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My name is Paul Latushkin. I am CEO of the film company KARBUSH LLC for the production and distribution of the web series "Universe". My activities - are the production of independent cinema, films, and TV series. My specialty - a low budget and amateur web-series movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York


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Let's discuss my web series with you and I will tell you about my success in marketing because I tested the project on my own for 5 years while creating it. Believe me, I have something to show and tell you! The offer is unique for your market, there has never been such a web series, neither on television, nor in cinemas and, of course, not on digital platforms on the Internet movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York 



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How is it interesting in your opinion? what will attract viewers? When we planned to return the film and reshoot it, it took only 2 days to prepare and one meeting with the main character Maria Pyzhikova. In one evening, we decided the entire fate of the film. It was immediately clear that Damned was a Horror movie. When filming began, the status changed, the genre was changed to - Psychological Drama. And when the film was filmed and sent for editing, the genre changed again - now Damn it - from a part of comedy, drama, psychological drama, thriller and action. Therefore, at the moment, our assessment is a film for a wide audience. And whoever said what, as a director, I showed the film to several critics and non-people who do not like to watch such things ... The review was as follows ... - A pretty actress, an understandable "American" plot, but at the same time not predictable, the music was excellent, the plot is very interesting, the makeup was done well, but there are some small questions about the middle of the film and the final scene ... for some reason it reminded me that you are not watching a movie, but a certain series ... where there will be a continuation ... And then our team immediately got an answer ... - Let there be a continuation !!! Yes, the story of the Damned is based on the Trilogy. And when watching - yes, the feeling is as if you are watching a series ... but this is a film, with its own plot, with a beginning, with a tie, with a climax and a denouement. And the film "Damned" is the second film from the film series about the Universe of Another Reality! movie rentals prime video web series Universe near me look in our city New York 



ПАВЕЛ – Проснись, я пришёл к тебе… Мадина!Wake up, I came to you ... Madina! ПАВЕЛ – Ты мне должна, не так ли…You owe me, don't you ... МАДИНА – Что… Павел… нет, не надо… сейчас всё сложно…What ... Paul ... no, don't ... now everything is complicated ... ПАВЕЛ – А будет ещё сложней…And it will be even more difficult ... МАДИНА – Считаешь себя неуязвимым призраком…You consider yourself an invincible ghost ... ПАВЕЛ – Почему ты вернулась сюда… это же мой дом, я здесь хозяин… Why did you come back here ... it's my house, I'm the boss here ... МАДИНА – Во-первых ты уже мёртв, а во вторых я вернулась чтобы загладить вину…Firstly you are already dead, and secondly, I have returned to make amends ... ПАВЕЛ – И перед кем же…Make it up to whom? МАДИНА – Перед жителями, перед всеми… To the local residents, to everyone ... ПАВЕЛ – Сначала послужишь мне, а потом всем остальным, что для меня, … до остальных мне нет дела,… вы утопили меня, так что сейчас ты должна заплатить мне дань…First you'll serve, and then for the rest ... I do not care about the rest ... you drowned me, so now you have to pay me back ... ПАВЕЛ – Заключаем сделку и ты свободна!Let's make a deal and you're free! МАДИНА – А если нет???If not ??? ПАВЕЛ – Значит, твой Даня будет страдать!!!Than your Danya will suffer !!! ? МАДИНА – Что… Какого чёрта…What ... What the hell ... ? САША – Проблемы?Problems? МАДИНА – Саша, Саша прости меня…Sasha, Sasha, forgive me ... САША – Кстати в обряде на изгнание не было моей вещи…By the way, during that ritual my thing was absent МАДИНА – Пожалуйста, я прошу… не делай глупостей…Please, I ask ... do not do anything stupid ... САША – А я не хочу глупостей, я пришёл с миром,… I do not want anything stupid, I came in peace ... САША – Грозит что-то страшное и я пришёл предупредить тебя…Something terrible is coming and I came to warn you.... МАДИНА – Что это будет,… очередное испытание или…What would it be ... the next test, or ... САША – Смерть… Death... САША – Я не знаю сколько их будет, … одна,… две… или все…I do not know with how many of them they would be ... one ... two ... or ... МАДИНА – Что я должна делать?What should I do? САША – Слушай своё сердце,… слушай всегда то, что оно говорит…Listen to your heart ... always listen to what it says ... МАДИНА – Мне столько у тебя надо спросить…So I have to ask you so much ... САША – А зачем? … ты же человек, тебе не надо знать про загробную жизнь… прошлого не вернуть,… но у тебя есть шанс изменить будущее… всё в твоих руках… всё будет зависеть только от тебя!Why? ... You're a man, you do not need to know about the afterlife ... the past does not return, but ... you have a chance to change the future ... everything is in your hands ... everything will depend on you! МАДИНА – Ты ещё вернёшься, … ты будешь ко мне приходить?Will you come back ... you will come to me? МАДИНА – Саша?Sasha? ВЕРХОВНАЯ – Я слушаю!I'm listening! МАДИНА – Я… я…..просто…I ... I ... ..just ... ВЕРХОВНАЯ – А по короче?Shorter? МАДИНА – Я хочу вернуть доверие…I want to return the trust ... ВЕРХОВНАЯ - Доверие? Trust? МАДИНА – Да, да! Yes yes! ВЕРХОВНАЯ – А ты его заслужила или твой как там его…Do you deserve it, or yours ... МАДИНА – Данил!Daniel! ВЕРХОВНАЯ – Он убил наших людей…He killed our people ... МАДИНА – Он не спицально, он этого не хотел…He did not do it on pupose, he did not want to ... ВЕРХОВНАЯ – Ты в этом уверенна?Are you sure of this? МАДИНА – Да! Yes! ВЕРХОВНАЯ – Ты была там?You were there? ВЕРХОВНАЯ – Я спрашиваю…I'm asking ... МАДИНА – Нет меня там не было…No I was not there ... ВЕРХОВНАЯ – Он должен заплатить…He has to pay ... МАДИНА – Пожалуйста…Please... ВЕРХОВНАЯ – Слёзы и сопли не помогут, мы его должны наказать!Tears and snot will not help, we have to punish him! МАДИНА – Он уже наказан!He has already been punished! ВЕРХОВНАЯ - Что?...What ...? ВЕРХОВНАЯ – Повтори, что ты сказала?Repeat what you said? МАДИНА – Я его наказала!I punished him! ВЕРХОВНАЯ – У тебя нет такой власти! Ты не имеешь право! Здесь я главная! Я Верховная Верхнего Карбуша! Только я несу ответственность за своих людей! Вы здесь чужие! Были чужими и останитесь чужими! И я даже спасибо тебе не скажу, что избавила наше село от аномального места! Потому что наши люди погибли…You do not have that kind of power! You have no right! I'm a leader here! I am the Supreme leader of Upper Karbush! Only I am responsible for my people! You are strangers! You were strangers and you staystrangers! And I will not even say thank you that you saved our village from abnormal places! Because our people were killed ... МАДИНА – Да… я знаю…Yes I know ... ВЕРХОВНАЯ – Ты обещала нам, что уничтожишь аномалию в катакомбах, без последствий и без жертв, а что в итоге вышло… Мы его должны казнить!- You promised us that you destroy the anomaly in the catacombs, without consequences and without sacrifice, and what eventually happened ... We have to punish him! МАДИНА – Днила больше нет!Dnila is here no more! ВЕРХОВНАЯ – Поясни!Explain! МАДИНА – Он уже мёртв!He's already dead! ВЕРХОВНАЯ – А подробнее…More details ... МАДИНА – У него был сердечный приступ… вчера вечером, он упал бездыханный на моих глазах, я несмогла его спасти.He had a heart attack...yesterday night, he felt breathless afront of me, I could not help him.... МАДИНА – Пожалуйста, прошу… всё уже конченно…Please, please ... everything is done for ... ВЕРХОВНАЯ – Чего ты хочешь?What do you want? МАДИНА – Я хочу перемирия, я не хочу войны с вашим народом…I want peace, I do not want a war with your people ... ВЕРХОВНАЯ - Перемирие?Peace? МАДИНА – Да,… да! Yes yes! ВЕРХОВНАЯ – Что ж, это можно устроить, но будет одно условие…Well, it could be arranged, but it will be on one condition ... МАДИНА - Какое? What? ВЕРХОВНАЯ – Чтобы каждый житель поверил в смерть Данила, мы должны сжечь его!Every citizen must believe in the death of Daniel, we have to burn him! ? МАДИНА (закадровый) – Ты моя слабость, и они хотят тебя забрать, они хотят тебя сжечь, я не могу позволить сделать этого, они не могут, они не могут забрать мою единственную любовь, хотя какая ты любовь, я тебя собственными руками… Мадина подняла руки и посмотрела на них.You are my weakness, and they want you to take away, they want to burn you, I can not do it, they can not, they can not take away my only love, but whatkind of love are you , I can do it with my own hands ... Madina raised her hands and looked at them. МАДИНА (закадровый) – вот этими руками, я, я убила тебя…With these hands, I, I killed you ... ? ВЕРХОВНАЯ – Чтобы каждый житель поверил в смерть Данила, мы должны сжечь его!Every citizen has to believe in the death of Daniel, we have to burn him! МАДИНА – Даня…Danya ... ? МАДИНА – Мне сейчас….. мне приснился кошмар, …. Они хотели сжечь тебя, но…… я же не ходила к Верховной….. я …. Я даже не знаю как выглядит сама Верховная…. Нет,…. Мы в безопасности, нас никто не тронет, я всё исправлю, а ты спи и не думай обо мне, я должна сама всё исправить,…. Нам же нужно остаться жить здесь, нам ещё надо пожениться, я рожу тебе сына, или дочь,… нет… я рожу тебе и сына и дочку,… И мы будем жить долго и счастливо,…. Только мне надо сначало всё исправить…I have now ... .. a nightmare .... They wanted to burn you, but ...... I did not go to the Supreme ... .. I .... I do not even know how the supreme looks .... No .... We're safe, no one will touch us, you go to sleep and do not think about me, I have to fix it myself .... What we need to stay and live here, we still have to get married, I have to give you a son or daughter . ... and we'll live happily ever after .... Only I have to first fix it ... ? МАДИНА – Я скоро буду любимый!I'll be back soon my love! ? ДАНИЛ – Саша… я… это… ты…Sasha ... I ... it's ... you ... САША – Ищещь прощения? Searching for forgiveness? ДАНИЛ – Да, я, я не хотел,… я думал,…Yes, I am, I did not want..I thought... САША – Это всё любовь, она творит ужасные вещи…It's all love, it creates terrible things ... ДАНИЛ – Прости меня!Forgive me! САША – Пусть они тебя простят…Let them forgive you ... ? МАДИНА (закадровый голос) – Верхний Карбуш, Весна, две тысячи пятнадцатый год, Улицы, Дома, Местные жители, да, местные жители, вот они меня и волнуют, неужели это конец, неужели мне нужно к Верховной, но с чего я взала, что здесь есть Верховная, может её и нет, может она не существует, может я всё выдумала и может это, то, что я боюсь, … потому что мне не понятно только одно, что только не происходило здесь, но никаких побочных явлений для жителей, как будто никто ничего не видел и никто ничего не замечал, я верю во всё что с нами происходило, но не верю, чтобы мы остались незамеченными…Upper Karbush, Spring, two thousand fifteenth year, streets, houses, locals, yes, the locals, they are worrying me, is this the end, do I need to go to the Supreme, maybe not, maybe she does not exists and it was my imagination, maybe it was...what I'm scared of...I do not understand one thing, everything what is happening here has no side effect on the locals, like nobody has seen or heard anything. I do believe in anything but not that we were invisible. МАДИНА (закадровый) – Прошло три года, как мы с Тарой оказались здесь, чтобы остановить зло, но Тара исчезла, а я всё забыла, просто вышибли память, и тут, я охотница, шаманка, а позже появился злодей Босс, Виталий Витальевич, который полностью перевернул мою реальность и виной всему катакомбы…Three years have passed, we are here with Tara to stop the evil, but Tara was gone, and I forgot everything, just kicked out of my memory, and here, I Hunter, shaman, and later appeared The Boss, Vitaly V., which completely changed my reality and the catacombs are to be blamed. ... МАДИНА (закадровый) – Значит я оказалась здесь ещё раз, чтобы… точно,… это очередное задание, катакомбы, аномальное место, это просто очередное задание, которое я выполнила, я излечила катакомбы, я сделала то, что и должна была сделать… но что дальше… наверное снова придётся готовиться отключиться и оказаться в новом месте… но уже достаточно много времени прошло… ведь почти год назад прошёл с того момента, когда нас заметил покойный Макс у тех катакомб… и после этого, я считала что за нами следят, что в Карбуше есть Верховная, но мы вернулись, снова потеряли невинного, и опять, никто не хочет нас наказывать… странно… нет…. Я должна … я должна докапаться до истины… я доджна понять… может, может мне вернуться в катакомбы… вдруг там я найду разгадку…So here I was again, to ... just ... this is just another job, the catacombs, the abnormal place, it's just another job that I performed, I cured the catacombs, I've done that what I had to do ... but what's next ... probably again be ready to disconnect myself and be in a new place ... but enough time has passed already ... after almost a year passed from the moment when we saw the late Max in those catacombs ... and after that, I felt that we were being watched, that is the Supreme Karbush but we came back again andlost the innocent, and again, no one wants to punish us ... strange ... not .... I have to ... I have to find the truth ... I have to understand ... maybe I can get back into the catacombs ... maybe there I will find the answer ... ? МАДИНА – Виталий?Vitaly? ВИТАЛЯ – Я тут вышел снежок откинуть, а то паводок обещают!I immediately went out to cast away the snow, cause they're promising flooding! МАДИНА – Что… о чём ты какой паводок…What ... what do you mean flooding ... ВИТАЛЯ – Весна же на дворе, снег тает.Spring is in the yard, the snow melts. МАДИНА – Ты что с ума сошёл….Are you going crazy .... ВИТАЛЯ – А что я должен делать, меня же здесь затопит…What should I do, I have the same flood here as well МАДИНА – Я не об этом! I'm not talking about that! ВИТАЛЯ – Ты какая-то нервная!You look nervous! МАДИНА – Что происходит, что ты здесь делаешь…What's going on, what are you doing here ... ВИТАЛЯ – Я живу здесь, теперь здесь нет аномального места, теперь это обычное здание и я решил поселиться здесь, вот, теперь я здесь хозяин!I live here, and now there is no abnormal place anymore, it is now a conventional building, and I decided to settle down here, now I'm the boss here! МАДИНА – Не понимаю, ты здесь живёшь…I do not understand, do you live here ... ВИТАЛЯ – Да, я здесь живу…Yes, I live here ... МАДИНА – И сколько, … день… месяц…And how long ... a day ... a month ... ВИТАЛЯ – если мне память не изменяет, то я уже здесь почти год живу…If I remember correctly, I already live here for almost a year ... МАДИНА – А к нам почему не пришёл, я считала тебя мёртвым…Why didn't you come to us, I thought you were dead... ВИТАЛЯ – Но я жив,… да и…. у этого салаги кишка тонка чтобы Виталия Витальевича убить…But I am alive ... and ....I have no guts to kill Vitaly V.... МАДИНА – Всё смеёшься…Still laughing... ВИТАЛЯ – Живу с позитивом, хватит с меня всей этой чертовщины, я заслужил нормальную жизнь…Living a positive life, I've had enough of all this devilry, I deserve a normal life ... МАДИНА – У нас никогда не будет нормальной жизни, забыл легенду…We will never be normal, forget the legend ... ВИТАЛЯ – Ха….легенда… ты ещё о байках в склепе расскажи и про клоуна незабудь.Ha ... the legend ... you're still on the bikes in the crypt, and tell about the clown. МАДИНА – Если они сделают, хоть малейшую ошибку, все, все ваши родные, близкие, друзья, подруги, окажутся здесь, в другой реальности!Если они сделают, хоть малейшую ошибку, все, все ваши родные, близкие, друзья, подруги, окажутся здесь, в другой реальности!- If they make the slightest mistake, all, all your family, friends, girlfriends, will be here in another reality! ВИТАЛЯ – А разве не всё конченно, ты очистила катакомбы, теперь все беды позади…Is not everything done, you have cleared the catacombs, now all the troubles are behind us ... МАДИНА – Может ты пригласишь меня в свои харомы, поболтаем, чай попьём…Maybe you invite me to your place, we chat, drink some tea... МАДИНА – Что такое Виталий Витальевич, вы не желаете приглашать меня в гости…Vitaly V. don't you want to invite me... ВИТАЛЯ – Я просто, не готов сейчас это сделать!I'm just not ready to do it! МАДИНА – Очень странно, когда у вас были проблемы, я поселила вас у меня в доме.Very strange, when you had a problem, I made place for you in my house.... ВИТАЛЯ – Ну мы уже знаем, что это дом Павла, а не твой и к тому же Павел мёртв и теперь у тебя будут проблемы с государством…Well, we already know that it is the home of Paul, not yours, and besides, Paul is dead and now you will have problems with the state ... МАДИНА – А Верховная?What about the Supreme? ВИТАЛЯ – Какая Верховная…Which Supreme ... МАДИНА – Которая о главе Верхнего Карбуша.Which is the head of upper Karbush. ВИТАЛЯ – Скорее всего это твой побочный эффек, поздравляю, наконец-то ты узнала пост аномальный синдром…Most likely it is your side effect, congratulations, finally, now you know the post anomalous syndrome ... МАДИНА – Значит Верховной нет…So the Supreme is not here... ВИТАЛЯ – И никогда и не было её!!!And never was here !!! МАДИНА – Хм… значит, ты не впустишь меня…Hmm ... so you do not let me in ... ВИТАЛЯ – Пожалуй нет…Probably not ... МАДИНА – Я ищу зацепки и я хочу ещё раз войти в катакомбы…I'm looking for clues, and I want to go again into the catacombs ... ВИТАЛЯ – Забудь уже про катакомбы…Forget already about the catacombs ... МАДИНА – Это не твой дом… я всё знаю…This is not your house ... I know all about it ... ВИТАЛЯ – Я не хову тебя впускать!I will not let you in! МАДИНА – Почему?Why? ВИТАЛЯ – Это не мой дом ты права, и хватит этого цирка, я ждал этот момент и он наступил… теперь ты готова…This is not my house you're right, and that's enough of that circus, I was waiting for this moment, and it came ... now you're ready to ... МАДИНА – К чему,…….For what, ....... МАДИНА – Виталий о чём ты, … к чему я готова.Vitaly what do you mean... I'm ready for that. ВИТАЛЯ – Ты одарённая!You are gifted! ВИТАЛЯ – Ты излечила катакомбы от некой силы, которая погружала людей в бездну… да, это было очередное задание, и ты прошла его с успехом… эта сила теперь сидит в тебе, если сейчас ничего не сделать с ней, то ты погибнешь… и ещё насколько я помню, твоя цель была прийти в наш мир, остановить демонов, забрать благодать и вернуться обратно в Асгард, ты всё сделал правильно… да, были потери, но это во благо, во имя высшего блага…You healed the catacombs of certain forces, which drown men into the abyss ... yes, it was a regular job, and you passed it with success ... this force is inside of you now, if it has nothing to do with you, then you will die ... and even as far as I remember, your goal was to come into our world, to stop the demons take the grace and return to Asgrad, you did everything right ... yes, there were losses, but it is good, for the greater good МАДИНА – А тебе это зачем…Why you need it ... ВИТАЛЯ – Хм, узнаю нашу добрую Мадину… да, ты права, это мне и нужно, ……мда, жалко конечно, ведь я больше не босс, я больше не сатана, я был психом, а теперь я человек, и я понял, что моё место не здесь, моё место там, где Вечная благодать…Hmm, I recognize our Madina ... yes, you're right, I need that...... , it is a pity of course, because I am no longer the boss, I am no longer Satan, I was crazy, but now I'm a man and I realized that my the place is not here, my place is where eternal grace is... МАДИНА – Что ты хочешь?What do you want? ВИТАЛЯ – Я знаю способ, как вернуть тебя обратно в Асгард, но я хочу с тобой, это и будет моё условие.I know a way to bring you back to Asgrad, but I want to go with you, this is my condition. МАДИНА – Снова сделка? Again a deal? ВИТАЛИЙ – Нет, это просьба, позволь мне оказаться с тобой в Асгарде, я хочу начать жить сначала, без прошлого, без воспоминаний, хочу начать всё сначала, стать человеком, строить судьбу с чистого листа,… но мы должны сделать это у тебя дома, ведь в этот мир вы пришли в том, же месте.No, it is a request, let me be with you in Asgrad, I want to start living again, no past, no memories, I want to start over, to become a man, to build my future from a blanc list, but ... we have to do it at your house, because in this world you came to that location. МАДИНА – Считаешь, что там врата…Do you think that there is a gate ... ВИТАЛИЙ – Ну не в катакомбах же вы учитились… You did not go to the catacombs.. МАДИНА – Во мне благодать, если что не так пойдёт, я тебя в порошок сотру!The grace inside of me, if anything goes wrong, I'll eraseyou in powder! ВИТАЛИЙ – Договорились!Agreed! ? ДАНИИЛ – Мадина, ты где….. Мадина, … пожалуйста Мадина… ты где….. я хочу тебя увидеть…… Мадина……Мадина ты нужна мне…Madina, where are you ... .. Madina, Madina ... please ... where are you ... .. I want to see you ...... ...... Madina Madina I need you ... САША – Нигде нет её… She is nowhere ... ДАНИЛ – Я что… умер…Will I die ... САША – Судя по всему да… я же тоже… ну ты меня же убил…Apparently yes ... me as well ... , you have killed me ... ДАНИЛ – А меня Мадина! Madina did it to me.... САША – С одной стороны я её понимаю… но вот с другой… как ни крути… ведь Мадина, шаманка, ведьма или как ещё… так что нет, ты не умер, и твоё тело сейчас лежит в комнате…On one hand I understand her ... but on the other ... anyway ... because Madina, shaman, witch or more ... so no, you are dead, and your body is now lying in the room.... ДАНИЛ – Я понял… я всё понял… I understood ... I understood everything ... Смотрят друг на друга.They look at each other. ДАНИЛ – Это моё испытание… да,… я должен проти испытание… но а где Павел и Надя… я же их в этом доме убил… их призраки…This is my test ... yes ... I should ... but to pass the test and where are Paul and Nadia ... I killed them in the house ... their ghosts ... САША – Всех прираков Мадина изгнала… потому что Павел…призрак… он же хозяин этого дома, сильно разозлился… поэтому…All ghosts were banned by Madina, because Paul ... ... is a ghost ... he's the owner of the house, becomes very angry ... that's why ... ДАНИЛ – А ты…. Почему ты не исчез…And you .... Why did you not disappear ... САША – Не знаю, что-то здесь держит меня… и в этом доме нет той вещи которая бы держала меня… а нет… хотя есть…. Гитара…I do not know, something keeps me here ... and in this house there is not one thing that can keep me ... but no ... there is ....aGuitar ... ДАНИЛ – Я продал её!I sold it! САША – Тогда не знаю… что-то по-любому держит меня…Then I do not know ... something is holding me here ... МАДИНА – Перед тем как мы начнём, я хотела спросить… за последней чашкой кофем в этом современном мире…Before we begin, I wanted to ask ... for the last cup of coffee in this modern world ... ВИТАЛЯ – Красиво сказала!… Конечно… спрашивай…Beautifully said! ... Of course ... ask it ... МАДИНА – Все считали что Другая Реальность это Асгард, а в итоге это ад… почему именно так…Everyone thought that the other reality is Asgrad, but in the end it is hell ... why is it so ... ВИТАЛЯ – Ошибка, простая ошибка, чтобы демоны успокоились и забыли про другую реальность, но я вдь прав, так всё и произошло, всё утреслось само собой и мы просто уйдём в Другую Реальность, только у нас, у сильнейших из Людей, получится оказаться в Другой реальности…Mistake, just a mistake, to calm down and demons have forgotten about another reality, but I'm right, it happened just like that, everything will calm down and we will get into aother reality, only we the strongest of the people will be in a different reality ... МАДИНА – А кто тебе рассказал как попасть в Другую Реальность…And who told you how to get into another reality ... ВИТАЛЯ – Была одна девушка, Элис звали….There was a girl named Alice .... ? МАДИНА – А где сейчас эта девушка?Where is she now? ВИТАЛЯ – Не знаю… наверное как и все остальные, потерялась в катакомбах…I do not know ... I guess like everyone else, lost in the catacombs .. ВИТАЛЯ – Ты готова?Are you ready? МАДИНА – Последний вопрос… Last question ... ВИТАЛЯ – Хм…..Подожди….. можешь не говорить, я сам догадался… в дальней комнате Данил лежит без сознания… да…. И ты что-то хотела…Hmm ... ..Wait, don't say, I'll guess it's in the back room ...that Daniel lies unconscious ... yes .... And you want something ... МАДИНА – Я хочу забрать его с собой! I want to take it with you! ВИТАЛИЙ – Я бы тебе не советовал, его бы я точно с собой не взял, ведь он же убийца…I would not recommend it to you, I would not take him with me fo sure, because he is a murderer ... МАДИНА – Как и ты! Ты тоже многих убивал.As you are! You killed many as well. ВИТАЛИЙ – Я убивал не по своей воли, ….убивал не я,… убивал Босс и Сатана.I killed against my will ... .I did not kill ... Boss and Satan were killing. МАДИНА – А Даниил убивал, … потому что был одержим аномальным местом.And Daniel was killing ... because he was obsessed with abnormal places. ВИТАЛЯ – Но… если мне не изменяет память, то Макса он убил, (Мадина поперхнулась) уже после как аномальное место было излеченно тобой…. А ведь после и все остальные излечились!!!But ... if I remember correctly, he killed Max, (choked Madina) after that the abnormal place was cured by you .... But after that all the others have been recovered !!! МАДИНА – Откуда ты знаешь про Макса?How do you know about Max? МАДИНА – О, боже, что со мной… почему я…Oh, my God, what happened to me ... why my ... ВИТАЛЯ – Тише, тише Мадина, ничего не говори….Тебе надо отдохнуть, ты устала, ты сильно вымоталась… да, вот так, поспи немного…. А я всё сам сделаю…Hush, hush Madina, do not say anything ... .You need to rest, you're tired, you are very exhausted ... yes, that's it, get some sleep .... And I'll do everything myself ... ? МАДИНА (закадровый) – Вот и всё, никому это не нужно, местных жителей даже и не волновала эта история, потому что аномально место влияло даже на тех людей, которые и не заходили в катакомбы, сила, о которой сказал Виталий Витальевич, она находилась в катакомбах, она ждала того единственного человека, который вернёт её обратно туда, откуда произошло её начало, это сила была украденна из Города Богов Асгард Ирийский, но до сих пор непонятно, кто её украл, для каких целей… а может быть эту силу никто и не крал, может это просто придумало человечеством, чтобы было веселее жить… я поняла одно, это правда, эта благодать, это сила защищала город Асгард, но кто-то снял эту защиту и город пал, а теперь эта сила показалась в Верхнем Карбуше, а после эта сила во мне, я должна вернуться в Асгард…That's it, nobody needs it, the locals were not even worried about this story because that abnormal place affected even those people who never went into the catacombs, the force of which said Vitaly V., it was in the catacombs, she was waiting for someone who will return her back to where it was the beginning, this power was stolen from the City of the Gods of Asgrad Erie, but so far it is not clear who stole it, for what purpose ...and perhaps this force was ever stolen. Maybe it's just invented by mankind to make it more fun to live in... I realized one thing that is true, that's graceful, that force was defending the city of Asgrad, but somebody has removed this protection and the city fell, and now this force is shown in the upper Karbush, and after that power came to me, I must return to Asgrad ? ВИТАЛИЙ – Ты так думаешь…You think so ... МАДИНА – Что…What ... ВИТАЛЯ – Я прочитал твои мысли, пока ты была без сознания…I read your mind while you were unconscious ... МАДИНА – Значит ты всё такой же чёрт как и раньше!So you're still the same devil as before! ВИТАЛЯ – Да, но у меня теперь другие цели…Yes, but now I have other goals ... МАДИНА – Зачем это всё, …. Что ты делаешь…. Я же согласна тебе помочь!Why all this .... What are you doing .... I agreed to help you! ВИТАЛЯ – Да, всё верно, но я решил обезопаситься от твоей благодати, ведь ты мне угрожала!Yes, that's right, but I decided to insuremyself against your grace, because you threaten me! МАДИНА – Во мне благодать, если что не так пойдёт, я тебя в порошок сотру!The grace is inside of me, if anything goes wrong, I'll erase you in a powder! МАДИНА – Что… что это такое…. Что это всё значит…What ... what is it .... What does it all mean ... ВИТАЛЯ – А это и есть моя безопасность…And this is my safety ... МАДИНА – А зачем связал…Why tied ... ВИТАЛЯ – Я хочу, чтобы ты своими силами открыла врата и в этом тебе помогут эти вещи… I want you to open the gates into the town, these things will help you with that.... ? ВИТАЛЯ – Надеюсь, ты увидела будущее…I hope you saw the future ... МАДИНА – Нет, я увидела зло, …. Зло которое ты творил, … чем бы ты не защищался, всё равно в Другую Реальность тебе не попасть!No, I saw the evil .... No matter how you protect will not get into the other reality! ВИТАЛИЙ – Тогда придумай так, чтобы я прошёл туда! I will find a way how I can enter! САША – Не верь ему!Do not believe him! МАДИНА – Что?What? САША – Только ему не надо верить…Do not believe him ... МАДИНА – А что я должна делать…What should I do ... САША – Я же тебя предупреждал, грезит что-то страшное… и вот оно…I warned you, something terrrible is here it is.... МАДИНА – Значит бояться надо Виталия…So it is necessary to be afraid of Vitali ... САША – Не его, а того, что будет дальше…Not him, but what happens next ... МАДИНА – Уходи, ты мне мешаешь…Go away, you're in my way ... САША – Нет, как раз таки наоборот… я здесь, чтобы положить этому конец… и ты должна последовать моему совету…No, quite the contrary ... I'm here to put an end to it ... and you have to follow my advice ... МАДИНА – Иначе…Otherwise ... САША – Иначе смерть, … одна или много смертей…Otherwise, death ... one or many deaths ... МАДИНА – Остались только мы втроём, так что потерь будет мало…There are only three of us left, so there will not be many losses.... САША – Я бы на твоём месте не стал спешить с подсчётом выживших, всё может оказаться намного проще…In your place I would not be hurrying with counting on surviving, everything can be much easier....... МАДИНА – Кто-то ещё остался вживых…Someone else is still alive ... САША – Всё придёт в своё время, не торопи события,… поверь, ещё есть за что побороться…Everything comes in due time, do not rush things ... believe me, yet enough reasons to continue fighting.... МАДИНА – Знаешь что, … пошёл нахрен!You know what...fuck off! ВИТАЛЯ – О, это уже не Мадина,… не та Мадина которую я знал!Oh, this is not Madina, Madina ... not the one I know! МАДИНА – Чтож извините, что я вам не позубам!Well I am sorry that you can't handle me! ВИТАЛЯ – Мадина, неусложняй всю ситуацию, ты же прекрасно знаешь, что всё может плачевно закончится…Madina don't make the whole situation worse, you know perfectly well that everything can end in tears ... МАДИНА – Только через мой труп ты попадёшь в Другую Реальность!Over my dead body you will go in a different reality! ВИТАЛЯ – Да, вот это мне в тебе всегда нравилось, упорство, настояйчивость и цель, стоять на своём до самого конца…Yes, this iswhat I like about you, perseverance, stubbornness and a goal to stand on till the end ... МАДИНА – Не ожидал наверное такого…Probably you did not expect that ... ВИТАЛЯ – Интересно бы знать, почему…It is interesting to know why ... МАДИНА – Развяжи, сотри свои татушки и давай по человечески проведём обряд…Untie, erase your tattoo and let's start like humans with the ritual... ВИТАЛЯ – Хм… по человечески… хм…. Обряд…. Нет уже детка, плыть будем по-моему течению.Hmm ... humanly ... hmm .... Ritual.... No way baby, now we'll swim in my flow... ВИТАЛЯ – Сейчас или никогда.Now or never. ВИТАЛЯ – Да, это мне и надо…Yes, I want that ... ВИТАЛЯ – Не может быть…. Нет, нет, нет…. Не может этого быть, …. Ты же одарённая Мадина…. Эй….приходи в себя….It can not be .... No no no .... It can not be .... You're gifted Madina. Hey ...come back... ? САША – Эй… Мадина… я же тебе говорил, не сейчас, твоё время ещё не пришло… Hey ... Madina ... I told you, not now, your time has not come yet ... САША – Твоя задача быть мудрее его,… быть той, на которую я возлагаю свои надежды… ты должна ради нас всех спасти от этого бесконечного зла, … у тебя есть шанс в память о нас доказать самой себе что ты выше этого… сейчас или никогда,… сделай то, что ты никогда не делала… измени судьбу… поменяй историю!Your task is to be wiser than him ... to be the one to which I have pinned myhopes ... you have to save us from this infinite evil ... you have a chance in remembrance of us to prove to yourself that you're above it ... now or never ... do what you've never done ... change the fate ...change the story! ? МАДИНА – Ты сделал самую глупую ошибку в своей никчёмной жизни…You made the stupidest mistake of your worthless life ... МАДИНА – Ты действительно думал, что, амулет, кинжал и моя благодать это ключ… (… нет, это не так…Do you really think that the amulet, a dagger and my grace is the key ... (... no, it's not ...) МАДИНА – Видишь… ни верёвка, ни твои символы не защитят тебя от меня!You see ... not the rope or your symbols will protect you from me! МАДИНА – Боль!The pain! МАДИНА – Однако пульса нет, … жалко…However, no pulse ... sorry ... МАДИНА – С возвращением…Welcome back ... ДАНИИЛ – Мадина….. Мадина…. Я жив!Madina Madina ... .. .... I'm alive! МАДИНА – Прощай любимый!Goodbye My Lover! МАДИНА – Это тебе за все твои грехи, милый, любимый мой!That's for all your sins, my dear, my love! МАДИНА – Вставай!Get up! МАДИНА – У нас есть работа!We have a job! ? МАДИНА (закадровый голос) – Вот теперь всё, на этом история заканчивается, всё что с нами происходило, ушло в прошлое, начинается новая история, наша история, история которую мы начинаем писать, мы теперь другие, это благодать нас изменила, может быть сейчас не время возвращаться в Асгард, может быть пока мы не готовы к Другой реальности, но я, хочу сказать только одно…That's it, this is the end of the story, all that happens to us is gone to the past, a new story is beginning, our story, the story that we begin to write, we are different now, it is the grace that has changed us, maybe now is not the time to go back to Asgrad maybewe are not ready for a different reality, but I want to say only one thing... ? МАДИНА (закадровый голос) – Я создам свою реальность, ту, о которой все говорили, ту, о которой все мечтали, ту, куда все так стремились…I will create my own reality, the one that everyone is talking about, the one that everyone dreamed of, the one whereeverybody is so eager to go ..... МАДИНА – Добро пожаловать в Другую Реальность!Welcome to another reality!

1 00:00:45,01 --> 00:00:48,01 They say you are the girlfriend of that guy 2 00:00:48,11 --> 00:00:51,27 you are pathetic... Obsessed! 3 00:00:52,10 --> 00:00:54,23 Look, do you know who I am? 4 00:00:55,00 --> 00:00:58,02 Well, we fight... You're not afraid of anything. 5 00:00:58,06 --> 00:01:01,28 You don't know me well. No, just good. 6 00:01:02,09 --> 00:01:04,01 Then we better get to know each other. 7 00:01:04,07 --> 00:01:07,21 No, not now. First tell me, why our Boss has chosen you? 8 00:01:07,29 --> 00:01:10,24 You know, this is our trade secret. 9 00:01:11,00 --> 00:01:14,02 These secrets of yours are getting too much for us. 10 00:01:14,06 --> 00:01:17,01 Because of you we can not get into another reality. 11 00:01:17,05 --> 00:01:20,12 Hey, you never wondered why we need her? 12 00:01:20,17 --> 00:01:24,18 The same question I asked myself. Why you need a boss? 13 00:01:24,25 --> 00:01:27,21 Perhaps my boyfriend will answer the question. 14 00:01:27,28 --> 00:01:30,17 I want him to do it right now. 15 00:01:30,25 --> 00:01:33,21 I don't want to disappoint you. He will not come. 16 00:01:33,26 --> 00:01:35,21 So you have to die 17 00:01:35,26 --> 00:01:38,10 If you kill me, you will have to deal with the Boss. 18 00:01:38,13 --> 00:01:40,07 I don't care about your Boss! 19 00:01:56,13 --> 00:01:58,22 Get out of here before I kill you. 20 00:02:06,22 --> 00:02:11,02 Well, that's for one possessed in the city that has become less. 21 00:02:13,20 --> 00:02:19,10 Another Reality Episode 5 - Goddess of Asgard 22 00:02:24,03 --> 00:02:26,10 I sleep standing up? 23 00:02:26,18 --> 00:02:30,14 You did not sleep, it was a transformation! 24 00:02:30,29 --> 00:02:33,07 A strange transformation 25 00:02:33,18 --> 00:02:40,04 Once you become a demon, you forget much about your past life. 26 00:02:40,13 --> 00:02:43,09 And as if I do not want to forget! 27 00:02:43,15 --> 00:02:48,02 Then it is your decision, for the past will torment you 28 00:02:48,24 --> 00:02:50,27 and you will go mad! 29 00:02:51,10 --> 00:02:53,24 You are in a strange conspiracy? 30 00:02:54,00 --> 00:02:57,17 I'm changed you 31 00:02:59,05 --> 00:03:02,21 When did you change? 32 00:03:03,03 --> 00:03:08,13 In recent years we have become less and now you are in our midst 33 00:03:08,25 --> 00:03:13,25 so new blood, a new force... 34 00:03:14,01 --> 00:03:19,26 and this power affects me! We are all connected to each other. 35 00:03:20,10 --> 00:03:22,03 What's next? 36 00:03:22,22 --> 00:03:29,09 Now, on the way to a higher power, you need to drink human blood! 37 00:03:29,22 --> 00:03:32,02 I have not been warned about that. 38 00:03:32,06 --> 00:03:34,23 Why talk about it 39 00:03:35,00 --> 00:03:37,18 if your body wants it itself 40 00:03:37,27 --> 00:03:41,16 act to your instincts 41 00:03:42,14 --> 00:03:47,06 I probably missed a lot... I heard about many things 42 00:03:47,13 --> 00:03:51,28 but what kind of higher power? 43 00:03:52,15 --> 00:03:56,13 Start your journey right now 44 00:03:56,21 --> 00:04:00,09 and then you get answers to all your questions. 45 00:04:00,14 --> 00:04:05,27 So in short...enough... now this...theology 46 00:04:06,09 --> 00:04:11,04 Theology? What a way to communicate? 47 00:04:11,19 --> 00:04:14,12 It's our duty to say so! 48 00:04:14,26 --> 00:04:19,26 We cannot speak the language of God! Why is that? 49 00:04:20,19 --> 00:04:26,27 Because we are not angels, we are demons! 50 00:04:28,00 --> 00:04:31,05 Ask yourself the question 51 00:04:31,16 --> 00:04:35,05 from whom did we all descended? 52 00:04:37,18 --> 00:04:40,28 Now ask yourself another question 53 00:04:41,06 --> 00:04:47,19 who is the devil and who is he to God? 54 00:06:01,14 --> 00:06:05,01 I never said anything like this, but now I will. 55 00:06:05,09 --> 00:06:08,28 Oh my God, what is happening here? Yes, you are right. 56 00:06:08,28 --> 00:06:11,23 Everything would have been fine,if you did not have taken the amulet. 57 00:06:12,00 --> 00:06:14,04 So this means I am still guilty. 58 00:06:14,10 --> 00:06:17,10 No one is accusing you, you do not know what it is all about. 59 00:06:17,16 --> 00:06:21,02 And what do we do now, keep running away from them? 60 00:06:21,07 --> 00:06:23,05 We must fight! 61 00:06:23,09 --> 00:06:26,05 Easy to say. I still have to give birth to children. 62 00:06:26,13 --> 00:06:29,19 Here I have to laugh Very funny 63 00:06:30,00 --> 00:06:33,16 Let's talk about this seriously, he gathered all whom he would now it's 64 00:06:33,23 --> 00:06:39,26 your turn, you are either obsessed or a thoroughbred, you are gifted. 65 00:06:40,10 --> 00:06:44,27 What now... The thoroughbred gang led by leader has supreme powers. 66 00:06:45,05 --> 00:06:47,28 It is the energy with which you can open the gate. 67 00:06:48,04 --> 00:06:51,25 It needs to put that energy into an innocent man. 68 00:06:52,03 --> 00:06:57,25 So, I was just an experiment.Bonus, all the energy you spent on a higher power 69 00:06:58,04 --> 00:06:59,25 That's her! 70 00:07:07,21 --> 00:07:10,15 and now you do not have superpowers. 71 00:07:10,26 --> 00:07:15,08 This means that Alex, Anton and Madina also were gifted. 72 00:07:15,23 --> 00:07:21,07 Yes it is, and if someone has not coped with the task, he either died or joined 73 00:07:21,18 --> 00:07:24,16 the rest and then all together looking for the new gifted. 74 00:07:24,23 --> 00:07:26,23 Oh no, they are not going to get me! 75 00:07:26,28 --> 00:07:28,28 I do the same... 76 00:07:29,28 --> 00:07:33,22 So that means the fight was premeditated. 77 00:07:33,29 --> 00:07:37,13 I think it was a side effect. 78 00:07:37,27 --> 00:07:41,06 They thought that you would join them. 79 00:07:41,17 --> 00:07:45,22 There is something that I do not know. 80 00:07:46,01 --> 00:07:50,04 There is, the amulet is not a guide to another reality. 81 00:07:50,11 --> 00:07:54,03 This is a myth... Well, what about the conductor. 82 00:07:54,13 --> 00:07:58,12 This is a man who will be able to find 83 00:07:58,21 --> 00:08:02,22 the energy to become elected and to open the gates... Clear! 84 00:08:03,24 --> 00:08:05,26 It's time to make a decision 85 00:08:06,08 --> 00:08:11,08 Go away... Now it is your turn. 86 00:08:12,04 --> 00:08:15,25 You are just as smart and still so exquisitely empty inside. 87 00:08:16,03 --> 00:08:19,11 Tara, come with us... What? 88 00:08:21,26 --> 00:08:25,02 1530 BC 89 00:08:56,14 --> 00:09:00,02 Tara, you all remember...Yeah Madina! 90 00:09:00,19 --> 00:09:02,20 you're the best student! 91 00:09:03,02 --> 00:09:05,03 Why are we learning... 92 00:09:05,14 --> 00:09:11,29 Magic is a hobby, the experience is useful! 93 00:09:12,06 --> 00:09:18,06 But, if the enemy will come... The Gods will protect us! 94 00:09:18,12 --> 00:09:22,13 But...the city I put magical protection! 95 00:09:22,28 --> 00:09:26,10 So, all right... of Course! 96 00:09:26,27 --> 00:09:32,15 Go to Heaven, show me your skills!!! Good! 97 00:09:33,24 --> 00:09:37,20 Tara, this is your real name 98 00:09:38,06 --> 00:09:41,14 you and Madina came to this world to save ours 99 00:09:41,27 --> 00:09:45,15 Madina I have news... Yes, I'm listening! 100 00:09:45,23 --> 00:09:49,13 I just saw the amulet... What is the amulet... 101 00:09:49,19 --> 00:09:54,05 our amulet... it's in the hands of evil!!! 102 00:09:54,25 --> 00:09:59,18 The amulet now the Keeper! 103 00:10:00,02 --> 00:10:05,02 The amulet in the future... You've seen the future... 104 00:10:05,23 --> 00:10:12,11 Need something to do... Tara, calm down... we're safe! 105 00:10:19,04 --> 00:10:20,23 Tara ... what's wrong... 106 00:10:21,28 --> 00:10:26,06 we did not think that we had to go fighting 107 00:10:26,16 --> 00:10:31,00 and certainly did not think that you will erase memory 108 00:10:31,12 --> 00:10:34,05 and program us for the mission. 109 00:11:02,09 --> 00:11:06,08 We... You feel... 110 00:11:06,18 --> 00:11:11,05 What... as if we at home are! 111 00:11:12,09 --> 00:11:17,22 It's Asgard... future Asgard! 112 00:11:18,03 --> 00:11:19,29 I don't think so! 113 00:11:24,01 --> 00:11:28,20 You have to make a decision, you go with us, or you are waiting for death! 114 00:11:28,27 --> 00:11:31,22 We need to go back. What are you talking about? 115 00:11:32,06 --> 00:11:34,22 I remembered who I was, we need to go back to Asgard 116 00:11:35,00 --> 00:11:38,13 What's Asgard? Asgard is another reality. 117 00:11:38,24 --> 00:11:42,04 We have nowhere else to go. 118 00:11:42,09 --> 00:11:45,02 Our Asgrad killed the demons. 119 00:11:45,24 --> 00:11:47,21 Go to hell! 120 00:12:23,16 --> 00:12:25,19 It starts again! 121 00:16:37,27 --> 00:16:41,06 Girls help me please girls... 122 00:16:44,24 --> 00:16:46,23 Girls... 123 00:18:32,00 --> 00:18:35,16 Madina... what's going on here? 124 00:18:37,06 --> 00:18:40,15 Those demons Tara, these are all the demons 125 00:18:43,04 --> 00:18:44,06 Untie me! 126 00:18:44,11 --> 00:18:47,06 goal is to make you listen to me 127 00:18:47,11 --> 00:18:52,17 otherwise you will use the amulet again... and you will never know what Is the truth. 128 00:18:52,26 --> 00:18:55,16 What is the truth? The truth about us! 129 00:18:55,22 --> 00:18:59,22 Madina, we have remembered who we are. Why are you helping the Boss? 130 00:19:00,03 --> 00:19:04,25 You too, helped him, especially as you are effectively destroying a higher power 131 00:19:05,08 --> 00:19:09,19 That does not count... That doesn't count, you multiplied them 132 00:19:10,01 --> 00:19:15,10 and now obsession awaits everyperson, it is a disaster, my dear! 133 00:19:15,17 --> 00:19:19,14 Don't be so ironic, we have seen worse! 134 00:19:19,19 --> 00:19:24,26 Is there a difference? Before we got rid of the ghosts 135 00:19:25,05 --> 00:19:28,19 and now the obsessed have declared us war. 136 00:19:28,25 --> 00:19:32,11 Are we purebred? Possessed are less worth. 137 00:19:32,19 --> 00:19:36,23 You were asked to destroy the force and is that what you have done? 138 00:19:37,00 --> 00:19:40,05 I did not know that all this will happen... 139 00:19:40,14 --> 00:19:42,21 or did you do that on purpose? 140 00:19:42,26 --> 00:19:47,07 Useless to argue with you. You are like a stubborn mule. 141 00:19:47,12 --> 00:19:53,09 I am Madina, shaman and future queen of the underworld. 142 00:19:53,17 --> 00:19:57,01 How high you climb, don't stumble... 143 00:19:57,09 --> 00:20:02,24 Very funny! what do you want? 144 00:20:03,05 --> 00:20:06,16 Give me the amulet and you will be left alone. 145 00:20:06,20 --> 00:20:09,06 Why you need the amulet 146 00:20:09,11 --> 00:20:13,21 Frankly, I do not need the amulet. 147 00:20:14,00 --> 00:20:16,15 I made a deal with the Boss 148 00:20:16,15 --> 00:20:19,23 Oh God, even that is in the contract. 149 00:20:20,03 --> 00:20:26,23 I find him an amulet, he returns my son to me. 150 00:20:26,29 --> 00:20:30,29 Naive fool! 151 00:20:31,18 --> 00:20:37,28 What's so funny? You have no son! 152 00:20:38,02 --> 00:20:42,24 Oh, I see you have remembered fragments of our past... 153 00:20:43,01 --> 00:20:46,02 I do not understand? What did you say? 154 00:20:46,11 --> 00:20:53,02 You are a shaman, we are out of Asgrad, I'm a living example. 155 00:20:53,17 --> 00:20:57,15 We both are programmed for this mission 156 00:20:57,22 --> 00:21:01,17 only I had to open the gates of Asgrad... 157 00:21:08,19 --> 00:21:13,08 I'll kill him! Untie me... 158 00:21:36,16 --> 00:21:42,21 Well, do you have good news for me? They are well hidden 159 00:21:43,13 --> 00:21:47,11 I knew that this charlatan can not be trusted. 160 00:21:47,18 --> 00:21:49,27 Boss, don't worry like that. 161 00:21:50,04 --> 00:21:53,14 If I am upset, the whole place will be too small. 162 00:21:53,24 --> 00:21:57,28 And then how to find them? You need to learn that from me. 163 00:21:58,05 --> 00:22:03,25 No, really, I'll manage... The main thing today was to get the amulet. 164 00:22:04,20 --> 00:22:08,13 Today that the ritual? I hope you understood me? 165 00:22:08,21 --> 00:22:11,23 Yes sir! Then go ahead! 166 00:22:21,16 --> 00:22:25,20 I do not know the motive... What is the motive? 167 00:22:25,28 --> 00:22:29,12 The Boss uses obsessed? 168 00:22:30,26 --> 00:22:37,16 His aim is to destroy them 169 00:22:37,28 --> 00:22:47,26 but everything went wrong and they multiplied 170 00:22:48,08 --> 00:22:56,02 And he has a plan to destroy them? 171 00:22:56,17 --> 00:23:01,27 Yes, he found a way to exorcise the possessed from the city 172 00:23:03,02 --> 00:23:11,01 and not harm the thoroughbred 173 00:23:11,23 --> 00:23:17,11 Well, we begin to act?... Yes!!! 174 00:23:17,27 --> 00:23:23,18 and now I am there with you and for you! 175 00:23:24,05 --> 00:23:29,21 Thank you. Stop! What? You have been murdered? 176 00:23:33,27 --> 00:23:37,05 Yes, they broke my neck. 177 00:23:37,18 --> 00:23:42,08 Do not worry, it will not cause harm. 178 00:23:42,15 --> 00:23:49,00 While I'm possessed by a demon...So you are possessed by the devil? 179 00:23:49,14 --> 00:23:54,06 It happened recently... 180 00:23:54,16 --> 00:24:02,04 I can control myself, because the good in me is more than the evil. 181 00:24:02,15 --> 00:24:04,29 The only thing I do not understand. 182 00:24:06,07 --> 00:24:08,18 Hello beautiful! 183 00:24:09,27 --> 00:24:15,11 Give me the amulet! No way!... give it back to me! 184 00:25:06,11 --> 00:25:09,00 Who do we have here? 185 00:25:09,22 --> 00:25:16,05 It's great that we are all gathered here today. 186 00:25:17,16 --> 00:25:23,04 Yes, Madina did not expect such a dirty trick from you! 187 00:25:23,28 --> 00:25:30,09 I did not expect this that you would use me. 188 00:25:31,05 --> 00:25:36,00 You shaman creatures believe in everything!!! 189 00:25:38,14 --> 00:25:43,04 It has no sens to kill you, you are with one foot in hell anyway.. 190 00:25:45,24 --> 00:25:51,20 So I enjoy life here. Not for long. 191 00:25:54,20 --> 00:25:59,18 Who would have said, are you trapped now? 192 00:26:02,12 --> 00:26:06,01 Tara, give me the amulet. 193 00:26:06,19 --> 00:26:12,19 I have other plans for him. but my plan is more important 194 00:26:13,18 --> 00:26:16,17 you also want to get rid of everything we possessed 195 00:26:16,27 --> 00:26:20,08 So what?...And I have a way to do it. 196 00:26:22,03 --> 00:26:24,04 Tell please!!! 197 00:26:26,26 --> 00:26:27,26 You bitch... 198 00:26:29,12 --> 00:26:32,11 one more joke and I'll take you with me to hell 199 00:26:32,21 --> 00:26:34,25 Only after you! 200 00:26:35,02 --> 00:26:37,07 I will give you an amulet 201 00:26:40,04 --> 00:26:43,10 but only after you tell me the truth 202 00:27:13,24 --> 00:27:16,12 And now ladies... 203 00:27:16,26 --> 00:27:21,07 we have to hold the ceremony to exile 204 00:27:21,15 --> 00:27:28,04 we need your amulet as he is your 205 00:27:28,24 --> 00:27:32,08 witch and God 206 00:27:32,16 --> 00:27:38,19 Or approximated to God... Angel! Perhaps an angel. 207 00:27:39,02 --> 00:27:43,29 But since you are both goddesses, I think that the ceremony would be more effective. 208 00:27:44,10 --> 00:27:47,10 Well, what is the guarantee that we will survive then thereafter? 209 00:27:48,01 --> 00:27:52,22 Tara do not confuse ritual with the apocalypse. 210 00:27:53,18 --> 00:27:57,29 Strange I thought the end of the world is about to overtake us already. 211 00:27:58,21 --> 00:28:05,10 So you agree and Tara, by the way, I told you the truth, so give me an amulet. 212 00:28:05,24 --> 00:28:09,03 I am not a fool like that, of course I will give you an amulet 213 00:28:09,10 --> 00:28:12,03 but when the rites begin! 214 00:28:25,08 --> 00:28:30,08 How do you feel? You get used to a new life?... I think I can handle it. 215 00:28:35,25 --> 00:28:38,22 I told you that the new blood will help. 216 00:28:38,29 --> 00:28:42,11 Yes, she gave me a taste for life. 217 00:28:42,25 --> 00:28:47,20 When we destroy all the demons, you will feel real freedom. 218 00:28:47,27 --> 00:28:50,20 And what to do now? 219 00:28:51,14 --> 00:28:56,04 I invite you to the ceremony and at the same time help to unite our strength. 220 00:28:56,21 --> 00:29:02,11 Thank you Boss, by the way, why are you called the Boss? 221 00:29:03,05 --> 00:29:09,29 It's a long story, before I turned into a demon, I had my own business... 222 00:29:10,07 --> 00:29:14,15 demons have a business. It's an excuse 223 00:29:14,27 --> 00:29:17,29 when I led the center of the paranormal 224 00:29:18,16 --> 00:29:23,02 three years ago I was looking for gifted 225 00:29:23,18 --> 00:29:30,12 to a higher power, but the patients were inexperienced teenagers, so I had to stop all experiments. 226 00:29:30,25 --> 00:29:36,11 That's it?... After all that... I started to create 227 00:29:37,02 --> 00:29:40,12 an army and act... 228 00:30:35,09 --> 00:30:39,11 Are you ready? Well... Yes 229 00:30:39,25 --> 00:30:44,09 Please just do not say you changed your mind, you know it's 230 00:30:44,17 --> 00:30:47,06 our only chance, everything will be back as it was before. 231 00:30:47,13 --> 00:30:55,00 Madina, because we came here to turn back the clock to save Asgrad and not to all that here. 232 00:30:55,19 --> 00:31:00,19 Come on now, finish the job and after that we save Asgrad. 233 00:31:00,29 --> 00:31:04,04 And if we will have it later... 234 00:31:06,01 --> 00:31:08,26 In the past we also had difficult times together 235 00:31:09,05 --> 00:31:12,17 en we are going to finish that too 236 00:31:13,11 --> 00:31:17,03 Look around how beautiful, autumn began and the leaves fell, 237 00:31:17,13 --> 00:31:21,17 give me one last time to enjoy it 238 00:31:22,26 --> 00:31:28,04 Tara we will survive... everything will be fine 239 00:31:28,25 --> 00:31:35,08 we just need to purge the city from these creatures 240 00:31:35,17 --> 00:31:39,21 I was thinking... Please do not start. 241 00:31:40,05 --> 00:31:43,10 Maybe it's another trap from the Boss. 242 00:31:44,00 --> 00:31:48,18 Come on now, I will do what is requiredresidents 243 00:31:49,09 --> 00:31:54,14 no matter what, then we will definitely find a way to get rid of this Boss 244 00:31:54,20 --> 00:31:58,02 we will find a way! 245 00:32:07,00 --> 00:32:11,12 Well, now let's go... Madina, we still have got an hour. 246 00:32:13,05 --> 00:32:15,05 punctuality... 247 00:32:15,16 --> 00:32:21,14 Well, what punctuality, we are here three years, been everywhere and now the whole hour 248 00:32:21,24 --> 00:32:24,02 Do not even tell me that's for sure. 249 00:32:24,14 --> 00:32:28,25 Especially in the world of magic I am your pupil 250 00:32:29,02 --> 00:32:33,13 you are my mentor, we have something to discuss 251 00:32:34,02 --> 00:32:41,08 You know...when you destroy this higher power 252 00:32:41,18 --> 00:32:44,01 you've got a different status, rank... 253 00:32:44,10 --> 00:32:48,08 What kind? Now you are the master, Tara. 254 00:32:48,17 --> 00:32:53,12 Great, now finish the ritual, and after that we get drunk 255 00:32:56,23 --> 00:33:01,29 Yes, you know over the years that we are here 256 00:33:02,10 --> 00:33:06,22 we have changed... Even the manner of speech has changed. 257 00:33:07,15 --> 00:33:12,07 Yes, that's how people affect the environment. 258 00:33:18,02 --> 00:33:21,03 Wait , wait, I did not come here to fight 259 00:33:21,03 --> 00:33:24,04 I came here to apologize and I did not know that you are gods. 260 00:33:24,07 --> 00:33:27,27 Why did you come, what do you need now? 261 00:33:27,27 --> 00:33:30,13 You know, we have a short conversation with the demons. 262 00:33:30,20 --> 00:33:34,01 I'm not a demon. Yes and maybe it's not you that 263 00:33:34,01 --> 00:33:36,29 tried to attack me a few hours ago. 264 00:33:37,07 --> 00:33:40,06 Excuse me... An apology is not enough 265 00:33:40,12 --> 00:33:42,27 where is the proof that you are now on the right side 266 00:33:43,01 --> 00:33:48,04 I am on your side! Words alone will not be enough 267 00:33:50,02 --> 00:33:52,11 Okay... Madina! 268 00:33:53,05 --> 00:33:56,04 Let him show that it can control the evil. 269 00:33:56,12 --> 00:34:01,07 Enough talking, it is time to go to the Boss and start the ritual. 270 00:34:43,29 --> 00:34:45,15 It's Iriy? 271 00:34:47,04 --> 00:34:48,22 Now it's Irtysh. 272 00:34:48,28 --> 00:34:52,01 Well, why here? Why on the bank of the Irtysh river? 273 00:34:52,13 --> 00:34:54,14 Water is a conductor 274 00:34:55,15 --> 00:34:56,21 amulet... 275 00:34:57,17 --> 00:35:00,23 First tell me what they are doing there? 276 00:35:01,19 --> 00:35:05,16 Once again, I explain the rite went well. 277 00:35:05,23 --> 00:35:09,20 We need to unite the forces of good and evil. 278 00:35:11,09 --> 00:35:15,02 Madina, by the way what is that red head doing here? 279 00:35:15,07 --> 00:35:17,20 She chose her own way. 280 00:35:20,05 --> 00:35:22,13 I see, we have to proceed. 281 00:35:22,19 --> 00:35:26,12 Tara, give me the amulet. 282 00:35:31,24 --> 00:35:36,02 Yes, let's get these demons for once and for all. 283 00:36:30,16 --> 00:36:35,01 Madina, Madina, what's wrong with you Madina... 284 00:36:43,22 --> 00:36:48,23 Tara... something wrong... 285 00:36:49,01 --> 00:36:52,20 Ritual is not the... 286 00:37:17,12 --> 00:37:19,24 I do not believe that all this is happening. 287 00:37:20,03 --> 00:37:23,19 Life goes on and you can not stop. 288 00:37:24,02 --> 00:37:29,05 Common words, but they help. 289 00:37:29,15 --> 00:37:32,25 Ready to fight? With whom do not tell 290 00:37:33,04 --> 00:37:38,16 I think that the boss is involved in the death of Madina. 291 00:37:38,23 --> 00:37:44,01 but we did not take into account that Madina was possessed 292 00:37:44,08 --> 00:37:47,08 But why are they now not with us? 293 00:37:48,03 --> 00:37:51,28 We joined forces to destroy the demons 294 00:37:51,28 --> 00:37:57,09 that destroyed Asgard, then mission accomplished 295 00:37:57,09 --> 00:38:01,05 Are you sure the mission is accomplished? 296 00:38:01,15 --> 00:38:05,08 What do you mean? Your goal is to turn back time 297 00:38:05,17 --> 00:38:08,18 to before Asgrad was destroyed? 298 00:38:08,26 --> 00:38:11,27 Now I believe it is impossible to do that. 299 00:38:12,07 --> 00:38:14,25 You can do all, if you really want... 300 00:38:15,14 --> 00:38:20,07 So , there is someone that can bring us back to the past? 301 00:38:20,13 --> 00:38:23,29 Why someone, we can do it as well! 302 00:38:24,25 --> 00:38:28,14 I have no strength, I am not gifted anymore. 303 00:38:28,26 --> 00:38:32,05 The supreme power is destroyed, along with it's consequences 304 00:38:32,11 --> 00:38:36,29 but the energy... Stop, energy... 305 00:38:38,03 --> 00:38:42,14 energy of the Boss!!! At last you have seen the light! 306 00:38:43,08 --> 00:38:47,21 How could I have missed that before. You just were down... 307 00:38:48,06 --> 00:38:52,03 No, it's not right... What exactly? 308 00:38:52,14 --> 00:38:56,19 So the Boss is not involved in the death of Madina, why he does not do it? 309 00:38:56,26 --> 00:39:01,08 You want again to have it your way. No, that has nothing to do with it 310 00:39:02,00 --> 00:39:04,11 still without Madina... 311 00:39:04,11 --> 00:39:07,22 Even if there is one gifted, the gate can not be opened 312 00:39:07,29 --> 00:39:12,03 Why?... We used Madina as a conductor. 313 00:39:12,20 --> 00:39:19,00 We need a shaman! She is her! You are scaring me... 314 00:39:19,20 --> 00:39:23,00 When Madina was dying, I felt that I was starting to change. 315 00:39:23,06 --> 00:39:26,29 it's the hormones, let's go! 316 00:39:27,06 --> 00:39:31,08 Where to?... It's time to get everything back into place! 317 00:40:18,25 --> 00:40:23,13 I do not even want to ask why you brought 318 00:40:23,20 --> 00:40:27,06 me to the promenade, I see bad memories 319 00:40:27,12 --> 00:40:30,29 The amulet is with you? Yes, here it is. 320 00:40:31,06 --> 00:40:33,10 Well, let's do it. 321 00:40:34,23 --> 00:40:36,25 What to do? 322 00:40:37,14 --> 00:40:41,22 Think of the time when it all began. 323 00:40:42,05 --> 00:40:45,09 It will be difficult. 324 00:40:45,26 --> 00:40:51,22 Close your eyes and drive into the past. 325 00:40:59,19 --> 00:41:02,06 You are really sure of this? 326 00:41:07,18 --> 00:41:09,17 Is there something wrong? 327 00:41:14,25 --> 00:41:19,07 ...everything is fine... 328 00:41:25,21 --> 00:41:27,03 Tara what's wrong? 329 00:41:34,08 --> 00:41:36,03 Madina! 330 00:41:37,19 --> 00:41:42,25 Hello Tara! Madina... Madina, do I sleep? 331 00:41:43,06 --> 00:41:46,21 No, it's a time loop!...Loop? 332 00:41:46,29 --> 00:41:49,20 The space between the two worlds! 333 00:41:49,27 --> 00:41:52,18 Madina, tell me, there is a way to get you back? 334 00:41:52,29 --> 00:41:55,19 Do not try to do the impossible. 335 00:41:55,28 --> 00:41:59,16 Madina, enough, I can't do it. Help us. 336 00:41:59,27 --> 00:42:02,24 No need, everything is going as it should be. 337 00:42:03,02 --> 00:42:04,26 I'll bring you back. 338 00:42:05,04 --> 00:42:09,05 It means you will make it worse. Why I came to you? 339 00:42:09,24 --> 00:42:15,20 You wanted to see me? Have a look and go further. 340 00:42:15,29 --> 00:42:21,03 If you are between two worlds, there is a way to get you back. 341 00:42:21,08 --> 00:42:26,18 You are right, or back to your world 342 00:42:26,28 --> 00:42:31,02 or in heaven, but hell sounds best. No, do not say that. 343 00:42:31,10 --> 00:42:35,20 Tara, I 'm still waiting for the hell. I serve evil. 344 00:42:36,05 --> 00:42:40,17 But you fought against him. Anyway, it's too late. 345 00:42:41,01 --> 00:42:46,29 I will turn to the time when there was no invasion of demons. 346 00:42:47,26 --> 00:42:51,13 Our meeting came to an end... Don't go! 347 00:42:51,19 --> 00:42:57,00 I came to warn you... The city has an unusual man... 348 00:43:05,01 --> 00:43:07,16 Did you see the vision? 349 00:43:08,02 --> 00:43:12,13 Yes, it is a painful vision. 350 00:43:13,02 --> 00:43:16,18 351 00:43:17,06 --> 00:43:21,03 I met Madina! Met? 352 00:43:22,11 --> 00:43:26,22 It is like a vision, but it was so real... 353 00:43:27,18 --> 00:43:31,02 What did she say? There is a way back in time? 354 00:43:31,13 --> 00:43:36,15 Yes, but I thought we came back, because 355 00:43:36,22 --> 00:43:39,06 I was in the middle of two worlds. 356 00:43:39,13 --> 00:43:44,13 but your weakness is Madina, only need to think about the world of the past. 357 00:43:44,25 --> 00:43:50,00 Now I'll remember the past 358 00:43:50,07 --> 00:43:54,05 and we will return to Asgrad 359 00:43:54,22 --> 00:44:01,05 Come on, I'll be thinking and you will be connected to me... 360 00:44:16,04 --> 00:44:19,15 You know, I am still glad that you are back with me. 361 00:44:19,21 --> 00:44:22,20 Everybody is entitled to their own desires 362 00:44:22,23 --> 00:44:25,16 I am with you again, just like old times. 363 00:44:28,20 --> 00:44:34,18 As long a they say, I struggled 364 00:44:35,02 --> 00:44:38,05 I met you... 365 00:44:40,16 --> 00:44:46,18 I remember nothing like an overlaid dream. 366 00:44:47,11 --> 00:44:50,26 But for me it was really a dream 367 00:44:51,02 --> 00:44:54,17 ...but it ended... 368 00:44:55,20 --> 00:45:01,03 You really do not remember anything, how it was? 369 00:45:01,11 --> 00:45:05,09 I do not remember really...but this is not important. Since... 370 00:45:05,17 --> 00:45:10,10 I returned, it means that there is work for me. 371 00:45:10,19 --> 00:45:15,25 I brought you back, you can relax now! 372 00:45:16,23 --> 00:45:20,13 You brought back and... 373 00:45:22,14 --> 00:45:25,14 Madina, better don't start. 374 00:45:25,22 --> 00:45:30,10 And what is the price for me? There is not any price... 375 00:45:30,20 --> 00:45:34,18 I don't believe you, I'll know it! 376 00:45:34,27 --> 00:45:38,28 Voodoo magic, you know it's power. 377 00:45:39,06 --> 00:45:41,19 Voodoo magic? 378 00:45:41,26 --> 00:45:45,21 can kill a person or return it from the dead. 379 00:45:46,01 --> 00:45:50,09 Well, if you took advantage of voodoo 380 00:45:50,17 --> 00:45:54,10 so now you are not a master... 381 00:45:54,18 --> 00:46:02,18 but a real shaman like me! 382 00:46:03,17 --> 00:46:08,28 Cool, now I have two titles, we still need to drink on the first one. 383 00:46:09,15 --> 00:46:12,10 Stop! What? 384 00:46:12,19 --> 00:46:16,08 At that moment, when I was looking... to meet you... 385 00:46:16,16 --> 00:46:22,09 and you told me that there is a powerful man... 386 00:46:23,02 --> 00:46:30,00 kill me...I do not remember...Kill, enough already with me! 387 00:46:30,21 --> 00:46:33,21 Okay, with that later dismantled... 388 00:46:34,03 --> 00:46:36,18 Tara went to the club? 389 00:46:37,16 --> 00:46:41,00 You see where there are two shamans in a club... 390 00:46:41,10 --> 00:46:43,07 Something new... 391 00:46:44,12 --> 00:46:45,11 Come on!

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