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My name is Paul Latushkin. I am CEO of the film company KARBUSH LLC for the production and distribution of the web series "Universe". My activities - are the production of independent cinema, films, and TV series. My specialty - a low budget and amateur web-series movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York


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How is it interesting in your opinion? what will attract viewers? When we planned to return the film and reshoot it, it took only 2 days to prepare and one meeting with the main character Maria Pyzhikova. In one evening, we decided the entire fate of the film. It was immediately clear that Damned was a Horror movie. When filming began, the status changed, the genre was changed to - Psychological Drama. And when the film was filmed and sent for editing, the genre changed again - now Damn it - from a part of comedy, drama, psychological drama, thriller and action. Therefore, at the moment, our assessment is a film for a wide audience. And whoever said what, as a director, I showed the film to several critics and non-people who do not like to watch such things ... The review was as follows ... - A pretty actress, an understandable "American" plot, but at the same time not predictable, the music was excellent, the plot is very interesting, the makeup was done well, but there are some small questions about the middle of the film and the final scene ... for some reason it reminded me that you are not watching a movie, but a certain series ... where there will be a continuation ... And then our team immediately got an answer ... - Let there be a continuation !!! Yes, the story of the Damned is based on the Trilogy. And when watching - yes, the feeling is as if you are watching a series ... but this is a film, with its own plot, with a beginning, with a tie, with a climax and a denouement. And the film "Damned" is the second film from the film series about the Universe of Another Reality! movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York 



This is the city of Omsk, my name is Alex. I'm Anton. Our job is the extermination of vermin. We help the innocent. And everything went fine, until normal life ended and we lost the best friends... Before we had a lot more.... Hello, hi dear! Yes, everything is fine as always.... I'm happy for you! Hello,.... I cannot hear you,... Allo....I am saying I cannot hear you. What the...Where do you come from. Let's try again to remember everything.... There was a call, I pick up the phone and talk to a man I know, but I do not remember what we talked about, suddenly the conversation was interrupted and there was a terrible sound on the line. I say “Hello”, in response to the sudden silence and then there is a sound in the hall. I go there, walk very slowly while looking everywhere around me. Then I come in the hall, no one there but in the air I see the medallion hanging. The Medallion? Medallion, talisman or amulet... Do you remember what it looked like? Can you draw it? What happened next? I took it in my hand and started to examine it. In the middle there was a stone, it made me want to touch it. I wanted to touch it but then suddenly I heard something.....and then I do not remember. Alex, I am not a coward. There is not much that can surprise or scare me, but this vision made me panic. Sasha let's not jump to conclusions, maybe it's like last time,...remember we found that amulet. Oh that one! But there is another thing, I dreamed of his mistress, remember her ghost haunted us for three days until we gave her that amulet. And here the medallion haunts me. Let's look on the Internet. Maybe that thing has a mistress. We can look in the books? In the morning we will go to the library. You only think of sleeping, but I can't sleep. Relax and fall asleep. Of course, easy for you to say, you close your eyes, sleep and I close my eyes and I see dead people. I think it is time to disturb our friend in distress. You are talking about Madina? Yes, she, she must not sleep while others are working... It looks like she is no longer doing this? I don't think she will refuse, it's about me now. Why are you so sure of this? Even before all this devilry we were friends and we more than once helped each other Well, come on then!!!! I have been waiting for you! I haven't lost my skills yet? Well, Hello! I missed you!!!!! Me too! You are still the same....cad. You know, I saw him too. And what exacty did you see? The man sat and looked at him. Let's go through your books, maybe we can find something? You are right, my books would have helped us, but I do not have them anymore. It cannot be that you have got no single one left! Are you out of your mind? Where are they? You know what my life was like before. I just want to live a quiet life now and raise my son and don't worry about people wanting to kill him. A quiet really think that with what you are able to do anyone is going to leave you alone? In the last month I was happy with everything, and nobody bothers me! What about the man with the amulet? That is more a coincidence. And about the amulet in our dreams, did you sent me the link for that?? !! Why do you always drag me again into this? Your books have helped us...where are they? They meant a lot to me, I wasn't able to destroy them... And????? I sold them through the Internet. That's really a witch of the 21st century, the Internet is evil, and you must fight it. Who did you sell it to? The delivery address is in Karbush! I hope they are in good hands. Can I ask you something? Do you have a map? In the region of Omsk! Look, we are all set, did not forget anything. Yes, looks like everything is in order. I'm going out for a while! Where to? A new guy called. He said it was important! What have you got there, tell me! There is a new case. It seems a new victim is involved in witchcraft or Satanism. What an enthusiasm! Did you read it somewhere? I see it! You saw? What did you see? I saw an amulet or talisman! An amulet you say..... You know something? I think you are avoiding me, you lost interest in me? Vica stop. Why do I have to force you to meet. I call you, you do not pick up. Why do you start again? And this answer I hear constantly. It's my job! And I learn, work, and find time for us? Honey, stop it, it's okay. I need you. Need me for what? Just to own? If you don't like it, let's separate. In the office. Okay, Honey, try to understand what I just said, it might well be better for the both of us. You decided to give up so easily on our relationship. I don't want to torture you ! I'm just ready to fight for us, but I do not understand why everything is so difficult, more.... So think about it! Are you bored? Do I know you??? Yes, Vica, more than! Something I do not remember.... You'll remember! Who are you ? You overheard our conversation? No, I am well educated! Shall we take a walk? I'm sorry, I have to go.... How I will still accompany you for a while! Where is he? Maybe he is busy with something? What can he do besides solve our case? Madina, you know something? Why are you smiling? Tell me! He would kill me, Come on, tell! Our Romeo went out on a date! He said he was on a date, he was tired, fine, I will go and rest, wake me up when our hero is back. Here I am , flowers are not necessary. In barely 6 months! What did you do? Sleep? What happens? What happens? It seems like we have guests! Well, I waited a long time for us to meet! You feel uncomfortable? Who are you? I am someone who does not care about your convenience. So here I am, no need for flowers, how are you without me, did you get enough sleep? Yes! What did you do? What's the matter? It's okay? I had again a vision.... And this time, tell me! Run, fast, fast, away from here! What is happening? Hey, all went well? Anton..... Sasha died. What do you say now? Anton, don't get mad, it is a serious matter, which should be are with us? Especially since we are facing the means... So we will fight! What is going to happen with me? Who will teach me now? You don't need to be taught! Yes, you are ready. And what are we going to do now? Let's make..... No it's useless.... No, let her speak..... It's pointless And what if it does help? Madina, speak..... She has seen too many TV series.... Madina, you think you will remember it all, but still you can't stop her death. Why always the head suffers? No, you see it, see, now stir that, awesome. You knew this would happen, what was it? Demons Real demons? No, toy demons.... Maybe it's better not to go to Karbush This is our practice for the first time, the demon probably wanted something? Quiet, I have something to say, I think I know what i's like, well, or least some of you have seen that from my shock, he flew three meters away. Your powers are beginning to grow and it saved our lives! I knew just before Alex opened the door. It is a fact that he did not respond to my shock, he bowed and then disappeared. Wow, the demons worship us, hahahaha, now I want to go to Karbush. Thank you! Yes, Yes, thank you. Okay, let's all take a break and get ready to hit the road. We have been through worse things. And then we learned who the demons are...and if you try to remember, the worst thing that we have to do in the future the future, where there is another world of reality... Because we have to take revenge on the demons, in memory of our friends! Sasha come back to us! I challenge you! Come to my voice! You mean you had a vision, the same as Sasha? Yes it is Madina, my dream was the same as the one of Sasha, the amulet appeared to us in our dreams. Don't tell me... I'm next! I asked you not to tell... Don't worry about this, it is normal. I hope you understand that we all go on our own risk.... And no one will cover our back? And what do we do? For a start, we need to find out who bought those books First you need to find the amulet. Maybe you can drop us on the way to the library? I can. And I have another idea! Tell us! Come with us. Let me stay, I will be waiting here. Good. Don't you go away now! Good luck to you! So much work to do. How much longer is it? This road about 3 kilometers, then turn left.... Turn to the left and then another 10 kilometers! Come on , let's take a walk.... Your friend is definately going to help us? Have you heard it? Heard what...what do you mean? You hear it now? Now… Yes… It seems to come from over there, let's go There is a deadly silence here, we are wrong... No, I feel it is something nearby Well, show it. And you are sure they need our help over here? By the sound her victim is enjoying it. Hey, we heard cries for help! There, there! Do you hear that? Strange room and no screams. It's great that nothing happened! Yeah you can say that, it was horrible.... Quiet! What happened? Anton, there is a ghost in your house. We also encountered a ghost. So we go to a mental hospital, they are already waiting for us there... This is not funny.... What to do? Is this your job? Why all this? It is to get you moving faster... I do, as you say, I don't think about Sasha... Why do you think you need to go to the village, because the last time they saw an amulet there. Where did you get this information? The books were sent there isn't it? I don't want them to get hurt, so just going to the village, without preparation, it's just suicide.... But you have the opportunity to come back and look through the look and find a spell and the amulet will come to you. It came? Yes, there is a spell on it, you can time-travel with it. Hm....I'm more surprised that I started to work with you. So tell me... Where is my son? In a safe place...and don't worry, nothing will happen, as long as you do not open the gate..... And when this is all over, you return it to him? I will think about it.... I'm going out for a little while. What if.... Madina will be right back Understood. Who just called you? No one special Tell me It's one person A Woman? Is there a problem? Well, it's all very strange, from the very first day we met....last time we didn't have a real good conversation. The same shit… And you know, I would like to see her again, but there is an obstacle. Maybe due to the fact that we cannot tell you what we do? strange, it's not like we had a fight, and the phone is put off the second day.... You wanted to go to her? Yes, maybe this time we can talk normal Good luck.... Thank you. Wait, I think Madina is already on the way to you. Do I know you? I believe so, yes! I doubt it, I see you for the first time. Enough of this perversity Madina. What kind of Madina... You did not find another cover? Answer me! You are cunning..... What game are you playing? In our, in our common I don't think so, the case is not progressing.... But, many things have happened. It amuses you? What are your next steps and why do you want this body? This body is the right one, at the same time Alex will not suspect anything. Are you sure that they will go for the amulet? I will accompany them . Did you feel him? It could be that I am clear-sighted but not to this extent! Yeah okay, I was joking He is here! Well, my dear, you got caught, he is a demon, he can flicker It seems like he does not want to come.... Most likely we mean breakfast to him! You were right Were you expecting me? Now let's start, or wait until you can explain everything.... Shut up, before I kill you. What a rant You think so? It means our heads are meant for dessert... How long are you going to hide? Or you think it is settled there for good? Anton, what does he mean? Oh, and don't you know, she is with us or he is with us, Madina, meet him.... Your soul is sold, like the soul of Sasha and Madina! Are you involved in this? Nice to meet you! Now it's your turn, witch. What are the instructions, my Lord. They are dead for sure? And now, wait until you see the new whiz-kid... Well, what to do now, with these new powers? Leave them alone, they are still useful to us. That wasn't so bad!!!! Yup!

1 00:02:53,16 --> 00:02:55,19 Help please. He wants to kill me! 2 00:02:55,21 --> 00:02:56,24 Good, good... 3 00:02:59,01 --> 00:03:00,27 What happened? 4 00:03:01,02 --> 00:03:03,28 I don't know,... it all happened so fast. 5 00:03:04,00 --> 00:03:07,00 ometimes we cannot understand what is happening 6 00:03:07,15 --> 00:03:09,23 or we deliberately forget what mission 7 00:03:10,03 --> 00:03:11,18 you want to achieve 8 00:03:13,06 --> 00:03:18,19 That sorcerer in the rural village of Karbush decided to get what you want. 9 00:03:19,10 --> 00:03:23,28 He spent the ceremony Only the sorcerer made a great mistake 10 00:03:25,11 --> 00:03:29,11 as he summoned dead souls from the village cemetery... 11 00:03:29,18 --> 00:03:32,26 And you're right... I calmed down... 12 00:03:41,02 --> 00:03:42,25 Is there something wrong? 13 00:03:47,26 --> 00:03:50,26 There is a light blinking... 14 00:03:51,00 --> 00:03:53,11 I have a problem with that lamp the whole evening... 15 00:03:53,16 --> 00:03:56,09 you just need to calm down... 16 00:03:59,09 --> 00:04:00,19 It's here! 17 00:04:37,20 --> 00:04:43,04 Another Reality Episode 3 - Journey 18 00:05:08,17 --> 00:05:10,26 Yes, yes I know... 19 00:05:11,09 --> 00:05:14,17 well, what do you think? 20 00:05:15,15 --> 00:05:18,12 All right then, I owe you. 21 00:05:19,22 --> 00:05:22,10 When will we meet? 22 00:05:23,08 --> 00:05:24,24 Okay, bye! 23 00:06:37,11 --> 00:06:41,14 I heard a lot about you! Congratulations! 24 00:06:42,00 --> 00:06:43,26 What made this happen? 25 00:06:45,06 --> 00:06:46,27 Speak. 26 00:06:47,20 --> 00:06:50,03 Or destroy me? 27 00:06:51,12 --> 00:06:53,02 Where is my son? 28 00:06:53,20 --> 00:06:56,01 I do not know. 29 00:06:59,16--> 00:07:02,06 Demons cannot be trusted. 30 00:07:02,16 --> 00:07:06,05 And you try! Tried to... 31 00:07:06,20 --> 00:07:10,05 With me, everything will be different. Let's hope so. 32 00:07:10,13 --> 00:07:14,19 Maybe I am new, but I already know perfectly what you are thinking. 33 00:07:15,06 --> 00:07:17,18 I decided to kill you. 34 00:07:17,25 --> 00:07:22,00 Don't kill...because only I know all of you will be saved... 35 00:08:44,00 --> 00:08:49,08 Hello, where are you... I'm waiting for you for half an hour now... 36 00:08:50,08 --> 00:08:53,13 when...when soon 37 00:08:54,08 --> 00:08:57,15 you will see me in half an hour 38 00:12:19,27 --> 00:12:22,28 Madam was better? 39 00:12:31,18 --> 00:12:33,28 You know why you are here... 40 00:12:34,17 --> 00:12:36,24 what happened to you... 41 00:12:39,27 --> 00:12:42,00 you have new forces... 42 00:12:42,10 --> 00:12:44,08 you noticed it... 43 00:12:44,25 --> 00:12:47,15 and you know why you need them... 44 00:12:48,24 --> 00:12:50,24 I do not know... 45 00:12:51,02 --> 00:12:54,04 you help 46 00:12:54,12 --> 00:12:57,20 the world be a another reality... 47 00:12:57,24 --> 00:12:59,14 Another reality? 48 00:12:59,19 --> 00:13:02,22 Yes, another reality What is it? 49 00:13:03,05 --> 00:13:05,13 Then you will know everything... 50 00:13:05,24 --> 00:13:08,02 you will be quite good... 51 00:13:08,20 --> 00:13:10,20 you will obey all... 52 00:13:11,01 --> 00:13:13,01 but on one condition... 53 00:13:13,29 --> 00:13:21,18 you have to find a victim 54 00:13:22,20 --> 00:13:24,18 and then... 55 00:13:24,27 --> 00:13:27,25 the whole world is at your feet... 56 00:13:28,02 --> 00:13:31,16 You agree? Maybe yes! 57 00:13:31,20 --> 00:13:35,26 you will find this sacrifice... 58 00:13:36,20 --> 00:13:40,07 Think I'm psychic... 59 00:13:41,03 --> 00:13:42,27 What you saw? 60 00:13:43,05 --> 00:13:47,28 Some Sasha and Alex... 61 00:14:37,12 --> 00:14:40,08 Ahhh...hell... It's just me! 62 00:14:40,17 --> 00:14:41,25 Start hunting! 63 00:14:44,10 --> 00:14:47,17 I know, usually it is our job... Hunt for us. 64 00:14:48,04 --> 00:14:49,28 For us? Yes! 65 00:14:50,02 --> 00:14:53,15 You destroyed the most powerful demon with the help of my strength... 66 00:14:53,22 --> 00:14:56,27 and now his whole army declared us war 67 00:14:57,05 --> 00:15:00,29 I had to go with the new demon, so I would not arouse suspicion. 68 00:15:01,13 --> 00:15:04,13 Alex decided to stay some time... Too bad! 69 00:15:04,19 --> 00:15:08,06 Why?... Because after we get attacked... 70 00:15:09,09 --> 00:15:12,23 And Anton, enough with asking questions... 71 00:15:13,05 --> 00:15:16,19 where you know the answer, we must act now... 72 00:15:17,13 --> 00:15:18,22 Now braids in your hair... 73 00:15:35,22 --> 00:15:37,23 What is it? 74 00:15:38,06 --> 00:15:40,07 And how is it even possible? 75 00:15:40,19 --> 00:15:43,15 Feeling of deja vu... What are you talking about? 76 00:15:43,27 --> 00:15:46,15 Remember I just... disappeared...Passed... 77 00:15:47,00 --> 00:15:50,14 Okay, I went hiking. 78 00:15:51,03 --> 00:15:55,06 I think we are here to help the innocent. 79 00:15:55,18 --> 00:15:59,03 While earlier, we were moving and now we are being moved. 80 00:16:50,01 --> 00:16:55,23 Hello, you want a cigarette? Yes, somewhere there... 81 00:17:00,14 --> 00:17:02,00 Thank you! 82 00:17:07,17 --> 00:17:12,15 Are you a musician? Yes, there is a lesson... 83 00:17:12,29 --> 00:17:17,03 Write...When I am in the mood I will write... 84 00:17:17,21 --> 00:17:22,12 You already smoke a long time? Yes, long ago... 85 00:17:23,00 --> 00:17:29,02 Did you know that cigarettes kill? I have read about that... 86 00:17:31,06 --> 00:17:36,17 And you would not want to come with me and see a video about how nicotine kills? 87 00:17:37,11 --> 00:17:40,23 Why... You'd better go... 88 00:17:42,03 --> 00:17:45,09 What is in it for me? Much... 89 00:17:45,22 --> 00:17:51,23 Okay, let's go ..let's see, what was on the video... 90 00:17:56,19 --> 00:18:00,20 The only question that is still bugging me is if everything is going as it should... 91 00:18:00,26 --> 00:18:04,25 that is probably our fate and we cannot escape from that. 92 00:18:14,17 --> 00:18:18,08 We are in the countryside, cows, pigs... 93 00:18:18,14 --> 00:18:21,07 Where you see them it's a perfect silence... 94 00:18:21,16 --> 00:18:24,05 I suggest to walk, maybe we will meet someone... 95 00:18:24,13 --> 00:18:27,24 Maybe it is better to go to any house and explain everything? 96 00:18:28,01 --> 00:18:30,04 Yeah and then we will call the ambulance... 97 00:18:30,11 --> 00:18:32,14 I always knew that we are abnormal... 98 00:18:37,05 --> 00:18:42,14 Here we are...You live here... I am not the only one living here... 99 00:18:42,22 --> 00:18:47,28 Who else...And you will find out in time 100 00:18:50,17 --> 00:18:54,05 sit down and take of that guitar... 101 00:18:54,27 --> 00:18:59,20 What a strange room, here comes the reconstruction... 102 00:19:00,05 --> 00:19:03,23 Yes, here they are reconstructing 103 00:19:04,18 --> 00:19:08,29 It's an abandoned building... Almost...You have it reconstructed... 104 00:19:09,05 --> 00:19:13,10 We are only repairing... With whom... 105 00:19:13,17 --> 00:19:16,19 You all know that with time... 106 00:19:19,27 --> 00:19:23,05 And where we will watch the video... 107 00:19:23,17 --> 00:19:27,23 Who will bring a laptop there so we can see... 108 00:19:28,08 --> 00:19:30,05 Clearly... 109 00:19:59,20 --> 00:20:01,19 Be quiet, quiet... 110 00:20:02,03 --> 00:20:05,06 Where are we... This is the safest place for the moment... 111 00:20:05,15 --> 00:20:07,16 What is a safe place? What's going on? 112 00:20:07,22 --> 00:20:10,15 Here we haven't found anyone, at least not yet. 113 00:20:10,24 --> 00:20:14,05 Who are you? I think someone that you already know. 114 00:20:47,17 --> 00:20:51,22 Well, of course the village, dirty, empty and full of mystery 115 00:20:52,10 --> 00:20:55,14 I decided to forget about everything and act on intuition 116 00:20:55,22 --> 00:20:58,03 and it has never failed me 117 00:21:45,24 --> 00:21:47,18 Is there something wrong? 118 00:21:48,01 --> 00:21:49,05 This house... 119 00:21:55,18 --> 00:21:57,28 Something is happening there... 120 00:21:58,27 --> 00:22:02,09 maybe this house is the reason we are here? 121 00:22:44,09 --> 00:22:46,23 You have again a vision? 122 00:22:57,29 --> 00:22:59,04 Yes... 123 00:23:00,14 --> 00:23:03,20 it seems we will stay here for a long time 124 00:23:19,21 --> 00:23:20,12 Vita! 125 00:23:22,01 --> 00:23:23,22 Do we know each other? 126 00:23:24,03 --> 00:23:26,09 You are one of us, then we do not need to be familiar... 127 00:23:26,26 --> 00:23:31,10 And what does that? In order to explain the rights and obligations 128 00:23:31,15 --> 00:23:35,11 before the higher powers... You know I heard about the boss 129 00:23:35,25 --> 00:23:40,11 and I know his every action... I do not care... You have to help him... 130 00:23:40,24 --> 00:23:45,00 I see that you are devoted to the boss... Do you want to play against him? 131 00:23:45,06 --> 00:23:49,04 I am tired of answering your questions 132 00:23:49,16 --> 00:23:51,15 I have little time... I do not want to continue the conversation 133 00:23:51,20 --> 00:23:53,21 Bear in mind the boss knows your every move... 134 00:23:53,27 --> 00:23:57,17 Well, you warned me, but please do not go on, do not 135 00:23:57,23 --> 00:24:00,13 Think about the game you are playing in 136 00:24:00,22 --> 00:24:03,12 Well, think about it! 137 00:24:06,08 --> 00:24:08,29 Boss, are you there? 138 00:24:13,16 --> 00:24:16,06 Boss, I have important information for you. 139 00:24:17,04 --> 00:24:20,00 Why you shut me out from things? 140 00:24:21,04 --> 00:24:24,23 Sorry... Believe me, I want to bring good news 141 00:24:25,04 --> 00:24:27,13 but so far only bad news... 142 00:24:27,29 --> 00:24:30,01 Well, I am listening... 143 00:24:30,25 --> 00:24:33,17 The new demon leads a double play... 144 00:24:33,25 --> 00:24:38,21 Then it's not bad news, the demons are allowed duplicity... 145 00:24:39,04 --> 00:24:42,24 And if it is a game against you... against our goal... 146 00:24:44,04 --> 00:24:47,01 Are you sure that it is against me? 147 00:24:47,18 --> 00:24:49,17 No doubt! 148 00:24:51,13 --> 00:24:53,14 Show me the new... 149 00:25:32,00 --> 00:25:38,11 We must go to this house, then I can say more... 150 00:25:39,00 --> 00:25:40,24 I agree, I can already feel the evil. 151 00:25:41,00 --> 00:25:43,14 So on our part... 152 00:26:01,25 --> 00:26:03,17 Are you ready? 153 00:26:06,09 --> 00:26:07,25 Yes! Go! 154 00:28:02,06 --> 00:28:04,19 Well, hello? 155 00:28:05,13 --> 00:28:08,08 Hello. How is your new life? 156 00:28:08,19 --> 00:28:10,20 Allright, I do not complain. 157 00:28:11,05 --> 00:28:17,28 Have you seen lately what's new? Nothing new, the world has not changed... 158 00:28:18,15 --> 00:28:21,11 What are you thinking now? 159 00:28:30,27 --> 00:28:35,14 Who is Eugene? A mortal man... 160 00:28:36,11 --> 00:28:38,12 who I want to take revenge on 161 00:28:39,04 --> 00:28:43,01 Good man? For the world of mortals... 162 00:28:44,04 --> 00:28:47,28 What did you do in the catacombs? Nothing, walking, traveling. 163 00:28:48,04 --> 00:28:50,27 Or is it forbidden now? 164 00:28:51,23 --> 00:28:54,24 You killed the man?... Yes 165 00:28:55,04 --> 00:29:00,25 and fed him to the bats in the zoo. They were very hungry. 166 00:29:04,06 --> 00:29:06,05 I hope you are lying? 167 00:29:06,12 --> 00:29:08,04 No, should I? 168 00:29:19,04 --> 00:29:22,13 Well, anyone? It seems to have come off. 169 00:29:23,07 --> 00:29:27,13 Did you see his eyes? It is necessary to go back there. Yeah take a chance... 170 00:29:28,00 --> 00:29:31,05 Let's call our guys... we need help. 171 00:29:31,16 --> 00:29:34,16 Do you really think we have caused this because of that house? 172 00:29:34,20 --> 00:29:36,23 Of course, it's our job. 173 00:29:37,00 --> 00:29:40,03 In every villages, there are houses with a bad past... 174 00:29:40,11 --> 00:29:45,21 Yes, yes, and we have to clean it.... we need to do something... 175 00:30:20,09 --> 00:30:22,18 Hello, I need to talk 176 00:30:23,09 --> 00:30:25,08 What do you want? 177 00:30:25,21 --> 00:30:28,13 I have proof that... 178 00:30:28,28 --> 00:30:33,11 the Vita plays against us...Be direct... 179 00:30:34,05 --> 00:30:38,11 I know that she killed another person... 180 00:30:38,23 --> 00:30:42,29 Why?... They are on a party now. 181 00:31:22,02 --> 00:31:25,11 This is a real home, where I live... 182 00:31:25,17 --> 00:31:28,23 And the house...where we went to see the video... 183 00:31:29,00 --> 00:31:31,09 And the house is the hide out for the demons... 184 00:31:31,22 --> 00:31:35,03 By the way, when are you bringing my guitar back?... Ah ok... 185 00:31:35,08 --> 00:31:38,07 Can you talk for a moment... Yes of course... 186 00:31:38,13 --> 00:31:41,10 Who is it...Yes this is an old friend... 187 00:31:41,14 --> 00:31:44,11 Ok, otherwise you will not leave me alone...yes... 188 00:31:44,21 --> 00:31:45,25 You have a moment for me? 189 00:31:46,01 --> 00:31:48,28 Wait for me... I'll be right back... 190 00:31:54,08 --> 00:31:56,13 The boss has known for long that Jack is not dead... 191 00:31:56,20 --> 00:31:59,11 And from where does he know that? He has a servant... 192 00:31:59,19 --> 00:32:01,17 Aren't you by accident one of my servants? 193 00:32:01,29 --> 00:32:03,25 It doesn't matter, I have a proposition... 194 00:32:04,03 --> 00:32:05,02 Speak! 195 00:32:06,18 --> 00:32:08,00 Leave us! 196 00:32:24,10 --> 00:32:27,22 Still, you deceived me... In what... 197 00:32:28,06 --> 00:32:30,20 That man is still alive... 198 00:32:31,02 --> 00:32:33,25 What kind of person, I do not understand what you are saying... 199 00:32:34,05 --> 00:32:39,15 You know what I am saying! What a man... 200 00:32:40,12 --> 00:32:46,20 He should have to be dead... 201 00:32:47,09 --> 00:32:49,03 you do not understand 202 00:32:49,18 --> 00:32:52,12 Where is he... I do not know... 203 00:32:53,07 --> 00:32:57,11 And if you think... I really do not know where he is... 204 00:32:58,08 --> 00:33:02,15 Or maybe...maybe he is just around the corner.... 205 00:33:03,19 --> 00:33:06,19 It is not there... 206 00:33:17,28 --> 00:33:19,20 I told you he is not here... 207 00:33:48,07 --> 00:33:50,01 What do we do? 208 00:33:51,15 --> 00:33:54,24 Impossible, which one... What are you talking about? 209 00:33:55,04 --> 00:33:57,22 I thought we were here because of the house... 210 00:33:59,04 --> 00:34:01,08 I wonder who sent us here? 211 00:34:01,18 --> 00:34:04,00 I was worried about that too... 212 00:34:51,04 --> 00:34:53,04 Young man... 213 00:34:53,18 --> 00:34:58,08 Tell me where we are, which area... 214 00:34:59,00 --> 00:35:01,04 He is crazy... 215 00:35:01,21 --> 00:35:06,28 young man... are you all right? 216 00:35:12,01 --> 00:35:17,12 Excuse us please, we don't know where we are now... 217 00:35:18,07 --> 00:35:22,02 can you help us? Can you tell us where we are? 218 00:35:22,17 --> 00:35:26,13 Yes what is this country...because 219 00:35:26,27 --> 00:35:29,26 oh , he does not understand us 220 00:35:30,18 --> 00:35:32,24 Young man, are you feeling all right? 221 00:35:54,05 --> 00:35:56,07 What' s your name? 222 00:36:01,10 --> 00:36:06,12 Karbush famous mysticism... Here are the gates to the world of another reality... 223 00:36:06,27 --> 00:36:10,02 and now all the demons want to get into that world... 224 00:36:10,10 --> 00:36:13,18 And why do the demons want to recover this world? 225 00:36:14,27 --> 00:36:19,28 It is good, pure and divine energy…. evil has big plans for this world. 226 00:36:20,16 --> 00:36:22,13 And what this guy is afraid of? 227 00:36:22,18 --> 00:36:24,26 Of the demons are possessed 228 00:36:25,06 --> 00:36:28,06 as this guy was from the clan thoroughbred 229 00:36:28,18 --> 00:36:32,16 thoroughbred demons are born with the dark gift to harm people 230 00:36:32,21 --> 00:36:35,27 but it possessed an infection that is infused into the innocent 231 00:36:36,01 --> 00:36:42,26 of course I was surprised because only two of the clan, some thoroughbreds others possessed by a demon... 232 00:36:43,27 --> 00:36:48,05 Who kidnapped her? who is this monster 233 00:36:48,13 --> 00:36:54,19 In this village there is now a house that is populated by a ghost... 234 00:36:54,29 --> 00:36:57,18 ghost that is the very wizard who gave birth to thoroughbred... 235 00:36:57,22 --> 00:36:59,23 and payed for it...It has long been engaged in this occult, even students scored... 236 00:36:59,28 --> 00:37:03,09 But when the sorcerer promised his disciples power 237 00:37:03,13 --> 00:37:06,25 many innocent newcomers destroyed him, and took the amulet… 238 00:37:18,08 --> 00:37:20,06 If I understood correctly 239 00:37:20,19 --> 00:37:24,07 that when we will come to his house, we will see this... 240 00:37:24,14 --> 00:37:28,13 of the sorcerer and the two girls, who soaked it and took the amulet... 241 00:37:28,19 --> 00:37:32,05 So...It looks like, it was more necessary amulet 242 00:37:32,15 --> 00:37:36,13 probably they opened the gate and another reality destroyed them 243 00:37:41,01 --> 00:37:42,28 Then I do not understand 244 00:37:43,12 --> 00:37:45,12 you all have motives 245 00:37:50,06 --> 00:37:53,05 but who opens dies... 246 00:37:54,01 --> 00:37:57,14 So in another reality... lives a creature... 247 00:37:57,24 --> 00:38:00,24 And to be honest not let evil... 248 00:38:01,04 --> 00:38:02,19 Tempting... 249 00:38:05,11 --> 00:38:11,27 By the way I do not like this guy it would be necessary to check for viruses... 250 00:38:12,11 --> 00:38:14,19 Do you think he is a demon? 251 00:38:16,16 --> 00:38:19,08 Let's try to outwit him... 252 00:38:35,13 --> 00:38:39,24 Where did he go? He seems to know that we are hunters... 253 00:38:40,20 --> 00:38:42,24 damn...What are you doing? 254 00:38:43,06 --> 00:38:46,15 A feeling that I was there before... 255 00:40:17,14 --> 00:40:19,23 Yeah what could mean all this... 256 00:40:20,00 --> 00:40:24,10 Looks like you were right, the demons ambushed us... 257 00:40:29,02 --> 00:40:32,11 He went after us... Shit!!! 258 00:40:38,00 --> 00:40:39,21 Run!!! 259 00:41:21,14 --> 00:41:24,28 Tired of running... 260 00:41:29,28 --> 00:41:31,22 What's wrong with you... 261 00:41:33,18 --> 00:41:36,08 Behind us the demons! 262 00:41:36,16 --> 00:41:38,05 Purebred or a madman... 263 00:41:38,27 --> 00:41:41,01 You knew about them... 264 00:41:41,18 --> 00:41:44,27 I learned something... 265 00:42:17,27 --> 00:42:23,26 Listen darling, you don't have the right to call me so! 266 00:42:25,20 --> 00:42:28,14 And if I have information? 267 00:42:29,17 --> 00:42:31,07 Speak! 268 00:42:31,20 --> 00:42:36,13 In this house lives Eugene, my brother... 269 00:42:37,21 --> 00:42:39,11 Eugene? The same? 270 00:42:39,23 --> 00:42:42,01 Yes a subordinate of Vita... 271 00:42:42,22 --> 00:42:44,21 By the way, where is she? 272 00:42:46,00 --> 00:42:49,02 I sent her to hell! You killed her? 273 00:42:49,11 --> 00:42:51,20 We cannot be destroyed! 274 00:42:52,06 --> 00:42:54,14 The gates of hell are closed... 275 00:42:54,24 --> 00:42:56,10 and it will save our destiny... 276 00:42:56,15 --> 00:43:00,14 And if she comes back? She will not... 277 00:43:03,15 --> 00:43:09,00 Did your right hand make you immortal already? 278 00:43:10,20 --> 00:43:13,24 How quickly news travels... 279 00:43:18,05 --> 00:43:20,29 Why have you called me? Speak! 280 00:43:21,04 --> 00:43:24,14 I know how to open the gate to a another reality 281 00:43:24,18 --> 00:43:27,28 without risking our lives!

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