About Bastards

These projects show the entire universe from different perspectives…
Most of the heroes of «RHS CULT - RUSSIAN HORROR STORY» faced with incredible force, then it changed them.
Episodes about the universe will carry spectators back and forth in time to look at the fate of the characters in terms of the characters themselves.


Director: Paul Latushkin
Script: Alex Ragozin


Universe RHS CULT - RUSSIAN HORROR STORY - this is a parallel world, a different world, illusions and hallucinations characters caused by something evil and an unidentified...


The whole plot of the film is improvisation, in "Bastards" the script writer decided to use the legend both as the former city of Asgard of Iri.

Evil Vitalka collected some "favorites" so that they "saddled" him for SUPERSILE. He really needs it! But the "elected" to this force their plans ...

Shooting took place in the center of a and in the town of Neftyanikov, as well as in the district. The plot includes a legend about the city of Asgard Irij, but so far we have not disclosed the intrigue, how it will be interpreted in the film.

"The film removes a large number of Omsk citizens. It is shot on "people's" money: it's not the director who supplies the filming process, but the actors and performers, assistants in the filming. Why such a name? Because the family story - about how a lonely father was illegally begging a large number of kids, and now [our time has come] - the kids grew up, the pope went insane, imagined a fantastic world and trying to assemble kids for this world. " The shooting took place for three months.

The film was not shot according to the script. "There is a certain" skeleton "of the script, where actions, motives are set out, where to start the scene / dialogue and what to finish, and the words of the actors themselves say," invent "."

In the new film from KARBUSH Film Company, actors aged 13 to 55, who were familiar to viewers on the previous mystical detective series "Another Reality", starred.

Help: Asgard Irish - according to the Vedas, the ancient city, which was built on the site of modern a. Asgard of Iris was called the sacred city of the gods at the confluence of the rivers Iri (modern Irtysh) and Om. According to mythology, Asgard became the capital of Belovodya, the country of freedom in Russian folk legends. There lived spiritually advanced, enlightened people.

From the history of the story of Alexander Ragozin «Beyond ...» is one of the cycle of movie «Bastards» (a fictional reality).
Is comparable as the Marvel and DC.