«We are all in the same team»

Again, the difficulties in the financial sphere, the budget is very small, or even converge on ZERO. About what drives every participant of the second season of Omsk TV series "Bastards" This time it's different ... The second season is withdrawn without a budget ... Each participant understood that it was necessary to get out of the situation and "finish the deal to the end", together we rallied and gathered to paint our everyday life, to bask in the sun (remember this summer), to shoot your favorite TV series and release it, In reproach "to his wallet"))) So thanks to those, and everyone who decided to support the project until the very first night !!! After all it is necessary for all of us! (The director said), - I am very grateful to you and I will never forget this Resources can be exhausted, and opportunities - when we are together - always a huge amount, so we at this time saw these opportunities together and outlined the COURSE - to take off the entire season (in this short summer) and start off right away with TWO seasons)