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My name is Paul Latushkin. I am CEO of the film company KARBUSH LLC for the production and distribution of the web series "Universe". My activities - are the production of independent cinema, films, and TV series. My specialty - a low budget and amateur web-series movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York


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How is it interesting in your opinion? what will attract viewers? When we planned to return the film and reshoot it, it took only 2 days to prepare and one meeting with the main character Maria Pyzhikova. In one evening, we decided the entire fate of the film. It was immediately clear that Damned was a Horror movie. When filming began, the status changed, the genre was changed to - Psychological Drama. And when the film was filmed and sent for editing, the genre changed again - now Damn it - from a part of comedy, drama, psychological drama, thriller and action. Therefore, at the moment, our assessment is a film for a wide audience. And whoever said what, as a director, I showed the film to several critics and non-people who do not like to watch such things ... The review was as follows ... - A pretty actress, an understandable "American" plot, but at the same time not predictable, the music was excellent, the plot is very interesting, the makeup was done well, but there are some small questions about the middle of the film and the final scene ... for some reason it reminded me that you are not watching a movie, but a certain series ... where there will be a continuation ... And then our team immediately got an answer ... - Let there be a continuation !!! Yes, the story of the Damned is based on the Trilogy. And when watching - yes, the feeling is as if you are watching a series ... but this is a film, with its own plot, with a beginning, with a tie, with a climax and a denouement. And the film "Damned" is the second film from the film series about the Universe of Another Reality! movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York 



АНТОН – Зачем мы здесь так долго и ты мне ничего не рассказал. Why are we here for so long and you have not told me anything. ПАВЕЛ – Ты куда то торопишься? Where are you going in a hurry? АНТОН – Надо же, я просто не понимаю, как вы стали двойниками? Wow, I just do not understand how you became twins? ПАВЕЛ – Не заморачивайся, сейчас главное это Селена. Do not bother, the main thing is now Selena. АНТОН – Селена? … А почему именно она? Selena? Why her? ПАВЕЛ – Все потому что, ОН этого хочет. All because he wants to. АНТОН – Он? Кто такой он? He? Who is he? ПАВЕЛ – Скоро ты со временем узнаешь и увидишь. You will eventually get to know and see him. АНТОН – Слушай а мы справимся с ними, ведь там амбал босс Listen, will we manage them?That Boss is huge. ПАВЕЛ – Ты боишься босса? Ведь ты же его вчера завалил. You are afraid of the Boss? After all yesterday you got him already. АНТОН – Под рукой был кирпич и он стоял ко мне спиной… и вообще…I had a brick in my hand and he stood with his back to me... in general ... ПАВЕЛ – Я всегда считал тебя сверхспособным? I always thought you had superpowers? АНТОН – Наверное не в этой жизни. Probably not in this life. ПАВЕЛ – Ну ладно можешь взять кого-нибудь с собой в помощники… Well, you can take someone with you as an assistant. ПАВЕЛ – Какого черта…What the hell? СЕЛЕНА – Что за…..What the... ВИТАЛЯ – Спокойно ребятки, что-то подобное я помню…Steady boys, something like that I remember. СЕЛЕНА – В смысле? What do you mean? ВИТАЛЯ – Прошлые герои которые попали в Другую Реальность, они тоже сначала проходили испытание. Past heroes who came in the other reality, they are also first been tested. ПАВЕЛ – Клево, очередное веселье. Nice, sounds like fun. СЕЛЕНА – Слушайте, я одного не пойму, мы с вами в этом селе уже месяц живем, все же было нормально…Look, I do not understand one thing, we have been living in this village for a month and everything was okay. ПАВЕЛ – Значит, кто-то решил снова открыть врата. So someone decided to reopen the gates. ВИТАЛЯ – Я ему ноги за это переломаю…I will break his legs. СЕЛЕНА - ….. черт, кажется это была я…. надеюсь они не будут мне ноги ломать.Hell I think it was me? I hope they will not break my legs. СЕЛЕНА 1 – Ты так думаешь? You think so? ПАВЕЛ – Эй, первая ты с кем? Hey, first one, with whom are you here? СЕЛЕНА 1 – Сейчас не с тобой базар лосяра. I am not speaking to you. СЕЛЕНА – Возвращайся туда откуда пришла. Go back to where you came from. СЕЛЕНА 1 – Только после тебя, поверь там весело! Only after you, it's fun there! ПАВЕЛ – О! Ща банкет начнется. Oh banquet begins. ПАВЕЛ – Я насчитал пять, не считая самого оригинала. I counted five, without the original one. СЕЛЕНА – Поверь, оригинал лучше. Believe me, the original is better. ПАВЕЛ – Не сомневаюсь. I have no doubt. ВИТАЛЯ – Есть план. There is a plan. ПАВЕЛ – Какой? What? ВИТАЛЯ – Ну я и говорю, план есть? I say, is there a plan? СЕЛЕНА 1 – Хватит кукарекать, за дело! Enough talking, let's do it... ПАВЕЛ – Чего? What? ВИТАЛЯ - Какое дело, вы о чем? Doing what? What are you talking about? СЕЛЕНА 1 - Ребятки не волнуйтесь вы так, сейчас начнется самое веселье. Guys do not worry, because now the real fun starts. АНТОН – Это тебе за то, что я узнал всю правду, поверь, сейчас еще проще стало вас убить. This is for you, because now I know the truth, believe me,now it becomes even easier to kill you СЕЛЕНА – Антон это не ты, борись, бесы стали сильнее.Anton, it's not you, fight. The demons are getting stronger. ПАВЕЛ – Во шерт, кажется, вот это реальная западня, мне аж хочется вернуться в сцену убийства в собственном сарае. It seems this is a real trap, I already want to go back to the murder scene in my barn. ВИТАЛЯ – Да, Павел, я тоже об этом подумал. Yes, Paul I also thought about it. СЕЛЕНА – Ну и я с вами соглашусь, другого выхода нет. Well, I agree with you , there is no alternative. ПАВЕЛ – Запомните, всегда найдется супермен.Remember, there always will be a superman. АНТОН – Не в этот раз, Павел! Not at this time Paul. ПАВЕЛ – А мы тебя не спрашивали, тряпка! We will not ask you, rag. АНТОН – Твое дело гав и под лавку. Your business is to woof and get under the bench. ВИТАЛЯ – Ну что вы так медленно, кто вас так убивать учил.Why are you so slow, who taught you to kill like that. АНТОН – Сатана. Satan ВИТАЛЯ – Кто? Who? АНТОН – Сатана, а ты не знал? Satan, you did not know? ВИТАЛЯ – Типа Люцифер что ли? Kind of Lucifer? АНТОН – Ага. Yeah. САША – Он самый. He is. СЕЛЕНА 1 – Поверьте, вам понравится у него в гостях. Believe me, you will like being at this home. ПАВЕЛ – Кажется, они правы. I think they are right. ВИТАЛЯ – Ты о чем, Павел! What do you mean , Paul! ПАВЕЛ – Они говорят правду. They tell the truth. ВИТАЛЯ – Какую правду? What truth? ПАВЕЛ – О сатане, он существует и он здесь. About Satan, he is everywhere. ВИТАЛЯ – Ну я так и думал, что мой пост заняли. Well, I thought I that my post will be occupied. АНТОН – Слишком поздно, мы все знали раньше вас. Too late, we all knew before you . ВИТАЛЯ – Интересно бы…It would be interesting.... АНТОН – А тут ничего интересного, наша задача это мир Другой Реальности. And there is nothing interesting, our goal is a world of another reality. ВИТАЛЯ – Вы и правда думаете что ДР это Асгард? You you really think that the DR is an Asgrad? АНТОН – Конечно. Of course ВИТАЛЯ – Тогда вы безграмотные бесы, потому что даже не можете прочитать мысли Антона. Then you illiterate demons, because you can not even read the thoughts of Anton. АНТОН – Пробудь на нашем месте под землей сотню лет, на тебя бы потом посмотрели. Try to live under ground for over 100 years by yourself, then I want to see you again.. СЕЛЕНА – Кажется, ты сейчас пожаловался. It seems you are now complaining. АНТОН – Не играй со мной, ты даже не представляешь в какой ты сейчас опасности. Don't play with me, you have no idea how you are in danger right now. САША – Давайте покончим скорее. Let's get it over quickly. АНТОН – Не торопись Александр, мы и так этого долго ждали.Do not hurry Alexandra, we have been waiting for this. САША – Знаешь босс! You know the Boss. ВИТАЛЯ – Виталий Витальевич, почаще и с улыбочкой! Vitaly Vitaljevich, smile more. САША – Сейчас с тобой разговаривает Александр. Who is talking to you Alexander? ВИТАЛЯ – И что? So what? CАША - А то, что мне снова приятно, когда в моем теле бес. And it pleased me when the demon entered my body. ВИТАЛЯ – Я за тебя очень рад! I am very happy for you! АНТОН – Ну что ципочка начнем с тебя?Start with you ? СЕЛЕНА – Давай!Come on! ПАВЕЛ – Ну и что ты для нас приготовил. So what are you prepared for us? ВИТАЛЯ – И как это понимать? And what does it mean? САША – Прошу прощения, но мне пришлось подыгрывать Антону. I am sorry, but I had to play along together with Anthon. ПАВЕЛ – Какого хрена ты делаешь? What the fuck are you doing? ВИТАЛЯ – Ты понимаешь, что сейчас уволокли племянницу Павла? Do you understand that Paul's niece has been taken? САША – Да все я знаю. Yes, I know. ПАВЕЛ – И для чего ты это сделал. And why did you do it? ВИТАЛЯ – Кстати ты же одержим. By the way you are obsessed. САША – Нет, я теперь по жизни такой. No, it's my life now. ВИТАЛЯ – В смысле? You mean? САША – После того как я выбрался из другой реальности, я заметил в себе изменения, черные глаза, и быстрое перемещение по свету.After I got out of another reality, I noticed a change, black eyes, and rapid movement around the world ПАВЕЛ – Понятно, а Селену, куда тот олух утащил? It is clear, and where did he bring Selena? САША – К сатане. To Satan. ПАВЕЛ – Что? What? ВИТАЛИЙ – Зачем? Why? ПАВЕЛ – Зачем Селена, нужна Сатане? Why Satan needs Selena? САША – Потому что она открыла врата. Because she has opened the gates. ПАВЕЛ – Значит, Селена открыла врата? So Selena opened the gates? САША – Если быть точнее, то она выпустила Сатану на свободу. To be precise, she has released Satan to freedom. ВИТАЛЯ – И чем она его выпустила? How did she release him? ПАВЕЛ – Ни амулетом ли? Maybe with an amulet? САША – Нет, кинжалом. No, with a knife. ПАВЕЛ – Тем самым? With the knife? САША – Да. Yes ВИТАЛЯ – Подожди, кинжал же выпустил на свободу всех бесов.Wait, the knife has released all the demons. ПАВЕЛ – И кинжал должен их собрать обратно. So the knife should collect them back. САША – Но вы не учли, то что цель бесов это другая реальность.But you do not take into account the fact that the purpose of demons is another reality. ВИТАЛЯ – А другая реальность это же ад? The other reality is the same as hell? САША – Вот пока в этом моменте я еще не разобрался. That I have not yet figured out. ПАВЕЛ – Смысл бесам стремиться в ад, если они хотят завладеть Асгардом?!The meaning of the demons is to get into the hell if they want to take over Asgard ?! САША – Значит, мы чего-то не знаем. So something we do not know. ВИТАЛЯ – У нас есть план?We have a plan? САША – Да, план есть! Yes, we have!! БОСС – Я долго ждал нашей встречи, Селена! I have been waiting for this meeting, Selena. СЕЛЕНА – Как все это будет, медленно или быстро. How all this will be slow or fast? БОСС – Судя, что ты зашла в мои владения, медленно. Because you came into my property it will be slow. СЕЛЕНА – А я думала, придется мне быстро вспомнить всю свою жизнь…Then I would have to remember all of my life quickly. БОСС – Я смотрю, ты славная, ничего не боишься. I see you are nice, not afraid of anything. СЕЛЕНА – За мной все равно придут. I will be rescued anyway. БОСС – Кто? эта святая троица, ха не смеши.Who? This holy trinity, ha ha do not be ridiculous. СЕЛЕНА – Я себя развлекаю.I entertain myself. БОСС – Все дело в том, что ты открыла врата и выпустила нас, теперь твоя душа принадлежит мне, как и их душа.The point is that you open the gate and let us out, now it's your soul that belongs to me, and all of their souls. СЕЛЕНА – Смело, но зачем мы тебе…Boldly, but why do you need us? БОСС – О, ты еще не была в моем мире, лучше тебе …Oh, you have not been in my world, you better ... СЕЛЕНА – Поверь, я наслышана.Believe me, I heard a lot. БОСС – С самого начала, кто был связан с этой историей, должны были находится в моем мире.From the outset, those who were associated with this history, were stored in my world. СЕЛЕНА – Но произошла не увязочка…But there was a misunderstanding ... БОСС – Не играй со мной, не советую.Do not play with me, I do not advise. АНТОН – Твой план провалился, я тебя подвел.Your plan has failed, I let you down. ПАША – Может все идет к лучшему.Maybe everything is becomming better. АНТОН – О Чизес, я его подвел, а он кулаки не хочет чесать.About Chizes, I failed him, and he does not want to scratch his fists. ПАША – Ты всего лишь выполнял мое поручение.You're only doing my assignment. АНТОН – Зря ты мне это доверил. You should not have trusted me. ПАША – Конечно зря, ведь после этого тебя ждет ад. Of course nothing, because after that you will all go to hell. АНТОН – Что?What? ВИТАЛЯ – Ну твари, подходим по одному! Well, creatures, come on. СЕЛЕНА – И как тебя зовут, у тебя вообще есть имя? And what's your name? You do have a name? БОСС – Конечно, но оно тебе не по нраву. Of course, but you will not like it. СЕЛЕНА – Не беспокойся, я все выдержу. Do not worry, I still stand. БОСС – Обычно меня называют сущим Адом, ведь я глава преисподнии.Normally, they call me a living hell, because I head the underworld. СЕЛЕНА – А покороче? What do you mean? БОСС – Люцифер, а можно просто, Сатана. Lucifer or you can simply say Satan. СЕЛЕНА – Нус, Сатана, и какой твой план? What is your plan, Satan? БОСС – Утащить всех вас, в ад. To drag you all to hell. СЕЛЕНА – Хорошая идея, но… Good idea, but.... БОСС – Я тебя уже предупредил и пойми, наконец, за тобой уже ни кто не придет I already warned you and understand, finally, no one will come for you anymore. СЕЛЕНА - А можно вопрос? Can I ask you a question? БОСС – Задавай, все равно в аду, некогда будет разговаривать.Ask, anyway in hell will be no time to talk. СЕЛЕНА – Твой план же был уничтожить одержимых и завладеть городом Богов? Your plan was to destroy the possessed and take position of the city of the Gods? БОСС – Что-то я такого не припомню, ведь я руковожу адом. Something I did not remember, because I run a hell. СЕЛЕНА – И значит, об Асгарде ты не слышал? It means? You have not heard about Asgrad? БОСС – Слышал, но мне он не зачем, или пока не нужен, мест в аду всем хватит.I heard, but I do not need it, at the moment, enough place in hell for everyone. СЕЛЕНА – Тогда я могу тебя заинтересовать. Then I can interest you . БОСС – О! Все вы люди одинаковые, только стоит укусить, сразу же предлагают сделки.Oh! All of you people are the same, only after onebite, immediately you offer me a deal. СЕЛЕНА – Представь себе, весь мир сейчас на этом держится.The whole world is build on deals now... БОСС – И что ты можешь предложить? And what can you offer? СЕЛЕНА – А что ты можешь дать? What can you give? БОСС – Ты и сама знаешь, желание в обмен на душу. You yourself know, the desire in exchange for the soul. ПАВЕЛ – Ни кого, когда мы без оружия, они готовы целым стадом напасть. No one, when we had no weapons, they were ready to attack with the whole herd САША – Такова жизнь, будь всегда готов. That is life, be always ready. ВИТАЛЯ – Я так понял, плана у нас нет. I understand we have no plan. САША – Не считая того, что бесам нужна другая реальность. Apart from the fact that demons need another reality. ПАША – Пусть получат ее, не будем им мешать, только пусть сначала Селену вернут. Let's get it, we will not disturb them, but first the must let Selena in. САША – Слушайте, мне одному так кажется, что в этих катакомбах, есть вход в лабиринт. Listen to me, it seems that in these catacombs there is an entrance to the maze. ВИТАЛЯ – С чего ты взял? Why do you think so? САША – Ну даже учесть то, что Антон вернулся, и он говорил про лабиринты, и я помню эти лабиринты.Well, even given the fact that Anton is back, and he talked about the maze, and I remember these labyrinths. ПАША – И я! And I ! ВИТАЛЯ – Может быть. Maybe САША – Значит, Селена сейчас в лабиринтах у Сатаны.So Selena is now in the maze of Satan. ВИТАЛЯ – Логично, и как мы найдем, этот вход, мы уже с Павлом, тут все давным давно прошарили.Logically, and how we find the entrance, we have searched with Paul everywhere. САША – Наверное, они как-то открываются…Perhaps they somehow open ... ВИТАЛЯ – Возможно. Probably. ПАВЕЛ – Значит, сидим и ждем… So we sit and wait.... СЕЛЕНА – Значит, ада мне не избежать? So, we can't escape hell? БОСС – Ты права Селена! Selena you 're right! СЕЛЕНА – Ну тогда мне больше нечего у тебя просить. Well, then I have nothing more to ask you. БОСС – Наш разговор затянулся, перед тем как начать, теперь я хочу задать вопрос. Before you start, our conversation became long, now I want to ask you a question. Как тебе удалось так с легкостью уничтожить беса? How did you so easily destroy the devil? СЕЛЕНА – Это моя маленькая тайна. It's my little secret. БОСС – Ничего страшного, ад выбьет из тебя все тайны! Don't worry he knock all secrets out of you. СЕЛЕНА – А вот скажи-ка мне, зачем тебе бесы? But tell me why do you need devils? БОСС – Лишняя сила, мне не помешает, тем более они тупые, уже все догадались, что другая реальность это мой мир, мир – преисподнии.Excess power can not hurt me, the more they are stupid, everyone knows that another reality is my world, the world - of the underworld. СЕЛЕНА – Ты давай без заголовков, сразу к делу. Be straight to the point. БОСС – Мне нужны бесы, у тебя есть нож, только ты сможешь собрать всех бесов в этот нож.I need the demons, you have a knife, only you can gather all the demons in this knife. СЕЛЕНА – Почему именно я, …..ведь…Why me... БОСС – Ведь ты избранна. After all, you are chozen. СЕЛЕНА – Ты опоздал! You are late! БОСС – Что? What? БОСС – Наивная дурочка… The naive fool. СОНЯ – Эй, одержимый ты за мной следишь? Hey are you following me? АНТОН – Кажется, ты перешла мне дорогу. I think you have crossed my way. СОНЯ – А зачем тебе поле. Why do you want the field? АНТОН – Чтобы похоронить тебя, если помешаешь. To bury you. СОНЯ – Не волнуйся, сильно мешать не буду Don't worry, I will not disturb you. АНТОН – Я смотрю, ты не собираешься отступать? I see you 're not going to retreat? СОНЯ – Ну что красавчик, похоже, мы не уязвимы, надо это отметить.Well handsome it looks like we are not vulnerable, it is necessary to celebrte it. ПАВЕЛ – Теперь твой выход. Now it's your turn. АНТОН – И что я должен делать? And what should I do? ПАВЕЛ – Твоя задача спасти Селену, а это значит объединиться с нашими врагами. Your task is to save Selena, which means to join with your enemies. АНТОН – Так ты мне и не рассказал, почему они враги, ведь на них ты сам посмотри, они реально хорошие. So you did not tell me why they are enemies because they see you yourself, they are really good. ПАВЕЛ – До поры до времени, я не буду повторяться…For the time being, I will not repeat АНТОН – Да все это не правильно, мне надо было просто уехать отсюда, зачем ты меня остановил? Yes, all this is not right, I had to just get out of here, why did you stop me? ПАВЕЛ – Некогда пустые разговоры пора действовать, самое главное не забудь наша задача это ни кого отсюда не выпускать.Enough of empty talking, most importantly, do not forget, our task is to not let them escape. АНТОН – Ты поставишь защиту? You put the protection? АНТОН – Да ну, не верю своим глазам. Oh no, I do not believe it. ПАВЕЛ – Да, это они, те самые амулеты, которые перевернули наши жизни. Yes, it is those amulets that have turned our lives around. АНТОН – По сути они защищают от зла. Essentially, they protect from evil. ПАВЕЛ – Да все верно, и сейчас амулеты ни кого не выпустят из этих катакомб. Yes, all right and now amulets will not release us from these catacombs. ВИТАЛИЙ – И что все это означает? And what does all this mean? ПАВЕЛ – Началось. It's started. ВИТАЛИЙ – Что началось? What's started? САША – Бесы теперь в аду, там им и место, теперь надо усмирить Сатану.The devils are now in hell, where they belong, now we have to subdue Satan. ПАВЕЛ – Отличная новость на сегодняшний день. Great news today. ВИТАЛЯ – Вы сейчас не об этом, там же Селена, вы видели, что сейчас произошло, почему вы так спокойны…You are not talking about that, there is Selena, you saw what just happened, why are you so calm... ПАВЕЛ – Виталий Витальевич, что с вами, у вас ПМС? Vitaly Vitalyevich, what's wrong with you, do you have PMS? САША – Ладно, вперёд. Okay, let's go . АНТОН – Павел, Павел не надо, подожди, не надо, посмотри туда, посмотри, быстрее смотри…Paul, Paul wait, no need to look back, look quickly. ВИТАЛЯ – Антон, ты в порядке? Anton, are you okay? АНТОН – Да парни, со мной все хорошо, а вот с девочкой….Yes guys, I'm okay, but the girl... САША – Но ты же не собираешься ее бить? But you are not going to beat her? АНТОН – Она же бес. She's a demon. САША – Она, нет, и никогда не была ею. She is not and she never was. АНТОН – А что тогда с ней? And then what about her? СОНЯ – Вы уже закончили, посовещались? Предлагаю покончить с вами! Are you ready? I propose to finish you! ПАВЕЛ – Что мы делаем? What are we doing? АНТОН – А разве есть выход? Is there a way out? САША – Думаю да, заключить перемирие. I think so. ВИТАЛЯ – Вы не желаете со мной сразиться? You do not want to fight with me? СОНЯ – Вы не желаете со мной сразиться? You do not want to fight with me? ВИТАЛЯ – Девочка, шла бы ты домой. Girl, go back home. СОНЯ – У меня нет дома. I have no home АНТОН – Ну тогда к родителям. Well, then, to your parents. СОНЯ – Родителей тем более. Parents especially. АНТОН – Тогда, кто ты такая? Then who are you? СОНЯ – Нет, этого я вам не скажу. No, I will not tell you that. САША – Ну, тогда мы просто пройдем к порталу, а ты нас не видела. Well, then we just go through the portal, and you have not seen us. СОНЯ – Смешно, даже мне ребенку, просто смешно, вы хуже детей. It is ridiculous, even to me, just funny, you're worse than children. ПАВЕЛ – Короче, девчонку беру на себя, а вы к порталу. In short, I take the girl, and you to the portal. СОНЯ – Я уже здесь, зачем меня отвлекать. I am here already. ВИТАЛЯ – Так ты нас пропустишь? So you let us pass? СОНЯ – А я вас не держу. I do not hold you . САША – В каком смысле, не держишь? In what sense you are not holding us? СОНЯ – Я вообще-то подумала, что, вы одержимые! I actually thought that you were possessed! ВИТАЛЯ – Хох, отлично в последнее время люди думают. Hoh, how can people think that about us? ПАВЕЛ – Сначала делают, потом думают. First they do and then they think. АНТОН – Парни, мы время теряем, куда идем? Guys, we are waisting time. Where we are going? СОНЯ – А некуда больше идти. We have nowhere else to go. АНТОН – В смысле? You mean? СОНЯ – Это место не отпустит нас! This place will not let us! АНТОН – Какого хрена здесь происходит? What the fuck is going on here? СОНЯ – Вот теперь все кончено. That's over now. СЕЛЕНА – Зачем ты позвала меня? Why did you call me? СОНЯ – Больше не кому это под силу. No one can handle it besides you. СЕЛЕНА – Значит это твоя работа собрать всех нас. So it is your job to collect all of us. СОНЯ – Но не я, я всего лишь передала тебе нож, так как я не смогла ничего сделать. But not me, I just gave you a knife, because I could not do anything. СЕЛЕНА – Кто ты вообще? Who are you anyway? СОНЯ – Я сама себя еще плохо изучила, думаю потом мы вместе в этом разберемся. I don't know well myself, so it is better to find out together. СЕЛЕНА – Вместе, ты и в правду думаешь, что после этого мы станем союзницами? You really think after all that we will be friends? СОНЯ – Я всего лишь прошу поддержки. I just ask for support. СЕЛЕНА – Нет, я в этом не участвую. No, I am not involved. СОНЯ – Теперь все изменилось… Now everything has changed. СЕЛЕНА – Я вижу…I see. СОНЯ – Нет, не видишь, потому что для тебя, этот кошмар еще начинается….No, you don't see, for you the nightmare is beginning. БОСС – Селена, ты готова начать свой путь? Selena, you are ready to start your journey? СЕЛЕНА – Зачем ты тянешь резину? Why are you waiting? БОСС – Мне бы не хотелось лишать тебя твоих страданий! I would not want to release you of your suffering! СЕЛЕНА – Все равно финал настанет, и ты поплачешься сполна. Anyway, the end will come and you will pay for everything. БОСС – Вообще-то это моя фраза. Actually, this is my thing. СЕЛЕНА – Это для тебя игра? Is this a game for you ? БОСС – Игра? Ты о чем Селена, разве ты еще ничего не поняла?A game? What are you talking about Selena? You still do not understand? СЕЛЕНА – Можешь говорить что угодно, мне все равно известен твой мотив. You can say anything I still know your motive. БОСС – Я лишь хочу, чтобы тебе понравилось у меня в гостях, и хочу, чтобы ад стал твоим вторым домом.I just want you to like it in my party, and I wish that hell becomes your second home. СЕЛЕНА – Ты забрал всех бесов, забрал моих друзей, ты получил то, что хотел, теперь отпусти меня. You took all the demons, took my friends, you got what you wanted, and now let me go. БОСС – Нет, ты открыла врата, и теперь твоя душа принадлежит мне. No, open the gate, and now your soul belongs to me. БОСС – Как и душа Виталия. As the soul of Vitali. СЕЛЕНА – Виталя? Vital? БОСС – Да, ты не ослышалась, Виталий? Yes, you heard right, Vitali ВИТАЛИЙ - …..что всё это означает. What does it all mean? БОСС – Ну, здравствуй, Виталий! Well, hello, Vitali! СЕЛЕНА – Оставь его. Let him. ВИТАЛЯ – Оставить куда…., объясните мне, кто это? Leave where....tell me who it is? БОСС – Ты не узнаешь меня, я же твое второе я. You do not know me, I am your other self. ВИТАЛЯ – Не понимаю. I do not understand. БОСС – Ты уже все забыл? Have you forgotten all? БОСС – Вспомни Босс, ты ушел в Другую реальность. Remember the Boss. You went in another Reality. ВИТАЛЯ – Какого… What the.... БОСС - Так что в Асгарде ты некогда не был, ты был в гостях в самом пекле, вспомни… So in Asgrad, you were at a party in the inferno, remember.... ВИТАЛЯ – Что со мной….What happened to me? БОСС – Пришло время стать единым целым. It is time to become one ВИТАЛЯ – Нет! Нет, и не буду…No no I will not СЕЛЕНА – Пожалуйста, оставь его в покое. Please leave him alone. БОСС – Не могу, это его судьба, пусть он вспомнит всё, что творил с твоими друзьями. I can not, it's his destiny, let him remember everything. ВИТАЛИЙ – Продолжим, Селена? Continue Selena? СЕЛЕНА – С удовольствием займусь твоей смертью. I will kill you with pleasure. ВИТАЛЯ – А как насчет сделки, которую ты предлагала? What about the deal that you propose? СЕЛЕНА – Если при этом мои друзья останутся в живых, то почему бы и нет. If my friends will stay alive, then why not? ВИТАЛЯ – Запомни одно, обманешь, тогда я их мигом с собой заберу. Remember one thing If you lie to me, then I will instantly take them with me. ВИТАЛЯ – Не смеши меня. Do not make me laugh.

1 00:01:30,500 --> 00:01:34,118 Come Madina, do it! 2 00:01:35,711 --> 00:01:41,666 Another Reality Episode 12 - Goodbuy! 3 00:01:56,566 --> 00:01:58,723 All those things... 4 00:01:58,723 --> 00:02:01,313 that come and go... 5 00:02:02,243 --> 00:02:04,497 they are like telekinesis... 6 00:02:05,302 --> 00:02:08,335 clairvoyance. Heard about those? 7 00:02:10,570 --> 00:02:14,583 Of course of you have - they show it on TV. 8 00:02:15,688 --> 00:02:20,982 But if it happens to you, what would you do? 9 00:02:36,182 --> 00:02:39,456 Dear viewers, I am speechless... 10 00:02:39,925 --> 00:02:42,770 just look while it lasts... 11 00:02:43,353 --> 00:02:46,486 I'm preparing a surprise, my show 12 00:02:46,486 --> 00:02:51,933 will be out soon, and everybody will learn about this paranormality. 13 00:02:52,483 --> 00:02:56,358 Hi, I'm Max. This is my house... 14 00:02:57,236 --> 00:02:59,738 not all of it is mine... 15 00:03:00,255 --> 00:03:02,284 but it was a good deal... 16 00:03:02,850 --> 00:03:04,526 so let's talk about it. 17 00:03:33,526 --> 00:03:36,916 I was walking around the village filming the locals. 18 00:03:37,426 --> 00:03:41,855 It was cold, even the camera froze 19 00:03:41,855 --> 00:03:45,325 but I got the most important bits. 20 00:03:45,715 --> 00:03:52,111 I was filming this house, when the girl got of out it. 21 00:03:52,491 --> 00:03:57,519 I followed her as she went to the catacombs. 22 00:03:57,519 --> 00:04:01,109 Strangely enough, she was holding a candle. 23 00:04:01,109 --> 00:04:03,548 What was that all about? 24 00:04:03,548 --> 00:04:06,623 I then went to film other stuff 25 00:04:06,917 --> 00:04:09,251 but still saw something strange. 26 00:04:27,651 --> 00:04:30,684 What the hell, what's that? 27 00:04:46,884 --> 00:04:52,521 No, please, don't touch her. 28 00:04:57,121 --> 00:05:01,762 She's not well, don't touch her! 29 00:05:02,144 --> 00:05:07,140 What do you need here? I will stick this camera is your ass now! 30 00:05:09,328 --> 00:05:12,828 Guys, if I survive, please erect a monument of me. 31 00:05:13,373 --> 00:05:17,035 He had to run, he was mad. 32 00:05:17,497 --> 00:05:19,247 I wasn't scared 33 00:05:19,247 --> 00:05:24,176 but wanted to save the film to show you 34 00:05:24,629 --> 00:05:26,139 which I did! 35 00:05:27,746 --> 00:05:33,024 I came back here after half a year, but all these people are gone 36 00:05:33,589 --> 00:05:37,728 the house is empty. There's nobody around 37 00:05:38,596 --> 00:05:43,622 the house is not locked, but it's empty. 38 00:05:43,663 --> 00:05:45,763 It feels like someone lives here 39 00:05:46,383 --> 00:05:48,821 so I got hooked and thought I'd stay here... 40 00:05:49,178 --> 00:05:51,080 to find out what the hell is going on here... 41 00:05:54,180 --> 00:05:56,042 Let me check my e-mail. 42 00:06:01,242 --> 00:06:03,559 Ok, I'm going to "like" you. 43 00:06:04,725 --> 00:06:07,233 Nah, I won't "like you" 44 00:06:11,233 --> 00:06:15,301 Can you add me to your friends list? I've got enough friends already. 45 00:06:23,401 --> 00:06:25,619 What was that? 46 00:06:37,445 --> 00:06:39,418 It's so strange 47 00:06:43,218 --> 00:06:44,847 all that has just happened. 48 00:06:56,847 --> 00:06:59,949 No, I would have heard a squeak. 49 00:07:00,456 --> 00:07:03,413 I don't know what's going on, 50 00:07:05,513 --> 00:07:08,574 I don't understand, I'm shocked. 51 00:07:10,965 --> 00:07:13,155 Maybe it's my champagne that has got to me... 52 00:07:13,155 --> 00:07:15,680 or I shall just watch less horror films... 53 00:07:28,080 --> 00:07:32,074 I found this CD when I was looking around the house. 54 00:07:39,274 --> 00:07:44,023 It says "Madina" - it's either a name or a script of some sort. 55 00:07:44,588 --> 00:07:48,154 Let's not play the guessing game, and see what's on the CD. 56 00:08:12,754 --> 00:08:16,967 I got it now! These people are related... 57 00:08:17,382 --> 00:08:21,132 and the main point is these catacombs. 58 00:08:29,032 --> 00:08:31,832 Cool. I will make a great show... 59 00:08:31,838 --> 00:08:35,681 out of this story... 60 00:08:36,183 --> 00:08:39,749 and make a lot of money. I will go somewhere... 61 00:08:39,749 --> 00:08:42,522 by the seaside, and will drink mojito with girls. 62 00:09:22,222 --> 00:09:28,356 It was terrifying, I've been though a lot, and I have found out... 63 00:09:28,762 --> 00:09:33,372 what happens with everyone who enters these catacombs. 64 00:09:33,737 --> 00:09:37,079 And now these journos are after me. 65 00:09:37,079 --> 00:09:41,926 You were right to escape... 66 00:09:42,555 --> 00:09:47,785 them - as soon as I begin to tell this story, trouble arrives 67 00:09:48,599 --> 00:09:50,999 So this is all that has been written. 68 00:09:50,999 --> 00:09:52,999 It's not enough for an investigation. 69 00:09:53,309 --> 00:09:55,509 I will turn the whole place upside 70 00:09:55,509 --> 00:09:58,626 down, but I will get down to the truth. 71 00:10:48,726 --> 00:10:51,484 I made a good video half a year ago 72 00:10:51,484 --> 00:10:53,593 so now I got interested. 73 00:10:53,593 --> 00:10:57,238 I want to make money out of it, do my own web show. 74 00:10:57,238 --> 00:11:00,764 I will settle in this abandoned house 75 00:11:01,186 --> 00:11:04,159 I have discovered that all the previous owners 76 00:11:04,573 --> 00:11:07,611 have something to do with each other. 77 00:11:08,032 --> 00:11:10,165 Everyone who used to live in this house has made 78 00:11:11,187 --> 00:11:14,368 a video about themselves. They have recorded 79 00:11:14,734 --> 00:11:16,539 a message for guys like me. 80 00:11:16,539 --> 00:11:18,737 Let me ask you... 81 00:11:19,119 --> 00:11:21,645 shall I stop after we have learned everything? 82 00:11:21,645 --> 00:11:25,826 No, I won't drop it, after all what's happened, 83 00:11:26,271 --> 00:11:31,597 want more and more of this. 84 00:11:32,130 --> 00:11:37,183 I know when to stop, but until that 85 00:11:37,183 --> 00:11:42,886 moment has come, let's shift gears and go! 86 00:11:47,986 --> 00:11:51,516 Who's that? Selena? 87 00:11:52,210 --> 00:11:55,637 Ok, fine, let's go! 88 00:12:00,266 --> 00:12:02,368 I have just realized something! 89 00:12:02,368 --> 00:12:05,044 Remember the guy who got smacked with the shovel? 90 00:12:08,535 --> 00:12:11,850 He's Selena's best friend. 91 00:12:17,250 --> 00:12:22,184 More news. They were all friends, all had their normal lives... 92 00:12:22,891 --> 00:12:25,569 until Selena began seeing her strange dreams. 93 00:12:28,169 --> 00:12:34,244 Selena was recording all she saw in those dreams, and she has compiled a book. 94 00:12:35,160 --> 00:12:39,653 Her little friend Sonya used to read the book. Here's her CD 95 00:12:40,067 --> 00:12:43,830 she has confessed she has never made up anything. 96 00:12:44,123 --> 00:12:46,553 Hello viewers, I'm Sonya... 97 00:12:46,553 --> 00:12:50,795 this is my friend Selena. Turns out she write a book 98 00:12:50,795 --> 00:12:55,251 about a another reality, I've read it. 99 00:12:56,321 --> 00:12:58,222 And now the final bit... 100 00:12:58,222 --> 00:13:02,828 Sasha, Sonya and Selena all used to live with Madina. 101 00:13:07,428 --> 00:13:10,690 Selena have escaped this house. 102 00:13:11,072 --> 00:13:13,972 Turns out I was right. Madina is not that kind after all. 103 00:13:27,572 --> 00:13:32,454 Why? What do I need it for? 104 00:13:35,692 --> 00:13:38,025 Right... People say what's on a sober 105 00:13:39,175 --> 00:13:44,714 person's mind, is on a drunk person's tongue. 106 00:14:16,835 --> 00:14:20,488 Now I just have to know who is the Boss here... 107 00:14:20,845 --> 00:14:22,419 that says Nadia. 108 00:14:24,161 --> 00:14:28,361 Boss, he is the chief, the main villain who 109 00:14:28,961 --> 00:14:33,719 wanted and soon fell into another reality 110 00:14:34,013 --> 00:14:37,611 but to achieve this, he has done horrible things... 111 00:14:37,984 --> 00:14:41,142 Nonsense, no, this is nonsense... 112 00:14:42,080 --> 00:14:45,845 Here Madina, here, she said just the real thing. 113 00:14:46,155 --> 00:14:53,328 so I saw the Boss among these people, who are calling Vitaly V. 114 00:14:53,781 --> 00:14:56,866 This man absolutely does not remember... 115 00:14:56,866 --> 00:15:00,639 what happened to him before, who he was... 116 00:15:01,101 --> 00:15:04,355 he understands that he is schizophrenic and... 117 00:15:04,355 --> 00:15:07,352 he came to terms with it and lives his life... 118 00:15:07,830 --> 00:15:11,892 This is another thing... more like a reality... 119 00:15:12,584 --> 00:15:16,022 but I'm sorry, but... Nadia writes well... 120 00:15:16,484 --> 00:15:19,482 but perhaps because of his clairvoyance... 121 00:15:19,482 --> 00:15:21,423 she became schizophrenic... 122 00:15:21,997 --> 00:15:25,714 Selena, let's find out what Selena is writing... 123 00:15:26,543 --> 00:15:30,484 Boss, the Vitaly V., ordinary innocent man who. 124 00:15:30,484 --> 00:15:33,921 randomly got into the catacombs, and after... 125 00:15:33,921 --> 00:15:37,535 experiencing evil and evil he changed. 126 00:15:42,135 --> 00:15:45,980 So, as I understand that, Selena too, got crazy... 127 00:15:47,593 --> 00:15:49,793 And then I do not understand, 128 00:15:49,793 --> 00:15:51,871 this is probably all the catacombs... 129 00:15:52,556 --> 00:15:55,273 maybe I really am in the anomalous place... 130 00:15:55,273 --> 00:15:58,471 maybe catacombs are an abnormal place... 131 00:15:58,852 --> 00:16:02,920 just can not say I'll not go there any more... 132 00:16:03,826 --> 00:16:05,584 but it's a great idea! 133 00:16:07,698 --> 00:16:10,831 It's time to go to the catacombs! 134 00:16:20,633 --> 00:16:24,073 So these are the catacombs, well, I do not see... 135 00:16:24,073 --> 00:16:26,775 that this is an abnormal place, I see now that people... 136 00:16:26,775 --> 00:16:31,269 live here and nothing else, because it is... 137 00:16:31,269 --> 00:16:34,522 simply impossible to enter here for them... 138 00:16:35,160 --> 00:16:38,894 Six months ago. 139 00:16:46,305 --> 00:16:49,228 Danya, hi! Ooops, hi there! 140 00:16:49,577 --> 00:16:51,743 What are you dragging, you need help? 141 00:16:51,743 --> 00:16:54,637 No I can manage it, Madina asked to put away some stuff... 142 00:16:54,637 --> 00:16:57,210 You are not coming to your work anymore? 143 00:16:57,210 --> 00:16:58,800 I took a day off... 144 00:16:58,800 --> 00:17:02,141 Ahh, but I did not know... let's ave a drink in the evening? 145 00:17:02,141 --> 00:17:06,140 Perhaps, but maybe later... 146 00:17:07,920 --> 00:17:11,357 Okay, okay...No offense, a lot of things to do... 147 00:17:12,323 --> 00:17:14,208 everything needs to be ready... 148 00:17:15,491 --> 00:17:20,260 I have a good place to drip this body... 149 00:17:22,475 --> 00:17:25,737 Here you go! Now you all know... 150 00:17:26,238 --> 00:17:30,836 I'm not an angel too of course, but it was necessary for me... 151 00:17:30,836 --> 00:17:34,404 to get to them to find out about the other world. 152 00:17:34,404 --> 00:17:39,122 but faith is some were nearby, so I'm staying in this house 153 00:17:39,871 --> 00:17:44,092 to wait at least someone who is still alive... 154 00:17:44,754 --> 00:17:48,256 six months have passed and still no one showed up. 155 00:17:48,256 --> 00:17:50,751 Where did they all disappear? 156 00:18:23,085 --> 00:18:26,571 We are now on the run after the events in the catacombs 157 00:18:26,571 --> 00:18:29,568 we had to leave, because Daniel had killed my friends. 158 00:18:29,568 --> 00:18:31,990 The villagers found it out...they... they gave us war... 159 00:18:31,990 --> 00:18:34,580 our main task is not to give up 160 00:18:34,580 --> 00:18:38,210 stick together and help each other. 161 00:18:38,210 --> 00:18:42,159 And my goal is to regain the trust of residents 162 00:18:42,159 --> 00:18:45,661 and to return to live in the village... but I tell them 163 00:18:47,123 --> 00:18:50,257 that Daniel killed all because of love for me, 164 00:18:50,257 --> 00:18:52,687 it's more like gibberish... 165 00:18:52,687 --> 00:18:54,772 I promised the village that I will release... 166 00:18:54,772 --> 00:18:56,945 them from the abnormal place... 167 00:18:56,945 --> 00:18:59,782 but now we killed those innocent people. 168 00:18:59,782 --> 00:19:05,011 I forgot about the fact that Daniel is one of them, 169 00:19:05,011 --> 00:19:09,177 he is innocent, who also was in the catacombs, 170 00:19:10,977 --> 00:19:13,277 but it does not justify it... 171 00:19:39,477 --> 00:19:40,763 What? 172 00:19:45,563 --> 00:19:47,768 What's so funny? I do not understand?! 173 00:19:47,768 --> 00:19:51,182 I am with empty hands... it did not work... 174 00:19:52,582 --> 00:19:56,831 If we want to survive, I need these things! 175 00:20:00,731 --> 00:20:03,228 Okay, I'll go alone... 176 00:20:03,228 --> 00:20:07,232 Are you crazy? I am quite serious! 177 00:20:08,950 --> 00:20:12,075 For starters get dressed, it's freezing outside! 178 00:20:12,785 --> 00:20:14,458 Is that it? 179 00:20:14,935 --> 00:20:16,973 Well, what else? 180 00:20:17,520 --> 00:20:18,995 Fuck you! 181 00:20:21,895 --> 00:20:24,046 Somebody's not in the mood today. 182 00:21:03,746 --> 00:21:06,207 I did not understand... 183 00:21:25,407 --> 00:21:27,052 Help... 184 00:21:36,017 --> 00:21:37,560 Maxim... 185 00:21:47,560 --> 00:21:52,149 One month later. 186 00:22:20,849 --> 00:22:25,812 What happened to us, I will never forget, 187 00:22:26,921 --> 00:22:28,822 I do not know who to blame... 188 00:22:29,692 --> 00:22:34,242 good and evil always go one path... 189 00:22:41,842 --> 00:22:42,983 Madina... 190 00:22:44,324 --> 00:22:45,448 Damn. 191 00:22:48,248 --> 00:22:49,965 Can't you wait half an hour? 192 00:22:52,059 --> 00:22:55,953 I can not be there, it is all crap inside my head. 193 00:22:57,919 --> 00:23:02,348 Danya, I have to prepare myself... For what... 194 00:23:15,748 --> 00:23:18,948 I want to save him... 195 00:23:19,849 --> 00:23:22,364 I'm tired of losing people... 196 00:23:23,721 --> 00:23:26,795 He is already a month in delirium, and if he... 197 00:23:27,129 --> 00:23:30,444 Let's not make conclusions... 198 00:23:33,722 --> 00:23:38,023 So, my dear, I'm sorry, I want at least to save someone 199 00:23:38,023 --> 00:23:40,684 you took the last one from me... 200 00:23:43,126 --> 00:23:46,138 Now you will poke me with that. 201 00:23:48,420 --> 00:23:50,402 This is my personal right! 202 00:23:51,824 --> 00:23:54,110 We are on the run, we have to stick together, 203 00:23:54,110 --> 00:23:56,563 and you're behaving like that... 204 00:23:57,033 --> 00:23:58,855 On the run! 205 00:23:59,635 --> 00:24:03,297 because of you we got there... 206 00:24:04,158 --> 00:24:08,457 He shot us a video in the catacombs, and there you know what happened... 207 00:24:14,286 --> 00:24:19,486 Yes, I know, you've killed them all, all of whom I knew... 208 00:24:20,308 --> 00:24:21,608 209 00:24:21,608 --> 00:24:24,566 Well, tell me I'm a bitch!? 210 00:24:30,433 --> 00:24:32,566 Idiot! 211 00:25:43,266 --> 00:25:46,734 I promise to Max... 212 00:25:47,259 --> 00:25:50,953 you will live a normal life... you will have friends 213 00:25:50,953 --> 00:25:53,852 girls, love and family 214 00:25:54,233 --> 00:25:56,951 just promise that you will not leave us 215 00:25:56,951 --> 00:26:01,941 I'm tired, I'm just tired of losing loved ones... 216 00:26:07,041 --> 00:26:10,757 Come on Maxim, come on, my dear 217 00:26:38,957 --> 00:26:45,591 you can do it... come on! 218 00:27:36,491 --> 00:27:38,497 You did it... 219 00:27:45,397 --> 00:27:48,585 Well done! You did, my dear! 220 00:28:10,785 --> 00:28:14,952 I knew it, it's not shining anymore to me after the catacombs. 221 00:28:15,326 --> 00:28:17,060 Sarcastic? 222 00:28:17,738 --> 00:28:19,391 What should I cry? 223 00:28:20,277 --> 00:28:23,248 You have no idea how dangerous it is now for you. 224 00:28:23,248 --> 00:28:26,349 Another pitfall, we will break through!!! 225 00:28:26,349 --> 00:28:28,403 Not this time... 226 00:28:28,801 --> 00:28:30,934 And what will you do to me? 227 00:28:31,684 --> 00:28:37,123 Fire dance lambada, but first I have to find the door. 228 00:28:37,888 --> 00:28:40,733 You're late, they are closed forever. 229 00:28:41,307 --> 00:28:43,830 So you open it again! 230 00:28:44,211 --> 00:28:46,641 For you never... 231 00:28:48,678 --> 00:28:52,865 I didn't drink human blood for a long time, 232 00:28:52,865 --> 00:28:55,662 do not tempt me. 233 00:28:55,662 --> 00:28:58,803 It means, with the help of blood are you so strong? 234 00:28:58,803 --> 00:29:02,964 I have nothing to lose... I don't care... 235 00:29:05,114 --> 00:29:07,248 But... maybe... 236 00:29:07,248 --> 00:29:09,109 Start right now! 237 00:29:24,509 --> 00:29:26,754 Oh, Maxim, Maxim 238 00:29:29,887 --> 00:29:32,556 you have no idea what I went through 239 00:29:34,433 --> 00:29:38,686 what I went through... 240 00:29:51,486 --> 00:29:55,574 God knows what we can expect in the future! 241 00:29:59,874 --> 00:30:02,735 Hmm, he kind of woke up... 242 00:30:03,940 --> 00:30:06,865 Yes! But let him sleep some more! 243 00:30:08,110 --> 00:30:12,075 Wait... he's asleep for a month... for this time and I could... 244 00:30:12,075 --> 00:30:16,358 He is not himself! Well, we're all out... 245 00:30:16,940 --> 00:30:18,738 of it and it's time to go to a mental hospital, 246 00:30:18,738 --> 00:30:20,767 they have already been waiting there for us... 247 00:30:25,372 --> 00:30:29,783 What do you say now? pick up your clothes, and we... 248 00:30:29,783 --> 00:30:33,724 Jerk, you said something about a psychiatric hospital... 249 00:31:20,317 --> 00:31:24,426 No! With me such jokes are not working... 250 00:31:26,216 --> 00:31:29,653 Now, explain, what's happening to you? 251 00:31:48,253 --> 00:31:54,055 What, which one? We're... 252 00:31:55,309 --> 00:32:00,841 They say fireworks were good, but wehave destroyed Satan. 253 00:32:02,206 --> 00:32:05,659 And where is Vitali? You need him... 254 00:32:05,659 --> 00:32:09,534 I think after what happened, no more excuses. 255 00:32:10,179 --> 00:32:14,176 So, you saved us? 256 00:32:20,376 --> 00:32:24,019 Well guys, let's go save the innocent 257 00:32:24,019 --> 00:32:25,753 What does all this mean? 258 00:32:25,753 --> 00:32:28,927 In general, get out of the car or I will kick your ass... 259 00:32:28,927 --> 00:32:32,789 Let's see, we need to save Selena. 260 00:32:32,789 --> 00:32:37,482 You have no excuses. Let's listen to him... 261 00:32:37,856 --> 00:32:39,766 Listen, tosave? 262 00:32:39,766 --> 00:32:44,404 Again, he is going to fool us and eventually he will turn out to be the universal evil. 263 00:32:46,011 --> 00:32:49,985 By the way, where is Selena? Daniel abducted her... 264 00:32:50,590 --> 00:32:53,588 as soon as theybanished Satan from my body. 265 00:32:53,588 --> 00:32:56,225 Stop, we have torn Daniel into pieces anyway... 266 00:32:56,225 --> 00:32:59,302 You probably forgot that he was irresistible too. 267 00:33:00,009 --> 00:33:03,383 Wait, we have expelled all irrepressible... 268 00:33:03,868 --> 00:33:06,321 Yet all the magical communities defused... 269 00:33:06,321 --> 00:33:09,655 In other words stripped all magic from them. 270 00:33:09,988 --> 00:33:12,608 He gained strength from the primary sources 271 00:33:12,608 --> 00:33:16,285 is from the records that were stored in a box with an amulet 272 00:33:16,285 --> 00:33:19,126 So you have a clue how to solve this? 273 00:33:19,126 --> 00:33:22,340 And now we will be able to finish all this chaos? 274 00:33:23,857 --> 00:33:28,716 Let's go Luba, we expect great things are waiting for us. 275 00:33:42,416 --> 00:33:46,620 Damn! And why the hell he can not sit still... 276 00:35:51,120 --> 00:35:56,706 No no no! It can not lastlonger... 277 00:36:43,006 --> 00:36:47,997 You're here, I've searched for you... 278 00:36:49,791 --> 00:36:52,652 How did you know I was here? 279 00:36:52,652 --> 00:36:56,317 Believe me, it was easy to... 280 00:36:57,298 --> 00:37:02,808 Yes, that's for sure, you always got away with it... 281 00:37:05,819 --> 00:37:09,800 You always come out of the water dry! 282 00:37:10,933 --> 00:37:13,698 Madina, what are you talking about? 283 00:37:13,698 --> 00:37:16,679 About you Danya, about you! 284 00:37:17,228 --> 00:37:19,330 I do not understand? 285 00:37:21,226 --> 00:37:23,528 It's time to finish this! 286 00:37:29,298 --> 00:37:30,839 The pain! 287 00:37:36,139 --> 00:37:38,672 Why did you do that? 288 00:37:42,672 --> 00:37:44,697 Madina... what's wrong... 289 00:37:46,597 --> 00:37:50,119 Why did you kill? 290 00:37:52,545 --> 00:37:54,631 What are you... 291 00:37:55,269 --> 00:37:57,274 Don't understand... 292 00:37:58,295 --> 00:38:00,084 Do I have to remind you? 293 00:38:00,865 --> 00:38:02,335 I'd love to! 294 00:38:13,535 --> 00:38:16,733 I saw everyone... 295 00:38:17,724 --> 00:38:21,640 and you killed Max too, like Nadia, smothered with a pillow. 296 00:38:28,193 --> 00:38:29,675 Your fight is over! 297 00:38:32,358 --> 00:38:34,348 You can not fix! 298 00:38:34,348 --> 00:38:39,016 you can never change... but I will not forgive you for this... 299 00:38:39,798 --> 00:38:44,740 You hugged him and said that you care more about him than about me... 300 00:38:49,394 --> 00:38:52,279 You are selfish! 301 00:38:52,877 --> 00:38:56,010 People like you should not burn on fire... 302 00:38:56,800 --> 00:38:59,420 they have to rot in hell! 303 00:39:01,169 --> 00:39:05,138 You killed Nadia, you killed Sasha and Vitali... 304 00:39:05,455 --> 00:39:07,950 No, I did not kill him! 305 00:39:08,787 --> 00:39:12,753 My advice, stay away from Madina! 306 00:39:13,309 --> 00:39:15,340 All clear... Kindergarten... 307 00:39:15,340 --> 00:39:18,402 I know what happened to you in the catacombs 308 00:39:18,968 --> 00:39:21,445 and I'll understand perfectly 309 00:39:21,445 --> 00:39:24,445 it was difficult to be angry and to... 310 00:39:24,445 --> 00:39:26,498 protect that place 311 00:39:27,183 --> 00:39:31,186 but we are now the victims... 312 00:39:33,111 --> 00:39:35,692 The fact that it is our thoughts 313 00:39:35,692 --> 00:39:38,183 a side effect of abnormal places 314 00:39:38,613 --> 00:39:42,490 but it happened to us, and we will remember it as a reality 315 00:39:43,094 --> 00:39:45,707 so we do not yet live bad... 316 00:39:45,707 --> 00:39:47,808 What should I do? 317 00:39:48,886 --> 00:39:53,748 You've got to help put an end to this story. 318 00:39:54,209 --> 00:39:56,732 And leave you alive! 319 00:39:58,281 --> 00:40:01,543 Admit it, to kill me is not an option! 320 00:40:01,940 --> 00:40:05,527 Yes, you too, were a killer... 321 00:40:06,285 --> 00:40:09,012 Rather Satan... 322 00:40:14,212 --> 00:40:15,922 Well, yes... 323 00:40:17,743 --> 00:40:20,222 you could not kill him right away 324 00:40:22,331 --> 00:40:24,762 but then you still did it! 325 00:40:26,008 --> 00:40:28,406 I simply cut them down... 326 00:40:30,840 --> 00:40:32,861 Catacombs give you the strength 327 00:40:32,861 --> 00:40:35,132 you had to protect our people... 328 00:40:35,970 --> 00:40:39,312 and not let them go into the meat grinder! 329 00:41:50,286 --> 00:41:54,058 Well, witch, how we will negotiate? 330 00:41:54,855 --> 00:41:59,476 It's over guys, I am now the King! 331 00:41:59,476 --> 00:42:02,939 We've been through it already... Let Selena go... 332 00:42:03,257 --> 00:42:06,790 Do you have something more powerful than that girl? 333 00:42:07,051 --> 00:42:09,169 Announce the list? 334 00:42:09,707 --> 00:42:12,874 You are one against us, you have no chance... 335 00:42:13,795 --> 00:42:16,905 Guys, you have enough for all of you... 336 00:42:27,405 --> 00:42:30,506 So I did not have to fight with you! 337 00:42:30,975 --> 00:42:34,700 Good night, my children!!! 338 00:42:57,600 --> 00:43:03,500 Madina please forgive me, please... 339 00:43:09,501 --> 00:43:13,203 Let them forgive you!

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