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My name is Paul Latushkin. I am CEO of the film company KARBUSH LLC for the production and distribution of the web series "Universe". My activities - are the production of independent cinema, films, and TV series. My specialty - a low budget and amateur web-series movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York


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How is it interesting in your opinion? what will attract viewers? When we planned to return the film and reshoot it, it took only 2 days to prepare and one meeting with the main character Maria Pyzhikova. In one evening, we decided the entire fate of the film. It was immediately clear that Damned was a Horror movie. When filming began, the status changed, the genre was changed to - Psychological Drama. And when the film was filmed and sent for editing, the genre changed again - now Damn it - from a part of comedy, drama, psychological drama, thriller and action. Therefore, at the moment, our assessment is a film for a wide audience. And whoever said what, as a director, I showed the film to several critics and non-people who do not like to watch such things ... The review was as follows ... - A pretty actress, an understandable "American" plot, but at the same time not predictable, the music was excellent, the plot is very interesting, the makeup was done well, but there are some small questions about the middle of the film and the final scene ... for some reason it reminded me that you are not watching a movie, but a certain series ... where there will be a continuation ... And then our team immediately got an answer ... - Let there be a continuation !!! Yes, the story of the Damned is based on the Trilogy. And when watching - yes, the feeling is as if you are watching a series ... but this is a film, with its own plot, with a beginning, with a tie, with a climax and a denouement. And the film "Damned" is the second film from the film series about the Universe of Another Reality! movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York 



СОНЯ – Селена пишет рассказ, про существование мира другой реальности. Этот мир существует за гранью нашей жизни. Если туда попадешь, то обратно не вернешься, ведь тебя ждут вечные лабиринты. Чтобы попасть туда, достаточно воспользоваться амулетом. Герои истребляют нечесть, они защищают мир от нашествия демонов. Эти демоны обычные люди, которые одержимы бесом.Selena wrote a story about the existence of the world of another reality. This world exists beyond our lives. If you will get there, you can't come back, because you are waiting for the eternal maze. To get there, it is sufficient to use the amulet. Heroes destroy wickedness, they protect the world from an invasion of demons. These demons are ordinary people who are obsessed with a demon. СЕЛЕНА – Когда все это началось, мне было очень интересно, записывать каждый фрагмент своего сна, но теперь, меня это пугает, с каждым новым эпизодом, я начинаю бояться, постоянные ночные кошмары…When it all started, it was very interesting to record each piece of his dream, but now it scares me, with each new episode, I begin to fear, constant nightmares СЕЛЕНА – Если честно, сегодня был трудный день. It was a tough day, to be honest. САША – Но зато все получилось, осталось найти издателя. Yes, but all went well. We now only need to find the publisher. СЕЛЕНА – Для начала я пишу для себя, ну и для вас… I'm writing this for myself and for you. САША – Спасибо…..может завтра погуляем? Shall we go for a walk tomorrow? СЕЛЕНА – Может быть, но… Maybe, but... САША – Да ладно, сходим, развеемся, поедем, покатаемся… Come on, we'll hang around, get our minds clear... СЕЛЕНА – А вдруг мне что-то приснится, ….и снова всю ночь просижу за компьютером. What if I see another dream and spend the entire night behind my PC? САША – Значит возможно погуляем? So, are we going? СЕЛЕНА – Ладно! Ok. САША – Ну хорошо! До завтра! Great. See you tomorrow then! СЕЛЕНА – Пока. СОНЯ – Ну что, Селена, у тебя готова новая глава, мне прямо не терпится ее прочитать Well, Selena, you have prepared a new chapter, I just can not wait to read it? СЕЛЕНА – Нет, я ее только начала писать…No, I just started to write it. СОНЯ – Кажется ты сегодня не в настроении?It seems like today you are not in the mood? СЕЛЕНА - Вот прочти, готово только начало. Here, read, just the beginning is ready. СОНЯ – Давай, давай. Come on Come on... СЕЛЕНА – Надеюсь, тебе понравится…I hope you like it... СЕЛЕНА – Ну, и как? So, what do you think? СОНЯ – Странно…Strange СЕЛЕНА – Что, не интересно?What it is not interesting? СОНЯ – Наоборот, интересно, только, не знаю, может мне кажется, но у тебя настроение изменилось, это чувствуется в твоем рассказе…On the contrary, it is interesting, but I do not know. I think maybe you have changed the mood, I feel it in your story. СЕЛЕНА – Если честно, мне уже не в радость пересказывать мои сны…To be honest, I have no joy recollecting my dreams. СОНЯ – И ты хочешь поговорить об этом? And you want to talk about it? СЕЛЕНА – Да, и даже очень… помнишь про амулет?Yes, I would love that. Did you see anything about the amulet? СОНЯ – Да, конечно, ведь амулет это главная история твоего рассказа!Yes of course because the amulet is the main object of your story. СЕЛЕНА – Мне он часто снится…I often dream about it. СОНЯ – Так тебе же все снится!!! You are dreaming about everything!!!!! СЕЛЕНА – А после сна, он явился ко мне. And after the dream, he came to me. СОНЯ - Явился???He came????? СЕЛЕНА – Да, когда я проснулась, он висел надо мной. Yes, when I woke up, he was hanging over me. СОНЯ – И что ты сделала? What did you do? СЕЛЕНА – Взяла его в руки. She took him by the hand. СОНЯ – О черт, теперь тебя тоже заберёт другая реальности, о, а, мне…. это не честно!!! Oh hell, and now you also will be taken to another reality...and I's not fair! СЕЛЕНА – Соня, ты о чем, я правду говорю… Sonia, what are you talking about? I am telling the truth.... СОНЯ – Ага, верю, верю, как и в существование в деда мороза. Yeah I do believe , like in the existence of Santa Claus. СЕЛЕНА – Ладно, забыли, я тебе ничего не говорила Okay, forget I said anything to you ... СОНЯ – Вау, да ну на, не может быть, да чтоб, … он настоящий,….ну это же настоящий реквизит другой реальности.Whoa, well, can't be , but so he is real. Well it is real props of another reality. СЕЛЕНА – А может мне пока временно не спать, ни куда не ходить, ни с кем не общаться….Maybe I better not sleep temporarily, not go anywhere or talk to anybody... СОНЯ – Зачем? What? СЕЛЕНА – Чтобы все закончилось. To finish it all. СОНЯ – А тебе это надо, это же круто, это же круто иметь такие силы...And you need it, it's cool, it's cool to have such a force.... СЕЛЕНА – Думаешь, мне легко…Do you think that's easy for me? СОНЯ – Да ладно, я же правду говорила, тебя ждёт успех, выпустишь книгу, и все твоя жизнь удалась, а эти сны, фу, фигня! Come on, I tell you the truth, you will succeed, publish a book , all your life is good and these dreams, garbage. СОНЯ – Селена, что с тобой…. Селена….. и тут же я не могла понять, что с ней произошло… она просто упала на пол… и я даже не знала что сделать… с ней происходили странные вещи… я очень за неё волновалась и я решила позвонить Selena...what's wrong with you Selena.... and then I could not understand what had happened to her...she just fell on the floor...and I did not even knew what to do ...I was very worried for her, I decided to call Sasha.... СЕЛЕНА – Почему, почему это именно со мной происходит, что я сделала не так, ведь я всегда была правильной, даже мухи не обижу. Живу я одна, со мной мое хозяйство, потому что только они могут меня выслушать и в ответ молчат, это единственное мое утешение, ведь животные забирают у человека всю боль. Сегодня я написала еще одну главу, а завтра я напишу последнюю, чтобы забыть эту историю и двигаться дальше, ведь я не могу так больше продолжать, жить в заточении, я хочу как все, гулять, общаться со сверстниками, встречаться с парнями…Why, why this is happening to me that though I did wrong, I was always correct, even not hurting a fly. I live alone, me and my farm, because only they can hear me, and in response without words. It's my only consolation, because the animals take all the pain from humans. Today I wrote another chapter, and tomorrow I will write the last to forget the story and move on, because I can not take it anymore, to live in prison, I want to be like everyone, I want to talk, to communicate with their peers, to meet with the guys ... Селена уже сидит у ворот своего дома, к ней подходит Соня.Selena is already sitting at the gate of her house, Sonya comes to her. СОНЯ – Привет! Hi! СЕЛЕНА – Привет! Hi! СОНЯ – Ты уже давно на улице? You have been long on the street? СЕЛЕНА – Да, уже давно, даже было время подумать.Yes for a long time I even had time to think. СОНЯ – Пойдем вместе погуляем, предлагаю развеяться…Let's take a walk together, get some fresh air. СЕЛЕНА – Если честно я уже домой собралась. To be honest, I was going home. СОНЯ – А можно с тобой? Can I go with you ? СЕЛЕНА – Пошли… Let's go СЕЛЕНА – Теперь меня беспокоит это место, которое называется село Верхний Карбуш. Ведь именно оттуда началась вся эта история. И я поняла только одно, что мне нужно там появиться и посмотреть своими глазами, но я понимаю, что все это выдумано, этого просто не существует, тем более я сама себе сказала, что завтра я напишу последнюю главу и поставлю на ней жирную точку. Надеюсь, друзья поймут меня…Now I'm worried about this place, which is called the village of Upper Karbush. After all, that's where the whole story began. And I knew only one thing that I need to come there and see with my own eyes, but I understand that it's all invented, it simply does not exist, I told myself that tomorrow I will write the last chapter and end it. I hope my friends will understand me... СОНЯ – Селена хватит, может, поговорим, я же вижу, тебя что-то беспокоит? Salina, enough, let's talk. I can see you have a problem? СЕЛЕНА – То, что я скажу, тебе не понравится. What I'll say, you will not like. СОНЯ – Чтобы ты не сказала, знай, я всегда тебя поддержу Whatever you'll say, know I will always stand by you . СЕЛЕНА – Завтра я буду писать последнюю главу своей книги. Tomorrow I will write the last chapter of my book. СОНЯ – Не может быть, а как же…Can't be, and what about.... СЕЛЕНА – Ты обещала поддержать меня, ни смотря, ни на что… You promised to support me, no matter what.... СОНЯ – Я не об этом, а о том, что как я буду жить без твоих героев? I am not talking about that, I was just wondering how I will live without your heroes? СЕЛЕНА – Напишу комедию I'll write a comedy. СОНЯ – Значит ты серьезно? Are you serious? СЕЛЕНА – Соня, я уже устала от этого, моя жизнь превратилась в сплошное заточение. Sonia, I am tired of it. My life has turned into a solid imprisonment. СОНЯ – Хорошо, так уж и быть, но меня интересует только одно, чем закончится твоя книга. Well, so be it but I am interested in only one thing, what is the outcome of your book? СЕЛЕНА – Без сомнений финал будет хорошим. Without a doubt it will be a good ending. СЕЛЕНА – Вот и все, глава готова, остался еще один шаг, и моя книга закончена, я не гоняюсь за славой, мне не нужны фанаты. И этот еще издатель, я просто не пойду к нему, не буду отвечать на телефон, я просто все забуду и начну все сначала, начну свою жизнь без существования другой реальности.That's all, this chapter is finished, there's one more step, and my book is finished, I'm not chasing fame, I do not need fans. And this publisher, I just do not go to him, I will not answer the phone, I just forget everything and start all over again, I will start my life without the existence of another reality. СОНЯ – Ты снова ушла в себя…You went back into yourself.... СЕЛЕНА – А??? что ты говоришь? Ah...what are you saying? СОНЯ – Я спросила, ты уже закончила? I asked, have you finished? СЕЛЕНА – Да, я дописала. Yes, I have finished writing. СОНЯ – Ну вот теперь звони издателю и говори что ты закончила писать книгу. Well, now call the publisher and say that you have finished writing the book. СЕЛЕНА – Нет, мне это не нужно, я просто забуду об этом. No, I don't need it. I will just forget about it. СОНЯ – Ты с ума сошла??? Are you crazy? СОНЯ – Что с тобой Селена, только не отключайся. What's wrong with you? Don't be scared. СОНЯ – Селена, что с тобой? Selena what's wrong? СЕЛЕНА – Я знаю, что будет дальше? Do I know what will happen next? СОНЯ – Ты о чём? What are you talking about? СОНЯ – А, ты еще в постеле, а я думала, тебя нет… And you are still in bed, I thought you're not here.... СОНЯ – Селена, хватит, валяться вставай, давай! Selena, enough of laying in bed, get up come on.... СОНЯ – Ты чего, Селена, …… понятно, ушла в себя, вернешься не скоро……ладно я пойду тогда. What's wrong Selena, okay, you went into yourself, will not come back soon, okay I will go then. СЕЛЕНА - не уходи…Don't go... СОНЯ – Может, ты тогда расскажешь, что с тобой происходит? Can you tell me what's wrong with you ? СЕЛЕНА – Ты долго ко мне не заходила…It's a long time you did not come to me. СОНЯ – Сейчас же школа, и мне десять лет, надо учиться…It's school time now, I was 10 years old and should learn. СЕЛЕНА – Все равно я ждала тебя… Anyway I was waiting for you . СОНЯ – Может тебе к врачу сходить? Maybe it's better to go to the doctor? СЕЛЕНА – Может, быть,… но я даже встать не могу…Maybe, but I can not even stand up... СОНЯ – Мда, все-таки амулет на тебя повлиял…Hmmm, the amulet still influences you. СЕЛЕНА – Ты веришь мне? Do you believe me? СОНЯ – Лучше ответь мне, ты что-нибудь писала? You better tell me, were you writing something.... СЕЛЕНА – Нет, я помню все, … все… что происходит в моей голове… No, I remember everything...everything...what's going on in my head. ... СОНЯ – Ты точно не забудешь? Are you sure you will not forget? СЕЛЕНА – Точно….Sure.. СОНЯ – Ну вот, кажется, ты приходишь в себя… Well, it seems you come back to us... СОНЯ – А,… Селена, что с тобой Селена,….. это я……что с тобой…. А , мне больно……Селена…. Вот, вот так, всё хорошо, это я, это я Соня, Селена это я, всё хорошо, я с тобой!Selena, what's wrong with's me....what is wrong with you ...I am in pain...Selena, here, will be's me Sonia...everything will be okay with you ! СЕЛЕНА – Соня…Sonia... СОНЯ – Да, это я, всё хорошо…Yes it's me...all right.... СЕЛЕНА – Я снова все увидела…Again I saw all the.... СОНЯ – И давно это так с тобой? How long is that with you? СЕЛЕНА – Дня три, четыре…Three days or...four.... СОНЯ – А сознание больше не теряла? And you do not lose consciousness? СЕЛЕНА – Я не знаю…вернее не помню теперь…I do not know...I do not remember now. СОНЯ – Селена надо что-то делать …Selena we have to do something.... СЕЛЕНА – А что ты можешь сделать? And what can you do? СОНЯ – Хотя бы сходить с тобой к врачу…At least go with you to the doctor.... СЕЛЕНА – Нет, скоро все пройдет, я перестала писать, так что еще немножко и все придет в норму…No, everything will be better soon, I stopped writing, everything will be back to normal.... СОНЯ – Может мне твоему дяде Паше позвонить? Maybe I should call your uncle Pasha? СЕЛЕНА – Нет, только не делай этого, я сама справлюсь. No don't do this, I will manage it myself.... СОНЯ – То есть и даже я тебе не нужна? You don't even need me anymore? СЕЛЕНА – Ты останься, но ни кому не говори что я в таком состоянии, …..хорошо? You stay here, but do not tell anyone that I am in such a state...good? СОНЯ – Привет. Hello. СОНЯ – Ой прости, я не хотела. Oh sorry, I did not want to. СЕЛЕНА – Да ничего страшного…Yes, okay СОНЯ – Я просто увидела тебя и не поверила своим глазам. I just saw you and I could not believe my eyes. СЕЛЕНА – Да, сегодня я проснулась и поняла, что всё закончилось.Yes, today I woke up and realized it was over. СОНЯ – То есть никаких видений, обмороков и снов? No more visions, fainting, and dreams? СЕЛЕНА – Да, ничего…Yes, nothing more. СОНЯ – Тогда может ты в состоянии написать финал своей книги? Then you may be able to write the ending of this book? СЕЛЕНА – … финал…The final... СЕЛЕНА – Пойдем, будем писать вместе…Come on, we write together. СОНЯ – Не поняла…I do not understand СЕЛЕНА – Будешь моим со автором последней главы…You will be my co author of my last chapter. СОНЮ – И все равно это еще не конец…Still, it's not over СЕЛЕНА – Да, но мы с тобой все ближе к финалу…Yes, but we are getting closer to the final. СОНЮ – Надеюсь, издатель это оценит. I hope the publisher will appreciate it. СЕЛЕНА – Кстати что-то он так долго не звонит…By the way, he is not calling for long time. СОНЯ – Это еще не самое страшное, непонятно почему твой дядя не звонит, Сашка куда то делся …This is not the worst thing, it's not clear why your uncle does not call, Sasha has disappeared... СЕЛЕНА – В этой истории многое не понятно…A lot is unclear in this story. СОНЯ – Не поняла, в этой истории…I do not understand, in this story СЕЛЕНА – Я о книге и о том что всегда кто-то куда-то пропадает…I have about the book and the fact that there is always someone somewhere getting lost ... СОНЯ – Бедные герои в твоей книги, я им просто не завидую…Poor characters in your book, I do not envy them.... СЕЛЕНА – Ну ладно, ты меня извини, мне надо идти кормить животных, а то я пока была не в себе, за ними никто не следил. Well, excuse me, I have to go feed the animals, cause while I was not myself last time, no one was watching over them. СОНЯ – Ну….ладно, тогда я пойду…. Или тебе помочь? Well, I 'll go or can I help you? ГОЛОС – Селена, помоги нам! Selena, help us! СЕЛЕНА – Наверное, пришло время, рассказать истинную правду о существовании мира другой реальности…Perhaps it's time to tell the real truth about the existence of the world of another reality ... Я постоянно слышу голоса, мои герои просят помощи, я сошла с ума, либо действительно, другая реальность существует и я как-то связанна с этим миром, потому что у нормальных людей такого не бывает… I hear voices, my heroes are asking for help, I'm crazy, or indeed another reality exists, and I am somehow connected with this world, because it's never happening to normal people ..... СЕЛЕНА – Теперь остается ждать, того кто остановит все это, кто закроет врата и все навсегда забудут что такое другая реальность… Я иногда даже задумываюсь о том, что избранная это я, но тут же я понимаю, что сама выдумала историю или она мне сама приснилась, как фантазия моего воображения. Now we wait for the one who will stop all this, who will close the gate, and all will be forgotten forever. What is the other reality ... I sometimes wonder what if I am the chosen, but then I realize that I've invented the story or I've dreamed about it, as a fantasy of my imagination. СЕЛЕНА – Ну вот картина стала ясной, в переносном смысле конечно,…мне теперь будет проще написать финал этой истории, если конечно я снова что-нибудь не увижу… надеюсь тот кто решил мне испортить жизнь, подумает над тем, что мне сейчас хочется выспаться желательно без сновидений…Well, the picture became clear, in a figurative sense, of course ... I will now be easier to write the ending of this story, unless of course I will see something again ... I hope the one who decided to ruin my life, will think about the fact that I want to sleep now, preferably without dreams ... СОНЯ – Привет! Hi! САША – Привет, как она…Hi! How is she.... СОНЯ – Да вот вроде припадки закончились, но всё равно я чувствую, с ней что-то не так. Yes, she's okay, but I still feel that something is wrong. САША – Я считаю это надо сделать. I think it should be done СОНЯ – Ты думаешь, это поможет? Do you think this will help? САША – По крайней мере, она хотя бы узнает это место. At least she knows this place. СОНЯ – Что ж я пошла, попробую вытащить ее из дома и посадить к тебе в машину. Well, I'll try to get her out of the house and into your car. САША – Удачи! Good luck! СОНЯ – К черту. To hell. СЕЛЕНА – И куда мы поедем? Where are we going? САША – Ты хочешь, чтобы все закончилось? You want it to be over? СОНЯ – Селена поверь, так будет лучше для тебя. Selena, believe me it would be better for you . САША – Мы хотим тебе помочь. We want to help you . САША – Ого, тот самый…мда, и что, из–за этой побрякушки и вышла такая абсурдная история, … всё равно, твой рассказ мне нравится….Wow, the one ... Hmm, because of this trinkets came such an absurd story ... anyway, I like your story .... СЕЛЕНА – Спасибо, мне приятно… Thank you, I am pleased. САША – Особенно мне приятно, что ты все-таки и меня ввела в сюжет…I was especially glad that I was introduced to your story ... СОНЯ – А я нет… And I am not.... СЕЛЕНА – Не переживай, впереди том номер два…Do not worry, a second book will come.... СОНЯ – Ес, я так и знала, что будет продолжение…I knew it would be continued. САША – Да и не смотря на плачевный финал, все же верю, что в итоге будет хэппиэнд…And despite of the lamentable ending, I still believe in a happy end. СОНЯ – Все поехали тогда…Okay, let's go then... САША – Поехали! Let's go! СЕЛЕНА – Я не могу в это поверить, это село существует??? I can not believe it. This village really exists? САША – Как видишь, да! As you can see, yes! СЕЛЕНА – Значит мои сны и видения настоящие…So my real dreams and visions are real.... САША – Получается так! I guess so! СЕЛЕНА – Я же нормальная, и сейчас это реально??? I'm normal and now it is real? САША – Да! Yes! СОНЯ – Так точно Селена, мы в самой настоящей реальности. Exactly Selena, we are in the real reality. САША – Хочешь выйти, пройтись? Do you want to take a walk? СЕЛЕНА – А вот это получается кладбище? Ah so here is the cemetery? СЕЛЕНА – В моем видении, я увидела, как колдун выпустил бесов…In my vision I saw the sorcerer set the demons free.... САША – И они сейчас бродят по земле, вселившись в каждого… And now they roam the earth, inspiring everyone.... СОНЯ – Надо вернуть их обратно. It is necessary to bring them back . СЕЛЕНА – Точно, надо, но у нас нет ножа…Sure, it is necessary, but we do not have a knife. САША – Какой нож…Which knife? СОНЯ - Да, кажется, я этот момент пропустила…Yes, I think I missed that moment..... СЕЛЕНА – Но этот нож теперь похищен…But this knife is now stolen. САША – У тебя снова видения…You have visions again.... СЕЛЕНА – Но я не знаю, как это сделать…But I do not know how to do it. САША – Чего сделать? What to do? СОНЯ – Она с кем-то разговаривает…She is talking to someone СЕЛЕНА – Оставьте меня в покое, пожалуйста. Я обещаю, я помогу, я верну вас всех обратно…Leave me alone, please. I promise I'll help, I'll give you all back ... САША – Ты как… How are you ? СЕЛЕНА - Я в порядке…I'm fine САША - Точно, сколько пальцев…Exactly how many fingers СЕЛЕНА - Похоже два It looks like two... САША - Да, правда два, ну что я думаю надо уезжать с этого места…Yes, it is true, two, well, I think it is necessary to leave this place ... СОНЯ - да тут творится что-то нечистое…Yes, here is something unclean.... САША – Значит, ты сейчас видишь, всех кто, попал в другую реальность? So now you see all who got into another reality? СЕЛЕНА – Да это так Yes it is СОНЯ – Тогда, Саша, ты глюк. Then Sasha, you glitch. САША - Почему это…Why is it? СОНЯ – Сейчас всё реально и ты реалне…Now everything is real. САША – Да, действительно…Yes indeed БОСС – Здравствуй, Селена! Hello Selena! СЕЛЕНА – Босс??? Boss????? БОСС – Это хорошо, что ты с нами связанна!.It's good that you are connected with us! СЕЛЕНА – Ты тоже попал в лабиринт? You also were in a maze? БОСС – Точно, кто-то всех нас подставил, так что я не самый главный враг и ты гляди в оба, будь аккуратна, чтобы этот кто-то и тебя сюда не заманил…Sure, someone set us up. I'm not the main enemy, look around and be careful, otherwise they will also take you. СЕЛЕНА - Ты об этом! You mean that! БОСС – А, так всё-таки амулет был у тебя…It means all the time the amulet was with you... СЕЛЕНА – Да, он был всегда у меня! Yes it was always with me СЕЛЕНА – Как вас всех спасти How to save you all.... БОСС – Чувствуй сердцем, оно тебе подскажет…Feel with your heart. I will advice you . САША – Может, хватит… Maybe that's enough.... СОНЯ – Хватит уже разговаривать с воздухом. Enough of talking to the air. СЕЛЕНА – Они хотят свести меня с ума. They want to drive me crazy. САША – Кто……………..Всё уходим отсюда…давай, уходим, пошли.. Who...let's get out of here....let's go.... СЕЛЕНА – Нет, подождите, я должна… отпусти…No, wait I have to ...let me go.... БОСС – Решай Селена, быстрей решай, выручай нас Селена, выручай нас, выручай…Decide Selena quickly, help us out Selena, help us out, help us ... СЕЛЕНА – Нет, отпустите меня! No let me go! САША – Что,… что случилось? What happened? СОНЯ – Мы как будто исчезли, … нас просто не было, она упала,… мы начали справшивать Селена что с нами такое, я была очень шокированна, меня не было, меня никто не видел, а что происходило с Селеной дальше, я не знаю…We seemed to have disappeared ... we were gone, she fell ... we asked Selena what is happening to us, I was in shock, nobody has seen me, what happened to Selena after that, I do not know.... САША – Ответь же…Answer me СЕЛЕНА – Все, что происходит не настоящее, вы не настоящееВсе, Everything that is happening is not real. СОНЯ – Как? How? СЕЛЕНА - Моя жизнь не настоящая….My life is not real СЕЛЕНА – Спасение души, вот что надо сделать, спасти душу. The salvation of the soul, that's what needs to be done to save the soul. ПАВЕЛ – Нет, не делай этого…No, don't do that СЕЛЕНА – Дядя, значит ты тоже…Uncle, it means you too. ПАВЕЛ – Да, по своей не осторожности, я тоже сюда попал…Yes, because of me not paying attention, I also got there СЕЛЕНА – Ты сделал зло…You did evil ПАВЕЛ – Да, я знаю…Yes, I know.... СЕЛЕНА – Я должна спасти душу. I have to save the soul... ПАВЕЛ – Здесь много душ, какую именно? Here are many souls, which one? СЕЛЕНА – Свою…Mine... Селена протерла амулет. Selena rubs the amulet. СЕЛЕНА – Я не верю в эту историю. I do not believe this story. СЕЛЕНА – Я не знаю что произошло, я даже не знаю, жива ли я, может все и закончилось, а может, наоборот, все стало намного сложней, мы теперь живем в Карбуше, все вместе живем в одном доме, все закончилось, больше нет ни каких снов и видений, началась по настоящему нормальная жизнь, только вот, я все забыла, прямо сейчас, взяла и все забыла, ….. забыла даже про то, что писала книгу о существовании мира другой реальности.I do not know what happened, I do not even know if I'm alive, maybe it's all over, and maybe it's just the opposit, everything has become much more complicated, we are now in Karbush all living together in one house, it's over, there are no longer dreams and visions, we've started a normal life, except that I forgot everything, right now, all is forgotten ... .. I even forgot about the fact of writing a book about the existence of the world of another reality.

1 00:00:12,321 --> 00:00:15,350 In our world ...there are strange and mysterious places 2 00:00:15,350 --> 00:00:18,035 where strange and mysterious things are happening... 3 00:00:18,035 --> 00:00:20,128 one such place is the village of Karbush... 4 00:00:20,963 --> 00:00:25,185 It's not quite the usual story... this one of what happened to a young man 5 00:00:25,185 --> 00:00:27,606 named Sergei...he was interested in the occult, 6 00:00:27,606 --> 00:00:31,180 in one parable, is there a world beyond? 7 00:00:31,180 --> 00:00:34,480 But for a common man to understand...He needed to 8 00:00:34,480 --> 00:00:37,780 know where to start and what to do? 9 00:00:37,780 --> 00:00:40,680 Probably he needs a certain book to read, find the spell, 10 00:00:40,680 --> 00:00:42,680 ...and here it is ... the same unidentified... 11 00:00:42,680 --> 00:00:46,280 but our hero knows what he does... 12 00:00:46,280 --> 00:00:50,380 he dug up an ancient amulet and did something with it. 13 00:00:51,497 --> 00:00:57,842 More nobody's seen him, he probably now knows about another reality... 14 00:00:58,400 --> 00:01:00,293 I hope he survived... 15 00:01:01,339 --> 00:01:05,328 and it is consequently from me, the one who knows the whole story... 16 00:01:05,328 --> 00:01:08,796 and what happened to that guy, my name is Madina 17 00:01:08,796 --> 00:01:13,433 and I are not in yourself, in me there is strength to tell you a story. 18 00:01:16,533 --> 00:01:20,719 I'm a witch, a shaman, you might not believe me, 19 00:01:21,181 --> 00:01:26,026 but I was born in 1505 BC in the city of the Gods Asgard of Erie... 20 00:01:27,526 --> 00:01:33,025 I had Tara ward, I taught her magic, guiding on the right path... 21 00:01:33,025 --> 00:01:36,423 our magical goal, is to protect the city from evil. 22 00:01:38,380 --> 00:01:43,793 Tara saw the vision as a guy opened the gate with the help of the amulet... 23 00:01:47,014 --> 00:01:48,414 Tara what's wrong with you... 24 00:01:48,414 --> 00:01:54,683 That is what went the guy... he was in Asgard! 25 00:01:58,325 --> 00:02:02,322 Someone removed the shield and destroyed the creation of good. 26 00:02:02,322 --> 00:02:05,239 He is here, he is in our world! 27 00:02:05,239 --> 00:02:08,373 After that, our city was attacked by the Dzungars. 28 00:02:16,673 --> 00:02:19,958 Together with Tara, we went to the future... 29 00:02:20,476 --> 00:02:23,746 to turn back time and stop this nightmare! 30 00:02:27,846 --> 00:02:30,853 And after that, I don't remember... 31 00:02:30,853 --> 00:02:35,684 I had a different life, because in today's world, there are demons 32 00:02:36,186 --> 00:02:39,622 witches, ghosts and other evil spirits... 33 00:02:42,995 --> 00:02:47,936 Hello to everyone watching this. My name is Madina. 34 00:02:48,654 --> 00:02:54,924 It might be silly to record yourself on camera... 35 00:02:55,345 --> 00:03:00,054 but I have no choice. I am going mad... 36 00:03:01,372 --> 00:03:06,394 you can easily go mad if you live my life. 37 00:03:07,225 --> 00:03:13,868 I don't know what I'm doing this for... 38 00:03:14,729 --> 00:03:20,206 but maybe you are that person... 39 00:03:21,491 --> 00:03:25,009 who will see the whole truth. 40 00:03:25,639 --> 00:03:28,596 This is Danil, my boyfriend, 41 00:03:28,596 --> 00:03:31,689 he's stressed as well. 42 00:03:32,047 --> 00:03:36,700 This girl is Sonya, she says she doesn't know where she lives 43 00:03:37,050 --> 00:03:41,113 and who her parents are. We can't leave her on the street. 44 00:03:41,113 --> 00:03:45,480 This is Selena, she's a bit strange, she think 45 00:03:45,918 --> 00:03:49,748 a lot and talks about a another reality. 46 00:03:50,274 --> 00:03:53,649 I have stumbled upon a another reality. 47 00:03:53,649 --> 00:03:57,286 I see dreams, visions, I am trying to figure out 48 00:03:57,667 --> 00:04:00,304 The beginning of my nightmare... 49 00:04:00,304 --> 00:04:05,534 are these abandoned catacombs. 50 00:04:06,420 --> 00:04:10,559 If I die, please, can... 51 00:04:12,045 --> 00:04:17,668 somebody write a book about this. 52 00:04:18,265 --> 00:04:22,758 I want you to know the truth... 53 00:04:23,561 --> 00:04:25,884 about a another reality. 54 00:05:27,584 --> 00:05:30,039 There is a maze here, 55 00:05:30,039 --> 00:05:34,884 that's where the power of this different reality is. 56 00:05:35,643 --> 00:05:39,818 And this power is the reason for all the strange stuff 57 00:05:42,085 --> 00:05:45,564 that's going on with people. 58 00:05:45,985 --> 00:05:51,230 I see now what's happening. 59 00:05:52,324 --> 00:05:59,089 You can't let them into the normal society. 60 00:05:59,903 --> 00:06:05,973 So I settled in this house, 61 00:06:10,046 --> 00:06:16,467 I was looking after everyone, and took them here, 62 00:06:16,896 --> 00:06:22,765 as we all need to hold on to each other. 63 00:06:22,765 --> 00:06:29,096 I learned to control these people. 64 00:06:29,901 --> 00:06:35,922 I lived here until I met my boyfriend. We live together now, 65 00:06:36,552 --> 00:06:38,917 he helps me a lot. 66 00:06:38,917 --> 00:06:48,994 He's more or less alright - with some "points" 67 00:06:49,438 --> 00:06:55,171 These journalists... Just the other day, I don't know how they find me. 68 00:06:55,171 --> 00:06:58,824 I don't know, they're amatures maybe. 69 00:06:58,824 --> 00:07:03,062 Madina, please come and talk to us about this. 70 00:07:03,062 --> 00:07:10,291 They laugh at it, this dark story. 71 00:07:13,101 --> 00:07:17,131 A girl rang me up recently, invited me over for an interview. 72 00:07:17,131 --> 00:07:22,008 I always refuse, but I heard something in her voice... 73 00:07:22,008 --> 00:07:24,751 something that I needed. 74 00:07:25,317 --> 00:07:29,044 I've got to go and see her. 75 00:07:29,473 --> 00:07:33,774 I think I will. I don't know what this will bring... 76 00:07:34,763 --> 00:07:37,416 but I feel that something is coming. 77 00:07:39,789 --> 00:07:45,977 Another Reality Episode 10 - Abnormal place 78 00:07:53,277 --> 00:07:55,677 You're saying the tabloids are after you? 79 00:07:55,677 --> 00:07:57,802 Yeah, imagine that. Having fun here. 80 00:07:58,319 --> 00:08:03,300 So, you're a star! You must be joking. Are you one of them? 81 00:08:03,300 --> 00:08:06,049 But I love you! 82 00:08:07,294 --> 00:08:12,453 Please, drop the sweet talk, ok? Are you tired of me? 83 00:08:13,053 --> 00:08:16,035 Not yet! Well, then what's the problem? 84 00:08:16,497 --> 00:08:20,679 The press have gone too far, they are seriously at it. 85 00:08:21,317 --> 00:08:27,539 You're afraid of them? I'm not afraid of anyone! 86 00:08:33,639 --> 00:08:37,064 Who the hell is that? Have a rest, my darling. I will sort everything myself. 87 00:08:37,464 --> 00:08:42,685 And yet you treat me as your guest! I'm sorry, but it's true! 88 00:08:43,185 --> 00:08:47,415 Madina Madina, it's me, open the door! Who's that? 89 00:08:47,915 --> 00:08:51,092 He's come to see me. I will be away for some time. 90 00:08:51,392 --> 00:08:55,279 Are you leaving for a long time? I'll be back, don't be sad! 91 00:08:55,661 --> 00:08:58,771 Trust me, I will be waiting. Ok then. 92 00:09:04,171 --> 00:09:07,016 What brings you to our neck of the woods? Journalists! 93 00:09:07,302 --> 00:09:10,196 I have already heard that bit, but what in particular? 94 00:09:11,126 --> 00:09:15,504 They interrogated me. Are you sure? 95 00:09:16,119 --> 00:09:19,182 What do you mean? Well, interrogation is only done by the police. 96 00:09:19,182 --> 00:09:24,668 No, I mean, figuratively speaking. But they sure did behave like real cops. 97 00:09:24,978 --> 00:09:28,665 Get to the point! They want to get into another reality! 98 00:09:29,119 --> 00:09:33,101 Let them want anything they like, we won't stand in their way. 99 00:09:33,530 --> 00:09:36,904 I could not talk them out of coming here... 100 00:09:36,904 --> 00:09:40,887 What? What the..? Maybe they are not journalists after all? 101 00:09:41,237 --> 00:09:44,770 They're just amateurs. Don't worry... 102 00:09:44,770 --> 00:09:47,928 just go home and forget this crap. 103 00:09:49,038 --> 00:09:52,739 Ok, I'll go, no problem. 104 00:09:53,361 --> 00:09:59,080 So, I'm going then. 105 00:09:59,580 --> 00:10:02,136 Will you shut the door? 106 00:10:10,636 --> 00:10:15,485 Just be careful, ok? 107 00:10:16,003 --> 00:10:20,050 Watch out for them they are capable of anything. 108 00:10:20,400 --> 00:10:25,581 Promise me you will be careful. 109 00:10:25,939 --> 00:10:34,156 I will run and hide, but are on your own here. 110 00:10:34,778 --> 00:10:37,278 Take care of yourself, and don't 111 00:10:37,278 --> 00:10:40,178 let them where they shouldn't be. 112 00:10:40,178 --> 00:10:43,159 That another reality will eat them alive. 113 00:10:43,558 --> 00:10:48,611 Or maybe I shall come back and become normal again? 114 00:10:58,411 --> 00:11:01,920 I thought he'd never shut up. 115 00:11:03,087 --> 00:11:06,460 Get him inside, I will go and park the car. 116 00:11:45,560 --> 00:11:48,877 The same house, which Madina told us about... 117 00:11:49,283 --> 00:11:52,769 Are you happy? You bet! 118 00:11:53,127 --> 00:11:56,820 A legend was born here about a another reality. 119 00:11:56,820 --> 00:11:59,411 Exactly... The legend! 120 00:11:59,411 --> 00:12:02,304 It is a pity that you did not find Anton... 121 00:12:02,304 --> 00:12:07,237 And with that... how is he? Alexander? Yes, what about him... 122 00:12:07,237 --> 00:12:12,307 A sick person, says that he was possessed by a demon... and Tara has saved him. 123 00:12:12,307 --> 00:12:16,096 What Tara...You really want to know about it... 124 00:12:16,422 --> 00:12:18,907 We're in the same business... 125 00:12:20,081 --> 00:12:23,463 So, where are we going first? The house, or the catacombs? 126 00:12:23,852 --> 00:12:26,649 Let's start with the most dangerous place. 127 00:12:59,449 --> 00:13:04,924 I'll alone. What? You're talking rubbish. 128 00:13:05,329 --> 00:13:08,590 If I go mad, at least you will survive. 129 00:13:08,908 --> 00:13:11,833 So you think I'll just sit here and wait? 130 00:13:11,833 --> 00:13:13,575 Do you have a choice? 131 00:13:16,275 --> 00:13:18,473 Wait, I'll be right back. 132 00:15:27,773 --> 00:15:30,563 So what's next? And then? We need to take time. 133 00:15:30,563 --> 00:15:32,336 How long? 134 00:15:32,336 --> 00:15:35,206 A day or two to understand if she's alright. 135 00:15:35,684 --> 00:15:38,626 And we'll be sitting in a car all this time? 136 00:15:39,135 --> 00:15:43,142 Do you have a petrol station here? On the outskirts of the village. 137 00:15:43,142 --> 00:15:47,634 But you can stay at my place. How did that come about? 138 00:15:48,032 --> 00:15:51,445 Look, I'm the only one who knows how to fights against it. 139 00:15:51,890 --> 00:15:55,351 She's obsessed. Obsessed? 140 00:15:55,781 --> 00:15:59,618 Well, it did take a toll on her. It has obviously scared her. 141 00:15:59,992 --> 00:16:04,860 Yes, big time. So, stay with me. I will look after her. 142 00:16:04,860 --> 00:16:07,953 I'm staying as well then. You? Why? 143 00:16:08,263 --> 00:16:11,406 I also went to the catacombs. 144 00:16:15,906 --> 00:16:21,453 Hey mate, you hear me? Come one, wake up! 145 00:16:28,953 --> 00:16:33,678 You will stay here for a while. Don't worry 146 00:16:33,678 --> 00:16:38,571 about the room, we are redecorating it. 147 00:16:42,000 --> 00:16:44,781 Sorry, I've overdone the shovel bit. 148 00:16:45,523 --> 00:16:48,982 Apologies, won't happen again. 149 00:16:52,552 --> 00:16:56,309 Nah, it's fine. As Madine says, all will be well. 150 00:16:56,309 --> 00:17:00,244 So, behave, and have fun. 151 00:17:10,244 --> 00:17:11,994 Nadya? 152 00:17:15,294 --> 00:17:17,924 What did you see there? 153 00:17:36,024 --> 00:17:37,949 Hey, who's there? 154 00:17:41,249 --> 00:17:44,653 Do you even know where you are? 155 00:17:50,253 --> 00:17:55,117 Screaming is poitless. The clairvoyant! 156 00:18:03,017 --> 00:18:06,147 Good morning Vitaly! 157 00:18:06,617 --> 00:18:13,432 Hello. They say we have new guys here? 158 00:18:14,182 --> 00:18:18,389 Now we've god to figure out why she has come into our lives. 159 00:18:19,408 --> 00:18:23,917 Everything happens for a reason. 160 00:18:24,514 --> 00:18:29,239 I know that. How long will she stay? 161 00:18:30,661 --> 00:18:34,490 I don't know. We need to see what happens next. 162 00:18:36,840 --> 00:18:39,741 Next comes the darkness. 163 00:18:40,762 --> 00:18:44,495 Take us, for instance, we went to those catacombs 164 00:18:45,004 --> 00:18:48,167 and went mad. 165 00:18:48,717 --> 00:18:52,203 She is seeing something, mumbling all the time. 166 00:18:52,203 --> 00:18:54,721 What is she saying? 167 00:18:55,423 --> 00:19:00,172 It's all a mess, but she names a few people. 168 00:19:00,913 --> 00:19:03,047 Who? 169 00:19:05,047 --> 00:19:12,596 Vitaly, Anton, Alexander, Pavel, Selena... 170 00:19:13,888 --> 00:19:19,778 Ok, the whole gang. Funny, ha? 171 00:19:20,483 --> 00:19:22,967 I just hope 172 00:19:22,967 --> 00:19:26,740 someone finds out about 173 00:19:27,587 --> 00:19:31,488 this all and ends it. 174 00:19:33,727 --> 00:19:36,516 Got to eat something. 175 00:19:37,258 --> 00:19:44,312 I am sorry, all the maids have left. Self-service. 176 00:20:11,012 --> 00:20:16,067 Shut up, or I'll smack you with a shovel. 177 00:21:29,767 --> 00:21:31,613 Boss!!! 178 00:21:37,113 --> 00:21:43,407 Hey, hey, Nadya, calm down. 179 00:21:44,395 --> 00:21:49,872 Look at me please. I'm here. What's happened? 180 00:21:49,872 --> 00:21:54,988 What did you see? 181 00:21:55,649 --> 00:21:58,486 Boss. He's here. 182 00:22:20,386 --> 00:22:24,632 Well, how is she? It seems she is sleeping... 183 00:22:26,595 --> 00:22:30,466 I see... And how much more will it take? 184 00:22:30,879 --> 00:22:35,974 Now the first day has passed... I think she has already started to recover... 185 00:22:35,974 --> 00:22:38,852 I understood that... what will I do now? 186 00:22:38,852 --> 00:22:41,738 You'll always be messing with these psychos... 187 00:22:41,738 --> 00:22:45,135 Is it annoying to you...? Sometimes it seems to me... 188 00:22:45,135 --> 00:22:48,133 that you had forgotten about my existence... 189 00:22:48,133 --> 00:22:50,743 Yes?... I miss you... 190 00:22:51,300 --> 00:22:54,202 Not now, here are many people in the house... 191 00:22:54,202 --> 00:22:57,847 Let's run away from here, from these damn crazies... Just you and me! 192 00:22:58,244 --> 00:23:00,874 You do realize that I can not just take everything and run away! 193 00:23:00,874 --> 00:23:03,247 Great! Just like always great! 194 00:23:03,247 --> 00:23:05,852 Soon it's over... understand... 195 00:23:34,552 --> 00:23:38,246 Sasha, forgive us ... 196 00:23:45,846 --> 00:23:49,059 forgive us ... 197 00:23:50,057 --> 00:23:53,048 but there was no alternative... 198 00:23:53,462 --> 00:23:56,662 you were not yourself... and 199 00:23:57,262 --> 00:24:01,355 you could do a lot of stupid things... 200 00:24:02,472 --> 00:24:05,821 my goal was to stop you... 201 00:24:17,821 --> 00:24:24,426 I wanted everyone to live a normal life... 202 00:24:27,017 --> 00:24:32,424 we must do everything, no one should know about it... 203 00:24:40,224 --> 00:24:43,421 You forgive me? 204 00:24:47,292 --> 00:24:51,057 Good... 205 00:25:51,257 --> 00:25:53,118 Who is there? 206 00:25:56,718 --> 00:26:00,285 I can hear you , show yourself... 207 00:26:32,485 --> 00:26:35,715 Madina! Madina is involved in this. 208 00:26:37,615 --> 00:26:40,772 Hi, I'm Sonia 209 00:26:41,898 --> 00:26:48,239 I want to say... that... I learned what the world of another reality is... 210 00:26:49,340 --> 00:26:51,674 I hope you like it... 211 00:26:53,422 --> 00:26:57,029 Today Karbush village is 100 years old... 212 00:26:57,418 --> 00:27:00,735 the history of the village is the war... 213 00:27:00,735 --> 00:27:04,252 but I will not tell you 214 00:27:04,252 --> 00:27:09,073 how the war was going on this earth... 215 00:27:09,558 --> 00:27:14,115 I will tell you what I was wondering... 216 00:27:14,115 --> 00:27:17,737 Here will be built a temple of Matrona of Moscow! 217 00:27:36,337 --> 00:27:39,814 Next stop is communal grave! 218 00:27:53,114 --> 00:27:59,415 This is the real truth, which will tell you, even the locals... 219 00:28:00,020 --> 00:28:03,545 there's even a book about the village Karbush... 220 00:28:03,545 --> 00:28:08,597 and this fact is connected with another reality... 221 00:28:08,597 --> 00:28:12,964 and after the war, all the bodies were buried 222 00:28:13,418 --> 00:28:18,136 in the same grave in a mass grave... 223 00:28:18,606 --> 00:28:24,556 and something... happened. Perhaps the soul... 224 00:28:25,242 --> 00:28:30,664 of communal graves came in the catacombs... 225 00:28:30,664 --> 00:28:35,236 or, in the catacombs 226 00:28:36,130 --> 00:28:39,173 is something elsehiding... 227 00:28:42,066 --> 00:28:46,023 This mass grave... Sure? 228 00:28:46,869 --> 00:28:51,843 When I read the book, I have imagined the grave... differently... 229 00:28:51,843 --> 00:28:57,792 Whith the names, with the sign... Maybe they forgot to install it... 230 00:28:58,390 --> 00:29:03,643 And who can not do it !!! Let's take a picture and drive on! 231 00:29:03,643 --> 00:29:07,961 Our heroes have visited the mass grave... 232 00:29:07,961 --> 00:29:14,254 and it was there that they will build a church in honor of St. Matrona of Moscow... 233 00:29:14,819 --> 00:29:18,673 and then they went into the catacombs... 234 00:29:19,150 --> 00:29:24,506 I wonder who told them about it... 235 00:29:25,295 --> 00:29:28,108 During the Civil War was in the village 236 00:29:28,108 --> 00:29:30,497 area with trenches, 237 00:29:30,887 --> 00:29:35,774 white's fought against the Red Army in November 1919 238 00:29:36,188 --> 00:29:41,696 local will not forget them when they robbed the Red Army... 239 00:29:41,696 --> 00:29:46,846 the cemetery has graves... 240 00:29:46,846 --> 00:29:50,420 nobody knows who's buried there... 241 00:29:50,420 --> 00:29:57,494 Most of the locals say they burried everyone there. 242 00:29:58,259 --> 00:30:02,609 Also there is nothing written... corpses were with so many... 243 00:30:02,609 --> 00:30:04,903 that in the spring they pop up and local's 244 00:30:05,317 --> 00:30:07,692 sprinkle them with the ground again. 245 00:30:08,806 --> 00:30:10,091 Nice... 246 00:30:41,191 --> 00:30:44,941 Today is the last stop, red catacombs! 247 00:30:46,411 --> 00:30:51,240 What is different? Red! 248 00:31:00,493 --> 00:31:04,996 Men, they say, who will go down here, get out of here already will not be able... 249 00:31:05,393 --> 00:31:07,879 Now we will check it! 250 00:31:21,679 --> 00:31:26,705 Well, you found something? Yeah, I did not find anything... 251 00:31:37,905 --> 00:31:40,302 Guys come here! 252 00:31:45,502 --> 00:31:49,547 hey where are you, boys... 253 00:31:57,047 --> 00:32:01,493 I'm serious, what happened, it's not funny... 254 00:32:02,147 --> 00:32:07,272 That's all... all lost each other... 255 00:32:07,726 --> 00:32:14,043 but in these catacombs there are two entries and exits 256 00:32:14,594 --> 00:32:19,983 number of rooms and you can not be lost... 257 00:32:20,341 --> 00:32:24,202 it is impossible to get lost... 258 00:32:24,202 --> 00:32:27,400 in the catacombs there is a hidden entrance... in another reality 259 00:33:11,900 --> 00:33:16,473 I see... I see people... 260 00:33:16,999 --> 00:33:20,597 it was last spring... they came here... 261 00:33:20,597 --> 00:33:25,635 in their hands was a book... 262 00:33:28,165 --> 00:33:29,834 Which book? 263 00:33:30,752 --> 00:33:34,565 A book about the history of the village... everything in it... 264 00:33:34,565 --> 00:33:37,939 the whole history of the village... 265 00:33:37,939 --> 00:33:40,081 Where to find it? 266 00:33:40,758 --> 00:33:48,825 I do not know... but I see the boss - it's Vitaly V. 267 00:33:49,680 --> 00:33:56,071 He became good... he can not be a good... because he is evil?! 268 00:33:58,325 --> 00:34:02,474 Boss saved innocent... 269 00:34:12,374 --> 00:34:18,201 I have been waiting so long for this moment and now... 270 00:34:18,855 --> 00:34:22,581 I still only see... pity of the heroes 271 00:34:23,171 --> 00:34:26,624 caught in another reality... 272 00:34:30,124 --> 00:34:34,902 How did you come back, tell... where have you been? 273 00:34:36,417 --> 00:34:40,479 You know better, I do not remember... 274 00:34:42,810 --> 00:34:44,948 Nadia, what do you see now? 275 00:34:58,748 --> 00:35:01,129 Something for a long time... 276 00:35:01,129 --> 00:35:04,695 I understood the vision come to me spontaneously... 277 00:35:05,973 --> 00:35:08,737 You want it all to end? No... 278 00:35:08,737 --> 00:35:12,118 I have to... see everything... with my own eyes... 279 00:35:12,118 --> 00:35:14,683 The effects are not reversible... 280 00:35:14,683 --> 00:35:19,465 I even got off too easy... but the rest are really unlucky... 281 00:35:22,765 --> 00:35:25,101 I see... 282 00:35:30,101 --> 00:35:32,539 Satan! What? 283 00:35:32,904 --> 00:35:35,894 Boss became Satan! 284 00:35:50,494 --> 00:35:56,676 Guys, I understand how you feel... I understand... it's hard for you... 285 00:35:56,676 --> 00:36:00,065 but if we do not put an end 286 00:36:00,065 --> 00:36:04,599 to this story, ...we will all continue to live in fear. 287 00:36:04,599 --> 00:36:07,267 What do you suggest? 288 00:36:08,601 --> 00:36:11,287 I had a dream... 289 00:36:11,757 --> 00:36:16,943 I dreamed about one battle,... and there were you 290 00:36:17,517 --> 00:36:22,187 maybe it's an excerpt from your halucination 291 00:36:22,585 --> 00:36:26,142 well, or something else... in this fight you are involved 292 00:36:28,595 --> 00:36:33,280 to survive Selena... by the way, where is she? 293 00:36:33,280 --> 00:36:37,158 And Sonia, she was good at first... 294 00:36:37,158 --> 00:36:40,868 but then she began to work for the demons 295 00:36:41,306 --> 00:36:43,479 They were in a another reality. 296 00:36:52,779 --> 00:36:58,120 I have already heard that many times, and about you, by the way, too... 297 00:37:00,118 --> 00:37:03,284 And you still don't believe? 298 00:37:03,755 --> 00:37:08,137 I believe only in reality, but in mystics... 299 00:37:09,648 --> 00:37:15,092 What happened to you, this is a mystic... 300 00:37:18,305 --> 00:37:22,159 I see only you can now be adequat... 301 00:37:22,733 --> 00:37:26,578 Sasha, you're with us, you are in a conversation? 302 00:37:27,024 --> 00:37:30,478 I'm... with you... 303 00:37:31,131 --> 00:37:35,073 Well, that's perfect... 304 00:37:36,128 --> 00:37:40,342 No it is not perfect... 305 00:37:41,027 --> 00:37:47,990 they are, with many... You feel bad, something hurts you? 306 00:37:50,741 --> 00:37:58,083 They are everywhere...They... demons... theyare haunting us. 307 00:38:45,083 --> 00:38:49,441 You know, how do I explain... 308 00:38:50,111 --> 00:38:58,149 simple... everything that happens to you, this is a side effect of another reality... 309 00:39:00,086 --> 00:39:03,492 no one knows what the another reality is... 310 00:39:03,492 --> 00:39:06,969 Explain, I still can not understand... 311 00:39:08,511 --> 00:39:13,495 The locals say that this is kind of memory... 312 00:39:13,901 --> 00:39:17,802 or transformation of intrusive stories... maybe it is... 313 00:39:17,802 --> 00:39:20,088 And what is the story? 314 00:39:21,132 --> 00:39:25,729 It's no secret that other reality is a myth... 315 00:39:26,471 --> 00:39:29,940 but then I saw it all with my own eyes... 316 00:39:30,938 --> 00:39:34,776 What I am about to say, you will not like... 317 00:39:35,229 --> 00:39:39,825 Your so-called catacombs, it's an anomalous zone... 318 00:39:40,599 --> 00:39:45,148 when will you come back, you become a different person... 319 00:39:45,148 --> 00:39:48,065 this place affects all of - different... 320 00:39:48,065 --> 00:39:51,239 but what will appear on the fate of a man... 321 00:39:51,239 --> 00:39:54,525 no one knows... impossible to predict someone... 322 00:39:54,525 --> 00:39:58,483 it becomes a maniac... somebody schizophrenic... 323 00:39:58,483 --> 00:40:02,544 and someone like me, gets a gift ... 324 00:40:02,544 --> 00:40:06,084 and becomes a clairvoyant... 325 00:40:06,626 --> 00:40:14,992 Maybe you're right, but... Madina says otherwise... 326 00:40:15,470 --> 00:40:18,379 What if Madina does not know the truth? 327 00:40:19,787 --> 00:40:23,480 Anything is possible... I do not know. 328 00:40:24,750 --> 00:40:31,627 I saw everything with my own eyes! 329 00:40:52,827 --> 00:40:56,834 Well, where will we start? 330 00:40:57,256 --> 00:41:00,982 I propose again to go to those catacombs and learn that there is a monster living... 331 00:41:37,282 --> 00:41:42,816 I propose again to go to those catacombs and learn that there is a monster living... 332 00:41:43,605 --> 00:41:48,243 No, no, no... not with me... I do not go thereanymore. 333 00:41:49,937 --> 00:41:55,759 I... I agree with you, it is necessary to go back... 334 00:41:56,829 --> 00:42:01,747 because he offered it to Madina. 335 00:42:03,641 --> 00:42:08,174 And I do not want to become again Satan... 336 00:42:11,302 --> 00:42:14,331 It is decided, we go together... 337 00:42:15,025 --> 00:42:17,742 And where are you going? 338 00:42:23,283 --> 00:42:25,641 And where are you going? 339 00:42:26,622 --> 00:42:32,660 In the catacombs, to learn what kind of monster is there, that scares everybody... 340 00:42:33,697 --> 00:42:40,071 No one is going anywhere... or you have forgotten what happened to you. 341 00:42:40,556 --> 00:42:44,073 I've recovered allready... I can see you're done, hold on.... 342 00:42:44,073 --> 00:42:47,967 But no one knows what will happen if you go there again... 343 00:42:51,741 --> 00:42:55,938 Let's wait and go together... 344 00:42:56,368 --> 00:43:01,109 purify the village from an abnormal place... 345 00:43:04,143 --> 00:43:07,805 So you have understood everything... And even more... 346 00:43:07,805 --> 00:43:09,974 we will destroy the abnormal spot in the village... 347 00:43:10,709 --> 00:43:13,812 ...and live a normal and quiet life! 348 00:43:14,112 --> 00:43:18,138 ...everything is clear, it's great!

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