Today was the 18th film day of the second season for the Omsk TV series "Bastards" Another unforgettable filming day passed to our second season !!! Hooray!!! Everything as always was perfectly cool! It's funny! Fervently! It's bad that we are separated by distances ... It's bad that you need to go back to your business. After all, in our team, ordinary people who are busy each with their own lives ... And we are going to release steam, take off your favorite TV series and carry a GORO of positive in this life! Thanks to all who participated and I wish to continue in the same spirit. The shooting was attended by: Yana Chapaeva (Madina), Yegor Kulesh (Egor), Alexandra Afanasyeva (Selena), Alexander Gudkov (Sasha playing) and Paul Latushkin (director).