Business woman Vega Kazinskaya is sent to the district to find her classmate, whom she saw by chance on a video from a parcel from an unfamiliar little girl - where people in an abandoned house became not alive and not dead.

Vega easily entered this world, where there is no other way but to join the other participants of this curse ...





Alice comes to her beloved young man Dima, to live in a village where they have to start a farm together, plant a vegetable garden and repair the home, but ... as soon as Alice crossed the threshold of this house, a series of otherworldly evil spewed her. They pursue it everywhere, try to scare and drive out of this house, or in general ... immerse oneself in strange dreams.

All this is not accidental, Alice still has to learn the whole truth of what is happening ...





These projects show the entire universe from different perspectives…
Most of the heroes of «RHS CULT - RUSSIAN HORROR STORY» faced with incredible force, then it changed them.
Episodes about the universe will carry spectators back and forth in time to look at the fate of the characters in terms of the characters themselves.





Egor began to fall into illusions, his life turned into a total nightmare. He was completely confused and ceased to understand where the real reality is.
In these illusions unfamiliar people suggested that he open a mysterious casket, so that his life changed forever and forever ...
What will Egor choose?

Fight illusions? Or open a casket and join them?




BASTARDS: Chapter 1

Evil Vitalka collected some "favorites" so that they "saddled" him for SUPERSILE. He really needs it! But the "elected" to this force their plans ...





"The Universe is Selena"
Pretty! Our dear Selena!
She is the first to come to the rescue! She is everywhere! She can do anything!
And than such a creature prevented humanity?
And the fact that it is unique!

The public became interested in such a "copy" and kidnapped it for experiments ...




BASTARDS: Chapter 2

Evil Vitalka collected some "favorites" so that they "saddled" him for SUPERSILE. He really needs it! But the "elected" to this force their plans ...





The story of Vitaly Vitalievich ... from the very beginning to the very end ...
We will see everything we want to know about the "Other World of Reality."

The film-prequel to the films "Another Reality", "Cult", "Bastards"





Two guys decided to go to the so-called "anomalous place" in a remote village and rent Vlog, post video on the Internet and earn a million rubles.
"Anomalous place" is famous for supernatural phenomena ...
Will the guys be able to withdraw Vlog?

After all, who will set foot on the anomalous place, will not return back ...





Escapism is an individualistic-conciliatory aspiration of an individual to escape from reality in a world of illusions, fantasies.
Sasha, our main hero, suffers from such a disease.
And all would be nothing ...

Sasha began to project his illusions and fantasies in the real world ...





"Secret Organization" holds in its walls a super-powerful weapon against humanity, and this project has a name - "Sonya".





Another reality again returned to the everyday life of the past victims of the "Bastards". In the Asgard of Iris, which is now, there were new "Descendants" who are some followers of the Gods of Asgard and the Dzungars.




The continuation of history promises to be even more confusing and cruel ...

Vitaliy Vitalievich, found the "Descendants of Asgard," they must be the key to the World of Another Reality ...

But what are the consequences of all that is happening?

What to expect from Vitaly Vitalievich this time?




Cursed 2

The heroine of Glory has been seeing the same dream for 10 years ... as a girl Vega came to Upper Karbush to find her classmate Sashka ...

But is it true that glory is seeing?

We must first know who is Glory? And why does she see this dream?




Vlog 2

The detective is brought a video message "from the other world."

The person on this video is not familiar with the detective, but the message was addressed to him ...





Alice learns a new truth about herself and about who Madina is ...

Alisa thinks that Madina has taken possession of her body, or it's a spirit, or this is Alice's second identity ... Only Alice is at war with herself ... she is one and more in this house or anyone ...

... And someone continues the ritual of the Cult ...