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My name is Paul Latushkin. I am CEO of the film company KARBUSH LLC for the production and distribution of the web series "Universe". My activities - are the production of independent cinema, films, and TV series. My specialty - a low budget and amateur web-series movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York


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How is it interesting in your opinion? what will attract viewers? When we planned to return the film and reshoot it, it took only 2 days to prepare and one meeting with the main character Maria Pyzhikova. In one evening, we decided the entire fate of the film. It was immediately clear that Damned was a Horror movie. When filming began, the status changed, the genre was changed to - Psychological Drama. And when the film was filmed and sent for editing, the genre changed again - now Damn it - from a part of comedy, drama, psychological drama, thriller and action. Therefore, at the moment, our assessment is a film for a wide audience. And whoever said what, as a director, I showed the film to several critics and non-people who do not like to watch such things ... The review was as follows ... - A pretty actress, an understandable "American" plot, but at the same time not predictable, the music was excellent, the plot is very interesting, the makeup was done well, but there are some small questions about the middle of the film and the final scene ... for some reason it reminded me that you are not watching a movie, but a certain series ... where there will be a continuation ... And then our team immediately got an answer ... - Let there be a continuation !!! Yes, the story of the Damned is based on the Trilogy. And when watching - yes, the feeling is as if you are watching a series ... but this is a film, with its own plot, with a beginning, with a tie, with a climax and a denouement. And the film "Damned" is the second film from the film series about the Universe of Another Reality! movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York 



ВИТАЛЯ – Это была твоя самая большая ошибка, Селена. It was your biggest mistake Selena. СЕЛЕНА – Да пошел ты…Fuck you.... ВИТАЛЯ – Я лично убил твоих друзей, … теперь твоя очередь. I personally killed your friends, now it is your turn. СЕЛЕНА - Добро пожаловать в ад! Welcome to Hell!! СЕЛЕНА – Как же нам пройти через это защитное поле? How do we go through this protective field? СЕЛЕНА – Доброе утро, и действительно оно по-настоящему доброе, тепло, свежо. Good morning, a really great morning, it is really good, warm and fresh. САША – Доброе, то оно доброе, ты посмотри вокруг за нами Карбуш горит, впереди защитное поле, просто классная лесная вывозка. Very well, you look around Karbush is burning behind us, in front of us is a protective field, what a great morning. СЕЛЕНА – Ну да, и хватит об этом, мне это все теперь нравится, мы стали ближе к прошлой цивилизации…Well, yes, and that's enough about that, I do like it all now, we got closer to the last civilization ... САША – Ага, еще скажи к древним корням… Yeah, tell us about the historical roots. СЕЛЕНА – Но у меня всегда несколько мыслей, и в одну минуту я могу противоречить самой себе или соглашаться с кем-нибудь…But I always have a few thoughts, in one minute I can contradict myself or agree with someone ... САША – Мы все сейчас такие. We are all like that right now. СЕЛЕНА – Например, сегодня, я проснулась и на секунду подумала, что все закончилось и я нахожусь дома, на кухне готовится завтрак и все такое….For example, today I woke up and thought for a moment that I'm at home, in the kitchen preparing breakfast and so on САША – Но, что было дальше. But what's next... . СЕЛЕНА – Старый заброшенный дом, разброшенные вещи, в общем три квадратных метра удовольствий.Old abandoned house , abandoned things, a total of three square meters of pleasure. АНТОН – Доброе утро! Good morning! СЕЛЕНА – Привет. Hello! АНТОН – Очередное беспонтовое утро Again a boring morning СЕЛЕНА – Ладно, завтрак готов. Well, breakfast is ready. САША – Хлеб, чай, и остатки сгущенки. Bread, tea and the remnants of condensed milk. СЕЛЕНА – Окей, меню предсказуемо, оно не меняется. Okay, the menu is predictable, it does not change. САША – У нас закончилась еда, на обед мне нечего предложить.We ran out of food at dinner. I have nothing to offer. АНТОН – Выход только один идти в село…Only one way to go to the village... САША – Да, но можно и в другое место…Yes, but another place is also possible. АНТОН – Саша, ты снова забыл, что на селе стоит защита, а это означает, что ни кто не сможет, войти и уж тем более выйти из него.Sasha, you have again forgotten that the village is protected now, it means that no one will be able to enter and even more get out of it. САША – Значит предлагаешь пойти и отдать себя в жертву этим тварям. So you offer to go and give yourself as a sacrifice to these creatures АНТОН – Ты им дал новую кличку? You gave him a new nickname? САША – Ну а кто они по-твоему, одержимых бесов больше нет, они теперь в аду…Well, who do you think they are now, possessed demons are gone, they are now in hell ... АНТОН – Но вместо них пришли новые, еще тупее и сильнее. But instead of them came new, dumber and stronger. САША – Кстати это в нашу пользу…By the way it is in our favor ... АНТОН – Не понял прикола, объясни…I do not understand, explain ... САША – Они тысячилетия находились в своём аду, они ничего кроме него и не видели и теперь они решили устроить ад на нашей селе…For milleiums they were in this hell, they did not see anything else except that and now they have decided to make a hell out off our village. АНТОН – Ты, где так научился петь, ты по утрам яйца пьешь ….Where did you learn to sing, you drink fresh eggs in the morning. САША – Нет, только хлеб и сгущёнку…No, just bread and condensed milk ... СЕЛЕНА – Вот это да! Wow! САША – Согласен уже неделю с утра одна сгущенка, немного надоело. I agree every week in the morning one condesed milk, every time again... СЕЛЕНА – Нет не в этом дело. No, that is not the point. АНТОН – А в чем тогда лапа. What is the point then? СЕЛЕНА – Вот как раз об этом, твои шуточки уже порядком начали доставать…That's just it, your jokes are getting too much for us... АНТОН – Так я вообще молчал. But I did not say anything. СЕЛЕНА – Мальчики, мне кажется, когда мы временно побывали в аду, на нас повлияла другая реальность. Boys, it seems to me, when we were in hell temporarily, we have been influenced by another reality. САША – Я не заметил, для меня это уже во второй раз. I did not notice, for me it was the second time. АНТОН – Странно и я тоже уже в лабиринтах был дважды и ничего не помню. Strange, and I have been twice in the maze and do not remember anything. СЕЛЕНА – Отлично, тогда скажите, сколько я еще так буду впадать в свои воспоминания Well, then tell me how much longer I have to indulge in your memories? САША – Скорее всего это эпизоды из лабиринтов, но не волнуйся, сейчас реальность. This is most likely the episodes of the maze, but do not worry, it is now a reality. СЕЛЕНА – Будем надеяться на лучшее. Let's hope for the best. СЕЛЕНА - Прости за то, что очень редко к тебе обращаюсь, хотя это не оправдание, у нас всегда и на все находится время, люди просто привыкли обвинять время которого им не хватает, я всего лишь хочу попросить только одного, чтобы у нас хватило сил, преодолеть сложности и найти способ прекратить весь этот кошмар. Извини что сделала все не так, ведь на самом деле в ад я должна была отправить только Сатану, честно, я не знала что в тот момент надо было делать, я считала что если уйдем вместе то все закончится. А еще мне очень важно узнать кто же нас всех спас? Я всего лишь хочу поблагодарить этого человека, за его силу и бесстрашие. Ведь вернуть нас к жизни - это самое великое дело на земле. I'm sorry for the fact that I am very rarely talking to you, but that's not an excuse, we have always time for everyone, people simply got used to blame the time that they do not have, I just want to ask the strength to overcome difficulties and find a way to stop this nightmare. Sorry that I did everything wrong, because in fact I wanted to send Satan to hell, really, I did not know what I had to do, I believe that if we leave together, it will be all over. And it is very important for me to know who has saved us all? I just want to thank this man, for his strength and courage. After all, to bring us back to life - it is the greatest thing on earth. АНТОН - Мы уйдем не надолго. We will go but not for long. СЕЛЕНА – Куда Where САША - Селена не волнуйся мы на поиски еды. Selena do not worry, we are searching for food. СЕЛЕНА - А вы собрались грабить магазин, хотя…And you're going to rob the store, but ... АНТОН - Ну да, .....но а Well, yes, but well ..... СЕЛЕНА - А я с вами пойду… I'll go with you ... САША - Нет, так дело не пойдет, ты остаешься No, you stay СЕЛЕНА - Черта два, я иду с вами и это не обсуждается No way, I'm going with you and there is no discussion about it . АНТОН - Я польщен твоему напору, но придержи коней и суши весла а мы уходим I'm flattered by your pressure, but hold your horses. СЕЛЕНА - Если вы думаете что я такая тупая и слабая и не справлюсь, то глубоко ошибаетесь или вы хотите проверить, насколько я сейчас зла на вас......If you think I'm so stupid and weak and can not do it, then you are deeply mistaken, or you want to see how mad I am at you ...... САША - Хорошо Селена, только напрвь свое зло на демонов. Well Selena, send your madness to evil demons. - А где…Where ... • Ты чего, чего кричала…Hey you, why were you shouting.... • знаю, кое-кто здесь был…I do not know someone was here ... - Саша, Саша ты здесь,…. Ты где…Sasha, Sasha, you're here .... Where are you ... АНТОН - Ты чего What's wrong with you? СЕЛЕНА - Мы убили невинных людей We killed innocent people. АНТОН - Чего, я б таких невинных....What innocent... СЕЛЕНА - Раньше они были людьми, а сейчас...Previously they were men, but now.... САША - А сейчас они демоны и мы не можем их исцелить…And now they are demons and we can not heal them ... СЕЛЕНА - Нет, я не согласна и я ухожу, No, I do not agree and I am going. АНТОН – Селена Selena. СЕЛЕНА - Мне плевать я ни кого больше убивать не буду I do not care, I will not kill anymore. САША - Она справится, мы сейчас пришли за едой.She can handle it, we came for food. СОНЯ - Нет, нет, нет, не тройгайте меня пожалуйста No no no don't touch me. СЕЛЕНА - У нас невинный вперёд. We have an innocent forward. СЕЛЕНА - Эй, мы тебя не тронем. Hey we will not hurt you . АНТОН - Мы люди. We are humans. СЕЛЕНА - Ты помнишь меня, Соня, ты же помнишь что я то действительно человек.Do you remember me, Sonya, you remember that I was really a human. СОНЯ - А это же ты должна была остановить весь этот кошмар. You had to stop this nightmare. СОНЯ - Ну и чем мы будем заниматься. Well, what will we do now? АНТОН - А ты развлечься захотела, извини здесь тебе не клуб для веселья. You wanted to have fun, but this is not a club for fun. ОНЯ - Блин, так можно и со скуки с ума сойти Damn, it can be so boring you go crazy. СЕЛЕНА - Ты лучше расскажи как тебе удалось так долго продержаться не замеченной. You better tell us how you managed to survive for so long unnoticed. СОНЯ - Ой, вы знаете это было так сложно, я целыми днями пряталась, и только ночью мне удавалось менять место для ночлега. Oh, you know it was so hard, I was hiding all day, and only at night, I was able to change a place to sleep. СЕЛЕНА - Все равно как то странно, тебя эта обстановка даже и не пугает...Anyway, how strange, the situation does not even scare you ... СОНЯ - А чего тут бояться, это же живых надо бояться. Nothing to be afraid of, it's necessary to be affraid of the living. САША - А кто сказал что демоны это мертвые And who said that demons are dead people. АНТОН - Вот сейчас эти супер демоны реально похожи на мертвецов Right now these super demons are really like dead people. СОНЯ - А у кого нибудь есть ноутбук Has someone got a laptop? САША - А ты свет нам подключишь You fix the light for us. СОНЯ - Зашибись, мы будем спать при свечах, чтож рамонтично Great, we sleep with candles. Well it's romantic. СЕЛЕНА - Соня ты сейчас не об этом... Sonia, you are not with the topic anymore... СОНЯ - А ну да простите мы же о демонах, которые похожи на мертвецов Yes I am sorry, we are talking about demons that look like dead people. САША - Да, обитель зла отдыхает в сторонке....Yes, Resident Evil is nothing compared to this. СОНЯ - Я с вами не соглашусь, совсем не давно мне довелось заглянуть в окно постороннего дома и я увидела что эти демоны совсем безобидные, они так же как и мы общаются, питаются и постоянно ходят.I disagree with you, not long ago I've looked into the window of someone's house and I saw that these demons are entirely harmless, they communicate and eat as we do . АНТОН - Ну все нам хана, нашу еду съедят демоны. Well, we are all done, the demons will eat all our food... САША - Значит придется уничтожать их So we have to destroy them. СЕЛЕНА - На счет уничтожать вы слушали уже, и я надеюсь вы присоединитесь к моему мнению и перестанете их убивать. You know my opinion about killing, I hope you will support me in that. СОНЯ - А почему убивать их же можно так же исцелить как бесов And why kill them you can heal demons as well СЕЛЕНА - Уже нет, я сегодня убила одного, и он не упал, я исчез огнем, прямо взровался огнем и растворился. Not anymore, today I killed one, and he did not fall, he disappeared , exploded and disappeared. СОНЯ - Да, плохи наши дела Yes we have a problem. АНТОН - А может мы тогда где-нибудь притаимся и послушаем то что они задумали And can we then hide somewhere and listen to what they're up to СОНЯ - Мне нравится, а еще есть у кого фломастеры и листок бумаги I like that, has somebody got a piece of paper and markers? СЕЛЕНА - Ладно ребятки, я спать…Okay guys, I go to sleep. СЕЛЕНА - ой, как ты меня напугала, ты в туалет выходила. Oh you scared me, you went out to the toilet. СЕЛЕНА - Кажется ты лунатишь, пойдем. It seems you walk in your sleep, let's go СЕЛЕНА – Демон! Demon! АНТОН – Кажется это конец! Знайте, я вас всех люблю! I think this is the end. Know I love you all. СЕЛЕНА – Супер! Тогда я вас всех ненавижу! Super! Then I hate you all! САША – Да ладно, от любви до ненависти один шаг! Come on , from love to hate is one step. АНТОН – А что дальше? What next? САША – А что дальше… мы либо умрём или станем как они…What's next ... we either die or we become like them... СЕЛЕНА – Вы как хотите, а я иду в бой…все бегом туда…You do what you want, but I'm going to fight ... let's go ... АНТОН – А я только начал копить на новую машину и уже умру.And I just started to save for a new car and now I am dead. СЕЛЕНА – Что делать? What to do? САША – Да ладно, не бойтесь, сейчас придёт бэтмен или супермен и спасёт нас!C'mon, do not be afraid, Batman or Superman will come and save us! АНТОН – Ага…Yeah! СЕЛЕНА – Они уже близко…They're getting close... ДАНИИЛ – Стойте! Stop! САША – Я же говорил! I told you ! АНТОН - Кто это! Who is it! ДАНИИЛ - Бегом ко мне. Come to me! СЕЛЕНА – Валим! Let's get out of here! СЕЛЕНА - А теперь надо закрыть да... And now we have to close it ДАНИИЛ - Да, сейчас, сейчас…Yes, now now АНТОН - Быстрее они уже идут Faster they already are here. ДАНИИЛ - Да господи, я пытаюсь. My Lord I am trying. СЕЛЕНА – Быстрее… Faster.... САША – Быстрее да, может тебе помочь…Faster yes, can I help you . ДАНИИЛ – А чёрт…And the devil... АНТОН – Что с тобой …. What's wrong.... СЕЛЕНА - Господи хоть бы получилось, хоть бы получилось. Lord, I hope we will make it... ДАНИИЛ – Не получается…It does not work... АНТОН – Ну…Well... САША – И что дальше? And then what? ДАНИИЛ - Черт, валим! Hell, let's escape! СОНЯ – Я приветствую тебя Босс! I welcome you Boss! САТАНА – И тебе не хворать. All the best for you too... СОНЯ – Мы теперь свободны? We are now free now? САТАНА – Да, защитное поле снято, но во всем должен быть предел…Yes, the protective field is removed, but there must be a limit... СОНЯ – То есть? So, you mean... САТАНА – Мы столько времени были в заточении, что сейчас можно немножко расслабиться и повеселиться! We were so long in prison, it's now time to relax a little bit and have some fun! СОНЯ – Я в теле маленького ребенка и как ты предлагаешь мне развлечься? I have the body of a young child and how do you propose to me to have fun? САТАНА – Обойдемся без приказом, по крайней мере пока….We can do it without the orders at least not yet. СОНЯ – Я хочу отомстить этим охотникам. I want to take revenge on these hunters. САТАНА – Придет время, и мы всем отомстим…When the time will come and we will take revenge... СОНЯ – Это точно… That's for sure... Добавление в 9-ую серию ? ? АНТОН (закадровый) - … Это вечная борьба добра со злом, и неизвестно, кто победит? Братья – колдуны, через старинный амулет создали проход в другую реальность. Оказалось, что другая реальность – это самый настоящий ад, вечные лабиринты, где человек проходит испытание и у каждого ад свой. .. It is the eternal struggle between good and evil, and who knows who will win? Brothers - sorcerers, ancient amulet created through the passage to another reality. It turned out that another reality - this is hell, eternal maze, where a person is tested and everybody has got his own hell. . Селена, которая раньше писала книгу о существовании другой реальности, отправилась в самый эпицентр зла и попала в ловушку, все происходящее с ней оказалось всего лишь иллюзией. Она встретила других людей, которые тоже вернулись из лабиринтов другой реальности. Вместе они решили остановить весь этот кошмар, так как за этим стоит Босс, один из братьев, которые создали эти врата. Босс набирал армию одержимых бесов и чистокровных, чтобы попасть в другой мир, план его, конечно, рушится, он тоже попал в лабиринт.Selena, who previously wrote a book about the existence of another reality, went to the very epicenter of evil and fell into the trap of what is happening with it was only an illusion. She met other people who also returned from the labyrinth of another reality. Together, they decided to stop this nightmare, as behind this boss, one of the brothers who created these gates. Boss gained an army of demons and possessed purebred to get into another world, his plan collapses, he got in a maze too. … И вроде бы вот он, финал, но нет… Наши герои изменились, стали жить в том селе где и находится проход в другую реальность, для того чтобы не дать новым жертвам попасть в лабиринты. И вот запятая, началась новая история… Виталий, который раньше был Боссом, раздвоился, одна его часть по-прежнему добрая, а вторая – догадайтесь?... Наш прежний Босс, стал Сатаной! Его план изменился – ему теперь нужен весь наш мир! Эта хорошая история закончилась самоуничтожением…... Here it is, the final, but no ... Our heroes have changed, we began to live in the village where there is a passage to another reality, in order to prevent new victims get to the maze. And a new story began ... Vitaly, who previously was the boss, forked, one part of it is still good, and the second - guess? ... Our former boss, became Satan! His plan is changed - now he needs our whole world! This good story ended with self-destruction ... ? СОНЯ – Вот теперь все кончено. That's over now. СЕЛЕНА – Зачем ты позвала меня? Why did you call me? СОНЯ – Больше не кому это под силу. Who is no longer under force. СЕЛЕНА – Значит это твоя работа собрать всех нас. So it's your job to collect all of us. СОНЯ – Но не я, я всего лишь передала тебе нож, так как я не смогла ничего сделать. But not me, I just gave you a knife, because I could not do anything. СЕЛЕНА – Кто ты вообще? Who are you anyway? СОНЯ – Я сама себя еще плохо изучила, думаю потом мы вместе в этом разберемся. I'm poorly understood, then I think we are together in this, let's face it. СЕЛЕНА – Вместе, ты и в правду думаешь, что после этого мы станем союзницами? Together, you really think we will be allies? СОНЯ – Я всего лишь прошу поддержки. I just ask support. СЕЛЕНА – Нет, я в этом не участвую. No, I am not involved. СОНЯ – Теперь все изменилось…Now everything has changed. СЕЛЕНА – Я вижу…I see..... СОНЯ – Нет, не видишь, потому что для тебя, этот кошмар ещё только начинается….No, you see, because for you, the nightmare has just begun .... ? СЕЛЕНА – Что он так долго? Надо было вместе идти.Why is he taking so long? We had to go together. САША – Сейчас он вернется, наберись терпения. Now he comes back, be patient. СЕЛЕНА – А вдруг с ним что-то случилось?Maybe something has happened to him? САША – Твой главный минус, ты всегда думаешь, что с каждым что-то случается.Your main drawback, you always think that something will happen to any of us. СЕЛЕНА – Ты же видишь, что сейчас происходит, мы теперь вынуждены постоянно бежать, за наши головы объявили награду.You see what is happening, we are now forced to constantly run, they announced an award for our heads. САША – Вспомни, сколько раз это уже было, и в этот раз справимся.Remember how many times it has been, we will manage it this time. СЕЛЕНА – Наконец-то, что так долго? Finally, what took so long? АНТОН – По дороге встретил демона. On the road I met a demon. САША – Класс и кто кого? Nice and who won? АНТОН – Я конечно, вот только после того как я его убил, он снова ожил…I of course, that's only after I killed him, he came to life again СЕЛЕНА – Ожил? Alive? АНТОН – Да, он взял и возродился. Yes he just reborned. САША – Вот это новости. That's new. СЕЛЕНА – Получается их невозможно уничтожить?It turns out they can not be destroyed? АНТОН – Да и хуже всего мы даже не знаем чем их уничтожить.And worst of all, we do not even know how to destroy them. СЕЛЕНА - Где еда? Where is the food? АНТОН - Блин по дороге потерял. Damn I am lost on the road. САША – Ладно и мы снова голодные. Okay and we are again hungry. СЕЛЕНА – Предлагаете мне снова идти в переход?Invites me to go back to the transition? АНТОН – Надо уходить, пока нас не заметили…..We must leave before they see us..... .. ? САША – Ты что-то хотел, тебя мало убили, хочешь еще?Is there something you wanted, they killed you already, do you want more? ДЕМОН – Мы это можем делать до бесконечности.We can do this indefinitely. САША – Тебя это забавляет? Are you amused? ДЕМОН – Знай сам и передай своим, я все равно найду ваше логово…Know it and tell her, I will still find your lair ...

1 00:00:45,01 --> 00:00:48,01 They say you are the girlfriend of that guy 2 00:00:48,11 --> 00:00:51,27 you are pathetic... Obsessed! 3 00:00:52,10 --> 00:00:54,23 Look, do you know who I am? 4 00:00:55,00 --> 00:00:58,02 Well, we fight... You're not afraid of anything. 5 00:00:58,06 --> 00:01:01,28 You don't know me well. No, just good. 6 00:01:02,09 --> 00:01:04,01 Then we better get to know each other. 7 00:01:04,07 --> 00:01:07,21 No, not now. First tell me, why our Boss has chosen you? 8 00:01:07,29 --> 00:01:10,24 You know, this is our trade secret. 9 00:01:11,00 --> 00:01:14,02 These secrets of yours are getting too much for us. 10 00:01:14,06 --> 00:01:17,01 Because of you we can not get into another reality. 11 00:01:17,05 --> 00:01:20,12 Hey, you never wondered why we need her? 12 00:01:20,17 --> 00:01:24,18 The same question I asked myself. Why you need a boss? 13 00:01:24,25 --> 00:01:27,21 Perhaps my boyfriend will answer the question. 14 00:01:27,28 --> 00:01:30,17 I want him to do it right now. 15 00:01:30,25 --> 00:01:33,21 I don't want to disappoint you. He will not come. 16 00:01:33,26 --> 00:01:35,21 So you have to die 17 00:01:35,26 --> 00:01:38,10 If you kill me, you will have to deal with the Boss. 18 00:01:38,13 --> 00:01:40,07 I don't care about your Boss! 19 00:01:56,13 --> 00:01:58,22 Get out of here before I kill you. 20 00:02:06,22 --> 00:02:11,02 Well, that's for one possessed in the city that has become less. 21 00:02:13,20 --> 00:02:19,10 Another Reality Episode 5 - Goddess of Asgard 22 00:02:24,03 --> 00:02:26,10 I sleep standing up? 23 00:02:26,18 --> 00:02:30,14 You did not sleep, it was a transformation! 24 00:02:30,29 --> 00:02:33,07 A strange transformation 25 00:02:33,18 --> 00:02:40,04 Once you become a demon, you forget much about your past life. 26 00:02:40,13 --> 00:02:43,09 And as if I do not want to forget! 27 00:02:43,15 --> 00:02:48,02 Then it is your decision, for the past will torment you 28 00:02:48,24 --> 00:02:50,27 and you will go mad! 29 00:02:51,10 --> 00:02:53,24 You are in a strange conspiracy? 30 00:02:54,00 --> 00:02:57,17 I'm changed you 31 00:02:59,05 --> 00:03:02,21 When did you change? 32 00:03:03,03 --> 00:03:08,13 In recent years we have become less and now you are in our midst 33 00:03:08,25 --> 00:03:13,25 so new blood, a new force... 34 00:03:14,01 --> 00:03:19,26 and this power affects me! We are all connected to each other. 35 00:03:20,10 --> 00:03:22,03 What's next? 36 00:03:22,22 --> 00:03:29,09 Now, on the way to a higher power, you need to drink human blood! 37 00:03:29,22 --> 00:03:32,02 I have not been warned about that. 38 00:03:32,06 --> 00:03:34,23 Why talk about it 39 00:03:35,00 --> 00:03:37,18 if your body wants it itself 40 00:03:37,27 --> 00:03:41,16 act to your instincts 41 00:03:42,14 --> 00:03:47,06 I probably missed a lot... I heard about many things 42 00:03:47,13 --> 00:03:51,28 but what kind of higher power? 43 00:03:52,15 --> 00:03:56,13 Start your journey right now 44 00:03:56,21 --> 00:04:00,09 and then you get answers to all your questions. 45 00:04:00,14 --> 00:04:05,27 So in short...enough... now this...theology 46 00:04:06,09 --> 00:04:11,04 Theology? What a way to communicate? 47 00:04:11,19 --> 00:04:14,12 It's our duty to say so! 48 00:04:14,26 --> 00:04:19,26 We cannot speak the language of God! Why is that? 49 00:04:20,19 --> 00:04:26,27 Because we are not angels, we are demons! 50 00:04:28,00 --> 00:04:31,05 Ask yourself the question 51 00:04:31,16 --> 00:04:35,05 from whom did we all descended? 52 00:04:37,18 --> 00:04:40,28 Now ask yourself another question 53 00:04:41,06 --> 00:04:47,19 who is the devil and who is he to God? 54 00:06:01,14 --> 00:06:05,01 I never said anything like this, but now I will. 55 00:06:05,09 --> 00:06:08,28 Oh my God, what is happening here? Yes, you are right. 56 00:06:08,28 --> 00:06:11,23 Everything would have been fine,if you did not have taken the amulet. 57 00:06:12,00 --> 00:06:14,04 So this means I am still guilty. 58 00:06:14,10 --> 00:06:17,10 No one is accusing you, you do not know what it is all about. 59 00:06:17,16 --> 00:06:21,02 And what do we do now, keep running away from them? 60 00:06:21,07 --> 00:06:23,05 We must fight! 61 00:06:23,09 --> 00:06:26,05 Easy to say. I still have to give birth to children. 62 00:06:26,13 --> 00:06:29,19 Here I have to laugh Very funny 63 00:06:30,00 --> 00:06:33,16 Let's talk about this seriously, he gathered all whom he would now it's 64 00:06:33,23 --> 00:06:39,26 your turn, you are either obsessed or a thoroughbred, you are gifted. 65 00:06:40,10 --> 00:06:44,27 What now... The thoroughbred gang led by leader has supreme powers. 66 00:06:45,05 --> 00:06:47,28 It is the energy with which you can open the gate. 67 00:06:48,04 --> 00:06:51,25 It needs to put that energy into an innocent man. 68 00:06:52,03 --> 00:06:57,25 So, I was just an experiment.Bonus, all the energy you spent on a higher power 69 00:06:58,04 --> 00:06:59,25 That's her! 70 00:07:07,21 --> 00:07:10,15 and now you do not have superpowers. 71 00:07:10,26 --> 00:07:15,08 This means that Alex, Anton and Madina also were gifted. 72 00:07:15,23 --> 00:07:21,07 Yes it is, and if someone has not coped with the task, he either died or joined 73 00:07:21,18 --> 00:07:24,16 the rest and then all together looking for the new gifted. 74 00:07:24,23 --> 00:07:26,23 Oh no, they are not going to get me! 75 00:07:26,28 --> 00:07:28,28 I do the same... 76 00:07:29,28 --> 00:07:33,22 So that means the fight was premeditated. 77 00:07:33,29 --> 00:07:37,13 I think it was a side effect. 78 00:07:37,27 --> 00:07:41,06 They thought that you would join them. 79 00:07:41,17 --> 00:07:45,22 There is something that I do not know. 80 00:07:46,01 --> 00:07:50,04 There is, the amulet is not a guide to another reality. 81 00:07:50,11 --> 00:07:54,03 This is a myth... Well, what about the conductor. 82 00:07:54,13 --> 00:07:58,12 This is a man who will be able to find 83 00:07:58,21 --> 00:08:02,22 the energy to become elected and to open the gates... Clear! 84 00:08:03,24 --> 00:08:05,26 It's time to make a decision 85 00:08:06,08 --> 00:08:11,08 Go away... Now it is your turn. 86 00:08:12,04 --> 00:08:15,25 You are just as smart and still so exquisitely empty inside. 87 00:08:16,03 --> 00:08:19,11 Tara, come with us... What? 88 00:08:21,26 --> 00:08:25,02 1530 BC 89 00:08:56,14 --> 00:09:00,02 Tara, you all remember...Yeah Madina! 90 00:09:00,19 --> 00:09:02,20 you're the best student! 91 00:09:03,02 --> 00:09:05,03 Why are we learning... 92 00:09:05,14 --> 00:09:11,29 Magic is a hobby, the experience is useful! 93 00:09:12,06 --> 00:09:18,06 But, if the enemy will come... The Gods will protect us! 94 00:09:18,12 --> 00:09:22,13 But...the city I put magical protection! 95 00:09:22,28 --> 00:09:26,10 So, all right... of Course! 96 00:09:26,27 --> 00:09:32,15 Go to Heaven, show me your skills!!! Good! 97 00:09:33,24 --> 00:09:37,20 Tara, this is your real name 98 00:09:38,06 --> 00:09:41,14 you and Madina came to this world to save ours 99 00:09:41,27 --> 00:09:45,15 Madina I have news... Yes, I'm listening! 100 00:09:45,23 --> 00:09:49,13 I just saw the amulet... What is the amulet... 101 00:09:49,19 --> 00:09:54,05 our amulet... it's in the hands of evil!!! 102 00:09:54,25 --> 00:09:59,18 The amulet now the Keeper! 103 00:10:00,02 --> 00:10:05,02 The amulet in the future... You've seen the future... 104 00:10:05,23 --> 00:10:12,11 Need something to do... Tara, calm down... we're safe! 105 00:10:19,04 --> 00:10:20,23 Tara ... what's wrong... 106 00:10:21,28 --> 00:10:26,06 we did not think that we had to go fighting 107 00:10:26,16 --> 00:10:31,00 and certainly did not think that you will erase memory 108 00:10:31,12 --> 00:10:34,05 and program us for the mission. 109 00:11:02,09 --> 00:11:06,08 We... You feel... 110 00:11:06,18 --> 00:11:11,05 What... as if we at home are! 111 00:11:12,09 --> 00:11:17,22 It's Asgard... future Asgard! 112 00:11:18,03 --> 00:11:19,29 I don't think so! 113 00:11:24,01 --> 00:11:28,20 You have to make a decision, you go with us, or you are waiting for death! 114 00:11:28,27 --> 00:11:31,22 We need to go back. What are you talking about? 115 00:11:32,06 --> 00:11:34,22 I remembered who I was, we need to go back to Asgard 116 00:11:35,00 --> 00:11:38,13 What's Asgard? Asgard is another reality. 117 00:11:38,24 --> 00:11:42,04 We have nowhere else to go. 118 00:11:42,09 --> 00:11:45,02 Our Asgrad killed the demons. 119 00:11:45,24 --> 00:11:47,21 Go to hell! 120 00:12:23,16 --> 00:12:25,19 It starts again! 121 00:16:37,27 --> 00:16:41,06 Girls help me please girls... 122 00:16:44,24 --> 00:16:46,23 Girls... 123 00:18:32,00 --> 00:18:35,16 Madina... what's going on here? 124 00:18:37,06 --> 00:18:40,15 Those demons Tara, these are all the demons 125 00:18:43,04 --> 00:18:44,06 Untie me! 126 00:18:44,11 --> 00:18:47,06 goal is to make you listen to me 127 00:18:47,11 --> 00:18:52,17 otherwise you will use the amulet again... and you will never know what Is the truth. 128 00:18:52,26 --> 00:18:55,16 What is the truth? The truth about us! 129 00:18:55,22 --> 00:18:59,22 Madina, we have remembered who we are. Why are you helping the Boss? 130 00:19:00,03 --> 00:19:04,25 You too, helped him, especially as you are effectively destroying a higher power 131 00:19:05,08 --> 00:19:09,19 That does not count... That doesn't count, you multiplied them 132 00:19:10,01 --> 00:19:15,10 and now obsession awaits everyperson, it is a disaster, my dear! 133 00:19:15,17 --> 00:19:19,14 Don't be so ironic, we have seen worse! 134 00:19:19,19 --> 00:19:24,26 Is there a difference? Before we got rid of the ghosts 135 00:19:25,05 --> 00:19:28,19 and now the obsessed have declared us war. 136 00:19:28,25 --> 00:19:32,11 Are we purebred? Possessed are less worth. 137 00:19:32,19 --> 00:19:36,23 You were asked to destroy the force and is that what you have done? 138 00:19:37,00 --> 00:19:40,05 I did not know that all this will happen... 139 00:19:40,14 --> 00:19:42,21 or did you do that on purpose? 140 00:19:42,26 --> 00:19:47,07 Useless to argue with you. You are like a stubborn mule. 141 00:19:47,12 --> 00:19:53,09 I am Madina, shaman and future queen of the underworld. 142 00:19:53,17 --> 00:19:57,01 How high you climb, don't stumble... 143 00:19:57,09 --> 00:20:02,24 Very funny! what do you want? 144 00:20:03,05 --> 00:20:06,16 Give me the amulet and you will be left alone. 145 00:20:06,20 --> 00:20:09,06 Why you need the amulet 146 00:20:09,11 --> 00:20:13,21 Frankly, I do not need the amulet. 147 00:20:14,00 --> 00:20:16,15 I made a deal with the Boss 148 00:20:16,15 --> 00:20:19,23 Oh God, even that is in the contract. 149 00:20:20,03 --> 00:20:26,23 I find him an amulet, he returns my son to me. 150 00:20:26,29 --> 00:20:30,29 Naive fool! 151 00:20:31,18 --> 00:20:37,28 What's so funny? You have no son! 152 00:20:38,02 --> 00:20:42,24 Oh, I see you have remembered fragments of our past... 153 00:20:43,01 --> 00:20:46,02 I do not understand? What did you say? 154 00:20:46,11 --> 00:20:53,02 You are a shaman, we are out of Asgrad, I'm a living example. 155 00:20:53,17 --> 00:20:57,15 We both are programmed for this mission 156 00:20:57,22 --> 00:21:01,17 only I had to open the gates of Asgrad... 157 00:21:08,19 --> 00:21:13,08 I'll kill him! Untie me... 158 00:21:36,16 --> 00:21:42,21 Well, do you have good news for me? They are well hidden 159 00:21:43,13 --> 00:21:47,11 I knew that this charlatan can not be trusted. 160 00:21:47,18 --> 00:21:49,27 Boss, don't worry like that. 161 00:21:50,04 --> 00:21:53,14 If I am upset, the whole place will be too small. 162 00:21:53,24 --> 00:21:57,28 And then how to find them? You need to learn that from me. 163 00:21:58,05 --> 00:22:03,25 No, really, I'll manage... The main thing today was to get the amulet. 164 00:22:04,20 --> 00:22:08,13 Today that the ritual? I hope you understood me? 165 00:22:08,21 --> 00:22:11,23 Yes sir! Then go ahead! 166 00:22:21,16 --> 00:22:25,20 I do not know the motive... What is the motive? 167 00:22:25,28 --> 00:22:29,12 The Boss uses obsessed? 168 00:22:30,26 --> 00:22:37,16 His aim is to destroy them 169 00:22:37,28 --> 00:22:47,26 but everything went wrong and they multiplied 170 00:22:48,08 --> 00:22:56,02 And he has a plan to destroy them? 171 00:22:56,17 --> 00:23:01,27 Yes, he found a way to exorcise the possessed from the city 172 00:23:03,02 --> 00:23:11,01 and not harm the thoroughbred 173 00:23:11,23 --> 00:23:17,11 Well, we begin to act?... Yes!!! 174 00:23:17,27 --> 00:23:23,18 and now I am there with you and for you! 175 00:23:24,05 --> 00:23:29,21 Thank you. Stop! What? You have been murdered? 176 00:23:33,27 --> 00:23:37,05 Yes, they broke my neck. 177 00:23:37,18 --> 00:23:42,08 Do not worry, it will not cause harm. 178 00:23:42,15 --> 00:23:49,00 While I'm possessed by a demon...So you are possessed by the devil? 179 00:23:49,14 --> 00:23:54,06 It happened recently... 180 00:23:54,16 --> 00:24:02,04 I can control myself, because the good in me is more than the evil. 181 00:24:02,15 --> 00:24:04,29 The only thing I do not understand. 182 00:24:06,07 --> 00:24:08,18 Hello beautiful! 183 00:24:09,27 --> 00:24:15,11 Give me the amulet! No way!... give it back to me! 184 00:25:06,11 --> 00:25:09,00 Who do we have here? 185 00:25:09,22 --> 00:25:16,05 It's great that we are all gathered here today. 186 00:25:17,16 --> 00:25:23,04 Yes, Madina did not expect such a dirty trick from you! 187 00:25:23,28 --> 00:25:30,09 I did not expect this that you would use me. 188 00:25:31,05 --> 00:25:36,00 You shaman creatures believe in everything!!! 189 00:25:38,14 --> 00:25:43,04 It has no sens to kill you, you are with one foot in hell anyway.. 190 00:25:45,24 --> 00:25:51,20 So I enjoy life here. Not for long. 191 00:25:54,20 --> 00:25:59,18 Who would have said, are you trapped now? 192 00:26:02,12 --> 00:26:06,01 Tara, give me the amulet. 193 00:26:06,19 --> 00:26:12,19 I have other plans for him. but my plan is more important 194 00:26:13,18 --> 00:26:16,17 you also want to get rid of everything we possessed 195 00:26:16,27 --> 00:26:20,08 So what?...And I have a way to do it. 196 00:26:22,03 --> 00:26:24,04 Tell please!!! 197 00:26:26,26 --> 00:26:27,26 You bitch... 198 00:26:29,12 --> 00:26:32,11 one more joke and I'll take you with me to hell 199 00:26:32,21 --> 00:26:34,25 Only after you! 200 00:26:35,02 --> 00:26:37,07 I will give you an amulet 201 00:26:40,04 --> 00:26:43,10 but only after you tell me the truth 202 00:27:13,24 --> 00:27:16,12 And now ladies... 203 00:27:16,26 --> 00:27:21,07 we have to hold the ceremony to exile 204 00:27:21,15 --> 00:27:28,04 we need your amulet as he is your 205 00:27:28,24 --> 00:27:32,08 witch and God 206 00:27:32,16 --> 00:27:38,19 Or approximated to God... Angel! Perhaps an angel. 207 00:27:39,02 --> 00:27:43,29 But since you are both goddesses, I think that the ceremony would be more effective. 208 00:27:44,10 --> 00:27:47,10 Well, what is the guarantee that we will survive then thereafter? 209 00:27:48,01 --> 00:27:52,22 Tara do not confuse ritual with the apocalypse. 210 00:27:53,18 --> 00:27:57,29 Strange I thought the end of the world is about to overtake us already. 211 00:27:58,21 --> 00:28:05,10 So you agree and Tara, by the way, I told you the truth, so give me an amulet. 212 00:28:05,24 --> 00:28:09,03 I am not a fool like that, of course I will give you an amulet 213 00:28:09,10 --> 00:28:12,03 but when the rites begin! 214 00:28:25,08 --> 00:28:30,08 How do you feel? You get used to a new life?... I think I can handle it. 215 00:28:35,25 --> 00:28:38,22 I told you that the new blood will help. 216 00:28:38,29 --> 00:28:42,11 Yes, she gave me a taste for life. 217 00:28:42,25 --> 00:28:47,20 When we destroy all the demons, you will feel real freedom. 218 00:28:47,27 --> 00:28:50,20 And what to do now? 219 00:28:51,14 --> 00:28:56,04 I invite you to the ceremony and at the same time help to unite our strength. 220 00:28:56,21 --> 00:29:02,11 Thank you Boss, by the way, why are you called the Boss? 221 00:29:03,05 --> 00:29:09,29 It's a long story, before I turned into a demon, I had my own business... 222 00:29:10,07 --> 00:29:14,15 demons have a business. It's an excuse 223 00:29:14,27 --> 00:29:17,29 when I led the center of the paranormal 224 00:29:18,16 --> 00:29:23,02 three years ago I was looking for gifted 225 00:29:23,18 --> 00:29:30,12 to a higher power, but the patients were inexperienced teenagers, so I had to stop all experiments. 226 00:29:30,25 --> 00:29:36,11 That's it?... After all that... I started to create 227 00:29:37,02 --> 00:29:40,12 an army and act... 228 00:30:35,09 --> 00:30:39,11 Are you ready? Well... Yes 229 00:30:39,25 --> 00:30:44,09 Please just do not say you changed your mind, you know it's 230 00:30:44,17 --> 00:30:47,06 our only chance, everything will be back as it was before. 231 00:30:47,13 --> 00:30:55,00 Madina, because we came here to turn back the clock to save Asgrad and not to all that here. 232 00:30:55,19 --> 00:31:00,19 Come on now, finish the job and after that we save Asgrad. 233 00:31:00,29 --> 00:31:04,04 And if we will have it later... 234 00:31:06,01 --> 00:31:08,26 In the past we also had difficult times together 235 00:31:09,05 --> 00:31:12,17 en we are going to finish that too 236 00:31:13,11 --> 00:31:17,03 Look around how beautiful, autumn began and the leaves fell, 237 00:31:17,13 --> 00:31:21,17 give me one last time to enjoy it 238 00:31:22,26 --> 00:31:28,04 Tara we will survive... everything will be fine 239 00:31:28,25 --> 00:31:35,08 we just need to purge the city from these creatures 240 00:31:35,17 --> 00:31:39,21 I was thinking... Please do not start. 241 00:31:40,05 --> 00:31:43,10 Maybe it's another trap from the Boss. 242 00:31:44,00 --> 00:31:48,18 Come on now, I will do what is requiredresidents 243 00:31:49,09 --> 00:31:54,14 no matter what, then we will definitely find a way to get rid of this Boss 244 00:31:54,20 --> 00:31:58,02 we will find a way! 245 00:32:07,00 --> 00:32:11,12 Well, now let's go... Madina, we still have got an hour. 246 00:32:13,05 --> 00:32:15,05 punctuality... 247 00:32:15,16 --> 00:32:21,14 Well, what punctuality, we are here three years, been everywhere and now the whole hour 248 00:32:21,24 --> 00:32:24,02 Do not even tell me that's for sure. 249 00:32:24,14 --> 00:32:28,25 Especially in the world of magic I am your pupil 250 00:32:29,02 --> 00:32:33,13 you are my mentor, we have something to discuss 251 00:32:34,02 --> 00:32:41,08 You know...when you destroy this higher power 252 00:32:41,18 --> 00:32:44,01 you've got a different status, rank... 253 00:32:44,10 --> 00:32:48,08 What kind? Now you are the master, Tara. 254 00:32:48,17 --> 00:32:53,12 Great, now finish the ritual, and after that we get drunk 255 00:32:56,23 --> 00:33:01,29 Yes, you know over the years that we are here 256 00:33:02,10 --> 00:33:06,22 we have changed... Even the manner of speech has changed. 257 00:33:07,15 --> 00:33:12,07 Yes, that's how people affect the environment. 258 00:33:18,02 --> 00:33:21,03 Wait , wait, I did not come here to fight 259 00:33:21,03 --> 00:33:24,04 I came here to apologize and I did not know that you are gods. 260 00:33:24,07 --> 00:33:27,27 Why did you come, what do you need now? 261 00:33:27,27 --> 00:33:30,13 You know, we have a short conversation with the demons. 262 00:33:30,20 --> 00:33:34,01 I'm not a demon. Yes and maybe it's not you that 263 00:33:34,01 --> 00:33:36,29 tried to attack me a few hours ago. 264 00:33:37,07 --> 00:33:40,06 Excuse me... An apology is not enough 265 00:33:40,12 --> 00:33:42,27 where is the proof that you are now on the right side 266 00:33:43,01 --> 00:33:48,04 I am on your side! Words alone will not be enough 267 00:33:50,02 --> 00:33:52,11 Okay... Madina! 268 00:33:53,05 --> 00:33:56,04 Let him show that it can control the evil. 269 00:33:56,12 --> 00:34:01,07 Enough talking, it is time to go to the Boss and start the ritual. 270 00:34:43,29 --> 00:34:45,15 It's Iriy? 271 00:34:47,04 --> 00:34:48,22 Now it's Irtysh. 272 00:34:48,28 --> 00:34:52,01 Well, why here? Why on the bank of the Irtysh river? 273 00:34:52,13 --> 00:34:54,14 Water is a conductor 274 00:34:55,15 --> 00:34:56,21 amulet... 275 00:34:57,17 --> 00:35:00,23 First tell me what they are doing there? 276 00:35:01,19 --> 00:35:05,16 Once again, I explain the rite went well. 277 00:35:05,23 --> 00:35:09,20 We need to unite the forces of good and evil. 278 00:35:11,09 --> 00:35:15,02 Madina, by the way what is that red head doing here? 279 00:35:15,07 --> 00:35:17,20 She chose her own way. 280 00:35:20,05 --> 00:35:22,13 I see, we have to proceed. 281 00:35:22,19 --> 00:35:26,12 Tara, give me the amulet. 282 00:35:31,24 --> 00:35:36,02 Yes, let's get these demons for once and for all. 283 00:36:30,16 --> 00:36:35,01 Madina, Madina, what's wrong with you Madina... 284 00:36:43,22 --> 00:36:48,23 Tara... something wrong... 285 00:36:49,01 --> 00:36:52,20 Ritual is not the... 286 00:37:17,12 --> 00:37:19,24 I do not believe that all this is happening. 287 00:37:20,03 --> 00:37:23,19 Life goes on and you can not stop. 288 00:37:24,02 --> 00:37:29,05 Common words, but they help. 289 00:37:29,15 --> 00:37:32,25 Ready to fight? With whom do not tell 290 00:37:33,04 --> 00:37:38,16 I think that the boss is involved in the death of Madina. 291 00:37:38,23 --> 00:37:44,01 but we did not take into account that Madina was possessed 292 00:37:44,08 --> 00:37:47,08 But why are they now not with us? 293 00:37:48,03 --> 00:37:51,28 We joined forces to destroy the demons 294 00:37:51,28 --> 00:37:57,09 that destroyed Asgard, then mission accomplished 295 00:37:57,09 --> 00:38:01,05 Are you sure the mission is accomplished? 296 00:38:01,15 --> 00:38:05,08 What do you mean? Your goal is to turn back time 297 00:38:05,17 --> 00:38:08,18 to before Asgrad was destroyed? 298 00:38:08,26 --> 00:38:11,27 Now I believe it is impossible to do that. 299 00:38:12,07 --> 00:38:14,25 You can do all, if you really want... 300 00:38:15,14 --> 00:38:20,07 So , there is someone that can bring us back to the past? 301 00:38:20,13 --> 00:38:23,29 Why someone, we can do it as well! 302 00:38:24,25 --> 00:38:28,14 I have no strength, I am not gifted anymore. 303 00:38:28,26 --> 00:38:32,05 The supreme power is destroyed, along with it's consequences 304 00:38:32,11 --> 00:38:36,29 but the energy... Stop, energy... 305 00:38:38,03 --> 00:38:42,14 energy of the Boss!!! At last you have seen the light! 306 00:38:43,08 --> 00:38:47,21 How could I have missed that before. You just were down... 307 00:38:48,06 --> 00:38:52,03 No, it's not right... What exactly? 308 00:38:52,14 --> 00:38:56,19 So the Boss is not involved in the death of Madina, why he does not do it? 309 00:38:56,26 --> 00:39:01,08 You want again to have it your way. No, that has nothing to do with it 310 00:39:02,00 --> 00:39:04,11 still without Madina... 311 00:39:04,11 --> 00:39:07,22 Even if there is one gifted, the gate can not be opened 312 00:39:07,29 --> 00:39:12,03 Why?... We used Madina as a conductor. 313 00:39:12,20 --> 00:39:19,00 We need a shaman! She is her! You are scaring me... 314 00:39:19,20 --> 00:39:23,00 When Madina was dying, I felt that I was starting to change. 315 00:39:23,06 --> 00:39:26,29 it's the hormones, let's go! 316 00:39:27,06 --> 00:39:31,08 Where to?... It's time to get everything back into place! 317 00:40:18,25 --> 00:40:23,13 I do not even want to ask why you brought 318 00:40:23,20 --> 00:40:27,06 me to the promenade, I see bad memories 319 00:40:27,12 --> 00:40:30,29 The amulet is with you? Yes, here it is. 320 00:40:31,06 --> 00:40:33,10 Well, let's do it. 321 00:40:34,23 --> 00:40:36,25 What to do? 322 00:40:37,14 --> 00:40:41,22 Think of the time when it all began. 323 00:40:42,05 --> 00:40:45,09 It will be difficult. 324 00:40:45,26 --> 00:40:51,22 Close your eyes and drive into the past. 325 00:40:59,19 --> 00:41:02,06 You are really sure of this? 326 00:41:07,18 --> 00:41:09,17 Is there something wrong? 327 00:41:14,25 --> 00:41:19,07 ...everything is fine... 328 00:41:25,21 --> 00:41:27,03 Tara what's wrong? 329 00:41:34,08 --> 00:41:36,03 Madina! 330 00:41:37,19 --> 00:41:42,25 Hello Tara! Madina... Madina, do I sleep? 331 00:41:43,06 --> 00:41:46,21 No, it's a time loop!...Loop? 332 00:41:46,29 --> 00:41:49,20 The space between the two worlds! 333 00:41:49,27 --> 00:41:52,18 Madina, tell me, there is a way to get you back? 334 00:41:52,29 --> 00:41:55,19 Do not try to do the impossible. 335 00:41:55,28 --> 00:41:59,16 Madina, enough, I can't do it. Help us. 336 00:41:59,27 --> 00:42:02,24 No need, everything is going as it should be. 337 00:42:03,02 --> 00:42:04,26 I'll bring you back. 338 00:42:05,04 --> 00:42:09,05 It means you will make it worse. Why I came to you? 339 00:42:09,24 --> 00:42:15,20 You wanted to see me? Have a look and go further. 340 00:42:15,29 --> 00:42:21,03 If you are between two worlds, there is a way to get you back. 341 00:42:21,08 --> 00:42:26,18 You are right, or back to your world 342 00:42:26,28 --> 00:42:31,02 or in heaven, but hell sounds best. No, do not say that. 343 00:42:31,10 --> 00:42:35,20 Tara, I 'm still waiting for the hell. I serve evil. 344 00:42:36,05 --> 00:42:40,17 But you fought against him. Anyway, it's too late. 345 00:42:41,01 --> 00:42:46,29 I will turn to the time when there was no invasion of demons. 346 00:42:47,26 --> 00:42:51,13 Our meeting came to an end... Don't go! 347 00:42:51,19 --> 00:42:57,00 I came to warn you... The city has an unusual man... 348 00:43:05,01 --> 00:43:07,16 Did you see the vision? 349 00:43:08,02 --> 00:43:12,13 Yes, it is a painful vision. 350 00:43:13,02 --> 00:43:16,18 351 00:43:17,06 --> 00:43:21,03 I met Madina! Met? 352 00:43:22,11 --> 00:43:26,22 It is like a vision, but it was so real... 353 00:43:27,18 --> 00:43:31,02 What did she say? There is a way back in time? 354 00:43:31,13 --> 00:43:36,15 Yes, but I thought we came back, because 355 00:43:36,22 --> 00:43:39,06 I was in the middle of two worlds. 356 00:43:39,13 --> 00:43:44,13 but your weakness is Madina, only need to think about the world of the past. 357 00:43:44,25 --> 00:43:50,00 Now I'll remember the past 358 00:43:50,07 --> 00:43:54,05 and we will return to Asgrad 359 00:43:54,22 --> 00:44:01,05 Come on, I'll be thinking and you will be connected to me... 360 00:44:16,04 --> 00:44:19,15 You know, I am still glad that you are back with me. 361 00:44:19,21 --> 00:44:22,20 Everybody is entitled to their own desires 362 00:44:22,23 --> 00:44:25,16 I am with you again, just like old times. 363 00:44:28,20 --> 00:44:34,18 As long a they say, I struggled 364 00:44:35,02 --> 00:44:38,05 I met you... 365 00:44:40,16 --> 00:44:46,18 I remember nothing like an overlaid dream. 366 00:44:47,11 --> 00:44:50,26 But for me it was really a dream 367 00:44:51,02 --> 00:44:54,17 ...but it ended... 368 00:44:55,20 --> 00:45:01,03 You really do not remember anything, how it was? 369 00:45:01,11 --> 00:45:05,09 I do not remember really...but this is not important. Since... 370 00:45:05,17 --> 00:45:10,10 I returned, it means that there is work for me. 371 00:45:10,19 --> 00:45:15,25 I brought you back, you can relax now! 372 00:45:16,23 --> 00:45:20,13 You brought back and... 373 00:45:22,14 --> 00:45:25,14 Madina, better don't start. 374 00:45:25,22 --> 00:45:30,10 And what is the price for me? There is not any price... 375 00:45:30,20 --> 00:45:34,18 I don't believe you, I'll know it! 376 00:45:34,27 --> 00:45:38,28 Voodoo magic, you know it's power. 377 00:45:39,06 --> 00:45:41,19 Voodoo magic? 378 00:45:41,26 --> 00:45:45,21 can kill a person or return it from the dead. 379 00:45:46,01 --> 00:45:50,09 Well, if you took advantage of voodoo 380 00:45:50,17 --> 00:45:54,10 so now you are not a master... 381 00:45:54,18 --> 00:46:02,18 but a real shaman like me! 382 00:46:03,17 --> 00:46:08,28 Cool, now I have two titles, we still need to drink on the first one. 383 00:46:09,15 --> 00:46:12,10 Stop! What? 384 00:46:12,19 --> 00:46:16,08 At that moment, when I was looking... to meet you... 385 00:46:16,16 --> 00:46:22,09 and you told me that there is a powerful man... 386 00:46:23,02 --> 00:46:30,00 kill me...I do not remember...Kill, enough already with me! 387 00:46:30,21 --> 00:46:33,21 Okay, with that later dismantled... 388 00:46:34,03 --> 00:46:36,18 Tara went to the club? 389 00:46:37,16 --> 00:46:41,00 You see where there are two shamans in a club... 390 00:46:41,10 --> 00:46:43,07 Something new... 391 00:46:44,12 --> 00:46:45,11 Come on!

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