The Cult

Release of the movie "Cult"


The film is based on the story of Alexander Ragozin "On the other side"

The film "Cult" is a cycle of films about the universe of the Other Reality.


Alisa comes to her beloved young man Dima, to live in a village where they have to start a farm together, plant a vegetable garden and repair the home, but ... as soon as Alice crossed the threshold of this house, a series of otherworldly evil spewed her. They pursue it everywhere, try to scare and drive out of this house, or in general ... immerse oneself in strange dreams.
All this is not accidental, Alice still has to learn the whole truth of what is happening ...


Year: 2016
Country Russia
Director: Paul Latushkin
Actors: Yana Chapaeva, Vitaly Marks, Sergei Bubnov.
Producer: Paul Latushkin
Script: Alexander Ragozin and Yana Chapaeva
Genre: drama, thriller