“If you make the slightest mistake, everyone, all your family and friends, girlfriends and boyfriends will be here, in another reality!”


And the story began,....a village Upper Karbusch,...in this village, two strangers wandered....The first one named Vitaly, and the second, Paul, as it turned out later they are businessmen and they had a broken car, ...they needed help, but...instead they met a strange man, who came out of the red gates of the village house. He persuaded the businessmen he will find help and a stay for the night,but first he offered them to have some fun...and led them to the abandoned catacombs.... something happened and they lost their way ...in these endless labyrinths.


It's not quite the usual story...he was interested in the occult,...in one parable, is there a world beyond? But for a common man to understand....He needed to know where to start and what to do? ...Probably he needs a certain book to read, find the spell, ...and here it is ...the same unidentified...but our hero knows what he does...he dug up an ancient amulet and did something with it.


The World of Another Reality (the third universe) is the cycle of stories by Alexander Ragozin "Beyond ..."
Stories about the universe of "Another Reality", (virtual reality, fictional reality)
Our Universe (Amateur fantasy films) is comparable to the Marvel and DC universes.


Help: Asgard Irish - according to the Vedas, the ancient city, which was built on the site of modern a. Asgard of Iris was called the sacred city of the gods at the confluence of the rivers Iri (modern Irtysh) and Om. According to mythology, Asgard became the capital of Belovodya, the country of freedom in Russian folk legends. There lived spiritually advanced, enlightened people.

Based on the stories of Alexander Ragozin's story "Beyond", with a story about unexplained events that occurred on the territory of the Russian Federation, in Siberia, in a remote village called "Upper Karbush"


Knowingly, "Upper Karbush" was chosen as the epicenter of many events, legends and beliefs ... As on the site of Upper Karbush, the city of Asgard Irian was located, it was on this place that the Great Temple was located.


They say the enemy must be known in the eye ... Vitaly Vitalievich, he is the Boss or Satan ... who lost his way in the abandoned catacombs of the village of Upper Karbush ... came up with some other reality ... and now he calls everyone there ... but ... the other reality is not real ... it was invented by Vitaly Vitalievich ... but the heroes believed in this ...


With the help of an amulet you can get into the world of another reality, ...and the most important rule,...only a gifted person can get there...and turn this world into reality. In other words, life may change into a blessing!



A man with a capital letter ... A low bow! He created all the characters of the universe (among them it's Madina, Boss, Chester, Sophie, Vita, Vega, Glory and so on ...). He did this so that all the events of the universe have merged in one place ... in the village of Upper Karbush, Siberia, Russia ...





Juh with an indicative character, the definition of "thing-in-itself" fits her. Knowledge is only interested in it as a reflection of one's inner world.
Her skill is the logical conclusion of an internal search ...

Bold and independent, she acquired qualities that allowed her to occupy a leading position in the collective: a resolute, responsible, resourceful, quick reaction. He rarely needs support, but he also provides it only to those in whom he sees the real potential.





Satan no longer wants House ... He wants now another ... Sly and brazenly he came to our world and took possession of the gifts and knowledge about how to get into another reality, and create this Reality in our World ...





The first who found and cognized another reality ...





It is she who created all of us, the planet, the galaxy, the milky way, she is ALL ... she is LIGHT ... she is the WAY ...





The bastard, the child of Darkness, the Satan ... was sent to earth to prevent Satan from taking possession of this world ...
But with his problem he is not ready to cope, it is better to take everything and destroy it at once ...





They say that it will follow after the "Boss". Where the boss is there and Vita. Only now Vita likes immediate rewards for her work. It is peculiar to conclude deals ...





In search of change, and, often it attracts where, to put it figuratively, "afraid to step even the angels"





"The Night Woman"
Lilith became the mother of demons (one of her names is mother, suffocating child) ...





For many years now, the Asgard clan has created its legendary name. It was created by many. Some are no longer there, some are gone, some are still among us. But they created the name Asgard, which is very easy to destroy ...





Софи является символом надежности.
Со временем эта особенность личности обретает четкую направленность под влиянием обстоятельств жизни.





The Supreme God and the leader of the Ases.