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My name is Paul Latushkin. I am CEO of the film company KARBUSH LLC for the production and distribution of the web series "Universe". My activities - are the production of independent cinema, films, and TV series. My specialty - a low budget and amateur web-series movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York


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How is it interesting in your opinion? what will attract viewers? When we planned to return the film and reshoot it, it took only 2 days to prepare and one meeting with the main character Maria Pyzhikova. In one evening, we decided the entire fate of the film. It was immediately clear that Damned was a Horror movie. When filming began, the status changed, the genre was changed to - Psychological Drama. And when the film was filmed and sent for editing, the genre changed again - now Damn it - from a part of comedy, drama, psychological drama, thriller and action. Therefore, at the moment, our assessment is a film for a wide audience. And whoever said what, as a director, I showed the film to several critics and non-people who do not like to watch such things ... The review was as follows ... - A pretty actress, an understandable "American" plot, but at the same time not predictable, the music was excellent, the plot is very interesting, the makeup was done well, but there are some small questions about the middle of the film and the final scene ... for some reason it reminded me that you are not watching a movie, but a certain series ... where there will be a continuation ... And then our team immediately got an answer ... - Let there be a continuation !!! Yes, the story of the Damned is based on the Trilogy. And when watching - yes, the feeling is as if you are watching a series ... but this is a film, with its own plot, with a beginning, with a tie, with a climax and a denouement. And the film "Damned" is the second film from the film series about the Universe of Another Reality! movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York 



- Три года назад, мои браться открыли врата в другую реальность, кто-то считает, что это мир Асгарда Ирийского, где живут Боги, где вечная благодать, но на самом деле другая реальность это адский мир, каждый человек проходит свой путь в этих бесконечных лабиринтах, я выжил как и мой бывший подчинённый Павел, теперь мы обычные люди бех магических способностей, но это место продолжает притягивать к себе новых людей, новых жертв и наша задача сейчас это помогать невинным…Three years ago, my brother opened the gate to a different reality, someone thinks that it is a world of Erie Asgrad, where the gods live, where the eternal grace, but in fact the reality is another hellish world, everyone goes their way into these endless labyrinths I survived like my former slave, Paul, now we are ordinary people with magical abilities, but this place continues to attract new people, new victims and our task now is to help the innocent ... - Мы думаем об одном и томже…We think about one and the same.... - Снова жертва…A victim again... - Спасатели идут на помощь…Rescuers are going to help. ? - Привет, Селена! Hey Selena! - А ты ещё кто такой? Who are you ? - Я, потерянная душа…I am a lost soul. - И чего твоя душа хочет? And what does your soul want? - Справедливости, чего же ещё…Justice, what else? - Я сплю…I sleep - Да, как и я, только я уже сплю очень давно…Yes, as I do, but I'm already sleeping for a long time ... - Что ты имеешь в виду? What do you mean? - Ты должна помочь Селена, проснись, проснись….You have to help Selena, wake up wake up... ПАВЕЛ – Виталий, я с тобой соглашусь, мы всё делаем зря…Vitaly, I agree with you. What we are doing is useless... ВИТАЛИЙ – Нам всё равно всех не спасти…We still can not save them all ... ПАВЕЛ – Тем более как нам узнать, что невинный человек жив… кроме криков ничего и не было…Especially as we know that an innocent man is alive ... except screams nothing had happened ... ВИТАЛИЙ – Павел, я предлагаю забыть об этой истории и жить дальше обычной жизнью, ведь смерть это номальное явление, от смерти не уйдёшь…Paul, I suggest to forget about this story and go on living a normal life, because death is a nomal phenomenon , you can't escape death... ПАВЕЛ – И давно ты так думаешь…How long do you think that.... ВИТАЛИЙ – С самого начала этой истории From the beginning of the story... ПАВЕЛ – Уже всё закончилось, мы больше не сверхспособные…мы обычные люди, мы можем просто пойти домой и жить нормальной жизнью…It's over now, we no longer have superpowers.... we are ordinary people, we can just go home and live a normal life ... ВИТАЛИЙ – Хорошо, но раз мы уже здесь, давай закончим поиски невинной…Okay, but now we are here, let's finish the search for the innocent ... ПАВЕЛ – Кстати а ты против того, что с нами живёт моя племянница…By the way are you against the fact that we live with my niece ... ВИТАЛИЙ – Хех твоя родня, моя родня, какие проблемы…Heh, your relatives are my relatives, no problems... ПАВЕЛ – Всё понял, без вопросов, продолжаем поиски…All understood, without question, continue searching...... ДЕВОЧКА – А теперь ты бери, нет, ты, а тебе я приказала сидеть спокойно, жди своей очереди…..And now you take it, no, you and I told you to sit still, wait for your turn ... .. ДЕВОЧКА – Я думаю, ты все понял, ну вот ты дождался своей очереди, на бери.I think you all understand well, that's why you waited for your turn to take it. ДЕВОЧКА – О ты новенькая, тогда это тебе.Oh, you are new, then this is for you . СЕЛЕНА – А с кем ты разговариваешь. And with whom you are talking... СЕЛЕНА – Тебя как зовут? What is your name? ДЕВОЧКА – Соня, а это мои друзья! Sonia and these are my friends. СЕЛЕНА – Но здесь, же ни кого нет. But here is nobody. ДЕВОЧКА – Ребята вы слышали, вас нет, странно, почему вас никто не видит…Do you hear it guys, you don't exist, strange, I wonder why no one sees you …. ДЕВОЧКА – Не мешай нам, все равно от тебя, ни какого толка, одни лишь вопросы. Do not bother us with anything from you, nothing but questions. ВИТАЛИЙ – Ну всё Павел, мы пробыли достаточно долго, пора уходить…All right , Paul , we stayed long enough, time to go.... ПАВЕЛ – А я не хочу отсюда уходить… And I do not want to get out of here.... ВИТАЛИЙ – Ну конечно, это же был наш бывший дом…Of course it's been our former home... ПАВЕЛ – Не наш, а твой…Not ours but yours ВИТАЛИЙ – Мой, ну да, пока я решал свои дела в городе, ты всё это время охранял эти места…My, yes, until I was solving my affairs in the city, you are all the time guarding these places ... ПАВЕЛ – Нет, всё-таки я их плоха защищал…No, I was not protecting them well. ВИТАЛИЙ – Ладно Павел, ты как хочешь… а я пошёл…, не хочу пропустить ужин…Well, Paul, as you want ... I go ... I do not want to miss dinner ... ПАВЕЛ – Конечно, Селена очень хорошо готовит! Of course Selena is a very good cook! ДЕВОЧКА – Кто бы вы не были, вы нашли меня,……………….. это место позвало вас,………………………. мы все принадлежим ему, ………………..я надеюсь, вы все увидели и теперь все знаете,……………………….. значит, вы нам поможете, …………………пожалуйста, помогите вернуть нас обратно, ………………..потому что я не знаю, как вернуться назад, …………………..я не могу так больше………сначала он покажет ваши собственные страхи,………….. потом начнутся бесконечные лабиринты………………. в которых нет смысла, ……………………после он попросит присоединиться к нему и продолжить путь вместе с ним …………………………и самое главное не трогайте амулет, ……………….ему нужно чтобы вы это сделали,………………… пожалуйста остановите все это, сделайте это для нас.Who ever you are, you found me .................. .. this place has called you , ............................ we all belong to him .................. ..I hope you all saw and now all know ........................... .. then you help us, please ....................., Help us back, because .................. I do not know how to go back ..................... ..I can't do this anymore ......... first he shows your own fears, ......... ... .. then begins an endless maze ................... which makes no sense, and after he asks to join and continue the journey with him .............................. and most importantly do not touch the amulet .................. .He wants you to do it, ..................... please stop all this, do it for us. СЕЛЕНА – Не трогать??? И что будет?. Do not touch? And what will happen? БОСС – Похоже, ты что-то натворила! It looks like you' ve done something! СЕЛЕНА – Вы как хотите, но я всё равно докопаюсь до истины. You do what you want, but I will still get to the truth. ПАВЕЛ – Я этого не позволю, не хватало тебе еще об этом знать. I will not allow it, you know enough. СЕЛЕНА – Тебя я теперь слушать не буду, дядя называется…I will not listen to you anymore, my uncle... ВИТАЛЯ – Селена, забудь, лучше! Selena, it is better for you to forget! ВИТАЛЯ – Понимаешь, это не наша прихоть, просто…You know, it is not our wish, just... СЕЛЕНА – Вы беспокоитесь за меня, я знаю, но так нельзя.You are worried about me, I know, but you should not. ПАВЕЛ – Я ничего не буду говорить, моя совесть будет чиста.I will not say anything, my conscience will be clear. СЕЛЕНА – Вы что понять не можете, в то что я видела?You can not understand what I saw? ВИТАЛЯ – Только не надо повторяться, мы всё поняли.Just do not repeat, we all understood. СЕЛЕНА – Вы меня не поняли, ко мне приходил ты, в образе какой-то твари. You don't understand me, you came to me in the shape of some kind of creature. СЕЛЕНА – Павел, объясни, что это было? Paul explained what it was? ПАВЕЛ – У меня нет ответов. I have no answers. СЕЛЕНА – А значит бойкот, да? So boycott, yes? СЕЛЕНА – Знаете, что ребятки, оттого, что вы молчите, мне еще больше угрожает опасность.You know what guys, because you all are not sayng anything I'm even in more danger. ПАВЕЛ – Ну, и что дальше делать будем.Well, what we will do next. ВИТАЛЯ – Главное не паниковать, мы столкнулись с подростком, у неё эмоции зашкаливают, поэтому подождём немного.The main thing is not to panic, we are faced with a teenager, her emotions going through the roof, so wait a bit. ВИТАЛЯ – Ну, Павел! Ты так и напрашиваешься на неприятности. Well, Paul, you are asking for trouble. ВИТАЛЯ – Павел! Ну и что это всё означает? Paul! So what does all that mean? АНТОН – Ну вот ты босс и попался!!! Well Boss, you are caught now. АНТОН – Ну здравствуй, Босс! Well, hello Boss! ВИТАЛИЙ – Антон, ты все не правильно понял….Anton, you are misunderstood! АНТОН – Я тебя прекрасно понял, ты всех нас отправил в бесконечный лабиринт, ровно два года я жил в одном и том же времени.I understand you well, you all have sent all of us to an endless maze, exactly two years I lived in the same time. ВИТАЛЯ – Антон, дай я все объясню. Anton, let me explain. АНТОН – Ты уже все сказал, босс, …. А кстати, я же еще твоим подчиненным был, интересно, что ты мне подсыпал…You've already said everything, boss .... And by the way, I was still your slave, I am wondering what it is you slipped in my drink. ВИТАЛЯ – Все уже закончилось…Everything has ended. АНТОН – Да действительно, всему приходит конец, и кстати тебе тоже пришел конец, прямо сейчас наступит конец, такой, какой он должен быть с самого начала!Yes indeed, everything comes to an end, and to you as well, write now, like it should be from the beginning! АНТОН – Это моё первое убийство, не хочу, чтобы ты мне потом снился! This is my first murder, I do not want you to tell me it was all a dream. ПАВЕЛ – Вашу же душу… Да вы что здесь, с ума по сходили? God damned, what are you doing here, I am going crazy... АНТОН – О, сейчас такое начнётся!!! Oh now it will start. АНТОН – Надо же, мне придется убить сразу трех зайцев. Wow I have to kill three birds with one stone. ПАВЕЛ – Антон, не делай глупостей… Anton, don't do anything stupid. АНТОН – Молчать, молчать, …это только вы виноваты в том, что со мной произошло, Silent, silent, you are the only one to be blamed for what happened to me. ПАВЕЛ – В чём, что случилось…What happened.... АНТОН - А вот раньше у меня было все, я даже начал бороться с нечистью…But I had everything, I even started to fight with evil spirits. АНТОН – Пора покончить с вами. It's time to put an end to you . ПАВЕЛ – Селена сделай что нибудь…Selena do something... АНТОН – Всё то, что я пережил и увидел и как, после этого вы себя считаете нормальными…Everything that I experienced and saw, after all of that you consider yourself normal ПАВЕЛ – Это была другая реальность… понимаешь…It was a different reality you know. АНТОН – Какая другая реальность!!! What other reality!!!! СОНЯ – Всё понятно, этот молодой человек обычная жертва, он был связан с историей Босса и Демонов…It's okay, this young man is a victim, he was connected with the history of the Boss and Demons ... ПАВЕЛ – Виталя скажи что-нибудь… Vital say something... ВИТАЛЯ – Антон, он говорит правду…Anton, he is telling the truth. АНТОН – Да, да, да, бла, бла, бла,… какую правду, здесь не вижу ни какой правды…Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah ... which truth,I do not see how any truth ... ПАВЕЛ – Сейчас мы обычные люди, другой реальности больше нет… всё…Now we are ordinary people, another reality does no more exist...that's all... АНТОН – Не верю, не верю я твоим словам!!! I do not believe, I do not believe your words!!!!! АНТОН – Пора кончать с этими соплями и валить вас!It is time to finish with this mess and kill you! АНТОН – Ну ребята, вы хорошо устроились, как у вас теперь все схвачено. Well guys you are well settled, and you have now everything under control. ВИТАЛЯ – Антон, пора тебе нас выслушать. Anton, you have to listen now. АНТОН – А я не хочу, и не буду, я вам не верю…And I do not want to, and will not believe you . САША – Какой шумный…How noisy.... ПАВЕЛ – Антон, ты сейчас всё сам увидишь и поймёшь…Anton, now you will see everything and you will understand. АНТОН – В каком смысле? In what sense? АНТОН – Эй, что делаете… Hey what are you doing? ПАВЕЛ – ну, что, ты всё увидел…, всё понятно? Well you have seen everything. Is it all clear? СЕЛЕНА – Теперь ты с нами? Now you're with us? ПАВЕЛ – Ты веришь нам? Do you believe us? АНТОН – И что нас дальше ожидает? What is expecting us now? САША – У меня нет мыслей, Селена? I have no idea, Selena? СЕЛЕНА – Ладно я спать, завтра новый день, новая история…Okay, I go to sleep, tomorrow is a new story. АНТОН – Сладких снов! Sweet dreams! САША – И ни каких кошмаров. No more nightmares. СЕЛЕНА – Спасибо ребята и вам того же. Thank you guys and the same to you ... АНТОН – Саня, у меня к тебе одна просьба…Sanya, I have one request for you.... САША – Слушаю. I am listening.... АНТОН – Мне придется уйти, чтобы типа не мешаться и все такое…I have to stop disturbing you ... САША – Ты думаешь это выход из ситуации. You think this is a way out. АНТОН – По крайней мере, я хоть вернусь к своим. At least I will be back to my place. САША – Ты уже возвращался и посмотри, к чему это привело. You have come back and saw what it has led to. АНТОН – Может именно сейчас все будет по-другому.Maybe right now everything will be different. САША – Ну ладно допустим… и дальше что. Well, maybe..and then what... АНТОН – Если они будут меня искать, то скажешь, что не видел как я уходил.If they will search for me, tell them, you didn't see how I left. САША – Ну ладно, хорошо… Well, okay... АНТОН – Алло, я слушаю…Hello, I am listening …. АНТОН – Алло, кто это, кто это я не вижу вашего номера?Hello, who is it who I do not see your room number? ПАВЕЛ – У меня не существующий номер. It's an nonexistent number. АНТОН – О, Павел…, блин ты меня поймал. Oh Paul, you got me. ПАВЕЛ – Ты куда то шел? Are you going somewhere? АНТОН – Я решил уйти…I decided to leave. ПАВЕЛ – Так быстро… ты пропустишь все самое интересное. So miss all the fun... АНТОН – Хех, заманчиво. Hey, it is tempting. ПАВЕЛ – Ведь ты же не веришь в чудесное излечение босса?After all, you do not believe in the miraculous cure of the boss? БОСС – Вот мы и встретились Павел! Now we meet again, Paul! БОСС – Ты меня вызвал и тебе нечего сказать? You called me and now you have nothing to say? ПАВЕЛ – Я, конечно, не ожидал, что наш босс раздвоился. I certainly did not expect that our Boss is bisected. БОСС – А кто тебе сказал о том, что это возможно? Who told you that this is possible? ПАВЕЛ – Просто смотрю на тебя и делаю выводы. I just looked at you and I've made my conclusions. БОСС – О! Ты плохо меня знаешь, нельзя судить по внешнему виду. Oh, you don't not know me. You cannot be judged by appearance. ПАВЕЛ – Я всего лишь человек, я имею права так думать I am just a man, I have right to think so. БОСС – Вот именно, но раньше ты был поистине воплощение зла, я даже считал, что у руля встанешь ты, но, не ты и не мои братья этого не сделали, вы пропустили меня.That's right, but before you were truly the embodiment of evil, I even thought that you will stand at the helm, but not for you and my brothers did not, you have lost me. ПАВЕЛ – Осталось всего лишь начать избирательную кампанию и я думаю соберу голоса в свою пользу.It remains only to start the electoral campaign and I think I will gather the votes in my favor. БОСС – Хм, хвалить тебя не получиться, …зачем призвал меня????Hmm, you will not get praise, why have you called me ... ???? ПАВЕЛ – Узнать, кто у руля. To know who is at the helm. БОСС – И всё? That's all? ПАВЕЛ – А что еще,…..а все вспомнил, в обмен тебе же нужна моя душа? What else? I remembered everything, and in exchange you also need my soul? БОСС – Так и есть, значит договорились?It is, agreed? ПАВЕЛ – Только вот уйдешь ты ни с чем. Only one thing, you will leave with nothing. БОСС – Это еще почему? Why? ПАВЕЛ – Потому что сделок я с тобой не заключал. Because I had no deals with you. БОСС – Ладно смертный, живи пока, всё равно мы все там увидимся! Okay, mortal creature, live for now. We see you all there. СЕЛЕНА – Соня ……..ты здесь, ………..я знаю, что ты где-то рядом,…….мне нужна твоя помощь….Sonia ...... are you there ......... ..I know you're somewhere nearby, ...... .I need your help .... СОНЯ – Да, я здесь. Yes, I am here. СОНЯ – Да, ты что-то хотела? Yes, you want something? СЕЛЕНА – Мне надо поговорить. I need to talk. СОНЯ – О чем? About what? СЕЛЕНА – О ноже, где ты его взяла? About the knife...where did you get it? СОНЯ – У Паши. From Paul. СЕЛЕНА – У Паши, у моего дяди? Paul, my uncle? СОНЯ – Он твой дядя? Ха смешно. He is your uncle? That's funny! СЕЛЕНА – Мне вообще не до смеха, зачем тебе нож. I am not amused. Why you need the knife? СОНЯ – Я не знаю, меня только попросили отдать его тебе I don't know. I only asked to give it to you. СЕЛЕНА – Почему Павел тогда сам мне его не дал? Why didn't Paul give it himself? СОНЯ – Спроси у него, наверняка он все знает а может и нет. Ask him, he knows everything, or maybe not. СЕЛЕНА – Ты о чем? What are you talking about? СОНЯ – Тот Павел который сейчас с вами, не знает ничего о ноже. That Paul that is now with you doesn't know anything about the knife. СЕЛЕНА – Чего? What? СОНЯ – Павел раздвоился, поэтому тебе не найти его, или может ты его найдешь…Paul split in two, so you will not find it, or you can ... СЕЛЕНА – Я хочу все знать, расскажи мне. I want to know everything, tell me. СОНЯ – Разве ты не увидела прошлого? Didn't you see the past? СЕЛЕНА – Да, увидела, и все это теперь не важно, я хочу понять, что сейчас происходит.Yes, I saw all of it and it is no longer important, I want to understand what is happening. СОНЯ – Может не надо? Maybe it is better not to do that? ? СЕЛЕНА – Тогда я узнаю у кого-нибудь другого. Then I will find out from someone else. СОНЯ – У кого? Who? СЕЛЕНА – А это уже моя проблема. Now this is my problem. СОНЯ - Только он может спасти тебя…Only he can save you .

1 00:01:23,700 --> 00:01:26,829 You have no idea what I went through... 2 00:01:35,229 --> 00:01:41,154 you can not imagine how I've suffered... 3 00:01:50,360 --> 00:01:53,687 God knows what awaits us all in the future! 4 00:02:00,787 --> 00:02:04,616 Our main task is not to give up 5 00:02:04,616 --> 00:02:07,383 to stick together and help each other. 6 00:02:10,283 --> 00:02:14,479 He fell asleep, well, at least for a time... 7 00:02:15,181 --> 00:02:19,106 at least he stopped with his silly questions... 8 00:02:21,506 --> 00:02:26,815 What? Hello, my love... welcome back! 9 00:02:28,173 --> 00:02:31,851 What happened? You fainted... 10 00:02:32,361 --> 00:02:34,814 but what is the reason... 11 00:02:37,414 --> 00:02:43,971 Hey, are you with us? Here I am, moron... 12 00:02:48,471 --> 00:02:52,924 Well, what about your dream? It does not matter... 13 00:02:53,473 --> 00:02:56,886 What do you mean, it does not matter? 14 00:02:57,244 --> 00:03:01,000 It's not you... it's me... 15 00:03:01,590 --> 00:03:05,442 Everything that happens to you concerns me! 16 00:03:07,628 --> 00:03:11,073 So I see that you are all this time escapng into yourself... 17 00:03:11,073 --> 00:03:14,022 maybe it's time to come back? 18 00:03:15,731 --> 00:03:21,520 This is my test, and I have to go through it myself! 19 00:03:22,844 --> 00:03:27,243 What is happening to me, it does not concern him, that's my problem! 20 00:03:28,305 --> 00:03:33,055 Well, Danichka, try to sleep, and I'll guard your mind. 21 00:03:33,900 --> 00:03:36,481 Although out of me as a security guard with goat's milk... 22 00:03:36,481 --> 00:03:41,244 I cursed, I just cursed to live in misery, all who are with me dies 23 00:03:41,244 --> 00:03:44,649 or goes mad, it has always been like that 24 00:03:44,649 --> 00:03:47,110 so it was before, is happening now as well. 25 00:03:47,110 --> 00:03:50,076 I do not know what it is now , remorse... 26 00:03:50,076 --> 00:03:53,251 or I want to share what I have inside... 27 00:03:56,651 --> 00:04:02,878 Another Reality Episode 11 - Times change 28 00:04:09,178 --> 00:04:11,928 Hi! My name is Sonia... 29 00:04:12,605 --> 00:04:17,365 I was in another reality... 30 00:04:17,906 --> 00:04:23,353 where the demons and evil spirits are... 31 00:04:33,938 --> 00:04:37,740 Madina asked to take notes... 32 00:04:39,579 --> 00:04:44,050 and this will help us all... 33 00:04:44,680 --> 00:04:49,631 and if all will change... 34 00:04:49,631 --> 00:04:52,652 I'll be very happy... 35 00:04:53,627 --> 00:04:56,711 and grateful to her for that... 36 00:04:57,604 --> 00:05:00,382 And this is my story... 37 00:05:00,382 --> 00:05:06,314 I was a schoolgirl studying in fourth grade.. 38 00:05:06,314 --> 00:05:09,928 and I had a girlfriend, Selena... 39 00:05:13,098 --> 00:05:14,999 Hello everybody! 40 00:05:15,725 --> 00:05:17,930 My name is Selena. 41 00:05:19,072 --> 00:05:22,493 I need to say, I have camera-fright. 42 00:05:25,075 --> 00:05:30,297 I used to go to school, almost finished with my exams 43 00:05:31,391 --> 00:05:37,547 and entered college, but then something changed. 44 00:05:38,456 --> 00:05:43,605 I started writing stories, a lot of them. 45 00:05:44,378 --> 00:05:48,799 I wrote about another reality. 46 00:06:00,199 --> 00:06:02,469 How did you find Selena? 47 00:06:02,469 --> 00:06:07,160 I was wondering about, and I couldn't figure out where 48 00:06:07,742 --> 00:06:12,986 I was and what I was doing there, but I had this feeling 49 00:06:13,415 --> 00:06:16,045 that I was missing something. 50 00:06:16,898 --> 00:06:20,007 Now that you've found each other, what are you going to do? 51 00:06:20,692 --> 00:06:22,937 Go away, probably. No. 52 00:06:23,455 --> 00:06:26,477 Wait, what do you mean, “No”? I've decided to stay. 53 00:06:26,477 --> 00:06:30,106 What for? I need to help these people. 54 00:06:30,623 --> 00:06:34,173 What people? People from a another reality. 55 00:06:34,491 --> 00:06:38,449 What are you on about? You have just had a big hit on your head. 56 00:06:38,449 --> 00:06:43,654 We're sitting here now, it's okay. And I write books now. 57 00:06:44,053 --> 00:06:47,210 I can't take it anymore. Sasha! The worst bit is... 58 00:06:47,471 --> 00:06:49,885 that everything here is new for me, I don't understand... 59 00:06:49,885 --> 00:06:52,842 anything around me... and she is talking trash about... 60 00:06:52,842 --> 00:06:55,920 this another reality. What the hell is it? 61 00:06:55,920 --> 00:06:59,621 Sasha, listen, she has not made it up. So you're with her? 62 00:07:00,106 --> 00:07:03,766 Sasha! She may leave. 63 00:07:08,166 --> 00:07:12,683 Hi! How are you? 64 00:07:17,964 --> 00:07:21,915 I'll have a sit, thanks. 65 00:07:29,015 --> 00:07:32,340 Is everything alright? 66 00:07:37,922 --> 00:07:44,600 Stop torturing yourself. You can't change a thing. 67 00:07:45,181 --> 00:07:50,978 It's all happened, it's all in the past. 68 00:07:51,488 --> 00:07:53,543 Stop thinking about it. 69 00:07:53,869 --> 00:07:57,088 No, it's just a start. 70 00:07:57,622 --> 00:08:00,316 So, you want to get to the roots of it all? 71 00:08:00,816 --> 00:08:06,126 Yes. But I don't remember how I ended up here. 72 00:08:16,026 --> 00:08:20,887 She wrote a book about another reality 73 00:08:20,887 --> 00:08:23,183 about demons and she is there 74 00:08:23,183 --> 00:08:26,852 talking about some catacombs... 75 00:08:27,169 --> 00:08:30,022 there are wandering demons 76 00:08:30,604 --> 00:08:34,481 I decided to find out whether all this is true... 77 00:08:35,150 --> 00:08:39,883 After all it were only dreams of Selena... 78 00:08:39,883 --> 00:08:43,097 and then it got worse... 79 00:08:53,279 --> 00:08:56,426 I'm worrying bout her... 80 00:08:58,108 --> 00:09:01,433 I decided to call her friend Sasha... 81 00:09:02,703 --> 00:09:07,526 he came ... I read her book 82 00:09:08,013 --> 00:09:09,978 and I realized what the problem is 83 00:09:09,978 --> 00:09:14,200 he knew where this place is, and he decided to take us there. 84 00:09:32,400 --> 00:09:38,597 Madina let me stay in this house. 85 00:09:46,897 --> 00:09:56,038 If I trust her, things will change. 86 00:09:56,900 --> 00:10:04,697 So I thought, maybe I shouldn't be here? Maybe I should leave? 87 00:10:05,167 --> 00:10:12,902 I should find my school, my parents, maybe I have siblings. 88 00:10:13,292 --> 00:10:17,923 I don't remember my past, but 89 00:10:18,257 --> 00:10:21,071 I want to leave as soon as I can. 90 00:10:27,271 --> 00:10:33,173 Wherever you look, everywhere mystic and a bunch of evil... 91 00:10:34,498 --> 00:10:38,000 so that the catacombs are just the tip of the iceberg. 92 00:10:38,573 --> 00:10:42,367 It's enough, it was in the past 93 00:10:42,780 --> 00:10:46,545 now nothing unchanged, we are now in this time 94 00:10:46,545 --> 00:10:50,159 and I do not want to stir up the past 95 00:10:50,159 --> 00:10:52,858 let it stay inside of me... 96 00:10:53,262 --> 00:10:55,620 goodnight Danya! 97 00:11:22,620 --> 00:11:26,002 No, you can not just sit and wait! 98 00:11:26,359 --> 00:11:28,998 People disappear, paranormal and 99 00:11:28,998 --> 00:11:32,507 Madina involved in this case as well. 100 00:11:34,980 --> 00:11:37,409 Even that bed is paranormal! 101 00:12:09,409 --> 00:12:11,174 Paul? 102 00:12:14,374 --> 00:12:18,906 Good morning! Can you help me with dinner? 103 00:12:22,047 --> 00:12:23,708 He died right? 104 00:12:24,495 --> 00:12:30,082 Yes! And what you saw there? 105 00:12:30,608 --> 00:12:34,973 Only excerpts, pictures, someone drowned him in a bathtub! 106 00:12:36,248 --> 00:12:39,228 That's right... they drowned him... 107 00:12:39,553 --> 00:12:41,998 And that's all you can say? 108 00:12:41,998 --> 00:12:44,268 That's all that I know... 109 00:12:44,673 --> 00:12:47,696 What is this picture doing in your house? 110 00:12:48,389 --> 00:12:51,564 It's Paul, before he lived in this room... 111 00:12:54,601 --> 00:12:58,318 I want to go... Right now... 112 00:12:58,318 --> 00:13:01,852 you have not matured, I did not let you go anywhere 113 00:13:01,852 --> 00:13:04,659 I have to be sure that you will be all right... 114 00:13:04,659 --> 00:13:07,872 I've had enough... What's wrong? 115 00:13:10,572 --> 00:13:14,381 You know, I saw something else... I listen carefully... 116 00:13:14,581 --> 00:13:16,427 Why would you do this with Alexander? 117 00:13:24,827 --> 00:13:30,234 The fact is... that he was weird... he could hurt people... 118 00:13:31,183 --> 00:13:36,188 So maybe now you kill me as well? No, no way... I do not understand the motive... 119 00:13:36,570 --> 00:13:39,896 We have already apologized to Alexander and he is not angry... 120 00:13:39,896 --> 00:13:41,830 Let's see... 121 00:13:43,820 --> 00:13:46,620 So you can help me in the kitchen? 122 00:13:46,620 --> 00:13:49,529 Yes, first I wash my hands... 123 00:13:53,829 --> 00:13:55,083 This is bad... 124 00:13:55,894 --> 00:13:58,157 Nadia found the portrait... 125 00:13:59,108 --> 00:14:01,643 You hear I'm talking to you... 126 00:14:01,643 --> 00:14:05,760 What portrait? Portrait of Paul? 127 00:14:07,860 --> 00:14:10,452 She saw how someone was drowning him... 128 00:14:11,198 --> 00:14:14,060 Is it bad, she is not accusing us... 129 00:14:14,060 --> 00:14:16,393 It is now as long as she does not accuse us... 130 00:14:16,393 --> 00:14:18,527 and in general it is better to get rid of her 131 00:14:20,238 --> 00:14:24,491 to convince her that there was nothing, I want her to leave... 132 00:14:25,791 --> 00:14:30,621 It is difficult... Maybe you have a plan? 133 00:14:39,521 --> 00:14:41,901 There was no need to do it... 134 00:14:42,394 --> 00:14:45,999 We do not have a choice! There is always a choice... 135 00:14:45,999 --> 00:14:50,445 as I have done horrible things... I should be punished! 136 00:14:50,445 --> 00:14:55,826 Let's not here, not now... at least not on this day?! 137 00:15:00,115 --> 00:15:04,005 I will go to the kitchen, I need to cook dinner for you all! 138 00:15:07,318 --> 00:15:09,018 Alexander? 139 00:15:10,392 --> 00:15:13,510 Can I ask you? Yes of course... 140 00:15:13,510 --> 00:15:17,331 You need any help with Nadia? 141 00:15:25,731 --> 00:15:28,168 Nadia, I wanted to tell you... about Paul. 142 00:15:28,168 --> 00:15:31,499 The one on the picture?... Yes... 143 00:15:32,168 --> 00:15:36,085 the fact is that we have drowned him... 144 00:15:37,051 --> 00:15:40,277 What? How did you do it? 145 00:15:40,277 --> 00:15:43,932 It is better to tell you now that you have understood everything correctly... 146 00:15:43,932 --> 00:15:47,649 What is there to understand, you killed a man... 147 00:15:47,649 --> 00:15:52,270 with whom you did it. Daniel... 148 00:15:52,636 --> 00:15:55,554 So maybe now you'll kill us all... 149 00:15:55,554 --> 00:15:57,328 No never... 150 00:15:57,328 --> 00:15:59,765 Why did you do it? 151 00:16:00,450 --> 00:16:04,382 I told you that the catacombs affected each person differently... 152 00:16:04,382 --> 00:16:06,907 and so Paul became a maniac... 153 00:16:22,907 --> 00:16:25,042 He attacked me, and thank God 154 00:16:25,042 --> 00:16:27,415 that Danya ran into the room... 155 00:16:42,615 --> 00:16:47,780 We wanted to cool him down in the water... 156 00:17:10,580 --> 00:17:13,377 but we haveoverdone it... 157 00:17:15,777 --> 00:17:20,219 So you deny that the another reality influenced you? 158 00:17:21,310 --> 00:17:23,738 In fact, I did go into the catacombs... 159 00:17:24,191 --> 00:17:26,245 I do not understand... but what about... 160 00:17:26,245 --> 00:17:28,668 I am clairvoyant, I have superpowers 161 00:17:28,668 --> 00:17:30,715 so I saw everything... 162 00:17:30,715 --> 00:17:36,616 But you told me the same... I told you the story of the boss... 163 00:17:38,616 --> 00:17:44,460 Heh, it turns out that you are the only one normal and adequate among the crazy... 164 00:17:45,039 --> 00:17:49,149 Do you know the name Tara... or the city of Erie Asgrad. 165 00:17:49,707 --> 00:17:53,520 Yes, Alexander told me something about this... 166 00:18:02,320 --> 00:18:05,302 Well, now everything is clear to me... 167 00:18:05,302 --> 00:18:08,533 Story takes place in a another reality... 168 00:18:11,733 --> 00:18:17,219 It happened to other people, and we just absorbed these events... 169 00:18:17,873 --> 00:18:21,263 But it is strange how they got into the catacombs? 170 00:18:22,165 --> 00:18:25,467 So there is still one mystery... 171 00:18:27,505 --> 00:18:30,600 But one day, I was forgotten too 172 00:18:31,800 --> 00:18:34,125 I went into myself 173 00:18:34,125 --> 00:18:38,195 it began when we started to live in this house... 174 00:18:38,919 --> 00:18:44,433 I saw everyone... Each... what happened to them. 175 00:19:28,333 --> 00:19:30,786 And Vitaly V. will not come... 176 00:19:31,150 --> 00:19:34,763 No, I understood that he is saving his figure... 177 00:19:34,763 --> 00:19:38,162 he told us. He will be missing dinner. 178 00:19:38,162 --> 00:19:41,968 He was fed only milk shakes protein powders so... 179 00:19:44,116 --> 00:19:47,529 So let him do his work, he becomes more adequate 180 00:19:47,529 --> 00:19:51,382 just to help Dany and he is working hard for us, feeding all of us... 181 00:19:58,785 --> 00:20:02,166 Madina, where is Elisey... where did he go? 182 00:20:07,002 --> 00:20:09,916 Madina, why are you silent... 183 00:20:11,059 --> 00:20:15,316 I have no idea what you're talking about, who is Elisey? 184 00:20:16,176 --> 00:20:18,747 Nadia, I do not know who it is... 185 00:20:23,340 --> 00:20:26,649 What is wrong with you, you saw a vision again? 186 00:20:28,942 --> 00:20:34,539 Elisey, this is my partner, together we are investigating the case of the catacombs... 187 00:20:39,184 --> 00:20:44,138 I do not want to upset you, but there was no Elisey... 188 00:20:45,087 --> 00:20:47,493 How you do not know... 189 00:20:47,493 --> 00:20:52,923 if you talked to him in the car when I was sick in the catacombs... 190 00:20:58,723 --> 00:21:02,278 and even earlier, we met in the office, we took an interview... 191 00:21:10,219 --> 00:21:14,046 Nadia, nothing happened, you came to me... 192 00:21:14,046 --> 00:21:17,180 we talked, then you went home... 193 00:21:17,625 --> 00:21:23,086 Please, I ambegging you urgently, please do not go there, there is nothing, go home. 194 00:21:23,548 --> 00:21:26,905 Why are you telling me this, you know it's not true... I have to see everything... 195 00:21:26,905 --> 00:21:30,079 There's nothing there, why go there at all, go home! 196 00:21:30,079 --> 00:21:32,078 So if there is no need, I'll check... 197 00:21:32,078 --> 00:21:35,203 Just do not come here anymore, go home, okay... 198 00:21:35,203 --> 00:21:38,239 No, I need to see everything, and I have to learn everything... 199 00:21:38,239 --> 00:21:41,108 What do you mean, you want to know everything 200 00:21:41,108 --> 00:21:43,905 I'm telling you, there's nothing there, why you came here 201 00:21:43,905 --> 00:21:46,406 why, stay there and write your articles, there's nothing here. 202 00:21:46,755 --> 00:21:48,585 So you're saying that there's nothing there... 203 00:21:48,585 --> 00:21:50,263 No! Well, I'll check it... 204 00:21:50,263 --> 00:21:53,139 No, I go home and I'm serious... don't go there anymore 205 00:21:53,139 --> 00:21:56,201 do you understand me? Go home! 206 00:22:05,174 --> 00:22:09,561 The next day you come back... went to the catacombs 207 00:22:10,238 --> 00:22:14,044 I feel your pain... and come running to you for help 208 00:22:15,185 --> 00:22:19,441 even Daniel helped me to drag you... don't youremember? 209 00:22:20,145 --> 00:22:21,639 No... 210 00:22:47,939 --> 00:22:52,033 no... I do not believe you... You killed him! 211 00:22:57,333 --> 00:22:59,715 You killed him! 212 00:23:19,215 --> 00:23:21,475 Hi, Madina! 213 00:23:22,033 --> 00:23:25,533 On a visit or you missed me? To be sure... 214 00:23:25,533 --> 00:23:29,195 With her everything is allright, do not worry, she is under my protection. 215 00:23:29,608 --> 00:23:34,862 I hope you can trust you... I have a great reputation! 216 00:23:35,212 --> 00:23:38,010 And how are you? Like this story? 217 00:23:38,010 --> 00:23:41,860 I'm fine, but that's why you retreated? 218 00:23:42,487 --> 00:23:46,053 To be honest, from the beginning I did not believe in the whole story... 219 00:23:46,660 --> 00:23:51,522 You went into the catacombs too, why you... Not crazy? 220 00:23:51,896 --> 00:23:55,957 Yes, yes... That's what I 'm telling you... I realized... 221 00:23:56,768 --> 00:23:58,387 What did you understand? 222 00:23:58,833 --> 00:24:02,542 If you are a pessimist, the anomaly does not work! 223 00:24:02,542 --> 00:24:04,875 Sure 10 points! 224 00:24:05,329 --> 00:24:07,928 But still you believed me... 225 00:24:07,928 --> 00:24:11,736 In what happened to Nadia! Yes I believe it. 226 00:24:12,181 --> 00:24:15,487 I leave her at home, to help a person with 227 00:24:15,487 --> 00:24:18,245 a gift of claivoyance. It is necessary. 228 00:24:19,411 --> 00:24:22,441 Well, that's great! Well then, can I go? 229 00:24:22,441 --> 00:24:25,463 Bye! Goodbye! 230 00:25:15,363 --> 00:25:19,808 Hmm, there were certainly times... You're talking to someone? 231 00:25:20,382 --> 00:25:22,444 I overheard your conversation... 232 00:25:23,683 --> 00:25:26,800 You canot sleep as well? 233 00:25:27,501 --> 00:25:32,485 Do you think after this we can have a normal sleep? 234 00:25:34,538 --> 00:25:36,712 What is remembered? 235 00:25:37,150 --> 00:25:40,947 A part of another reality... 236 00:25:42,273 --> 00:25:47,055 Ha, I have such memories every hour... 237 00:25:48,461 --> 00:25:53,568 So we are gifted... Not we, you... 238 00:25:53,568 --> 00:25:55,926 I do not understand, why me? 239 00:25:56,388 --> 00:25:59,466 Because among us, you are only one who did not come 240 00:25:59,466 --> 00:26:02,416 into this abnormal place... 241 00:26:14,416 --> 00:26:16,221 Good morning! 242 00:26:18,243 --> 00:26:20,377 Good, woke up so early? 243 00:26:20,377 --> 00:26:23,759 I could not sleep and... forgive me... 244 00:26:24,164 --> 00:26:27,457 No need to apologize, I understand perfectly... 245 00:26:28,335 --> 00:26:31,501 It's my fault, you did not have to... 246 00:26:33,086 --> 00:26:35,579 Already everything is done and nothing can be returned... 247 00:26:35,579 --> 00:26:38,593 I always knew that the otherworldly creatures exsist... 248 00:26:38,593 --> 00:26:42,541 Nobody is hiding it from you, you came, learned, suffered... 249 00:26:42,930 --> 00:26:45,160 And what do we do now? 250 00:26:45,589 --> 00:26:47,922 To accept, understand and forgive... 251 00:26:47,922 --> 00:26:49,559 I did not understand... 252 00:26:49,559 --> 00:26:52,379 Today I am going to end with this story... 253 00:26:52,379 --> 00:26:54,088 And what about us? 254 00:26:54,088 --> 00:26:57,262 And you have to sit there and keep a low profile! 255 00:27:11,062 --> 00:27:17,033 Darling, is everything okay... You know, not really... 256 00:27:17,542 --> 00:27:20,348 What's wrong, the psycho's again? 257 00:27:24,089 --> 00:27:26,254 I do not know... 258 00:27:28,051 --> 00:27:33,448 I do not... It's just... Myhead is spinning, I do not know what to do... 259 00:27:33,838 --> 00:27:36,700 Now we can digress... How can we digress... 260 00:27:36,700 --> 00:27:38,778 There is a way. 261 00:27:59,378 --> 00:28:03,048 Danil wait... What... Do not... 262 00:28:03,048 --> 00:28:06,223 do not, everyone is here... Again, these psychos! 263 00:28:06,223 --> 00:28:10,228 Not like that, you know... Everybody can hear us, so what 264 00:28:10,577 --> 00:28:13,871 I do not understand? It's not important at this moment... 265 00:28:13,871 --> 00:28:17,173 What about... You know... 266 00:28:20,573 --> 00:28:22,299 Do not... 267 00:28:23,241 --> 00:28:25,935 what do you think about... About you! 268 00:28:25,935 --> 00:28:28,454 You only need one thing, he... 269 00:28:31,054 --> 00:28:32,978 Sounds like fun! 270 00:34:38,778 --> 00:34:41,214 That's the end... 271 00:35:17,014 --> 00:35:20,027 At your place, I would not do that! 272 00:35:21,754 --> 00:35:25,438 You do not know how to encrypt! I do not care! 273 00:35:26,476 --> 00:35:31,521 What, also plagued by memories? I say, I don't care! 274 00:35:32,879 --> 00:35:36,844 You think well about me? Without any doubt! 275 00:35:37,939 --> 00:35:40,433 And if I have the information? 276 00:35:40,998 --> 00:35:44,756 What... but remember... I will not give up! 277 00:35:44,756 --> 00:35:49,030 My advice, stay away from Madina! 278 00:35:49,407 --> 00:35:51,345 All clear... Kindergarten... 279 00:37:46,645 --> 00:37:52,809 I killed them all, you hear me, because of you! 280 00:38:00,809 --> 00:38:04,936 Daniel, calm down, Daniel 281 00:38:07,181 --> 00:38:09,162 what are you doing... 282 00:38:10,562 --> 00:38:14,555 Who did you kill? All... What have you done? 283 00:38:14,555 --> 00:38:18,673 I killed all of them. You're not normal... 284 00:38:22,873 --> 00:38:27,102 All, all corpses now... 285 00:38:30,513 --> 00:38:36,142 why have you done it? I love you, Madina... 286 00:38:40,148 --> 00:38:46,106 Calm, calm down... I told you 287 00:38:47,840 --> 00:38:51,038 I told you to calm down, calm down... 288 00:38:53,438 --> 00:38:57,276 But what is wrong... you know... you took those lives... 289 00:38:57,276 --> 00:39:00,416 what right do you have to do it... 290 00:39:03,378 --> 00:39:09,012 I killed them, killed them, killed... Calm down now... enough 291 00:39:11,058 --> 00:39:16,472 everything will be fine, calm thing, you're scaring me 292 00:39:16,472 --> 00:39:22,486 do you want to scare me.... No... But you're scaring me... 293 00:39:24,805 --> 00:39:27,259 What have I done... 294 00:39:28,233 --> 00:39:30,533 Calm down, all right... love you very 295 00:39:30,533 --> 00:39:33,083 much, please just calm down... 296 00:39:36,383 --> 00:39:39,603 Madina I love you! I love you very much... 297 00:39:39,945 --> 00:39:44,315 everything will be fine, I have cleared this place! 298 00:39:44,315 --> 00:39:47,880 everything will be fine, just trust me!

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