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My name is Paul Latushkin. I am CEO of the film company KARBUSH LLC for the production and distribution of the web series "Universe". My activities - are the production of independent cinema, films, and TV series. My specialty - a low budget and amateur web-series movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York


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How is it interesting in your opinion? what will attract viewers? When we planned to return the film and reshoot it, it took only 2 days to prepare and one meeting with the main character Maria Pyzhikova. In one evening, we decided the entire fate of the film. It was immediately clear that Damned was a Horror movie. When filming began, the status changed, the genre was changed to - Psychological Drama. And when the film was filmed and sent for editing, the genre changed again - now Damn it - from a part of comedy, drama, psychological drama, thriller and action. Therefore, at the moment, our assessment is a film for a wide audience. And whoever said what, as a director, I showed the film to several critics and non-people who do not like to watch such things ... The review was as follows ... - A pretty actress, an understandable "American" plot, but at the same time not predictable, the music was excellent, the plot is very interesting, the makeup was done well, but there are some small questions about the middle of the film and the final scene ... for some reason it reminded me that you are not watching a movie, but a certain series ... where there will be a continuation ... And then our team immediately got an answer ... - Let there be a continuation !!! Yes, the story of the Damned is based on the Trilogy. And when watching - yes, the feeling is as if you are watching a series ... but this is a film, with its own plot, with a beginning, with a tie, with a climax and a denouement. And the film "Damned" is the second film from the film series about the Universe of Another Reality! movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York 



Oh I am probably bothering you? No, rather the contrary, an idea came to my mind. So, tell me And if we start the second chapter with the fact that my hero Alexandra came after her dead to a certain place and start her mysterious appearances? Selena, this is the place I call Another Reality, while Alexandra could not remember what happened to her the day before, because on this moment it is summer, the sun, and in the village of upper Karbush there is the reunion with her classmate Alex. Stop, Alex? So you don't interrupt.... With your permission, I will continue... Yes, Alex and Alexandra are a team for the extermination of vermin, but in this world, they are ordinary people, they have a normal life. And when Alexandra came to Karbush, the first thing on the way she saw were the red catacombs and suddenly she remembered something.... Alexandra remembered this piece as a deja vu or a nightmare, then she saw a woman who was standing at the entrance of the catacombs. Alexandra hurried to the house of Alex. In the house there was no one, she went outside and literally stumbled on Alex. Where did you go? Hey Sasha hi, honey! I am not your honey! Well, I am sorry, are you running somewhere? I was looking for you! Yeah, so it turns out, it's another reality, it's something unknown, and if you get there, you'll just live a normal life? No, it will be more interesting, because Alexandra waited for trouble. Maybe you'll pour some tea? So now I take a look? What do we have here? glasses? I thought it was your house. No, it's my sisters house, I just arrived today, she's gone and the door is open.... And here is the Cup. Well, where is your sister? I do not now, gone somewhere.... Well, I'm going for a shower, will you come with me? No, I will have some tea. Alexandra heard noises on the ceiling and hurried out of the house, looked up into the attic, but it was closed from the street side, she did not understand, she thought for a moment, then she was stopped by a voice that came from the house. Hello, who is this? Who's there? Help me, somebody help me, Is there anyone to help, please help, someone... who are you , I'll scream, help, just do not touch me. O Lord, help me, do not come near me... Alexandra did not know where to go, go back or maybe be hurt by someone, but with a third party by the river, she saw a man, armed, she went to the river. Sasha? Wow, I missed you too, what happened to you? I came out of the shower and you are gone... There is really something going on here.... I just escaped, someone had tied me up, she chased me....are you even listening to me at all... Yes, of course.... You are very strange... I'm telling you, something weird is going on here.... Alex, did you search for your sister? It makes no sense to look for her. How it makes no sense? You are just imagining. What are you doing let me go, Alex. Yes, come to your senses! You are just a glitch, girlfriend! You want to say I am crazy? Go home, sleep it off I imagine things, like it is happening in reality, you know, people being killed... I know, remembering a story... Which one? About a girl, she mysteriously disappeared after she was seen in the woods. And what do they have in common? She also went mad and then she disappeared, and all this is due to that mass grave, found at the village.... What should I have seen there? At the entrance of the village is a cross, they started to build a Church there, and now locals start to disappear one by one. With my sister, strange things started to happen, first the dream, then calls. She asked to come, but it was too late. So maybe the solution is we need to go there. You hear me, come with me, come on. That's what you need, not me. Good luck I thought you were going with me... This is not my story. yeah fuck you... Wow! Where did you get all that? I'm telling you, I dream of that all. I don't believe this. It is simply impossible to remember a dream down to the smallest detail. So it's a gift that you can use. Okay, I 'm afraid to ask what will happen next. What will be next? Alexandra returning to the house of Alex? Now she has to make a choice, her thoughts were going everywhere. Alexandra decided to go into the house. Who are you ? What do you want from me? Are you? I came to help! How can you help me? How... Calm down, everything will be fine... Let me go, let's talk. You can tell me what's going on there? Calm down, everything will be fine...I should help you... Only don't touch me... Calm down, everything will be fine.... Why have you tied me up, you wanted to kill me...Yeah you went with a knife around me. I should help you... Are you crazy? You have decided with the whole village to make me crazy... No, that is not the case. I don't understand. I do not understand who they are, maybe it was a dream, tell me... I cannot speak. I cannot talk about it. I am scared. They are going to take you. I should take you. Who is? To save you Who, tell me who? They They are from a mass grave, they, they want you take you, don't you understand. It started after you came here, they chose you . We have to go! Come on, faster, go go faster... I will not go with you . Go, go Tell me where we are going? Alex is that you? It's not me. I didn't want... Where are you beast! Who's there..... Come on, come.... Who kidnapped her? And another question, who is this monster that looks like her... Better said , her double... Doubles, now I am totally confused, we need to listen further.... It is a different reality, there are no laws, it is all happening in their story.... Hey, who did it? Who's there? Why are you doing this? Who are you? What do you want from me? Why are you doing this? You, I need you. Please let me go... This is the end, my dear. Alex, why are you doing this? Let me go please...I won't tell anyone. Not now What are you doing, why are you doing this… Alex, stop it.... It's all in your head.... You are crazy! In your head, you need to rest more.... Yes, there is no use yelling, it were just your dreams. It was real The dreams, and nothing more, it looked like it was real. Let me go, please No I have to kill you. You always rejected me, did not notice me. You came here, and again you did not notice, you live alone. What happened to you? It looks like you are possessed by the devil. With me, everything is all right. You like tea? You're a maniac... Conventional medicines have gotten her so far.... It's not the medicine, but that world that did this to her... And what did she do? That's what I do not know, at least this is the part I did not dream of. I want to know the ending....what awaits them if she could go back???? Of course, everything will be fine, at least for a while.... It was you all rigged, yes. Here I am doing the talking... What else? It's me or no one. I love you, honey. Quiet, quiet, calm down. What happened, why I am here? I still helped you... Who is coming after me, who is it? They need to clean your spirit to stay in your body? It means when I 'm dead, you are dead as well.... We are saved, we just need to rest in peace. Yes, you need to calm down? We just need to rest in peace. You still don't understand you are already dead? Your body has long been taken over by others. It's done, I'm in your body, you gave me life and now you belong here. I knew you would come to me and that you would help are my angel, you're my angel, save me. This is not my story.... Do not be afraid, they are all your friends. Each of the dead has it's own grave but nobody took care of us.. Welcome home! And when Alexandra emerged from the water, she finally realized that it was all finished. Sasha walked towards the village, passing by those places about which Alex told her, in the village an ordinary life, she sees locals now all is fine... be continued? No, another maze, another reality... So I imagined everything...Alex... Strange, closed.... Alex, where are you again. Alex.... where are you ...

1 00:01:56,00 --> 00:02:01,20 Another Reality Episode 7 - New Life 2 00:02:08,25 --> 00:02:12,14 Three years ago, my brother opened the gate to a another reality 3 00:02:13,00 --> 00:02:13,00 someone thinks that it is a world of Erie Asgard 4 00:02:15,24 --> 00:02:18,13 where the gods live, where the eternal grace 5 00:02:18,20 --> 00:02:21,17 but in fact the reality is another hellish world 6 00:02:21,28 --> 00:02:25,06 everyone goes their way into these endless labyrinths 7 00:02:25,13 --> 00:02:28,04 I survived like my former slave, Paul 8 00:02:28,12 --> 00:02:31,07 now we are ordinary people with magical abilities 9 00:02:31,15 --> 00:02:35,07 but this place continues to attract new people new victims 10 00:02:35,18 --> 00:02:39,10 and our task now is to help the innocent! 11 00:03:28,26 --> 00:03:30,21 We think about one and the same... 12 00:03:31,19 --> 00:03:36,13 A victim again... Rescuers are going to help! 13 00:04:27,08 --> 00:04:30,23 Vitaly, I agree with you. What we are doing is useless... 14 00:04:31,09 --> 00:04:34,08 We still can not save them all... 15 00:04:36,06 --> 00:04:39,21 Especially as we know that an innocent man is alive... 16 00:04:39,25 --> 00:04:43,06 except screams nothing had happened... 17 00:04:43,20 --> 00:04:48,27 Paul, I suggest to forget about this story and go on living a normal life 18 00:04:49,10 --> 00:04:54,21 because death is a normal phenomenon, you can't escape death... 19 00:04:55,18 --> 00:05:01,01 How long do you think that...From the beginning of the story... 20 00:05:01,22 --> 00:05:05,25 It's over now, we no longer have superpowers... we are ordinary people 21 00:05:06,07 --> 00:05:10,20 we can just go home and live a normal life... 22 00:05:12,16 --> 00:05:18,01 Okay, but now we are here, let's finish the search for the innocent... 23 00:05:21,05 --> 00:05:24,29 By the way are you against the fact that we live with my niece... 24 00:05:25,06 --> 00:05:28,19 Heh, your relatives are my relatives, no problems... 25 00:05:28,28 --> 00:05:33,02 All understood, without question, continue searching... 26 00:06:50,22 --> 00:06:53,26 And now you take it, no, you 27 00:06:54,17 --> 00:06:58,10 and I told you to sit still, wait for your turn... 28 00:06:59,24 --> 00:07:06,01 I think you all understand well, that's why you waited for your turn to take it. 29 00:07:06,25 --> 00:07:11,15 Oh, you are new, then this is for you. 30 00:07:14,29 --> 00:07:17,04 And with whom you are talking... 31 00:07:17,28 --> 00:07:22,02 What is your name? Sonia and these are my friends. 32 00:07:24,01 --> 00:07:25,23 But here is nobody. 33 00:07:26,01 --> 00:07:29,05 Do you hear it guys, you don't exist 34 00:07:29,07 --> 00:07:32,17 strange, I wonder why no one sees you… 35 00:07:39,29 --> 00:07:41,28 Do not bother us... 36 00:08:50,10 --> 00:08:55,04 All right, Paul, we stayed long enough, time to go... 37 00:08:55,20 --> 00:08:58,06 And I do not want to get out of here... 38 00:08:58,13 --> 00:09:01,29 Of course it's been our former home... 39 00:09:03,24 --> 00:09:07,01 Not ours but yours... 40 00:09:07,16 --> 00:09:11,26 My, yes, until I was solving my affairs in the city 41 00:09:12,06 --> 00:09:15,23 you are all the time guarding these places... 42 00:09:16,02 --> 00:09:18,28 No, I was not protecting them well. 43 00:09:19,14 --> 00:09:22,07 Well, Paul, as you want... I go... 44 00:09:22,25 --> 00:09:26,05 I do not want to miss dinner... 45 00:09:30,14 --> 00:09:34,06 Of course Selena is a very good cook! 46 00:14:15,07 --> 00:14:18,17 Who ever you are, you found me... 47 00:14:19,21 --> 00:14:22,23 this place has called you... we all belong to him... 48 00:14:23,00 --> 00:14:27,12 please ... Help us back, because...I do not know how to go back... 49 00:14:27,19 --> 00:14:33,01 I can't do this anymore... first he shows your own fears... 50 00:14:33,07 --> 00:14:36,25 then begins an endless maze... which makes no sense... 51 00:14:37,03 --> 00:14:41,18 and after he asks to join and continue the journey with him... 52 00:14:41,29 --> 00:14:45,23 and most importantly do not touch the dagger... 53 00:14:46,01 --> 00:14:52,09 He wants you to do it... please stop all this, do it for us. 54 00:15:20,10 --> 00:15:24,03 Do not touch? And what will happen? 55 00:15:45,25 --> 00:15:48,29 It looks like you've done something! 56 00:16:07,00 --> 00:16:13,03 You do what you want, but I will still get to the truth. 57 00:16:13,25 --> 00:16:17,19 I will not allow it, you know enough. 58 00:16:18,04 --> 00:16:22,23 I will not listen to you anymore, my uncle... 59 00:16:23,09 --> 00:16:26,12 Selena, it is better for you to forget! 60 00:16:29,04 --> 00:16:32,22 You know, it is not our wish, just... 61 00:00:00,000 --> 00:16:33,09 You are worried about me, I know, but you should not. 62 00:16:38,28 --> 00:16:42,02 I will not say anything... 63 00:16:42,14 --> 00:16:46,25 my conscience will be clear. 64 00:16:47,07 --> 00:16:52,02 You can not understand what I saw? 65 00:16:53,29 --> 00:16:57,17 Just do not repeat, we all understood. 66 00:16:57,28 --> 00:17:00,13 You don't understand me... 67 00:17:00,24 --> 00:17:06,06 you came to me in the shape of some kind of creature. 68 00:17:15,06 --> 00:17:19,17 Paul explained what it was? I have no answers. 69 00:17:22,09 --> 00:17:25,06 You know what guys, because you all are 70 00:17:25,12 --> 00:17:28,23 not sayng anything I'm even in more danger. 71 00:17:37,25 --> 00:17:41,17 Well, what we will do next. 72 00:17:43,12 --> 00:17:47,13 The main thing is not to panic, we are faced with a teenager... 73 00:17:47,23 --> 00:17:53,27 her emotions going through the roof, so wait a bit. 74 00:18:08,18 --> 00:18:12,02 Hey Selena! Who are you? 75 00:18:12,10 --> 00:18:14,27 I am a lost soul. 76 00:18:16,00 --> 00:18:20,27 And what does your soul want? Justice, what else? 77 00:18:28,11 --> 00:18:32,16 I sleep? Yes, as I do... 78 00:18:32,22 --> 00:18:35,27 but I'm already sleeping for a long time... 79 00:18:36,10 --> 00:18:38,12 What do you mean? 80 00:18:38,19 --> 00:18:42,09 You have to help Selena, wake up... 81 00:22:26,01 --> 00:22:29,13 Paul! So what does all that mean? 82 00:22:33,19 --> 00:22:35,23 Well Boss, you are caught now. 83 00:23:39,13 --> 00:23:41,03 Well, hello Boss! 84 00:23:53,17 --> 00:23:56,26 Anton, you are misunderstood! I understand you well... 85 00:23:57,07 --> 00:24:01,24 you all have sent all of us to an endless maze 86 00:24:02,04 --> 00:24:05,22 exactly two years I lived in the same time... 87 00:24:06,17 --> 00:24:08,28 Anton, let me explain. 88 00:24:09,16 --> 00:24:12,13 And by the way, I was still your slave, I am wondering... 89 00:24:12,25 --> 00:24:15,10 what it is you slipped in my drink. 90 00:24:15,23 --> 00:24:20,02 Everything has ended. 91 00:24:20,14 --> 00:24:23,26 Yes indeed, everything comes to an end... 92 00:24:24,05 --> 00:24:28,10 Anton, let me explain. 93 00:24:29,02 --> 00:24:32,03 and to you as well... 94 00:24:33,16 --> 00:24:36,09 write now... 95 00:24:36,18 --> 00:24:40,26 like it should be from the beginning! 96 00:24:51,16 --> 00:24:55,10 This is my first murder, I do not want you to tell me it was all a dream. 97 00:24:56,16 --> 00:25:01,00 God damned, what are you doing here, I am going crazy... 98 00:25:01,05 --> 00:25:03,02 Oh now it will start! 99 00:25:19,28 --> 00:25:22,21 So... where are you hiding... 100 00:26:00,05 --> 00:26:03,03 Class... cool!!! 101 00:26:18,23 --> 00:26:22,10 Wow I have to kill three birds with one stone. 102 00:26:22,17 --> 00:26:26,20 Anton, don't do anything stupid. 103 00:26:26,27 --> 00:26:32,05 Silent, silent, you are the only one to be blamed for what happened to me. 104 00:26:32,17 --> 00:26:35,17 What happened... 105 00:26:36,05 --> 00:26:41,24 But I had everything, I even started to fight with evil spirits 106 00:26:42,08 --> 00:26:46,09 It's time to put an end to you... Selena do something... 107 00:26:46,20 --> 00:26:52,03 Everything that I experienced and saw, after all of that you... 108 00:26:52,12 --> 00:26:55,19 It was a another reality you know. What another reality? 109 00:26:55,29 --> 00:27:01,01 It's okay, this young man is a victim... 110 00:27:01,12 --> 00:27:08,01 he was connected with the history of the Boss and Demons... 111 00:27:08,13 --> 00:27:13,25 Vital say something... 112 00:27:14,08 --> 00:27:17,20 Anton, he is telling the truth.Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah... 113 00:27:17,29 --> 00:27:21,02 which truth, I do not see how any truth... 114 00:27:21,10 --> 00:27:25,15 Now we are ordinary people, another reality does no more exist...that's all... 115 00:27:25,20 --> 00:27:29,25 I do not believe, your words!!! 116 00:27:30,10 --> 00:27:35,07 It is time to finish with this mess and kill you! 117 00:27:54,19 --> 00:28:02,01 Well guys you are well settled, and you have now everything under control. 118 00:28:02,13 --> 00:28:05,22 Anton, you have to listen now. 119 00:28:06,01 --> 00:28:09,29 And I do not want to, and will not believe you... 120 00:28:10,05 --> 00:28:12,01 How noisy... 121 00:28:12,06 --> 00:28:15,28 Anton, now you will see everything and you will understand. 122 00:28:16,05 --> 00:28:17,16 In what sense? 123 00:28:24,05 --> 00:28:26,28 Hey what are you doing? 124 00:28:50,18 --> 00:28:54,13 Well you have seen everything. Is it all clear? 125 00:28:54,27 --> 00:28:59,07 Now you're with us? Do you believe us? 126 00:29:07,27 --> 00:29:12,22 What is expecting us now? I have no idea, Selena? 127 00:29:13,03 --> 00:29:16,11 Okay, I go to sleep... 128 00:29:16,21 --> 00:29:19,26 tomorrow is a new story... 129 00:29:20,06 --> 00:29:23,24 Sweet dreams! No more nightmares. 130 00:29:24,05 --> 00:29:27,23 Thank you guys and the same to you... 131 00:29:30,23 --> 00:29:35,14 Sasha, I have one request for you... I am listening... 132 00:29:35,28 --> 00:29:39,29 I have to stop disturbing you... 133 00:29:40,06 --> 00:29:42,10 You think this is a way out. 134 00:29:42,18 --> 00:29:45,05 At least I will be back to my place. 135 00:29:45,14 --> 00:29:49,01 You have come back and saw what it has led to. 136 00:29:49,12 --> 00:29:52,29 Maybe right now everything will be different. 137 00:29:54,03 --> 00:29:56,28 Well, maybe.. and then what... 138 00:29:57,09 --> 00:30:01,18 If they will search for me, tell them, you didn't see how I left. 139 00:30:01,24 --> 00:30:03,17 Well, okay... 140 00:30:30,01 --> 00:30:32,21 I do not see your room number... 141 00:30:34,28 --> 00:30:40,02 It's an nonexistent number. Oh Paul, you got me. 142 00:30:40,18 --> 00:30:44,21 Are you going somewhere? I decided to leave. 143 00:30:45,00 --> 00:30:49,01 So miss all the fun... 144 00:30:49,11 --> 00:30:52,16 Hey, it is tempting. 145 00:30:52,27 --> 00:30:55,27 After all, you do not believe in the miraculous cure of the boss? 146 00:31:37,25 --> 00:31:41,28 Sonia... are you there 147 00:31:43,21 --> 00:31:47,03 I know you're somewhere nearby... 148 00:31:47,16 --> 00:31:49,17 I need your help... 149 00:31:50,21 --> 00:31:53,09 Yes, I am here. 150 00:31:55,03 --> 00:31:59,03 You want something? I need to talk. About what? 151 00:31:59,12 --> 00:32:03,08 About the knife.. where did you get it? 152 00:32:03,29 --> 00:32:10,00 From Paul. Paul, my uncle? 153 00:32:10,14 --> 00:32:14,00 He is your uncle? That's funny! 154 00:32:14,09 --> 00:32:18,13 I am not amused. Why you need the knife? 155 00:32:18,23 --> 00:32:23,15 I only asked to give it to you. 156 00:32:26,01 --> 00:32:29,08 Why didn't Paul give it himself? 157 00:32:29,14 --> 00:32:36,14 Ask him, he knows everything, or maybe not. 158 00:32:37,00 --> 00:32:39,05 What are you talking about? 159 00:32:39,14 --> 00:32:43,27 That Paul that is now with you doesn't know anything about the knife. 160 00:32:44,07 --> 00:32:48,06 What?... Paul split in two... 161 00:32:48,15 --> 00:32:54,08 so you will not find it, or you can... 162 00:32:55,24 --> 00:32:58,11 I want to know everything, tell me. 163 00:32:58,18 --> 00:33:02,06 Didn't you see the past?... Yes, I saw 164 00:33:02,15 --> 00:33:07,05 all of it and it is no longer important, I want to understand what is happening. 165 00:33:07,12 --> 00:33:09,13 Maybe it is better not to do that? 166 00:33:09,19 --> 00:33:13,22 Then I will find out from someone else. 167 00:33:14,01 --> 00:33:18,12 Who?... Now this is my problem! 168 00:33:22,02 --> 00:33:24,16 Only he can save you... 169 00:34:26,28 --> 00:34:30,03 Now we meet again, Paul! 170 00:34:31,04 --> 00:34:34,02 You called me and now you have nothing to say? 171 00:34:34,18 --> 00:34:39,05 I certainly did not expect that our Boss is bisected. 172 00:34:39,23 --> 00:34:42,16 Who told you that this is possible? 173 00:34:42,26 --> 00:34:46,12 I just looked at you and I've made my conclusions. 174 00:34:46,18 --> 00:34:50,04 Oh, you don't not know me. 175 00:34:50,11 --> 00:34:54,03 I am just a man, I have right to think so. 176 00:34:54,09 --> 00:34:57,17 That's right, but before you were truly the embodiment of evil... 177 00:34:57,24 --> 00:35:00,18 I even thought that you will stand at the helm... 178 00:35:00,25 --> 00:35:04,29 but not for you and my brothers did not, you have lost me. 179 00:35:10,11 --> 00:35:15,12 It remains only to start the electoral campaign... 180 00:35:15,16 --> 00:35:18,27 and I think I will gather the votes in my favor. 181 00:35:19,12 --> 00:35:22,26 Hm, you will not get praise 182 00:35:24,01 --> 00:35:26,15 Why have you called me? 183 00:35:27,06 --> 00:35:31,20 To know who is at the helm... That's all? 184 00:35:34,00 --> 00:35:37,03 What else? I remembered everything... 185 00:35:37,10 --> 00:35:40,15 and in exchange you also need my soul? 186 00:35:40,28 --> 00:35:45,18 It is, agreed? 187 00:35:46,12 --> 00:35:52,01 Because I had no deals with you. 188 00:35:52,25 --> 00:35:55,01 Why... 189 00:35:57,24 --> 00:36:02,08 Okay, mortal creature, live for now... 190 00:36:03,03 --> 00:36:05,16 We see you all there! 191 00:36:38,19 --> 00:36:41,23 Paul... what's happening... 192 00:37:56,17 --> 00:38:00,08 Selena, help us!!!

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