – Я верну то время, когда еще не было нашествие бесов. I will turn to the time when there was no invasion of demons. МАДИНА – Наша встреча подошла к концу. Our meeting came to an end. ТАРА – Не уходи! Don't go МАДИНА – Я пришла, чтобы предупредить тебя… I came to warn you МАДИНА – В городе есть необычный человек, который раньше помогал одаренной Юле, он за нас, он чистокровный, но скоро все изменится и ему понадобится помощь, будь всегда рядом с ним. The city has an unusual man, who used to help the gifted Julia, he is on our side, it is a thoroughbred, but soon everything will change and he will need help, be always at his side. ТАРА – Кто это? Who is it? МАДИНА – Тебе пора идти! You gotta go! ТАРА – Мадина кто это? Madina, who is it? МАДИНА – Тара иди, поторопись! Tara go, hurry up. ТАРА – Мадина? Madina? ТАРА – Черт! Нет…. Damn, no САША – Ты видела видение? Did you see the vision? ТАРА – Да, уж болезненное это видение. Yes, it is a painful vision. САША – У каждого по-разному. Everyone has a different one. САША – Что ты увидела? What did you see? ТАРА – Я встретила Мадину! I met Madina! САША – Встретила? Met? ТАРА – Это как видение, но все было настолько реально…. It is like a vision, but it was so real.... САША – Что она сказала, есть способ вернуть время назад? What did she say? There is a way back in time? ТАРА – Есть, но я думала мы его вернули, потому что я была посреди двух миров…. Yes, but I thought we came back, because I was in the middle of two worlds. САША – Все правильно, но твоя слабость это Мадина, надо попробовать еще раз, только думать надо о мире прошлого…. All right, but your weakness is Madina, it is necessary to try again, only need to think about the world of the past. ТАРА – Сейчас я вспомню прошлое, и мы вернемся в Асгард. Now I'll remember the past and we will return to Asgrad. САША – Давай я буду думать, а ты подключись ко мне… Come on, I'll be thinking and you will be connected to me.... ТАРА – Давай! Come on! ТАРА – Знаешь, я все-таки рада, что ты снова со мной. You know, I am still glad that you are back with me. МАДИНА – Каждый имеет право на свои желания, я снова с тобой, как в старые добрые времена. Everybody is entitled to their own desires, I am with you again, just like old times. ТАРА – Пока как говориться я боролась, встретила тебя… As long a they say, I struggled, I met you .... МАДИНА – Ничего не помню, как будто сон заспала. I remember nothing like an overlaid dream. ТАРА – Вот для меня это действительно был сон,….кошмарный сон, ….. но он закончился! But for me it was really a dream....but it ended. ТАРА – Ты, правда, ничего не помнишь, и даже не скажешь, как там? You really do not remember anything, even can't tell me how it was? МАДИНА - ……Не помню….правда, да это уже и не важно, раз меня вернули, значит, есть работа… I do not remember really...but this is not important. Since I returned, it means that there is work for me. ТАРА – Я вернула тебя, можешь отдыхать! I brought you back, you can relax now! МАДИНА – Ты вернула, и …. You brought back and... ТАРА – Мадина, давай не будем? Madina, better don't start. МАДИНА – И какова цена за меня? And what is the price for me? ТАРА – Нет ни какой цены… There is not any price... МАДИНА – Не верю, я же все равно узнаю!!! I don't believe you, I'll know it! ТАРА – Господи, ну что тут не понятного, это же так легко, …. магия Вуду, ты же знаешь ее мощь… My God, what's not understandable, it's so easy. Voodoo magic, you know it's power. ТАРА – Магия Вуду, может убить человека, или вернуть его с того света. Voodoo magic can kill a person or return it from the dead. МАДИНА – Ну раз ты воспользовалась Вуду, значит ты теперь не мастер, а настоящая шаманка, как и я! Well, if you took advantage of voodoo, so now you are not a master, but a real shaman like me. ТАРА – Классно, у меня теперь два звания, мы ещё за первое не выпили…Cool, now I have two titles, we still need to drink on the first one. ТАРА – Стоп! Stop! МАДИНА – … что такое? ... What? ТАРА – В тот момент, когда я искала способ вернуть время, встречала тебя, и ты мне сказала, что есть могущественный человек, с которым я должна быть рядом, так как с ним что-то начнет происходить???.... At that moment, when I was looking for a way to turn back time, to meet you , and you told me that there is a powerful man, with whom I shall be there with him because something starts to happen to him??? МАДИНА – Ну вот убей, не помню….. Well, that is my life that I do not remember. ТАРА – Убей!!! Хватит уже с меня… Kill, enough already with me! МАДИНА – Ладно, с этим позже разберемся, Тара пошли в клуб? Okay, with that later dismantled, Tara went to the club? ТАРА – Ты, где видела, чтобы две шаманки в одном клубе…You see where there are two shamans in a club.... МАДИНА - Что-то новенькое…. Пойдём! Something new, come on! ТАРА – Пошли! Come on!

1 00:01:23,700 --> 00:01:26,829 You have no idea what I went through... 2 00:01:35,229 --> 00:01:41,154 you can not imagine how I've suffered... 3 00:01:50,360 --> 00:01:53,687 God knows what awaits us all in the future! 4 00:02:00,787 --> 00:02:04,616 Our main task is not to give up 5 00:02:04,616 --> 00:02:07,383 to stick together and help each other. 6 00:02:10,283 --> 00:02:14,479 He fell asleep, well, at least for a time... 7 00:02:15,181 --> 00:02:19,106 at least he stopped with his silly questions... 8 00:02:21,506 --> 00:02:26,815 What? Hello, my love... welcome back! 9 00:02:28,173 --> 00:02:31,851 What happened? You fainted... 10 00:02:32,361 --> 00:02:34,814 but what is the reason... 11 00:02:37,414 --> 00:02:43,971 Hey, are you with us? Here I am, moron... 12 00:02:48,471 --> 00:02:52,924 Well, what about your dream? It does not matter... 13 00:02:53,473 --> 00:02:56,886 What do you mean, it does not matter? 14 00:02:57,244 --> 00:03:01,000 It's not you... it's me... 15 00:03:01,590 --> 00:03:05,442 Everything that happens to you concerns me! 16 00:03:07,628 --> 00:03:11,073 So I see that you are all this time escapng into yourself... 17 00:03:11,073 --> 00:03:14,022 maybe it's time to come back? 18 00:03:15,731 --> 00:03:21,520 This is my test, and I have to go through it myself! 19 00:03:22,844 --> 00:03:27,243 What is happening to me, it does not concern him, that's my problem! 20 00:03:28,305 --> 00:03:33,055 Well, Danichka, try to sleep, and I'll guard your mind. 21 00:03:33,900 --> 00:03:36,481 Although out of me as a security guard with goat's milk... 22 00:03:36,481 --> 00:03:41,244 I cursed, I just cursed to live in misery, all who are with me dies 23 00:03:41,244 --> 00:03:44,649 or goes mad, it has always been like that 24 00:03:44,649 --> 00:03:47,110 so it was before, is happening now as well. 25 00:03:47,110 --> 00:03:50,076 I do not know what it is now , remorse... 26 00:03:50,076 --> 00:03:53,251 or I want to share what I have inside... 27 00:03:56,651 --> 00:04:02,878 Another Reality Episode 11 - Times change 28 00:04:09,178 --> 00:04:11,928 Hi! My name is Sonia... 29 00:04:12,605 --> 00:04:17,365 I was in another reality... 30 00:04:17,906 --> 00:04:23,353 where the demons and evil spirits are... 31 00:04:33,938 --> 00:04:37,740 Madina asked to take notes... 32 00:04:39,579 --> 00:04:44,050 and this will help us all... 33 00:04:44,680 --> 00:04:49,631 and if all will change... 34 00:04:49,631 --> 00:04:52,652 I'll be very happy... 35 00:04:53,627 --> 00:04:56,711 and grateful to her for that... 36 00:04:57,604 --> 00:05:00,382 And this is my story... 37 00:05:00,382 --> 00:05:06,314 I was a schoolgirl studying in fourth grade.. 38 00:05:06,314 --> 00:05:09,928 and I had a girlfriend, Selena... 39 00:05:13,098 --> 00:05:14,999 Hello everybody! 40 00:05:15,725 --> 00:05:17,930 My name is Selena. 41 00:05:19,072 --> 00:05:22,493 I need to say, I have camera-fright. 42 00:05:25,075 --> 00:05:30,297 I used to go to school, almost finished with my exams 43 00:05:31,391 --> 00:05:37,547 and entered college, but then something changed. 44 00:05:38,456 --> 00:05:43,605 I started writing stories, a lot of them. 45 00:05:44,378 --> 00:05:48,799 I wrote about another reality. 46 00:06:00,199 --> 00:06:02,469 How did you find Selena? 47 00:06:02,469 --> 00:06:07,160 I was wondering about, and I couldn't figure out where 48 00:06:07,742 --> 00:06:12,986 I was and what I was doing there, but I had this feeling 49 00:06:13,415 --> 00:06:16,045 that I was missing something. 50 00:06:16,898 --> 00:06:20,007 Now that you've found each other, what are you going to do? 51 00:06:20,692 --> 00:06:22,937 Go away, probably. No. 52 00:06:23,455 --> 00:06:26,477 Wait, what do you mean, “No”? I've decided to stay. 53 00:06:26,477 --> 00:06:30,106 What for? I need to help these people. 54 00:06:30,623 --> 00:06:34,173 What people? People from a another reality. 55 00:06:34,491 --> 00:06:38,449 What are you on about? You have just had a big hit on your head. 56 00:06:38,449 --> 00:06:43,654 We're sitting here now, it's okay. And I write books now. 57 00:06:44,053 --> 00:06:47,210 I can't take it anymore. Sasha! The worst bit is... 58 00:06:47,471 --> 00:06:49,885 that everything here is new for me, I don't understand... 59 00:06:49,885 --> 00:06:52,842 anything around me... and she is talking trash about... 60 00:06:52,842 --> 00:06:55,920 this another reality. What the hell is it? 61 00:06:55,920 --> 00:06:59,621 Sasha, listen, she has not made it up. So you're with her? 62 00:07:00,106 --> 00:07:03,766 Sasha! She may leave. 63 00:07:08,166 --> 00:07:12,683 Hi! How are you? 64 00:07:17,964 --> 00:07:21,915 I'll have a sit, thanks. 65 00:07:29,015 --> 00:07:32,340 Is everything alright? 66 00:07:37,922 --> 00:07:44,600 Stop torturing yourself. You can't change a thing. 67 00:07:45,181 --> 00:07:50,978 It's all happened, it's all in the past. 68 00:07:51,488 --> 00:07:53,543 Stop thinking about it. 69 00:07:53,869 --> 00:07:57,088 No, it's just a start. 70 00:07:57,622 --> 00:08:00,316 So, you want to get to the roots of it all? 71 00:08:00,816 --> 00:08:06,126 Yes. But I don't remember how I ended up here. 72 00:08:16,026 --> 00:08:20,887 She wrote a book about another reality 73 00:08:20,887 --> 00:08:23,183 about demons and she is there 74 00:08:23,183 --> 00:08:26,852 talking about some catacombs... 75 00:08:27,169 --> 00:08:30,022 there are wandering demons 76 00:08:30,604 --> 00:08:34,481 I decided to find out whether all this is true... 77 00:08:35,150 --> 00:08:39,883 After all it were only dreams of Selena... 78 00:08:39,883 --> 00:08:43,097 and then it got worse... 79 00:08:53,279 --> 00:08:56,426 I'm worrying bout her... 80 00:08:58,108 --> 00:09:01,433 I decided to call her friend Sasha... 81 00:09:02,703 --> 00:09:07,526 he came ... I read her book 82 00:09:08,013 --> 00:09:09,978 and I realized what the problem is 83 00:09:09,978 --> 00:09:14,200 he knew where this place is, and he decided to take us there. 84 00:09:32,400 --> 00:09:38,597 Madina let me stay in this house. 85 00:09:46,897 --> 00:09:56,038 If I trust her, things will change. 86 00:09:56,900 --> 00:10:04,697 So I thought, maybe I shouldn't be here? Maybe I should leave? 87 00:10:05,167 --> 00:10:12,902 I should find my school, my parents, maybe I have siblings. 88 00:10:13,292 --> 00:10:17,923 I don't remember my past, but 89 00:10:18,257 --> 00:10:21,071 I want to leave as soon as I can. 90 00:10:27,271 --> 00:10:33,173 Wherever you look, everywhere mystic and a bunch of evil... 91 00:10:34,498 --> 00:10:38,000 so that the catacombs are just the tip of the iceberg. 92 00:10:38,573 --> 00:10:42,367 It's enough, it was in the past 93 00:10:42,780 --> 00:10:46,545 now nothing unchanged, we are now in this time 94 00:10:46,545 --> 00:10:50,159 and I do not want to stir up the past 95 00:10:50,159 --> 00:10:52,858 let it stay inside of me... 96 00:10:53,262 --> 00:10:55,620 goodnight Danya! 97 00:11:22,620 --> 00:11:26,002 No, you can not just sit and wait! 98 00:11:26,359 --> 00:11:28,998 People disappear, paranormal and 99 00:11:28,998 --> 00:11:32,507 Madina involved in this case as well. 100 00:11:34,980 --> 00:11:37,409 Even that bed is paranormal! 101 00:12:09,409 --> 00:12:11,174 Paul? 102 00:12:14,374 --> 00:12:18,906 Good morning! Can you help me with dinner? 103 00:12:22,047 --> 00:12:23,708 He died right? 104 00:12:24,495 --> 00:12:30,082 Yes! And what you saw there? 105 00:12:30,608 --> 00:12:34,973 Only excerpts, pictures, someone drowned him in a bathtub! 106 00:12:36,248 --> 00:12:39,228 That's right... they drowned him... 107 00:12:39,553 --> 00:12:41,998 And that's all you can say? 108 00:12:41,998 --> 00:12:44,268 That's all that I know... 109 00:12:44,673 --> 00:12:47,696 What is this picture doing in your house? 110 00:12:48,389 --> 00:12:51,564 It's Paul, before he lived in this room... 111 00:12:54,601 --> 00:12:58,318 I want to go... Right now... 112 00:12:58,318 --> 00:13:01,852 you have not matured, I did not let you go anywhere 113 00:13:01,852 --> 00:13:04,659 I have to be sure that you will be all right... 114 00:13:04,659 --> 00:13:07,872 I've had enough... What's wrong? 115 00:13:10,572 --> 00:13:14,381 You know, I saw something else... I listen carefully... 116 00:13:14,581 --> 00:13:16,427 Why would you do this with Alexander? 117 00:13:24,827 --> 00:13:30,234 The fact is... that he was weird... he could hurt people... 118 00:13:31,183 --> 00:13:36,188 So maybe now you kill me as well? No, no way... I do not understand the motive... 119 00:13:36,570 --> 00:13:39,896 We have already apologized to Alexander and he is not angry... 120 00:13:39,896 --> 00:13:41,830 Let's see... 121 00:13:43,820 --> 00:13:46,620 So you can help me in the kitchen? 122 00:13:46,620 --> 00:13:49,529 Yes, first I wash my hands... 123 00:13:53,829 --> 00:13:55,083 This is bad... 124 00:13:55,894 --> 00:13:58,157 Nadia found the portrait... 125 00:13:59,108 --> 00:14:01,643 You hear I'm talking to you... 126 00:14:01,643 --> 00:14:05,760 What portrait? Portrait of Paul? 127 00:14:07,860 --> 00:14:10,452 She saw how someone was drowning him... 128 00:14:11,198 --> 00:14:14,060 Is it bad, she is not accusing us... 129 00:14:14,060 --> 00:14:16,393 It is now as long as she does not accuse us... 130 00:14:16,393 --> 00:14:18,527 and in general it is better to get rid of her 131 00:14:20,238 --> 00:14:24,491 to convince her that there was nothing, I want her to leave... 132 00:14:25,791 --> 00:14:30,621 It is difficult... Maybe you have a plan? 133 00:14:39,521 --> 00:14:41,901 There was no need to do it... 134 00:14:42,394 --> 00:14:45,999 We do not have a choice! There is always a choice... 135 00:14:45,999 --> 00:14:50,445 as I have done horrible things... I should be punished! 136 00:14:50,445 --> 00:14:55,826 Let's not here, not now... at least not on this day?! 137 00:15:00,115 --> 00:15:04,005 I will go to the kitchen, I need to cook dinner for you all! 138 00:15:07,318 --> 00:15:09,018 Alexander? 139 00:15:10,392 --> 00:15:13,510 Can I ask you? Yes of course... 140 00:15:13,510 --> 00:15:17,331 You need any help with Nadia? 141 00:15:25,731 --> 00:15:28,168 Nadia, I wanted to tell you... about Paul. 142 00:15:28,168 --> 00:15:31,499 The one on the picture?... Yes... 143 00:15:32,168 --> 00:15:36,085 the fact is that we have drowned him... 144 00:15:37,051 --> 00:15:40,277 What? How did you do it? 145 00:15:40,277 --> 00:15:43,932 It is better to tell you now that you have understood everything correctly... 146 00:15:43,932 --> 00:15:47,649 What is there to understand, you killed a man... 147 00:15:47,649 --> 00:15:52,270 with whom you did it. Daniel... 148 00:15:52,636 --> 00:15:55,554 So maybe now you'll kill us all... 149 00:15:55,554 --> 00:15:57,328 No never... 150 00:15:57,328 --> 00:15:59,765 Why did you do it? 151 00:16:00,450 --> 00:16:04,382 I told you that the catacombs affected each person differently... 152 00:16:04,382 --> 00:16:06,907 and so Paul became a maniac... 153 00:16:22,907 --> 00:16:25,042 He attacked me, and thank God 154 00:16:25,042 --> 00:16:27,415 that Danya ran into the room... 155 00:16:42,615 --> 00:16:47,780 We wanted to cool him down in the water... 156 00:17:10,580 --> 00:17:13,377 but we haveoverdone it... 157 00:17:15,777 --> 00:17:20,219 So you deny that the another reality influenced you? 158 00:17:21,310 --> 00:17:23,738 In fact, I did go into the catacombs... 159 00:17:24,191 --> 00:17:26,245 I do not understand... but what about... 160 00:17:26,245 --> 00:17:28,668 I am clairvoyant, I have superpowers 161 00:17:28,668 --> 00:17:30,715 so I saw everything... 162 00:17:30,715 --> 00:17:36,616 But you told me the same... I told you the story of the boss... 163 00:17:38,616 --> 00:17:44,460 Heh, it turns out that you are the only one normal and adequate among the crazy... 164 00:17:45,039 --> 00:17:49,149 Do you know the name Tara... or the city of Erie Asgrad. 165 00:17:49,707 --> 00:17:53,520 Yes, Alexander told me something about this... 166 00:18:02,320 --> 00:18:05,302 Well, now everything is clear to me... 167 00:18:05,302 --> 00:18:08,533 Story takes place in a another reality... 168 00:18:11,733 --> 00:18:17,219 It happened to other people, and we just absorbed these events... 169 00:18:17,873 --> 00:18:21,263 But it is strange how they got into the catacombs? 170 00:18:22,165 --> 00:18:25,467 So there is still one mystery... 171 00:18:27,505 --> 00:18:30,600 But one day, I was forgotten too 172 00:18:31,800 --> 00:18:34,125 I went into myself 173 00:18:34,125 --> 00:18:38,195 it began when we started to live in this house... 174 00:18:38,919 --> 00:18:44,433 I saw everyone... Each... what happened to them. 175 00:19:28,333 --> 00:19:30,786 And Vitaly V. will not come... 176 00:19:31,150 --> 00:19:34,763 No, I understood that he is saving his figure... 177 00:19:34,763 --> 00:19:38,162 he told us. He will be missing dinner. 178 00:19:38,162 --> 00:19:41,968 He was fed only milk shakes protein powders so... 179 00:19:44,116 --> 00:19:47,529 So let him do his work, he becomes more adequate 180 00:19:47,529 --> 00:19:51,382 just to help Dany and he is working hard for us, feeding all of us... 181 00:19:58,785 --> 00:20:02,166 Madina, where is Elisey... where did he go? 182 00:20:07,002 --> 00:20:09,916 Madina, why are you silent... 183 00:20:11,059 --> 00:20:15,316 I have no idea what you're talking about, who is Elisey? 184 00:20:16,176 --> 00:20:18,747 Nadia, I do not know who it is... 185 00:20:23,340 --> 00:20:26,649 What is wrong with you, you saw a vision again? 186 00:20:28,942 --> 00:20:34,539 Elisey, this is my partner, together we are investigating the case of the catacombs... 187 00:20:39,184 --> 00:20:44,138 I do not want to upset you, but there was no Elisey... 188 00:20:45,087 --> 00:20:47,493 How you do not know... 189 00:20:47,493 --> 00:20:52,923 if you talked to him in the car when I was sick in the catacombs... 190 00:20:58,723 --> 00:21:02,278 and even earlier, we met in the office, we took an interview... 191 00:21:10,219 --> 00:21:14,046 Nadia, nothing happened, you came to me... 192 00:21:14,046 --> 00:21:17,180 we talked, then you went home... 193 00:21:17,625 --> 00:21:23,086 Please, I ambegging you urgently, please do not go there, there is nothing, go home. 194 00:21:23,548 --> 00:21:26,905 Why are you telling me this, you know it's not true... I have to see everything... 195 00:21:26,905 --> 00:21:30,079 There's nothing there, why go there at all, go home! 196 00:21:30,079 --> 00:21:32,078 So if there is no need, I'll check... 197 00:21:32,078 --> 00:21:35,203 Just do not come here anymore, go home, okay... 198 00:21:35,203 --> 00:21:38,239 No, I need to see everything, and I have to learn everything... 199 00:21:38,239 --> 00:21:41,108 What do you mean, you want to know everything 200 00:21:41,108 --> 00:21:43,905 I'm telling you, there's nothing there, why you came here 201 00:21:43,905 --> 00:21:46,406 why, stay there and write your articles, there's nothing here. 202 00:21:46,755 --> 00:21:48,585 So you're saying that there's nothing there... 203 00:21:48,585 --> 00:21:50,263 No! Well, I'll check it... 204 00:21:50,263 --> 00:21:53,139 No, I go home and I'm serious... don't go there anymore 205 00:21:53,139 --> 00:21:56,201 do you understand me? Go home! 206 00:22:05,174 --> 00:22:09,561 The next day you come back... went to the catacombs 207 00:22:10,238 --> 00:22:14,044 I feel your pain... and come running to you for help 208 00:22:15,185 --> 00:22:19,441 even Daniel helped me to drag you... don't youremember? 209 00:22:20,145 --> 00:22:21,639 No... 210 00:22:47,939 --> 00:22:52,033 no... I do not believe you... You killed him! 211 00:22:57,333 --> 00:22:59,715 You killed him! 212 00:23:19,215 --> 00:23:21,475 Hi, Madina! 213 00:23:22,033 --> 00:23:25,533 On a visit or you missed me? To be sure... 214 00:23:25,533 --> 00:23:29,195 With her everything is allright, do not worry, she is under my protection. 215 00:23:29,608 --> 00:23:34,862 I hope you can trust you... I have a great reputation! 216 00:23:35,212 --> 00:23:38,010 And how are you? Like this story? 217 00:23:38,010 --> 00:23:41,860 I'm fine, but that's why you retreated? 218 00:23:42,487 --> 00:23:46,053 To be honest, from the beginning I did not believe in the whole story... 219 00:23:46,660 --> 00:23:51,522 You went into the catacombs too, why you... Not crazy? 220 00:23:51,896 --> 00:23:55,957 Yes, yes... That's what I 'm telling you... I realized... 221 00:23:56,768 --> 00:23:58,387 What did you understand? 222 00:23:58,833 --> 00:24:02,542 If you are a pessimist, the anomaly does not work! 223 00:24:02,542 --> 00:24:04,875 Sure 10 points! 224 00:24:05,329 --> 00:24:07,928 But still you believed me... 225 00:24:07,928 --> 00:24:11,736 In what happened to Nadia! Yes I believe it. 226 00:24:12,181 --> 00:24:15,487 I leave her at home, to help a person with 227 00:24:15,487 --> 00:24:18,245 a gift of claivoyance. It is necessary. 228 00:24:19,411 --> 00:24:22,441 Well, that's great! Well then, can I go? 229 00:24:22,441 --> 00:24:25,463 Bye! Goodbye! 230 00:25:15,363 --> 00:25:19,808 Hmm, there were certainly times... You're talking to someone? 231 00:25:20,382 --> 00:25:22,444 I overheard your conversation... 232 00:25:23,683 --> 00:25:26,800 You canot sleep as well? 233 00:25:27,501 --> 00:25:32,485 Do you think after this we can have a normal sleep? 234 00:25:34,538 --> 00:25:36,712 What is remembered? 235 00:25:37,150 --> 00:25:40,947 A part of another reality... 236 00:25:42,273 --> 00:25:47,055 Ha, I have such memories every hour... 237 00:25:48,461 --> 00:25:53,568 So we are gifted... Not we, you... 238 00:25:53,568 --> 00:25:55,926 I do not understand, why me? 239 00:25:56,388 --> 00:25:59,466 Because among us, you are only one who did not come 240 00:25:59,466 --> 00:26:02,416 into this abnormal place... 241 00:26:14,416 --> 00:26:16,221 Good morning! 242 00:26:18,243 --> 00:26:20,377 Good, woke up so early? 243 00:26:20,377 --> 00:26:23,759 I could not sleep and... forgive me... 244 00:26:24,164 --> 00:26:27,457 No need to apologize, I understand perfectly... 245 00:26:28,335 --> 00:26:31,501 It's my fault, you did not have to... 246 00:26:33,086 --> 00:26:35,579 Already everything is done and nothing can be returned... 247 00:26:35,579 --> 00:26:38,593 I always knew that the otherworldly creatures exsist... 248 00:26:38,593 --> 00:26:42,541 Nobody is hiding it from you, you came, learned, suffered... 249 00:26:42,930 --> 00:26:45,160 And what do we do now? 250 00:26:45,589 --> 00:26:47,922 To accept, understand and forgive... 251 00:26:47,922 --> 00:26:49,559 I did not understand... 252 00:26:49,559 --> 00:26:52,379 Today I am going to end with this story... 253 00:26:52,379 --> 00:26:54,088 And what about us? 254 00:26:54,088 --> 00:26:57,262 And you have to sit there and keep a low profile! 255 00:27:11,062 --> 00:27:17,033 Darling, is everything okay... You know, not really... 256 00:27:17,542 --> 00:27:20,348 What's wrong, the psycho's again? 257 00:27:24,089 --> 00:27:26,254 I do not know... 258 00:27:28,051 --> 00:27:33,448 I do not... It's just... Myhead is spinning, I do not know what to do... 259 00:27:33,838 --> 00:27:36,700 Now we can digress... How can we digress... 260 00:27:36,700 --> 00:27:38,778 There is a way. 261 00:27:59,378 --> 00:28:03,048 Danil wait... What... Do not... 262 00:28:03,048 --> 00:28:06,223 do not, everyone is here... Again, these psychos! 263 00:28:06,223 --> 00:28:10,228 Not like that, you know... Everybody can hear us, so what 264 00:28:10,577 --> 00:28:13,871 I do not understand? It's not important at this moment... 265 00:28:13,871 --> 00:28:17,173 What about... You know... 266 00:28:20,573 --> 00:28:22,299 Do not... 267 00:28:23,241 --> 00:28:25,935 what do you think about... About you! 268 00:28:25,935 --> 00:28:28,454 You only need one thing, he... 269 00:28:31,054 --> 00:28:32,978 Sounds like fun! 270 00:34:38,778 --> 00:34:41,214 That's the end... 271 00:35:17,014 --> 00:35:20,027 At your place, I would not do that! 272 00:35:21,754 --> 00:35:25,438 You do not know how to encrypt! I do not care! 273 00:35:26,476 --> 00:35:31,521 What, also plagued by memories? I say, I don't care! 274 00:35:32,879 --> 00:35:36,844 You think well about me? Without any doubt! 275 00:35:37,939 --> 00:35:40,433 And if I have the information? 276 00:35:40,998 --> 00:35:44,756 What... but remember... I will not give up! 277 00:35:44,756 --> 00:35:49,030 My advice, stay away from Madina! 278 00:35:49,407 --> 00:35:51,345 All clear... Kindergarten... 279 00:37:46,645 --> 00:37:52,809 I killed them all, you hear me, because of you! 280 00:38:00,809 --> 00:38:04,936 Daniel, calm down, Daniel 281 00:38:07,181 --> 00:38:09,162 what are you doing... 282 00:38:10,562 --> 00:38:14,555 Who did you kill? All... What have you done? 283 00:38:14,555 --> 00:38:18,673 I killed all of them. You're not normal... 284 00:38:22,873 --> 00:38:27,102 All, all corpses now... 285 00:38:30,513 --> 00:38:36,142 why have you done it? I love you, Madina... 286 00:38:40,148 --> 00:38:46,106 Calm, calm down... I told you 287 00:38:47,840 --> 00:38:51,038 I told you to calm down, calm down... 288 00:38:53,438 --> 00:38:57,276 But what is wrong... you know... you took those lives... 289 00:38:57,276 --> 00:39:00,416 what right do you have to do it... 290 00:39:03,378 --> 00:39:09,012 I killed them, killed them, killed... Calm down now... enough 291 00:39:11,058 --> 00:39:16,472 everything will be fine, calm thing, you're scaring me 292 00:39:16,472 --> 00:39:22,486 do you want to scare me.... No... But you're scaring me... 293 00:39:24,805 --> 00:39:27,259 What have I done... 294 00:39:28,233 --> 00:39:30,533 Calm down, all right... love you very 295 00:39:30,533 --> 00:39:33,083 much, please just calm down... 296 00:39:36,383 --> 00:39:39,603 Madina I love you! I love you very much... 297 00:39:39,945 --> 00:39:44,315 everything will be fine, I have cleared this place! 298 00:39:44,315 --> 00:39:47,880 everything will be fine, just trust me!

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