The Cursed

The Cursed, Film Russia


The film is based on a specially Action Sony 4K camera
This amateur film with a combination of: Music and psychological drama.

Age group: 14+
The film has a license.

A series of independent film project about the universe another reality - KarbushTV.
It's like a Marvel or DC.


Who ever you are, you found me…


79 min

Genre – Drama, Thriller

Vega Kazinskaja has come to Omsk region to investigate the Deaders. She then gets involved in who wants to take over the Cursed realm.
Vega only has two options left: complete the puzzle... or suffer the consequences.


Composer - Kevin MacLeod

Director, Writer – Paul Latushkin

Cast – Marija Pyzhikova, Alex Gudkov, Sonja Mogil', Vitalij Orover, Sergej Bubnov






If you need a screening, it will send at your request!

The film «Cursed» has already received distribution in the United States, Canada, the UK and China.


The Mystic film of director from Omsk has collected
$ 15,000 in the United States.

Film of the director of Omsk "Cursed" was published in the US rental.

As a 29-year-old director of the Omsk Latushkin Paul said, for the New Year holidays abroad charges the film exceeded earnings in Omsk. For example, in the US, where viewers pay per view online pictures and went to the theaters, the film grossed $ 15,000, while in the hometown of Omsk - 317 dollars.

Recall that Latushkin removed mystical film "Cursed" in October 2016. In the story 1.5-hour movie business woman is sent to the Omsk region in order to find her classmate, whom she accidentally saw the video of the parcels from unknown girl.

The film's budget was $ 4,000 - for the filming of director took out a bank loan. "In the West, it is now claimed by the cinema, shot amateur video camera. And we want to try, really is it true or not? And we want to show Russia in a different light, without stereotypes ", - the director told about his film.

The release of the film «Cursed»
Cursed is the Omsk film that was planned
exit in hire more in 2011!

From the history of the story of Alexander Ragozin «Beyond ...» is one of the cycle of the universe movie «Another Reality» (VR, a fictional reality).
Universe «Another Reality» is comparable as the Marvel and DC.

The film has deleted scenes, which is a spoiler for the upcoming second part. A few days ago we held shooting «Cursed 2».
In general, the director plans to shoot (at least) a trilogy.

The film was shot in the city of Omsk, and the rest of the part in the village of Upper Karbush on motherland of director Paul Latushkina.
As a "damned" the house, in which runs the entire plot of the film, the director has used their own home, to overhaul it is not over yet.
The house is ideally approached for the story and the actors on many perfectly fit into the interior that really begin to believe in what is happening.
-This is not used in the movie, but Paul Latushkina team aims to create and further films in this genre, as in our world, there are companies and individuals that support Amateur (independent) film, and foreign viewers "consume" these films without any "sauces and spices", - said director Paul Latushkin.
For the filming of specially selected Action Sony 4K camera, so that the viewer does not perceive the image 45 degrees and 90 degrees - like a human eye.
From this involuntarily immersed in the story and begin to him even to take part, together with the main character (which, by the way, is excellent in our opinion to convey emotions and show the true attitude to current events).

About the Universe «Another Reality»:
«Cursed» is the second movie of the universe.
Main feature of the universe - it is different, another reality.
Spoiler: In the movie "Cursed" is the main villain, because of which the main character «Vega» has suffered, and not only is she ...
Another reality - this is a parallel world, a different world, illusions and hallucinations characters caused by something evil and an unidentified...
«Cursed» just show these events. But, as for what it's all done? The audience will understand it only in the final film.